Literotica Monthly
Story Contests

* April Reader's Choice Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Dream Drive: Yuri Ch. 01
by sycksycko

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
When You Know Ch. 06
by laf199

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Apocalypse Slaves Pt. 05
by AlexClayton

April's Category Nominees are .

Results are usually tallied after the 16th
of the following month, and announced before the following month's end (i.e. August winners would be announced around September 30.)

Winners must to claim their prizes.

- Special (Holiday) Contest Winners -

- End of the Year Winners -

Hundreds of dollars per month in
Cash Prizes!

For details on submitting your story, click here.


  1. All stories submitted must be the original work of the person submitting them, and the author must have the legal right to submit the story to Literotica. By submitting the story to the site and/or contest, you are simply granting us the non-exclusive right to publish the story on Literotica. You retain all copyrights to your work. Only new stories which meet all existing Literotica criteria are eligible for the contest.
  2. Every story in every category accepted for publication on Literotica during the month will be eligible for that month’s contest. Stories submitted during the month will not be eligible for any further month’s contest. (i.e. A story submitted on April 14th will be eligible to win the April contest, but will not be eligible for the May contest.)

  3. Stories must receive at least 50 votes to be eligible for any contest or category nomination. In the event that there are no stories with more than 50 votes in a particular contest or nomination category, then stories with 25 or more votes will be considered. If no story has more than 25 votes in a contest or nomination category, then stories with 10 or more votes will be considered. If no story has more than 10 votes in a contest or nomination category, then stories with any number of votes will be considered.
  4. Votes for the month’s stories will be tallied after the 15th of the following month. (i.e. The voting on stories submitted during April will be closed on May 15th.) Literotica will determine the winners based on the voting score and number of votes the story has accumulated from the first of the contest month to the sometime after 15th of the following month.
  5. The three stories with the best vote score during that time will win prizes as follows – First Place: $150 cash prize; Second Place: $100 cash prize; Third Place: $75 cash prize
  6. In the event of two submissions have the same highest vote score, the submission with the most votes wins. If both submissions have the same score AND the same number of votes, then a tie is declared and both submissions are winners.

  7. Individuals are only eligible to place in one monthly contest in any 6-month period (i.e. If you win in January, you cannot win again until July). Also, no individual may win more than one prize in any one contest. In the case of two stories by the same individual qualifying for two or three prizes, only the higher prize will be awarded.

    Individuals are not eligible to place in two consecutive special contests in a row. For example, if you win Summer Lovin', then you are not eligible for Halloween. You are, however, eligible to win in the Winter Holidays contest

    An individual may win in one (1) monthly contest and one (1) theme contest within a 6-month period. However, a single story can only win one monthly or theme contest. (i.e. If a story is deemed a winner in the Valentine's Day contest, that story cannot win the February contest.) A submission is eligible to win in one contest only - previously submitted stories are not eligible.

  8. Winning stories will be posted on the Contest page of Literotica after the tallies have been made.

  9. Authors of winning stories agree to grant the non-exclusive right to display their story for a period of no less than 24 months from the end date of the contest. This requirement is simply here to make sure that award-winning stories stay on the site for long enough for future readers to enjoy them. Authors retain all copyrights to their stories - you are just agreeing to not remove your story from the site for at least two years if you win.

  10. Cash prizes are only available to individuals residing within the United States. Winning authors residing outside of the U.S. may take their winnings in the form of an Amazon gift certificate for the USD equlivalent of their prize amount.

    Individuals residing within the U.S. may also choose to take their prize as an Amazon gift certificate.

  11. Literotica reserves the right to disqualify without notice or explanation any story in which any kind of cheating or vote-tampering is suspected. Turning off voting on a story at any point - for any reason - disqualifies a submission from any and all contests winnings. We also reserve the right to change the rules, cancel the contest, substitute prizes, remove any votes which we deem fraudulent, or refuse to publish any story for any or no reason. We are not responsible for stories or votes that disappear because of hardware or software problems or human error. We reserve the right to ban anyone from the contest who we suspect is cheating in any way, including but not limited to vote tampering and copyright infringement.

  12. If you have any questions regarding any of the above or anything pertaining to our contests, feel free to contact us .

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