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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K

 — Sexy shemale hooks up with a stripper. by BrettLynn01/16/024.62HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 2

 — Miss K & Tracy play with a few lucky girls. by BrettLynn02/15/024.63HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 3

 — Miss K & Tracy continue wild, sexy road trip. by BrettLynn03/04/024.58HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 4

 — Miss K gets pumped like a man... by BrettLynn03/25/024.53HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 5

 — They make a 'quickie' mart stop. by BrettLynn04/16/024.59HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 6

 — Ever been Dominated by 6'5" shemale? by BrettLynn05/10/024.65HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 7

 — Ordinary walk turns into an adventure. by BrettLynn06/08/024.67HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 8

 — Miss K introduces her Darth Vader. by BrettLynn07/01/024.29

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Tracy's Turn

 — Tracy gets her chance. by BrettLynn08/31/024.55HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Arizona

 — Tracy and Miss K go out to party at a club. by BrettLynn12/09/024.62HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Cajun Heat

 — Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show by BrettLynn08/03/024.75HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Golden State Revival

 — Can you fuck your way home? by BrettLynn03/25/034.85HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Naturally Wild

 — They have a really relaxing day. by BrettLynn10/07/024.59HOT

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Testify!

 — Miss K testifies to joys of sex to anti-porn activist. by BrettLynn07/28/024.09

The Woody

 — My husband has a hard-on and isn't afraid to use it. by AngelaK07/15/163.89

The Work Shower

 — How far will a chastised sissy go for an orgasm? by AnotherRandomWriter04/24/184.15

The World of Futadom

 — So let me tell you about the world of Futadom. by Ammadillen01/14/192.88

The Writer's Muse Ch. 01

 — Frustrated author and the mysterious rough-sleeper. by LittleBrain01/04/204.75HOT

The Writer's Muse Ch. 02

 — Chloe tells some of her story before lust ensues. by LittleBrain03/01/204.86HOT

The Writer's Muse Ch. 03

 — More of Chloe's story and a violent outcome. by LittleBrain04/02/204.71HOT

The Writer's Secret Ch. 01-02

 — Loren's wife feminizes him. by AnnMichelle03/16/124.41

The Writer's Secret Ch. 03-04

 — Stephanie starts teaching Loren to be Laura. by AnnMichelle03/24/124.50HOT

The Writer's Secret Ch. 05-06

 — Will Stephanie expose Loren's secret at the dinner party? by AnnMichelle04/01/124.61HOT

The Writer's Secret Ch. 07-08

 — Stephanie takes Loren shopping. by AnnMichelle04/10/124.50HOT

The Writer's Secret Ch. 09-10

 — Shopping odyssey ends and Loren and Stephanie talk. by AnnMichelle04/18/124.55HOT

The Writer's Secret Ch. 11-12

 — Loren gets caught! by AnnMichelle04/24/124.50HOT

The Writer's Secret Conclusion

 — Loren and Stephanie prepare for Loren to become Laura. by AnnMichelle05/04/124.69HOT

The Wrong "Happy Ending"

 — A trip to a massage parlor doesn't go as planned... by Kaloi11/05/204.11

The Wrong House Ch. 01

 — A burglary goes wrong and Dani and her friends get captured. by twink_in_uniform07/18/214.41

The Wrong Number

 — Wife accuses husband of cheating. by franco8905/09/094.42

The Wrong Room

 — Oops! by Dreamweaver59407/19/15

The Wrong Room Ch. 02

 — Surprise! by Dreamweaver59407/30/15

The Wrong Room Ch. 03

 — Negotiations. by Dreamweaver59408/02/15

The Wrong Room Ch. 04

 — Partnership. by Dreamweaver59408/10/15

The Wrong Room Ch. 05

 — Friday. by Dreamweaver59408/11/15

The Wrong Room Ch. 06

 — The flight to Cincinnati. by Dreamweaver59406/02/17

The Wrong Room Ch. 07

 — Marissa. by Dreamweaver59406/09/17

The Wrong Room Ch. 08

 — New Clients and a family Pow-Wow. by Dreamweaver59406/22/17

The Wrong Room Ch. 09

 — Presents. by Dreamweaver59408/14/17HOT

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 02

 — Fantasy; magic futanari. by Felix92108/16/124.42

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 03

 — Further misadventures; Kara travels... by Felix92109/02/124.71HOT

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 04

 — Kara renews an old friendship. by Felix92107/14/144.68HOT

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 05

 — In which Kara and Miri do some research. by Felix92109/03/144.63HOT

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 06

 — A quest revealed - and a threesome. by Felix92110/17/184.55HOT

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 07

 — Kara acquires a memorable big fish story. by Felix92105/17/204.89HOT

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 08

 — Kara meets Northmen, plays games, frees a slave. by Felix92107/31/204.50HOT

The X-Tests

 — When my wife insisted on therapy, I really had no choice. by BethanyJ03/12/124.75HOT

The Year: 2020

 — Quarantine can get a bit lonely. by johnjinglez112/24/204.71HOT

The Yellow Pill

 — Participe to a TV show to fuck 4 women if... by PandaPensif01/10/174.34

The Yoga Instructor

 — College boy runs into his yoga instructor on campus. by cddannie1809/15/144.50HOT

Theatre Goer

 — Marlene the transvestite does a lot of cock at an xxx theatr by Marlene12/20/024.42

Theatre Sissy

 — Being fucked as a girl onstage wasn't the plan. by Alwayshorny20100112/02/204.45

Their Monthly Date Night

 — Regular role reversal is escalated. by Reidabiel11/25/204.44

Then and Now - On The Road

 — A hookup on the road. by FredTR07/09/194.53HOT


 — I finally make a breakthrough with my psychologist. by Decayed Angel12/17/064.16


 — A little therapy can change your entire life! by Neorotoxin05/28/094.42

Therapy Helps

 — Crossdresser exposed during therapy. by Checkmate21505/07/134.20

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 01

 — Adopted son is transformed into a sissy and lives as a girl. by MicheleNylons03/25/174.23

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 02

 — High School TV finds out about sex from her first boyfriend. by MicheleNylons03/30/174.47

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 03

 — Sarah goes to the Prom but Sloane has a vicious surprise. by MicheleNylons04/03/174.48

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 04

 — Sarah meets TV vixen Tina and has her first transbian sex. by MicheleNylons04/08/174.65HOT

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 05

 — Sarah discovers Tina is working as a porn star. Sparks fly. by MicheleNylons04/12/174.62HOT

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 06

 — Tina tells her story about how she became a trans porn star. by MicheleNylons04/15/174.53HOT

There's Something about Sarah Ch. 07

 — Sarah and Drew reconcile and Tina takes revenge for Sarah. by MicheleNylons04/19/174.77HOT

They're My Sister's Wicked Ways!

 — Chapter, Sissy brother put in a risky situation by sister. by grgy5607/09/144.52HOT

They're My Sister's!

 — Brother and friend discover common interests. by grgy5601/15/104.51HOT

They're My Sisters Too!

 — Continuation of Brother's exploits into sister's things. by grgy5604/22/104.50HOT

Thief Fantasy

 — Caught at the thief store fantasy. by sissyboy2604/10/204.50HOT

Thief's Got a Pleasant Surprise

 — 2 Thief's had some fun with a surprise crossdresser. by sammysamson411/17/204.60HOT

Third Stop in a Lifetime of Travel

 — Kai and Santi explore a water park and new pleasures! by dadavox06/26/204.74HOT

Third Times a Charm

 — A guy goes back to see a TS escort a third time. by heywood2603/25/184.51HOT

Thirty Days to Jenny Ch. 1

 — Her tape can turn useless boyfriend into a girl in 30 days. by monika ikon01/13/024.55HOTEditor's Pick

Thirty Days to Jenny Ch. 2

 — Every day her boyfriend becomes less a boy. by monika ikon03/17/024.68HOT

This is Me!

 — A sissy boy reflects while looking into the mirror. by keptsissy01/06/194.41

This is What I was Meant to Be

 — Jacob can't take it anymore! He needs to be dominated. by boistockings06/18/204.35

This Makes Me Happy Ch. 01

 — An older man's fascination with a femme TV. by Selbryth09/17/05HOT

This Makes Me Happy Ch. 02

 — An older man's fascination with a femme TV. by Selbryth09/18/05HOT

This that go Bump in the Night

 — Unwanted intruder takes the Tv in more ways than one. by hughsmee08/13/084.24

This Thing Called Life Ch. 06

 — Shemale gangbanged. by noodneighbor03/26/144.45

This to Keep Me Quiet Ch. 01

 — Young crossdresser regrets having sex with sister and uncle. by MicheleNylons09/25/204.61HOT

This to Keep Me Quiet Ch. 02

 — Young transvestite turns the table on her blackmailer. by MicheleNylons09/29/204.75HOT

Thomasina Ch. 01

 — Busted and forced to submit by sisters. by frillypanty09/29/104.16

Thomasina Ch. 02

 — Thomasina's sisters take her out into the world 'en-femme' by frillypanty01/27/114.31

Thomasina Ch. 03

 — 3. Saturday girls. by frillypanty09/24/114.22

Those Shoes Double Date

 — A hot double date where the two ladies get to make love. by cd_donna03/16/174.19

Those Shoes Threeway

 — A couple finds a new friend to share the evening with. by cd_donna01/03/174.26

Thoughtful Wife

 — Darren receives a birthday gift he won't soon forget. by Erotic_librarian02/24/174.71HOT

Three Bulls Theatre, Act 01 ~New Meat~

 — A young man discovers a new side of himself. by Secsfiend05/15/134.51HOT

Three Friends in College Ch. 04

 — Gennifer and Mary become a couple. by jealouscuck09/23/214.88HOT

Three Nights in London - Night 01

 — Cute Tgirl goes out for the first time. by Nymanirene07/20/164.41

Three Nights in London - Night 02

 — Cute Dutch Tgirl goes out for the first time. by Nymanirene08/06/164.22

Three Nights in London - Night 03

 — Cute Dutch Tgirl goes for it! by Nymanirene08/16/164.62HOT

Three Perfect Days

 — Three Perfect Days, Living as a Woman. by thrillerauthor05/31/184.11

Three Senses

 — When you're down two senses, imagination fills in the gaps. by AndiRogerness02/18/214.42

Three Times A Lady

 — "Er - is this for a man?" Elaine asked me. by BethanyJ12/27/114.57HOT

Three Way With Carla

 — Peter joins in Karen's affair with the Dominatrix. by StryWrter703/10/034.59HOT


 — Couple get more than they dreamed of. by LittleTom11/05/044.30


 — serving two men at once. by little sebastian03/13/064.34

Threesome with Birthday Girl

 — Ben and Amy are back, this time a girlfriend joining in. by bumonk02/15/204.66HOT

Thrift Store Encounter

 — A shy sissy makes a new friend with a Thrift Store owner. by fantaseeboy03/03/194.68HOT

Thrift Store Sissy

 — MTF trans girl has a chance meeting with a kindred spirit. by sissywendi10/05/144.33

Thrills in the Night

 — A Black Bull hunts in the Las Vegas Night. by melanieatplay07/17/184.65HOT

Thrills in the Night Ch. 02

 — Ray and Matilda share another night. by melanieatplay01/14/204.45

Throne of Panties

 — Fred found both his fears and secret desires realized. by scur04/30/153.63

Through Heaven and Hell

 — A girly boy gets consoled by his dean after getting bullied. by ScumDumpster6906/20/194.74HOT

Thursday Ch. 01

 — Crossdresser's first time. by sissyfluff11/12/094.16

Thursday Ch. 02

 — Crossdresser's first time. by sissyfluff11/13/094.08

Thursday Ch. 03

 — Crossdresser's first time by sissyfluff11/14/094.27

Tick Tock & Tara

 — My first day in public relations as a t-girl. by Lubba09/27/124.60HOT

Tied Up

 — Her transvestite slave pleasures his Mistress and her lover. by AndyS_uk03/21/044.70HOT

Tiffany Charles

 — Tiffany takes jocks virginity in bathroom. by newfield198109/24/214.31

Tiffany Charles Ch. 01

 — Tiffany goes undercover! by newfield198110/11/214.56HOT

Tiffany's Deal Ch. 01

 — Transsexual prostitute and poker dealer gets offered a deal. by MicheleNylons06/18/194.79HOT

Tiffany's Deal Ch. 02

 — Teenage tranny Tiffany is introduced to sex by her uncle. by MicheleNylons06/20/194.67HOT

Tiffany's Deal Ch. 03

 — Call girl and poker dealer is made an offer she can't refuse. by MicheleNylons06/21/194.80HOT

Tiffany's Deal Ch. 04

 — Final chapter. Who will Tiffany choose to deal with? by MicheleNylons06/22/194.81HOT

Tiffany's Epiphany

 — A tantric flow awakens her new energy within him. by MissTerious06/02/154.68HOT

Tight Spot

 — Goaded into a bet with only one outcome, what a bind. by XtinaSmith201712/17/174.76HOT

Tightlaced for a Gay Evening

 — His special clothes were his secret - but not tonight. by Learningfast10/07/084.01

Tighty Whities

 — Through the fly in your tighty whities. by Fundle03/07/214.00

Tilted Kilt

 — Transsexual meets Mom then introduced to Daughter. by call_me_dana02/19/094.66HOT

Tilted Kilt Ch. 02

 — Katie surprises Danika ... with her friend Heather. by call_me_dana03/19/094.69HOT

Tilted Kilt Ch. 03

 — Brother dresses up and gets picked up by Danika. by call_me_dana06/05/094.68HOT

Tilted Kilt Ch. 04

 — Danika experiences a Japanese Encounter. by call_me_dana08/10/104.75HOT

Tilted Kilt Ch. 05

 — Danika gets picked up at the Kilt by a business woman. by call_me_dana03/09/114.80HOT

Tim Ch. 03

 — Tim serves as a kinky French maid & is punished & humiliated. by TimT197203/07/13

Tim, Callie, Dave and Beth

 — A crossdresser and her boyfriend share a couple's love. by komrad115609/23/154.78HOT

Time for a Break

 — Rest area fun. by margobicd08/17/134.29

Time for Change

 — Wife changes husband to female with time machine. by chaele05/11/173.18

Timmy Gets a Girl

 — Shy boy meets a different kind of girl. by Bakeboss11/22/114.14

Tina and Dani

 — Tranny and three men. by TinaJ02/08/094.43

Tina And Trucker Bill

 — A transexual threesome with a trucker. by TinaJ02/04/104.15

Tina Takes My Heart Day 01

 — Joe falls in love with a transsexual. by dirtyjoe6908/01/064.67HOT

Tina's Secret

 — A shy blonde girl offers secret delights. by Wannabe Chick06/29/064.61HOT


 — Roommate gets caught creeping on panties, and more.. by TwistedPanties01/13/203.99

Tinder Pt. 02

 — Bryan is exposed as "Michelle", as fantasies are coming true. by TwistedPanties01/17/204.10

Tit Torture

 — It's hard to say which gift is better, hers or theirs. by Cal Y. Pygia06/29/204.03


 — A guy gets tits. by BlackSnake04/25/064.34

Tits and Transformation

 — Couple's secret desires leads to a new life for both. by Borntolust01/21/16

Tits Have Benefits

 — Transformation to a girl for the girl he/she loves. by hottchic04/10/114.63HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 02

 — To be Jane's lover she has to be accepted by her friends. by hottchic04/14/114.64HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 03

 — Andrea has fun with the girls. by hottchic04/19/114.74HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 04

 — She goes to California and gets more than she expected! by hottchic04/28/114.78HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 05

 — Will Andrea take it to the next leve? by hottchic05/09/114.77HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 06

 — Andrea catches up with her sister. by hottchic05/27/114.77HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 07

 — The Wedding plus Andrea meets Jane's brother. by hottchic07/18/114.74HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 08

 — The girls enjoy their Honeymoon and love at 40,000 feet. by hottchic07/23/114.78HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 09

 — Is this the end for Andrea? by hottchic07/27/114.60HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 10

 — Did Andrea survive the attack? by hottchic07/30/114.70HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 11

 — The rapists go to trial, and Alice thinks about getting tits. by hottchic08/04/114.66HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 12

 — The trial heats up, Andrea has to testify. by hottchic08/15/114.71HOT

Tits Have Benefits Ch. 13

 — The trial comes to an end. by hottchic08/20/114.75HOT

To Be A Gangsta

 — Jobe keeps on rolling. by YANKEE DAN08/21/044.44

To Be a Woman

 — First-time experiment for a man to dress. by cd4girls03/31/054.35

To Honor and Obey

 — A TG bride's wedding night adventures. by slutty_jannelle07/28/074.11

To Serve Her Ch. 01

 — Male discovers his date is a shemale. by njcaptionlover10/27/184.08

To Serve Her Ch. 02

 — Conclusion of male becoming slave to a Black TG DOM. by njcaptionlover02/23/194.42

To the Flame

 — Sparks fly in paladin training. by OrderOfCreation03/03/214.39

To the Manor Bound Ch. 01

 — Country Lord makes a new sissy maid. by Nikki25809/04/134.45

To the Manor Bound Ch. 02

 — Francine's training begins in earnest. by Nikki25806/05/144.46

To the Manor Bound Ch. 03

 — Francine's training continues in the East Wing. by Nikki25811/13/154.49

To the Manor Bound Ch. 04

 — Francine learns to entertain an important visitor. by Nikki25811/25/154.39

To the Rescue

 — Norm finds out just how convincing he is as Natalie. by RejectReality01/08/194.51HOT

To The Woods

 — A gurl flashes her wares then enjoys the consequences. by michelle696906/07/124.02

To Wear the Horns: Chastity Family Pt. 01

 — My Favourite of all time. by Bitchboy74702/14/213.44


 — Toby's story on self discovery and life as a sissy. by Sissyhalo08/28/184.46

Todd and Me

 — Stevie learns that an old friend is gay. by Titsandass111/08/213.51

Tom & Crystal 3 Way With...

 — Tom helps Crystal fulfill one of her many fantasies. by THoward95th06/18/214.30

Tom & T-Girl Lori Do Vegas & More!

 — Tom takes Lori back to Vegas to visit old "dates" & Kelly K. by THoward95th05/17/214.76HOT

Tom & T-Girl Lori Spit Roast Cyndee

 — Tom and T-Girl Lori spit roast Cyndee and she loves it! by THoward95th11/20/194.54HOT

Tom & The Vegas T-Girls, Again

 — Tom Hooks Up with Kelly and a Few More T-Girls. by THoward95th06/26/214.76HOT

Tom - Last Call with Kelly & Lori

 — Tom, Kelly, Lori, Marcus, Dave, Aaron, Isabella - Last Call. by THoward95th07/14/214.68HOT

Tom and Lori Hold On to the Wall

 — Tom and Lori hold on to the wall. by THoward95th09/11/194.59HOT

Tom and Mary

 — Not your typical male to female story. by TiberiusPrime04/15/214.68HOT

Tom and Mary Pt. 02

 — Welcome to the 60s! by TiberiusPrime08/05/214.86HOT

Tom and T-Girl Alexa Fill Cyndee Up

 — Tom and Vegas T-Girl Alexa fulfill Cyndee's fantasy. by THoward95th01/27/204.40

Tom and T-Girl Lori 3 Way Scott

 — Tom & T-Girl Lori have 3 way with Scott and he loves it! by THoward95th07/30/204.43

Tom Goes Back to Vegas and More!

 — Tom intros his friend to some T-Girls and more! by THoward95th07/30/194.57HOT

Tom Greer, P.I.

 — Detective finds TV lover. by Grey Eagle 28611/23/054.43

Tom Learns Dave's Secret

 — Tom meets Dave's wife for the first time and...surprise! by THoward95th06/02/214.54HOT

Tom Takes Aaron to T-Girl Vegas

 — Aaron goes with Tom to Vegas and has his 1st T- Girl. by THoward95th09/12/194.40

Tom's Appointment

 — Tom takes a dare, makes a bet, and ends up Totally Satisfied. by Dracthyus06/28/174.57HOT

Tom's T-Girl Comes to Visit Pt. 01

 — Kelly comes to visit Tom and they take on all cummers. by THoward95th10/05/194.74HOT

Tom's T-Girl Comes to Visit Pt. 02

 — Tom and his T-Girl friends hook up with the guys and girls. by THoward95th10/11/194.70HOT

Tom, 2 T-Girls & More Vegas Baby

 — Tom goes to Vegas and hooks up with his T-Girl friends. by THoward95th07/27/194.56HOT

Tom, Aaron & T-Girl Alexa have Fun

 — Tom, Aaron and Vegas T-Girl Alexa have LOTS of fun! by THoward95th12/10/194.56HOT

Tom, Aaron and T-Girl Lori - Yum!

 — Tom introduces Aaron to his T-Girl girlfriend Lori. 3 way! by THoward95th12/08/194.56HOT

Tom, Edwin & Alexa's First Threeway

 — Tom, Edwin and his girlfriend have their first threeway. by THoward95th07/06/194.54HOT

Tomeric's Decent Ch. 01

 — Homosexual lust turns into dark sexual gratification. by gobula10/11/064.31

Tomeric's Decent Ch. 02

 — Tomeric experiences full force gay sex, and loves it. by gobula10/12/063.89

Tomeric: The Kiss

 — He discovers hidden talents through an accidental kiss. by gobula09/14/063.88

Tomeric: The Kiss Ch. 02

 — Tomeric tries out her new life. by gobula10/09/064.59HOT

Toni Begins To Be a Woman

 — I learned what be submissive would be like by this man. by CutieToni03/03/164.10

Toni Begins to Come Out

 — This is my second part of my dressing and changing. by CutieToni02/25/164.39

Toni Gets Two Guys in the Park

 — Slutty CD wants it rough in public. by Tonisshy02/13/174.44

Toni's First Night Out

 — Crossdresser has a night out for the first time as a woman. by the_apocalypse01/18/114.28

Toni's Man

 — He didn't know he wanted it. by skinnysailor01/13/204.49

Tonight, You Will

 — Fantasy comes true... whether you like it or not! by trixie_leigh02/15/203.81

Tonisshy gets Southern Hospitality

 — Toni meets a real southern gentleman. by Tonisshy02/23/174.58HOT

Tony into Tayla

 — Tony turns into Tayla! by glockwood702/15/143.31

Tony returns home

 — I converted Tony to becoming a crossdresser. by Lynda6803/22/204.36

Tony to Tanya

 — Tony's girlfriend has a kinky idea. by joshy02901/20/104.43

Tony to Tanya Ch. 02

 — Tony and Sarah go shopping. Tony gets a surprise. by joshy02902/22/104.51HOT

Tony to Tanya Ch. 03

 — Tony, Sarah and Sophie go out for the evening. by joshy02906/13/104.58HOT

Top Tranny

 — She trains a new subbie how to deep throat. by Sucker4Gurls10/04/164.53HOT

Tori and Tracy

 — A man's passion for two Beautiful Black Transsexuals. by CrimsonClown07/12/153.88

Torontopolis Stories - Invasion Ch. 01

 — One young man, at his lowest, meets a special woman... by sweetjordy05/09/214.33

Tortured by the T-Girl Tutor

 — His world turned upside down and his ass inside out. by SugarandSalt12/19/124.55HOT

Total Submission

 — Master meets his on-line slave. by drcapecod10/28/074.06

Totally Sexy Massage

 — He enjoys a massage from a TS. by iser2104/27/024.37

Touching It was Not an Option

 — He started trying to be a guy but his destiny was different. by MiddlinJoe03/25/204.52HOT

Towards a Surrender Act 01-02

 — Two people are driven by the decision, a mutual seduction. by MadQuill09/14/184.70HOT

Towards a Surrender Act 03

 — Lisa and Anais finally Meet. by MadQuill10/18/184.76HOT

Traci's Earring

 — Trans and a bi meet in a bar and have a luscious night. by johnson6902/21/194.57HOT

Traci's XXX Trans Porn Audition

 — A trans girl has kinky sex audition with trans porn star. by mrstanley02/24/214.23

Track and Field Encounter

 — 18-year-old t-girl meets her ideal man at the track meet. by Littleblackdress5406/08/134.38

Traded on the Love Exchange Pt. 01

 — A sexy trans girl stalks a policeman. by KellyRandom05/07/213.94

Traded on the Love Exchange Pt. 02

 — A willing trans girl is hunted through the dark woods. by KellyRandom06/11/214.53HOT

Traded on the Love Exchange Pt. 03

 — After a dramatic rescue, a trans girl is milked by a farmer. by KellyRandom07/18/214.59HOT


 — Wife suggests a trade. by WFEATHER05/18/083.83

Trading Pics

 — Boy hides sharing pantie pics with men online from GF. by jakladd10/15/214.80HOT

Trading Places

 — Role Reversal. by grgy5605/13/084.56HOT

Trading Places

 — Couple trade genders for party. by Bakeboss02/23/104.26

Trailer Trash Tranny

 — White trash shemale gives it up for a bottle of vodka. by Travel_by_day04/17/084.48

Trailer Trash Tranny Ch. 02

 — White trash transsexual pleasures truckers for fun & profit by Travel_by_day04/18/084.39

Trailer Trash Tranny Ch. 03

 — Tranny hooker has rough sex in strip club parking lot. by Travel_by_day04/19/084.33

Trailer Trash Tranny Ch. 04

 — Caught hooking, tranny finds herself in the holding tank. by Travel_by_day04/20/084.33

Trailer Trash Tranny Ch. 05

 — Internet entrepreneurs film white trash tranny outdoors. by Travel_by_day04/21/084.46

Trailer Trash Tranny Ch. 06

 — Tranny hooker finds better clients at a hotel bar. by Travel_by_day04/22/084.46

Trailer Trash Tranny Ch. 07

 — T-girl's erotic journey from Omaha to New York City. by Travel_by_day04/23/084.76HOT

Trailer Trash Tranny Ch. 08

 — Transsexual moves from trailer trash to high society. by Travel_by_day04/24/084.62HOT

Train Riding

 — Train ride takes a turn for the weird. by razmatazz1702/13/174.59HOT

Trained and Tailed

 — A young transwoman is forced to become her master's pet. by TSKitty02/10/134.03

Trained by the Neighbors: Next Day

 — My first full day as a girl, finding out my folk's secret. by bottomsatx11/29/104.47

Trained by the Neighbors: Party

 — Sam and Debbie invite friends over to fuck me. by bottomsatx12/06/104.44

Trained by the Neighbors: Seduction

 — The neighbors seduce me, and begin my training as a girl. by bottomsatx12/03/104.38

Trained by the Neighbors: Shopping

 — Debbie takes me outside as a girl for the first time. by bottomsatx11/30/104.38

Training Carter

 — Carter's girlfriend puts him on a unique training regime. by XtinaSmith201708/01/184.38

Tranford Tales - Bernie

 — Character from Tranford Wives. by SlightlyRude09/07/204.72HOT

Tranford Tales - Dilys

 — One of the characters from Tranford Wives. by SlightlyRude09/28/204.74HOT

Tranford Tales - Ginger

 — The waitress in Tranford Wives. by SlightlyRude11/07/204.54HOT

Tranford Tales - Madoka

 — I loved Japanese girls. by SlightlyRude06/04/214.37

Tranford Tales - Maisie

 — Character from Tranford Wives. by SlightlyRude12/05/204.73HOT

Tranford Tales - Patels

 — The shopkeepers in Tranford Wives. by SlightlyRude01/03/214.64HOT

Tranford Tales - Sophie

 — Character in Tranford Wives. by SlightlyRude02/10/214.50HOT

Tranford Wives Pt. 01

 — Happy couples in a perfect village. Too good to be true? by SlightlyRude08/16/204.55HOT

Tranford Wives Pt. 02

 — The journey of a wifetime. by SlightlyRude08/17/204.64HOT

Tranny at the Truck Stop

 — Tranny is trapped in truckstop restroom and fucked by bikers. by MicheleNylons12/28/124.55HOT

Tranny Attack

 — SWM picks up a tranny by mistake and pays the price. by cbachtland05/17/104.41

Tranny Attack Ch. 02

 — SWM is summoned to continue adventures with a shemale. by cbachtland05/24/104.48

Tranny Chasers: Bernie and Ron

 — Two tranny chasers meet two trannies. by 1946EW05/14/084.26

Tranny Chasers: Shirley and Chrissy

 — Now it's Shirley's turn. by 1946EW06/21/08

Tranny Encounters - Escort Fucked

 — A female escort meets a mysterious client. by hfernandez198305/22/174.53HOT

Tranny Fantasy World

 — I imagine what it would be like to fufill my fantasies. by panopticind09/27/113.34

Tranny G is a Nymph

 — She lets her inner slut out after a long winter. by Creamyirish01/25/11HOT

Tranny G's all Tranny Gang Bang

 — Chris and Tranny G come back after a year away. by Creamyirish03/26/12HOT

Tranny G, Gang Bang Queen, 5

 — The "Perfect Man" comes back. by Creamyirish08/01/10

Tranny Gangbang

 — Three transsexual porn stars fuck straight guy by StephanieSeymour04/22/144.57HOT

Tranny in the Discount Store

 — First experience with a girl with a dick... by bdavidson04/23/204.35

Tranny Lover

 — Fucked by the drag queen. by little sebastian12/16/054.43

Tranny Meeting

 — Bimale & tv threesome with another Bimale. by tonyatll01/17/064.35

Tranny Night Out and One Kinky Session

 — The first time out dressed and one dirty foursome to follow by BmthAdmirer10/25/104.37

Tranny Slasher Camp

 — An homage to t-girl on t-girl sex and teen horror movies. by YKN494906/08/124.50HOT

Tranny Stripper Gang Bang

 — Straight guy discovers love of cock on the road. by StephanieSeymour6912/17/094.48

Tranny Tales Ch. 01

 — Can't remember her name. by erectus12310/23/153.75

Tranny Tales Ch. 02

 — The Cross Dresser and the Tranny. by erectus12311/01/154.45

Tranny Tales Ch. 03

 — Maxie: Anal Vaginal Saga and an Exploding Penis. by erectus12311/06/153.87

Tranny Tales Ch. 04: Franca - La Bolognese

 — Bolognese transsexual prostitute breaks in a lover. by erectus12311/13/154.40

Tranny Tales Ch. 05

 — Blow Jobs, Disco Sex, Goldie the Tranny & My 2nd Wife. by erectus12311/14/153.48

Tranny Tales Ch. 06: Cumming in Sophia

 — Tanny or Sex Change - We find out! by erectus12312/29/154.29

Tranny Tales Ch. 07: The Penthouse

 — Who Got Fucked in the Penthouse? by erectus12307/28/164.41

Tranny Tales Ch. 08: Driving Miss Daisy

 — Driving into Miss Daisy -- PreOp Tranny Sub Gets Gang Banged. by erectus12308/03/164.33

Tranny Tales Ch. 09: My Dreams

 — Wherein Lie My Dreams: Tender story of Transsexual lost love. by erectus12308/19/164.20

Tranny Tales Ch. 10

 — Gilda (2010) - An afternoon in heaven. by erectus12312/07/174.33

Tranny Tales Ch. 11: Aurora Perfecta

 — Aurora Perfecta & her magnificent penis. by erectus12312/22/174.43

Tranny Trouble

 — I have problems with my van and my dressing-up. by oggbashan09/03/184.49

Trans Desire

 — When an autofellator can't autofellate any more. by blozo05/19/184.46

Trans Dork Love

 — Love, lust, self-discovery, transgenderism. by PrettyJana08/26/034.54HOT

Trans Summer

 — Trans woman and ex-student share a night of great sex. by silkstockingslover08/19/214.82HOT

Trans Voyeur Bathroom

 — A short story long on imagination. by stephonefun05/24/063.82

Trans-fer Agency

 — A receptionist becomes something more. by KuGo06/10/114.52HOT


 — Tim is given a humiliating makeover as a magical girl! by dreadknots01/09/204.28

Trans-girl Exercise

 — An unexpected encounter diverts me in more ways than one. by Green_Fingers06/30/204.61HOT

Trans-itioning to a New World

 — First time with a submissive transsexual opens his world. by penbeatsword10/23/084.35


 — Angela. by MarshalMarmont181509/30/204.00

Transboy Grows Something Fun

 — Transboy grows big cock and clears his backed up pipes. by SadisticMenace03/04/213.90

Transexual Brothel

 — Lots of girls with cocks. by little sebastian04/16/074.36

Transexual Encounter Ch. 01

 — Real Life TS encounter. by SluttyValerie11/17/144.61HOT

Transexual Encounter Ch. 02

 — My affair with a TS woman continues. by SluttyValerie12/09/144.68HOT

Transexual Initiation

 — A man finds love in the strangest of places. by JohnHerr4804/24/214.54HOT

Transexual MILF Landlady

 — Exploring a world of cross dressing and tranny sex. by mcspunky200607/08/064.32

Transexual Surprise & Delight

 — A surprising meeting, two lovers find each other. by JohnHerr4804/11/214.55HOT

Transexual Treat

 — His wife introduces him to the man/woman of his dreams. by danielblue06/03/034.02

Transexual Whore

 — Earning money in the street and loving it. by little sebastian12/15/054.51HOT

Transfer - Brook and Nikita Ch. 01

 — A guy wants a girl. They have answers. Time for a Transfer! by SaraChrist12/23/174.41

Transfer - Brook and Nikita Ch. 02

 — A guy wants a girl. They have answers. Time for a Transfer! by SaraChrist03/14/184.47

Transfer - Brook and Nikita Ch. 03

 — A guy wants a girl. They have answers. Time for a Transfer! by SaraChrist06/08/184.51HOT


 — Young man decides to have operation for his mistress. by billsbelle09/28/084.20


 — The girl of my dreams leaves me. Really? by Corjix11/07/184.29


 — A boy toy gets to become the sissy of his dreams. by franavatar02/26/214.47

Transformation Ch. 01

 — Jessup loses a bet. by stillconfused09/30/064.65HOT

Transformation Ch. 02

 — All dolled up and dancing. by stillconfused10/01/064.76HOTContest Winner

Transformation Ch. 03

 — Sunday with Jessie. by stillconfused10/02/064.71HOT

Transformation Ch. 04

 — There is more to being a girl than pretty dresses. by stillconfused10/18/064.74HOT

Transformation to Julie Ch. 01

 — How Kallie transformed me into Julie. by muffinstud06/09/104.41

Transformation to Julie Ch. 02

 — Julie's continued transformation into a she-male slut. by muffinstud06/10/104.29


 — Joey goes to bed as a boy, wakes up as a girl. by zoejoey03/18/144.52HOT

Transformations - A Love Story

 — A husband and wife go through a life-changing journey by Tabitha_Jones08/04/144.66HOT

Transformations Ch. 02

 — Joey continues his adventures in the female form. by zoejoey03/22/144.61HOT

Transformations Ch. 03

 — Joey reverts to his old self. by zoejoey03/25/144.57HOT

Transformations Ch. 04

 — Zoe starts losing her cherries. by zoejoey03/29/144.62HOT

Transformations Ch. 05

 — Zoe is trapped living as a shemale. by zoejoey04/16/144.72HOT

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