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  • Where can I find the Literotica search engine?

    The new Literotica search is located at . The new search replaces all old versions of the search and offers far more options and the ability to do a "full text" search of the stories and poems on the site.


  • How does the simple version of the Literotica search work?

    The simple search is the one that is displayed when you first visit the .

    If you don't need any advanced options, you can just enter one or more terms into the search box and go. All terms that you enter into the search box must be found in the text of a story for that story to be returned in the results. You can also use special commands in the search box. Please see the FAQ question on special commands for more info on what other options are available.


  • What special commands can be used in the Story & Poetry search box?

    The available operators are:

    + (plus sign) = The term is required in the results. Examples +love +blue = the stories found must have the terms "love" and "blue" in them.

    - (minus sign) = The term is not allowed in the results. Example: -love -blue = the stories found must not have the terms "love" or "blue" in them.

    "" = Quotes are used around a phrase if you want to find a phrase in a story. Example: "this is a phrase" = the exact phrase "this is a phrase" must appear in all results.

    AND = The term before and after "AND" must appear in the results. Example: love AND blue = the stories found must have the terms "love" and "blue" in them.

    OR = The term before or after "OR" must appear in the results. Example: love OR blue = either the term "love" or the term "blue" must appear in all results.

    NOT = The term after "NOT" must not appear in the search results. Example: love NOT blue = the term "love" must appear in all results, but the term "blue" must not appear in any results.


  • What special commands can be used in the User search box?

    You can use a wildcard at the front of the username in the member search box, but the results will be returned slowly. So, if you want to find all members whose username ends with "sexy", you can search for *sexy and all results will be returned. Again, this is a very slow search method and it is not recommended.


  • When I try to search, the page just reloads - why?

    If you are not logged in, make sure that you are entering the security code at the top of the page along with your search query. If you do not enter the security code at the top of the page, or login to your account, the search will not work properly.


  • I think I found a problem with the new search, what should I do?

    If you find any problems with the new Literotica search -- including stories/poems/members that are not being found, formatting errors, or timeouts -- please . We will investigate all problem reports and try to fix any issues that you find.


  • How do I report a bug?

    Please use our bug report online form.


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