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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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Cross-dresser Drinks Cum

 — A cross-dresser and his girlfriend reveal secrets. by StephanieSeymour12/06/084.45

Cross-Dresser Fucked by Hot Sissy

 — Anal and oral fun between to hot sissy cross-dressing sluts. by kinkibiboi01/19/134.18

Cross-Dressing Vacation with Wife Ch. 01

 — Hubby's curiosity backfires on vacation. by Wifesbicagedsissy06/18/174.39

Cross-Dressing, Gay & Lesbian Sex 01

 — Daniel struggles with his need to cross dress. by SusanJillParker06/07/143.42

Crossdress Flash Adventure

 — A flashing story. by iwant2suckabig109/23/163.68

CrossDressed and Creampied

 — He has a fantasy fulfilled. by Tara4003/04/074.44

Crossdressed by Hot Girls

 — The time I was crossdressed by the hot girls. by tgirlchrissy02/23/164.26

Crossdresser At XXX Movie

 — He thought it was a guy, but then... by iser2102/17/023.97

Crossdresser Caught in Act

 — Crossdressed man is caught in awkward position. by HornyShakespeare02/05/074.45

Crossdresser Crosses Over for Good

 — Crossdresser's first time with a real man. by TVTrishCD05/26/203.98

Crossdresser Evolution Ch. 01

 — How I got Started Crossdressing. by pantyhigh04/01/194.39

Crossdresser Evolution Ch. 02

 — Getting my wife involved. by pantyhigh04/02/194.45

Crossdresser Evolution Ch. 03

 — Getting Bolder with Panties & Masturbation in them. by pantyhigh06/11/194.61HOT

Crossdresser Evolution Ch. 04

 — Part 4 - Wife helps me buy my own panties. by pantyhigh08/06/194.66HOT

Crossdresser Evolution Ch. 05

 — Wearing Panties in Yoga Class. by pantyhigh08/07/194.59HOT

Crossdresser Evolution Ch. 06

 — Things Heat up with the Yoga Ladies. by pantyhigh08/08/194.81HOT

Crossdresser Evolution Ch. 07

 — Crossdressing in Public. by pantyhigh12/04/194.51HOT

Crossdresser Fantasy Come True

 — Closet crossdresser finally has first experience with a hunk. by girlboybootsie10/04/074.45

Crossdresser Gets Found Out

 — Secret crossdresser gets discovered by his wife. by leathertanya08/05/084.03

Crossdresser Gets Found Out Ch. 02

 — Crossdresser's training begins as wife takes control. by leathertanya09/11/084.24

Crossdresser Gets Found Out Ch. 03

 — Tanya's training as a maid begins. by leathertanya05/27/094.36

Crossdresser Gets His

 — Wife catches him dressed in her clothes. by CourtStJester10/26/034.36

Crossdresser Gets His Ch. 02

 — Wife takes dressed-up husband shopping for clothes. by CourtStJester11/16/034.29

Crossdresser Gets His Ch. 03

 — Wife goes shopping for a special toy. by CourtStJester03/04/044.53HOT

Crossdresser Gets His Ch. 04

 — Wife pushes the limits with husband. by CourtStJester12/20/044.56HOT

Crossdresser Husbands Left Alone

 — Wives leave alone their husbands, who have some fun. by ColorfulFantasies09/13/144.51HOT

Crossdresser In Picnic Area

 — Crossdresser gets fucked in public picnic area. by Lovinhose10/07/134.37

Crossdresser's Open Room

 — Crossdresser has fun at rented motel room. by AtlantaCDslut05/21/074.31

Crossdresser's Private Gloryhole

 — Leslie makes a private gloryhole for big cocks. by kccrossdresserleslie07/10/124.44

Crossdressers First Gang Bang

 — My fantasy to be dressed up and please dozens of cocks . by Erica9903/05/124.14

Crossdressing at the Girls' Academy

 — Dressed as a girl, he's caught and forced into a gangbang. by TiefBlau07/25/174.63HOT

Crossdressing Confessions Ch. 01-02

 — A closeted crossdresser runs into exactly the right woman. by EvelynWilde05/04/204.41

Crossdressing Confessions Ch. 03

 — A man becomes a woman, and a woman a mistress. by EvelynWilde05/05/204.68HOT

Crossdressing Confessions Ch. 04

 — Florence gives Oliver a few surprises. by EvelynWilde05/08/204.54HOT

Crossdressing Confessions Ch. 05

 — Oliver and Florence carry out their deal. by EvelynWilde05/09/204.55HOT

Crossdressing Cum Sluts Pt. 01

 — His wife surprises him with a night from his fantasies. by rubystartina04/21/163.82

Crossdressing Cum Sluts Pt. 02

 — His wife surprises him with a night from his fantasies. by rubystartina06/07/164.15

Crossdressing Dad Takes on San Fran

 — A crossdresser proves his skill in landing a straight guy. by vikkihawe00009/26/194.57HOT

Crossdressing Days 01: Teachers' Day

 — Story of myself dressing in a saree on teachers' day. by cdtycoon02/22/204.26

Crossdressing Days 02: Annual Day

 — Crossdressing for annual day dance and more. by cdtycoon03/01/204.07

Crossdressing Days 03: Sendoff Day

 — Story of crossdressing in saree for the sendoff day. by cdtycoon03/03/203.83

Crossdressing For My Boyfriend

 — Chris dresses in lingerie for his boyfriend. by dmk24106/13/074.41

Crossdressing Friends

 — Friend's crossdress in front of each other for first time. by kinkyrubber08/04/104.32

Crossdressing Playdate at the Lake

 — Crossdressers meet at the lakehouse. by montrealjane02/15/143.98

Crossdressing, Piss and Sex

 — Blindfolded, pissed on and fucked by multiple men. by Lovinhose04/02/204.56HOT

Crossed Lines

 — Questing for power, Leo frees a demonic fiend full of lust. by XtinaSmith201711/08/174.67HOT

Crossed Wires

 — A mixup leads to Sandy and I switching things up. by bigrusker12/07/164.60HOT

Crossed Wires Pt. 02

 — Sandy brings me home and we enjoy my new outfit. by bigrusker07/04/174.55HOT

Crossing Over the Line

 — Novice, middle aged, submissive guy plus two shemales. by kelmag11/20/084.77HOT

Crossing Over to Cross Dressing

 — Progression of kinky Crossdresser by SluttyValerie10/23/134.31

Crossing the Date Line

 — A crossdresser's first date, then their first time. by closetdramaqueen08/01/194.45

Crossing The Line

 — The night I met Mark. The night I became a sissy. by groundhogsarethebest08/09/184.47

Crossing the Rubicon

 — Feminization of a man by his wife. by sublocked02/20/124.13


 — Steve gets a surprise while buying his Mistress a present. by nancyallen07/12/114.40

Crossover Lovers

 — Male, female, and tranny a true trio of lovers. by Bryant Layne04/08/044.68HOT


 — She catches husband in her panties. by Hecate02/04/014.49


 — He meets a special woman at a new club. by biggshow1310/08/034.45


 — Online communication with transgender beauty leads to more. by Dar_Jisbo01/29/204.33

Crossroads Ch. 02

 — Later the same night, at the mythical Crossroads. by biggshow1306/01/054.54HOT

Crossroads Ch. 03

 — Big Bertha's story. by biggshow1306/06/054.22

Crossroads Ch. 04

 — Meeting Bertha's wife, and what happened next. by biggshow1306/06/054.65HOT

Crosswinds Ch. 01

 — Futa sisters plan to inseminate the world. Intrigue ensues. by Teagan_Cascade12/15/194.46

Crosswinds Ch. 02

 — Futa sisters plan to inseminate the world. Intrigue ensues. by Teagan_Cascade12/16/194.47

Crosswinds Ch. 03

 — Futa sisters plan to inseminate the world. Intrigue ensues. by Teagan_Cascade12/17/194.35

Crosswinds Ch. 04

 — Futa sisters plan to inseminate the world. Intrigue ensues. by Teagan_Cascade12/19/194.42

Crosswinds Ch. 05

 — Futa sisters plan to inseminate the world. Intrigue ensues. by Teagan_Cascade12/22/194.59HOT

Crosswinds Ch. 06

 — Futa sisters plot to inseminate the world. Intrigue ensues. by Teagan_Cascade12/27/194.86HOT

Crosswinds Ch. 07

 — Futa sisters plot to inseminate the world. Intrigue ensues. by Teagan_Cascade12/28/194.79HOT

Crosswinds Ch. 08

 — Futa sisters reach their final impasse. by Teagan_Cascade12/29/194.58HOT

Crosswinds Pt. 02 - Dark Currents Ch. 01

 — The story of incestuous futanari sisters resumes at college. by Teagan_Cascade04/19/204.72HOT

Crosswinds Pt. 02 - Dark Currents Ch. 02

 — The story of incestuous futanari sisters resumes at college. by Teagan_Cascade04/24/204.54HOT

Crosswinds Pt. 02 - Dark Currents Ch. 03

 — The story of incestuous futanari sisters resumes at college. by Teagan_Cascade04/25/204.47

Crosswinds Pt. 02 - Dark Currents Ch. 04

 — The story of incestuous futanari sisters resumes at college. by Teagan_Cascade04/26/204.69HOT

Crosswinds Pt. 02 - Dark Currents Ch. 05

 — The story of incestuous futanari sisters resumes at college. by Teagan_Cascade04/29/204.50HOT

Crosswinds Pt. 02 - Dark Currents Ch. 06

 — The story of incestuous futanari sisters resumes at college. by Teagan_Cascade06/02/204.64HOT


 — A glimpse of happiness can be crueler than any torment. by ldrequiv11/15/074.53HOT

Cruising at College

 — A young transman has a brief encounter with an older man. by sugarsync11/21/124.30

Cruising for a Bruisin' Ch. 01

 — Living en femme full time isn't for me. by komrad115611/25/154.38

Crystal, Meth and Me

 — Seedy encounter between 3 guys and a tranny crack whore. by MrStaggerLee09/14/114.31

Crystal: A Sissy Set Free Pt. 01

 — Revenge on a boyfriend turns Chris to Crystal. by InSpectrum07/12/144.42

Crystal: A Sissy Set Free Pt. 02

 — After a transformation, the girls hit the club. by InSpectrum07/17/144.48

Crystal: A Sissy Set Free Pt. 03

 — After a night on the town, it's time for a sleepover. by InSpectrum08/07/144.58HOT


 — Sexy Brunette picks up a date in trendy La Jolla bar. by call_me_dana12/27/064.44

Cuckbitch Pt. 04: The Party

 — Lucy and I go to a party. by Satin_Dani11/12/194.19

Cuckolding Sindy

 — A cuckold sissy happily serves her mistress. by SindySuxALot07/27/134.34

Cucky Trained by CD DOM Pt. 01

 — Wife arranges for cuck to spend a weekend being trained. by sndycd05/10/174.38

Cucky Trained by CD DOM Pt. 02

 — Wife arranges for cuck to spend a weekend being trained. by sndycd05/14/174.36

Cucky Trained by CD DOM Pt. 03

 — Wife arranges for cuck to spend a weekend being trained. by sndycd05/17/174.29

Cucky Trained by CD DOM Pt. 04

 — Cuck spends a weekend being trained to be the perfect sissy. by sndycd05/19/174.63HOT

Cucky Trained by CD DOM Pt. 05

 — Cuck spends a weekend being trained to be the perfect sissy. by sndycd05/23/174.40

Cum and Dress for Me... Pt. 01

 — Have U ever been tempted 2 ring a No & complete yr fantasy? by Manndee03/21/184.48

Cum at the Mall

 — Sissy eats cum in the parking lot. by bottomhub06/05/193.84

Cum Drinker

 — Sister fucks cross-dressing brother. by StephanieSeymour09/17/074.24

Cum Eating Cocksucker

 — I learn to eat cum. by GuyCD11/20/154.07

Cum On My Step-Brother's Face!

 — Cross-dresser's step-sister forces him into sex tryst. by StephanieSeymour02/01/074.43

Cum On Your Sister's Face!

 — Cross-dresser gets fucked by sister and her boyfriend. by StephanieSeymour08/12/074.31

Cum Slut!

 — Trannies triple-team traveler in odd hotel. by StephanieSeymour6911/16/104.42

Cum Sluts

 — Two cross-dressers and a chick go at it. by StephanieSeymour10/19/074.35

Cum Sucker

 — Step-sister forces brother into sexual slavery. by StephanieSeymour02/16/064.28

Cumdump Boy

 — Dakota finally gets what he wants from his school crush. by slutgore10/11/173.81

Cumming in the Closet

 — TV-submissive prepares herself for her Mistress. by missytv05/14/054.48

Cumming to Terms with Her Pt. 01

 — The End of a relationship opens wonderful new horizons. by contactsteph7708/23/183.66

Cumming to Terms with Her Pt. 02

 — Recently Single, a bi transvestite can go to the ball. by contactsteph7709/13/184.38

Cumming to Terms with Her Pt. 03

 — Newly Single TV goes on her first date. by contactsteph7709/19/194.64HOT

Cummy Panties

 — Erotic encounter at a bar. by planplan08/15/154.33


 — Mad scientist gets stuck in a sexbot oh no how awful! by dreadknots02/18/204.71HOT


 — Gambling, Brothers, and Crossdressing. by chandler83107/18/114.63HOT

Cunt! Ch. 02

 — Addiction is fun! by chandler83104/20/124.70HOT

Cunt! Ch. 03

 — Fun is Addicting! by chandler83105/09/134.69HOT

Cunt! Ch. 04

 — Ashley continues her exploration. by chandler83102/18/164.78HOT

Cunt! Ch. 05

 — Ashley begins moving forward with or without... by chandler83111/17/184.65HOT

Cunt! Ch. 06

 — Spring break of 2006 proves to be an interesting fresh start. by chandler83101/09/194.65HOT

Cunt! Ch. 07

 — Spring break continues... by chandler83104/10/194.51HOT

Cunt! Ch. 08

 — More spring break shenanigans... by chandler83111/18/194.77HOT

Curtain Up, Knickers Down

 — A night of filth, fun and cabaret. by Sweetlisatv09/12/164.45

Custom Maid Mistress

 — Act III: Birth of Isis by keinegrenzen11/01/124.62HOT

Custom Maid Mistress: Act II

 — Naissance des Nosferatus. by keinegrenzen10/26/124.33

Custom Maid Mistress: Genesis

 — A shemale mistress is made. by keinegrenzen10/23/124.47

Customer Services

 — A beauty salon has a new type of customer service. by djinnrummy05/11/164.02

Cutting Ms. Betty's Lawn

 — A young male makes an arousing discovery. by goodsonformom05/07/194.41

Cutting Ms. Betty's Lawn Ch. 02

 — G Meet's another intriguing lady. by goodsonformom07/05/194.60HOT

Cynthia's Joy

 — A crossdressing cuckold finds happiness. by sinisterout07/04/164.56HOT

D is for Delia

 — Vigilante Babe. by BethanyJ10/17/144.22

D.Girl Diaries

 — A lovely first encounter in a new town. by milky_noelle09/28/15

Dad My First Lover Pt. 01

 — Father and his CD daughter with occasional sexual encounters. by sarahchica9612/29/164.27

Dad My First Lover Pt. 02

 — New Year's Eve with Dad. by sarahchica9601/01/174.41

Daddies New Girlfriend

 — Doug discovers much more then Jerry's petty theft. by LilLindaMelons12/20/104.45

Daddies New Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Doug takes his special gurl out for a walk in the park. by LilLindaMelons02/10/124.52HOT

Daddy at the Truckstop Pt. 01

 — Stacey is made to fulfill her fantasies by her new owner. by StaceyDeprave12/29/154.37

Daddy Jack Pt. 01

 — A landlord has a surprising encounter with his cute tenants. by RoryOmore08/21/184.73HOT

Daddy Jack Pt. 02

 — Angel and Jackie misbehave. by RoryOmore12/14/184.57HOT

Daddy Takes Jenna's Virginity

 — Jenna dives deeper in her place as Daddy's girl. by JennaJay91901/08/194.54HOT

Daddy's Bride-To-Be

 — A proper ceremony for a proper sissy. by Lea123411/08/144.45

Daddy's CD Waitress

 — Young crossdresser learns to love living as a woman. by pantycladlad12/03/144.68HOT

Daddy's Cock Forever Ch. 05

 — Billy comes out as transgender. by SevMax206/18/204.00

Daddy's Girl Pt. 01

 — Becoming a private secretary - and more. by ValoryG01/18/204.48

Daddy's Girl Pt. 02

 — Eduardo's favorite things. by ValoryG05/05/204.48

Daddy's Little 'Girl'

 — The perfect dirty little sissy girl...that would be me. by keptsissy05/21/174.41

Daddy's Little Helper

 — Son discovers a secret about his father. by Morgan_196911/04/094.38

Daddy's Little Helper Ch. 02

 — Son watches father and friend do more naughty things. by Morgan_196911/08/094.53HOT

Daddy's Little Sissy Diaper Slut

 — Date night for Daddy and his diaper loving sissy. by Satanicsissybitch07/01/204.60HOT

Daddy's Special Girl

 — I am caught wearing my Mom's panties by my step-dad. by DragonCobolt01/18/174.45

Daddy, Not Dad

 — So that's what my new stepfather and his friends are up to. by latecomer9136406/13/174.62HOT

Daisy Ch. 01

 — A Halloween tale. by Iwantitnowpleas10/26/184.46

Daisy finds Mr. Right Now

 — Daisy, the girl with something extra, finds Mr. Right Now. by JonThomas_02/22/173.98

Dallas Ch. 02

 — Continuationof a night of surprises. by MrBeagle08/25/044.39

Damsel in Distress

 — Edward meets a lady in distress. He tries to help. by luk7710/22/184.69HOT

Damsel In Distress (3 & 4)

 — boy dresses as girlfriend to support his sister on a date by Tomsparty08/06/034.34

Damsel in Distress (5 & 6)

 — Boy dresses as girlfriend to support sister on date by Tomsparty08/06/034.26

Damsel In Distress Ch. 01

 — He dresses as girl to support sister on date. by Tomsparty08/03/034.15

Damsel in Distress Ch. 02

 — Duncan goes on a picnic. by Tomsparty08/05/034.28

Dan The New Girl Ch. 01

 — Dan has a whole new body to get used to. by janetjoneslovesyou01/12/184.56HOT

Dan The New Girl Ch. 02

 — Lingerie shopping is challenging for new girls... and boys. by janetjoneslovesyou01/14/184.51HOT

Dan The New Girl Ch. 03

 — Lucy gives Danni the best orgasm of his life... as a girl. by janetjoneslovesyou02/10/184.51HOT

Dan's dreams come True Ch. 01

 — Dan's adult book store visit ends in his dreams coming true. by JenniferTaylorTV01/12/204.68HOT

Dan's dreams come True Ch. 02

 — Dan's adventures at the hands of Caroline and Suzanne go on. by JenniferTaylorTV01/16/204.81HOT

Dance Bar Bathroom Slut

 — More cocks than she can count by little sebastian06/06/064.43

Dance of Lust

 — He's seduced by the hottest "girls" in school. by PickleBoi05/17/094.26

Dancer Turns me out

 — A stripper discovers my lingerie, turns me out. by pantiepervMI06/29/204.59HOT

Dancing on My Cocks Tunes 01

 — Realizing my true self, becoming a woman. by makemebitch04/05/133.87

Dancing Queen

 — A young man finds himself dancing to the snake's tune. by MonsterGirlExaminer05/13/154.48

Dani - A Love Story

 — Former friends brought together in a new way. by jclement08/12/154.64HOT

Dani and Paulie Ch. 01

 — A journey from teen to trans. by dani24710/20/184.50HOT

Dani and Paulie Ch. 02

 — The journey continues and opportunity knocks. by dani24710/29/184.58HOT

Dani and Paulie Ch. 03

 — At the sex retreat. by dani24710/30/184.51HOT

Dani's Night Out

 — A chastised sissy is sent out to satisfy a huge black man. by Jemina00407/21/164.60HOT

Danielle at the Office

 — Danielle visits a guy at his office after hours. by CDDanielleNNJ07/31/064.46

Danielle Works a Saturday

 — Danielle's visit to the office is more than she expects. by CDDanielleNNJ08/29/064.58HOT

Danielle's First Meeting

 — First meeting with a man as she's dressed in lingerie. by CDDanielleNNJ07/26/064.65HOT

Danielle's First Time

 — Daniel, a straight man discovers that he's a transsexual. by FellatiaViper01/31/124.37

Danielle's First Time Ch. 02

 — Danielle discovers her true slut side. by FellatiaViper12/03/124.62HOT

Danielle's Transformation

 — He finds himself becoming the woman he wanted to be. by daniellecdgurl03/07/143.91

Danielle's Transformation Ch. 02

 — Danielle finds she's getting more than she bargained for. by daniellecdgurl03/15/144.51HOT

Danielle's Transformation Ch. 03

 — Danielle continues her journey. by daniellecdgurl03/21/144.53HOT


 — Daniel loves porn. Kelly loves to dominate. by Coder344501/01/204.45

Danni Ch. 02

 — Princess Kelly continues her domination. by Coder344501/06/204.53HOT

Danni Ch. 03

 — Princess Kelly's hold is tighter Danni is looser. by Coder344504/16/204.73HOT

Danny bCUMS Danielle

 — Continuance of Danny's transformation to owned slut. by dannyboipink04/20/044.47

Danny to Danielle

 — His girlfriend convinces him to get therapy. by dannyboipink04/12/044.34

Danny to Danielle - Beverly Awakened Pt. 01

 — Careful what you dream of! Wife unbridled. by Deviana04/02/204.47

Danny to Danielle - Beverly Awakened Pt. 02

 — Beverly accepts desires; Danny fears the worst is best. by Deviana04/03/204.69HOT

Danny to Danielle - Beverly Awakened Pt. 03

 — Beverly helps Danny become more. by Deviana04/04/204.62HOT

Danny's Butt Mom Ch. 13

 — Danny can take it. by Bob_Lovecock11/17/064.45

Danny's Education

 — Jem teaches Danny about role-reversal. by Greymead08/14/174.65HOT


 — A straight guy is transformed into his ideal woman. by mr_rippley12/29/154.26

Dark Angel Ch. 01: The Meeting

 — Bookstore blowjob plans go wrong. by ReiverToo07/19/164.28

Dark Angel Ch. 02: The Gift

 — Bookstore blowjob gets rough. by ReiverToo08/23/164.32

Dark Angel Ch. 03: The Ride

 — A different kind of "Roadshow". by ReiverToo09/22/164.41

Dark Angel Ch. 04: The Reception

 — The prisoner gets a mouthful. by ReiverToo07/27/174.36

Dark Angel Ch. 05: The Indoctrination

 — Jordan gets a tour and learns his fate. by ReiverToo08/16/174.20

Dark Desires

 — Sam and his Step-mom finally get some time alone together. by XtinaSmith201703/27/184.60HOT

Dark Life

 — Straight Marco is seduced by sexy shemale Kiara. by Samuelx01/02/053.57

Dark Temptation

 — A young girl becomes enraptured with a beautiful woman. by deliciousthoughts01/14/124.66HOT

Darkness and Silence

 — Medication turns girl into futa, but also blind and deaf. by boinkboink11/19/194.58HOT

Darla's Diary: Slutfest 1993

 — Too much cock? Never! by Darla Leslie11/03/044.67HOT

Darla's Video Delight

 — Another page from my past. by Darla Leslie11/18/034.53HOT

Darling Nikki

 — Man trapped in sissy latex serves his friends. by Latexsissy6908/04/104.44

Darling Nikki Pt. 02

 — The next day in Nikki's little world. by Latexsissy6908/17/104.53HOT

Darrel and Danielle

 — Things get romantic between co workers. by Dawns01/23/093.77

Darren's Girl?

 — Man falls for a girl and gets a surprise. by mutepenguin06/12/074.58HOT

Date Night

 — Alex finds out his mom has a date with his futa classmate. by tea34509/30/194.68HOT

Date Night Ch. 02

 — The morning after. by tea34511/05/194.73HOT

Date Night Ch. 03

 — Alex and Zoey have a confession to make. by tea34503/25/204.67HOT

Date Night with Daddy

 — Daddy takes his Femboy GF on a date. by KittyAshleyy07/10/204.50HOTNEW

Date Rape!

 — He is drugged in a club then kidnapped and used. by BigAndy92201/26/123.83

Date with the Devil

 — A close encounter with fame, a legacy of infamy. by alexandrarios08/31/194.10

Dates Nights

 — Husband and wife discover sissy and bisexual fetish. by yesplease801/23/164.65HOT

David and Jess Ch. 01

 — David witnesses Jessie masturbating in women's clothes. by TGDIB04/14/204.49

David and Jess Ch. 02

 — Jess gets drunk at Nick's party. by TGDIB04/15/204.66HOT

David and Jess Ch. 03

 — Jess goes to David's house after school. by TGDIB04/16/204.70HOT

David and Jess Ch. 04

 — David provides some perspective on recent events. by TGDIB04/17/204.65HOT

David and Jess Ch. 05

 — Jess crossdresses at the bonfire. by TGDIB04/18/204.80HOT

David and Jess Ch. 06

 — Jess deals with the consequences of the bonfire. by TGDIB04/19/204.73HOT

David and Jess Ch. 07

 — Jess and David give the neighbor a show. by TGDIB04/21/204.76HOT

David Invites JoJo Over

 — While Del is gone, David invites JoJo over. by polishjoe10/03/034.58HOT

David to Dee Ch. 02

 — Gina's finds more ways to fulfill boyfriend's fantasies. by kinkymaid09/15/054.72HOT

David to Dee Ch. 03

 — She continues to turn him. by kinkymaid01/09/064.59HOT

David's New Experience

 — A hot afternoon and an erotic encounter. by zxsgxwlp08/30/154.20

Dawn's Diary Ch. 01

 — A closet crossdresser meets his match. by dawn4308/27/104.21

Dawn's Diary Ch. 02

 — Dawn dresses again for Sam. by dawn4309/23/104.43

Dawn's Diary Ch. 03

 — Sam takes Dawn to dinner. by dawn4310/24/104.58HOT

Dawn's Diary Ch. 04

 — We've exchanged email regularly... by dawn4301/10/114.45

Dawn's Diary Ch. 05

 — Sam and I are back in the city. by dawn4304/03/114.56HOT

Dawn's Orgy Ch. 03

 — Transsexuals spice up the orgy. by SplitLicker6905/01/114.38


 — A sista 'sits em down' in a club. by sydian04/30/114.00

DC Transitions Ch. 01

 — David leaves college and makes a big life change. by bittyrey08/14/154.59HOT

Dead Lift

 — Frank finally gets a real work out. by Ocallaghan7904/26/164.57HOT

Dead Name

 — A trans ghost helps Nick understand who she really is inside. by dreadknots12/07/194.82HOT


 — She fuck him, he takes a deal. by Heartbloodblack12/08/144.09

Dealing with It

 — A tough 2 questions, life changing. by Alemuchomas07/17/173.93

Dean and the Tgirl

 — Muscle stud enjoys a sexy femme tgirl. by M.MartineMatheson10/14/044.44

Dear Diary

 — A man begins to change after given pills for aggression. by Lycandope07/19/184.56HOT

Dear Diary

 — A Hypnotist helps Joe with his work problems and more. by MissYellowPanties03/25/194.69HOT

Dear Karen Pt. 01

 — Davida takes control of her husband and her marriage. by Da_Vida07/24/094.08

Dear Karen Pt. 02

 — Davida's husband gets a feminine makeover. by Da_Vida07/25/094.22

Dear Karen Pt. 03

 — Davida extends her control of BJ to sex. by Da_Vida07/26/094.40

Dear Karen Pt. 04

 — Sissy husband serves lunch to Davida's female colleagues. by Da_Vida07/27/094.30

Dear Karen Pt. 05

 — Davida gets hot watching sissy husband give a blowjob. by Da_Vida07/28/094.39

Dear Karen Pt. 06

 — Davida has to discipline sissy husband for cheating on her. by Da_Vida07/29/094.27

Debo And The Gang

 — Huge black cocks for the little cocksucker. by little sebastian01/05/064.53HOT


 — Trans gal dressed as Mme. Antoinette ends up in bonds. by BDSMagick1705/30/204.32

Deckhand Adventures 01

 — New job on a boat leads to some teasing satisfaction. by Lingeringinthecorners06/16/204.23

Dee Dives down a Dark Alley

 — A tranny takes a terrible wrong turn! by CarrieQ10/14/154.03

Deep Throated in Lingerie

 — Wearing lingerie ended with a blowjob. by marca_t03/02/044.04

Deepest Fantasies #04

 — Sean's big surprise: a stitch sublime. by FireSiren02/16/074.36

Deepest Fantasies #05

 — Sean's ultimate fantasy is fulfilled. by FireSiren09/24/084.39

Defend Each Other Ch. 01

 — An action story. by heatround09/25/054.41

Defining Gabriel

 — Self-confidence, from a little validation and a lot of love. by Lacessor07/21/174.42

Deflowering the Boy

 — And creating a beautiful girl. by JimBob4401/04/194.52HOT

Delectable Debbie

 — A man's first T-girl experience. by Pussrider03/29/124.45

Delicious Delicates

 — How I spent my summer vacation. by barbie_jo_6903/08/083.95


 — An almost 750 word project entry. by jezzaz02/26/204.05

Delivery Suprise

 — Husband learns something about himself. by AlwaysBiCurious11/06/184.29

Delta City: Rise of Chameleon

 — The villain Shapeshifter is forced to become Chameleon. by Miles6302/12/154.61HOT

Demi-Monde Barber of Fleet Street

 — Holly's debut. by skriblur04/14/173.56

Demon's Desire

 — Michael summons a demon for his heart's desire. by princess_kay05/30/194.62HOT

Demoness Costume Pt. 01

 — A woman's costume concept turns out to have its own ideas. by mistyfdfa11/05/164.50HOT

Demoness Costume Pt. 02

 — Carol finds out just how real Analise's costume is. by mistyfdfa12/13/174.62HOT

Demoted Ch. 01

 — Moving to a lower position doesn't always mean worse. by maidashley7005/11/094.60HOT

Demoted Ch. 01

 — Carrie turns Tim's world upside down. by WrittenForSubmission07/15/113.96

Demoted Ch. 02

 — Tim's first day as the secretary. by WrittenForSubmission07/16/114.06

Demoted Ch. 02

 — Happily ever after. by maidashley7002/22/124.54HOT

Demoted Ch. 03

 — Timmy goes on a sales call. by WrittenForSubmission07/17/114.08

Denise - New Beginning

 — A love story. by jclement03/29/114.71HOT

Denver Slut

 — Marlene's such a slut in a Denver bookstore. by Marlene11/19/034.47

Derek & Amy

 — Amy and Derek have a night alone. by Kalira08/24/124.01

Derek & Amy: A Little Gift

 — Amy brings a new plaything for Derek's pleasure. by Kalira09/01/124.16

Derek & Amy: Boys Night in

 — Derek keeps Matt in for training. by Kalira10/16/123.96

Derek & Amy: Derek's Turn

 — Derek takes control with Amy and Matt. by Kalira09/03/124.36

Derek & Amy: Matt Makes Three

 — Amy's husband joins the fun. by Kalira08/30/124.31

Derek & Amy: Time Alone

 — Derek and Amy get some time away from everything. by Kalira08/30/124.38

Desiree and Big John

 — The hot to trot transvestite gets her first real man fuck. by desireethtttv09/25/114.41

Desiree's Cock Quest

 — Suzie gets pissed off and takes her slut trannie cock hunting. by desireethtttv08/30/124.35

Desperate Measures Ch. 00: Prologue

 — A young man discovers what it's like to be a woman. by MissLana02/28/154.33

Destiny Fulfilled

 — A closet transvestite visits a sex club loses her virginity. by cannyjess08/15/194.26

Developing Emma

 — An urge for he to beome 'she' proves to be permanent;. by Sputnik5704/11/134.07

Developing Emma Ch. 02

 — Awaking as Emma for the first time- transformation begins. by Sputnik5704/15/134.34

Developing Emma Ch. 03

 — Emma's training continues. by Sputnik5704/25/134.39

Developing Emma Ch. 04

 — Emma befriends Poppy- sent out alone to a suitor. by Sputnik5705/16/134.48

Devil Sex

 — A great night with a surprising woman. by Naughty_Horse01/04/024.46

Devil With A Blue Dress On

 — Dave discovers love is both the apple and the serpent. by Web Dazell08/08/124.47

Devoted to Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Morning sex for Kelly and Janice. by larama200204/17/044.43

Devoted to Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Kelly does some shoe shopping. by larama200204/22/044.55HOT


 — An older man learns to accept the differences in a new love. by AngelaK09/12/164.65HOT

Diary of a Cross-dresser Ch. 01

 — The yearnings of a sissy and his fantasy come true. by Adikon7910/30/144.36

Dick Size Bet

 — A guy ends up being a sissy maid for his friend. by alexmuntz10904/23/204.29

Dicked Down by a Lesbian

 — Curious teenager gets fucked by a lesbian with a dick. by vividhallucinations03/22/184.06

Dickgirl Conquest

 — Joe, unhappy with his girlfriend, meets a hot dickgirl. by Lara_Longstaff11/07/154.73HOT

Dickgirl Princess Can't Sleep

 — Princess Herenui doesn't get satisfied easily. by FutaFantasy11/03/184.28

Dickgirls Everywhere!

 — Vampires? Zombies? Nope. Dickgirls. by lfullback01/30/144.56HOT

Dickgirls Society

 —  by david_bong03/29/143.03

Dicking Under the Influence

 — After too many wrong turns, she takes the wheel. by Ravishing_Ridge12/14/194.28

Dickish Direction: Male

 — A porn director asks the impossible of his twin starlets. by Gweh04/19/183.33

Dickish Direction: Shemale

 — A porn director asks the impossible of his twin starlets. by Gweh04/19/183.52

Did that Really Just Happen?

 — I got tricked in to fucking a trans and her sissy. by AnnaV11/28/194.23

Different 3some in Acapulco

 — First time experinces with a shemale and a female. by papalolo2404/20/114.14

Different Strokes

 — New cop and HR lady make quite the odd couple. by Justplainjeff07/06/204.50HOTNEW

Digging for Home

 — Sequel to "Never Make the Last Out at Third". by Penelope Street07/17/044.73HOT

Dimensional Portals Suck Ass

 — Don't trust beings from other dimensions, they lie. by YANKEE DAN03/25/044.07

Dinner Date

 — A woman's lust for her girlfriend overwhelms her hunger. by aehammock12/06/134.24

Dinner Date with Mommy Pt. 01

 — Part 1 of a sequel to Meeting Mommy. Sissy fun abounds. by SissyStoryTime11/18/184.50HOT

Dinner Date with Mommy Pt. 02

 — Part 2 of Meeting Mommy sequel. Sissy shenanigans ensue. by SissyStoryTime11/19/184.50HOT

Dinner Date with Mommy Pt. 03

 — Go back in time to see how Sophie became such a sissy. by SissyStoryTime11/20/184.68HOT

Dinner Date with Mommy Pt. 04

 — Daddy's gives it, Sophie takes it, and Mommy joins the fun. by SissyStoryTime11/28/184.70HOT

Dinner with Daddy & Babygirl (BDSM)

 — Babygirl may have bitten off more than she can chew. by TorySorensson09/08/174.11

Dinner with Honey

 — Male to female transformation involving sex in the kitchen. by Mistress Sierra11/24/064.53HOT

Director's Choice

 — Hired to Play Romeo to cross-dressed Juliet. by sr71plt05/31/164.37

Dirty Angel

 — Roommate finds Scott to be sexy in drag. by Svenskaflicka05/07/054.39

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