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  • What are the Guidelines for submitting a story?

    These are available on our Writer's Guidelines page. Basically, our biggest requirement is that we do not accept any story in which characters under the age of 18 are involved in sexual situations. We also have a minimum length guide. Please read the guidelines before submitting. If after reading our Guidelines you still have questions, feel free to email us.


  • I've never written a story before, and I want to make it perfect. How can Literotica help me?

    One of our goals at Literotica is to help our writers improve their writing. To that end, we've set up a Writer's Resources area, full of articles and essays focused on erotic writing. In addition, we also have Volunteer Editors who would love to help make your piece perfect before you submit.

    Many of our essays are written by our readers and authors. If you'd like to write an essay for the Resources area, simply submit it to the site under "Reviews & Essays". We'd love to read it, and so would the writers!


  • If I submit a story to Literotica, do I still own the copyright?

    Absolutely. You are simply granting us a non-exclusive right to publish your story on and granting Literotica the right to enforce the copyright on your story should it be used without your permission by any other publication - online, print, or other media.

    While Literotica is not in any way required to enforce your copyright for you, you are granting us the right to do so if we become aware of anyone using your story without your explicit consent. The right to enforce your copyright that you are granting us includes the right to file complaints, file lawsuits, and any and all other necessary actions, both foreign and domestic, to prevent unauthorized people and companies from using your submissions without your permission.

    The reason we require you to grant us the shared right to enforce your copyright (of course you also retain the right to enforce your own copyrights) is so that we have the legal power needed to protect your works from unauthorized publication on websites and in other media. As long as you grant permission to a website or other media to publish your stories, we have no right to enforce copyright law on them. Only websites or other media that publish/copy your stories without your permission are included in this granting of rights.

    Other than these two issues, all rights to the story still belong to you, the author.


  • How do I submit a story or poem to Literotica?

    Before you submit to Literotica, we strongly suggest you read our Writer's Guidelines and check out our Writer's Resources area. You may even want to take advantage of our Volunteer Editors program.

    First, sign up as a Literotica Member. Once you've done so, you can submit stories and poems directly from your profile, using the Submit links at the top of the member page.

    Fill in the story title. Then, choose a category that most accurately reflects the content of your story. In the description field, write a short description that accurately describes the action in your story. In the Keywords section, place 1-10 words that pertain to your story (i.e. if your story is about a blonde wife having an affair with an Asian man, you may want to put the words "blonde, wife, Asian, cheating"). Then, either paste your story into the text box OR upload your file using the UPLOAD button beneath the text box. Do not do both. Voila! You've submitted your work!


  • What do I put in the "description" field?

    When you submit a story at Literotica, you have to come up with a few things other than the story itself - namely, a title, a description line, keywords, and a category. One of the harder things is what to put in the description box.

    The description is the little "blurb" that appears next to the Title of your story on the index pages. It has a heavy duty job to do. First, it has to describe your story in a few words. Then, it has to entice someone to open the story. Finally, it has meet size requirements.

    There is a length requirement for descriptions at Literotica. Unfortunately, there's no set number of characters so you have to sort of play it by ear. Essentially, the Title and the Description should all fit on one line when viewed in the story archive index. It's not always met because it's not easy to gauge how long the title and the description are together until it's too late. If you look at the image above, you can see a portion of the story archive list and examples of correct and incorrect fits.

    As you can see, Training My Young Stud Ch. 02 and Travel Log fit correctly: everything on one line. Transformation to Aggression and Tumultuous Times at St. James Ch. 01 are incorrect: the description dips down to the next line. This is one of the reasons why descriptions you might type in are altered by the editor at review. A general rule of thumb: Long Title, short description; Short Title, long description.

    The description is there to entice someone to open your story. It's information and a teaser rolled into one. Most movies you see advertised come with what they call "tag lines" that are designed to get you to want to see it. For example, Gone With the Wind's tagline is "The most magnificent movie ever!" This is what descriptions are supposed to do (only better we hope!). When you write a description, keep that in mind. Many people use the description as an extension of the title.

    While there is nothing wrong with doing this, the descriptions will be converted to sentence case rather than title case and they do not show up in the story when it's clicked open. Additionally, descriptions are subject to change by the editor upon review. Something you might consider doing is scrolling through a few of the archive index pages in the category you're submitting to, to see what others have put in. You can get a feel for what's been done, what's boring, and what's interesting when you do this. For example, "She gets more than she bargained for" has almost become cliche in the non-consent category.

    The description's primary purpose is to tell the reader what your story is about. If you submit to the fetish category where a variety of different subjects are handled, you might want to let people know what's in your story in the description. For example, if your story is about a panty lover's wet dream you can use the description to tell the readers that it's about a man who loves sniffing panties. Remember that you're also trying to entice readers with your description!

    One final option left to you is to just leave it blank. Yes, you can do that! The editor will put something in there for you. The problem with this is that this winds up being the luck of the draw. You could catch her on a good day and she comes up with a stroke of genius for you. Or you could catch her on a bad day and get something a little too bland for your tastes. It's best if you can come up with your own.

    Finally, a word about formatting and conventions in the description. The description will be written as a sentence with capitals and punctuation accordingly. Ellipses Marks (. . .) are usually removed. Dashes are usually removed as well since a comma or semi-colon will have the same meaning with less space. Generally, descriptions such as "A young woman" will be changed to "she."

    For example, if you submit the description as "A young woman meets the man of her dreams." it will be changed to "She meets the man of her dreams." Additionally, if your story is written in second person (where you write to "you"), the description will be written to reflect that. For example, if you have a second person story and you submit it with a description like "She gives him a sensual massage" it will usually be changed to "She gives you a sensual massage."

    (This particular FAQ written by KillerMuffin)


  • What do I put in the "Story" field?

    The "Story" field on the submission page is the place where you enter keywords or keyphrases that will help readers find your submission. It is a very important part of your submission, please don't ignore it.

    Literotica has published over 50,000 stories to date, so making sure that you have the right Story will help ensure that interested readers are able to find your story. The more specific you can be with your Story, the better - "short blonde lesbian" is a better Story Tag than "lesbian". "Black girls kissing" is better than "girls kissing". If your Story are too generic, your story will stand out less from the crowd and may get less readers than it would with good specific Story Please read for more information on Story

    You do not have to enter all 10 Story for every submission, but the more you add, the better chance your story will find interested readers.


  • I want to change the on a submitted work, but want to keep the rest of my work unchanged. How do I do that?

    Please follow the instructions for submitting a story edit. If you only want to change the, fill out the story title field as "STORYTITLE-EDIT", then fill in the blocks. In the "Story Text" field, write " EDIT ONLY".


  • Help!! I'm unable to submit via the online form! What should I do?

    If you have difficulty with the submission form (if you are a WebTV user, you will be unable to submit via the form), you may send the story to us this way:

    1) Attach the text of the story to an email directed to . Important: make the subject of the email the same as the title of the story so that we can more easily match your submission to your profile.

    2) Go to your Member Profile and "Submit a Story". Fill in the title, description, and category of your story. In the box for the story itself, type "Story Submitted Via Email". Following this procedure will help to get your story online as quickly as possible.


  • How long will it take for my story to be posted?

    This depends on how many stories we're currently receiving. We try to balance it so that submissions are posted as quickly as possible without overloading the reader and possibly burying your story. A story submitted to Literotica through the procedure outlined above generally will be posted to Lit within 3-7 days.

    If we have problems with your story which prevent its publication (i.e. technical issues, etc.), we will let you know via an email to the address on your profile. If a story is submitted strictly via email without following the procedure above, then your story may take weeks to be posted. We highly recommend you follow the steps above.


  • I've submitted my story. What do the blue words next to my submission mean?

    in preview (needs to be submitted) - Your submission has not been submitted for publication on Literotica. You can still make changes to the title, story, category, or body text. Once you're ready to have it published in Literotica, hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the submission. This should send it into pending mode.

    pending - Your submission is waiting to be reviewed by our editors. It can no longer be edited. If you want to make corrections at this point, you must submit an edit.

    approved - Your submission has been published on Literotica. It can no longer be edited. If you want to make corrections at this point, you must submit an edit.

    not accepted - Your submission has been sent back to you for revision. Click here for more information.


  • It seems like my story is taking longer than usual to be approved. Why is that?

    We do our best to post your work as quickly as we can. If we receive a lot of submissions, it may take slightly longer than usual. If it's been more than a week and your story still has not been posted, you may want to check the following:

    Is the story status listed as "Pending" or "Not Ever Approved"? If the submit button hasn't been pressed completely, the story won't be submitted and the story's status will be listed as something other than "Pending" or "Not Ever Approved". If the words "Rejected" appear beside your work, there may be formatting or other errors that need fixing before approval. Click those words to see the reasons the work was sent back to you. You can make changes on that page and hit the "Submit" button. You don't need to fill in a new submission form.

    Do you have special formatting, Illustrations, or Audio included in the work? Works with special formatting, illustrations, or audio require extra handling and may take longer than usual.

    Have you made changes to the work OR even just viewed it & hit SUBMIT while it is "Pending"? Stories and poems are approved by date, oldest to newest. Whenever the author makes changes to a story or poem - oreven if the author clicks on the submission and hits SUBMIT again - that submission is moved to the end of the queue. To speed up the posting of your work, only make changes when necessary.


  • My story has been rejected. What now?

    Don't panic! First, click on the "NOT ACCEPTED" words. This will take you to the submission form. Above it, the reason(s) the story was sent back to you will be written. (To decipher these reasons, see this forum post in the Editor's Forum.)

    Once you've made the suggested fixes, you may copy the edited version into the same submission form as before, then resubmit the story by simply hitting SUBMIT just as you did the first time. There is no need to start a new form or rename the submission in any way.


  • What is a chain story? How do I start one?

    A Chain Story is one in which several (3 or more) authors collaborate to create a story on a specific theme or topic. The first author writes the first chapter of the story according to the theme or topic. The next author reads the previous chapter and picks up where the first author left off, continuing the story as he or she sees fit. And so on, and so on...until the last chapter is completed.

    Chain Stories are a special category on Literotica. To start one, you must do the following:

    1) Post your idea to the Author's Hangout in the Bulletin Board and round up any interested authors who would like to participate. If you already have a group of writers who are interested, then continue on to step #2.

    2) Once you know how many authors are interested, you must get a schedule together of who will do the first chapter, who will do the second, etc. Then, you must decide how much time will be between chapters to allow each author to write their piece. We suggest that you leave no less than 4 days, but no more than 8. A week is generally a good amount of time, but it's all up to you!

    3) The first author should create a story submission called "Chain Story - [Name of Chain]". In this submission, paste in the title of the chain and the schedule of who is doing which chapter(s) and when they'll be submitting them. If you've been planning this in the Author's Hangout and have posted the schedule there, you can simply paste a link to the thread containing the information into the story submission. We ask that you post the entire chain schedule before submitting the first part of the chain.

    4) The first person submits his or her chapter to us, selecting the category "Chain Stories". Any story which is submitted to "Chain Stories" without following these steps will be moved to whatever category the subject matter dictates.


  • Why does my story have views when it's still listed as pending?

    Whenever you (the author) or the Literotica editors open a submission form, it registers as a view on your view counter. If you check your story or poem 5 times, you may notice that it shows it being viewed 5 times in your author profile. This does not mean it's being read by readers. The story will only be publicly available once it has been "Approved".


  • Help! The text of my story is bleeding into the blue border, making it impossible to read. Why did this happen, and how can I keep this from happening again?

    This is caused by long unbroken strings of text within your story. Examples of this are:
    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (etc., so that it's longer than the page width)


    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (etc., so that it's longer than the page width)

    You can keep this from happening by not including long strings of text in your story. If you want to use dividers to separate sections of your work, use short strings like "+++++++" or "* * * * *".

    To fix the problem on a posted story, carefully go through the story and reduce or cut up any overly long lines of unbroken characters. Then, follow the instructions on this FAQ page for submitting an edit of your story.


  • I've re-edited my story and want to replace the posted version with my new edited one. How do I do this?

    No problem! Simply submit the new version as you submitted the old one, only adding the word "EDITED" to the title (ex. "My Sexy Firefighter Ch. 03 - EDITED") so that we know to replace the old text with the new text. We will then replace the original text with the new text. Your story will retain its previous voting score and views.

    Edited stories take up to 48 hours to appear correctly on the site as the pages must be regenerated by the site scripts. If after 48 hours your submission edits are still not showing, please email us a link to the work in question.


  • How do I change the category, title,, or description of my story or poem?

    Simply follow the instructions above. In the Author's Note section of the submission, please note what changes you are making - category, title,, or description.


  • How do I find out how people are voting on my story?

    When you Login to your profile, you will be able to see up-to-the-minute voting scores listed next to your story or poem. Please note: while the voting is update dynamically, the views counter is updated every 12-24 hours.


  • How do I find out how people are voting on other stories?

    The voting scores for the Top 500 stories in each category - and overall - are listed in the Top Lists area. Those scores are updated several times a day.

    The voting scores are also listed next to the story in its category.


  • The voting on my story or a story I've read seems suspicious to me. What can I do about that?

    We have a script that fraudulent votes (fraud votes being anytime someone tries to vote for a story more than once by trying to get around our system).

    If you see a story - yours or anothers - that has suspicious-looking voting patterns, please do use the REPORT THIS STORY feature to bring it to our attention and we will run a manual check as well. In the OTHER field, tell us to check the voting.

    When you report suspicious voting this way, the system will send us a direct link to the story and make it much easier for us to check.

    If you believe multiple submissions were affected, you only need to report one of the stories.

    Please do not report the same story more than once in a 48-hour period.


  • On my submissions, I see an option for "Public Comment Board On/Off". What is a Public Comment Board?

    The Public Comment Board is a section at the end of each submission where readers can leave comments about the story that will be posted publicly. The Public Comment Board is in place to help encourage discussion of your work among your readers, and to offer them another way to give you feedback

    Only comments that the readers post specifically to the Public Comment Board will be posted there. Private comments sent to you via email by the reader will not be posted on the Public Comment Board.

    You can turn the Public Comment Board on and off on each individual story at will. You can also remove off topic, spammy, or excessively rude comments at your discretion. You can also report such comments you see on other author's work.

    See this FAQ section for more information relating to the Public Comment section.


  • I would like to remove work that has been published on Literotica. How do I do this?

    Please and we will gladly help you remove any work you wish to have removed. Be aware that we do not store site submission data - including votes, comments, and the text itself. Once it is deleted from our servers, we cannot restore it.


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