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Daddy's Lonely Heart

 — His love for her is so deep, he's afraid he'll lose her. by tenbears4305/16/094.15

Daddy's Love Slave

 — How did I know Daddy would change my life forever that night? by MJMsPussycat04/15/094.16

Daddy's Magic Fingers

 — A short daddy daughter story with a difference. by grumpyg03/06/164.34

Daddy's Man-Cave

 — Monica turns 18 with help from her biker father. by PinkGrrl03/14/134.23

Daddy's Massage

 — Dad's massages lead to much more. by eroticwriter0005/13/174.51HOT

Daddy's Massage Pt. 02

 — A continuation to Daddy's Massage ... The Next Day. by eroticwriter0005/26/174.12

Daddy's Mess

 — A shy young girl learns that being messy can be fun... by DaddyKharn08/20/194.49

Daddy's Milk

 — Daughter takes her turn drinking from daddy. Bridge chapter. by AdonaisFan07/12/194.17

Daddy's Modest Girl Ch. 01

 — When modesty is lacking, Daddy won't look the other way. by LoveBlossoming05/07/124.20

Daddy's Modest Girl Ch. 02

 — Daddy and His not-so modest girl plan for the Summer! by LoveBlossoming06/03/124.22

Daddy's Naughty Box

 — Daughter discovers her dad's porn collection. by RainierWriterII02/24/114.62HOT

Daddy's Naughty Girl

 — She doesn't like to wear panties. by emesangels12/10/023.53

Daddy's Naughty Girl

 — Daddy's naughty little girl gets what she deserves. by kitnkittykat09/13/094.02

Daddy's Naughty Girl

 — Daddy catches his daughter masturbating! by Lily_Weidner10/08/154.01

Daddy's Naughty Girl Ch. 1

 — Daughter goes after dad & sister. by NaztyGrrrl10/08/003.66

Daddy's Naughty Offer

 — How could I say no? by daddyslittlegirl2104/07/064.17

Daddy's New Daughters

 — His daughters find him after search for so long. by Grillytilly10/21/164.54HOT

Daddy's New Experience

 — Daughter's job leads to trouble. by snowbun197801/11/094.25

Daddy's New Fucktoy

 — Mary finally gets fucked by a real man. Her daddy. by MaryDiary01/04/204.34

Daddy's New Girl

 — Daddy after Divorce: the story of my love affair with my dad. by TabooDesires0903/05/134.08

Daddy's New Girlfriend

 — Sneaky daughter gets more than she bargained for--in her ass. by LexxRuthless06/30/194.84HOT

Daddy's New Mate

 — Daughter finally replaces beloved mother. by LucOuarm09/09/024.30

Daddy's New Slut

 — She's a horny virgin eager to submit to daddy's cock. by deepemerald09/22/064.45

Daddy's New Slut

 — This morning I caught my dad coming out of the shower. by daddygrlashes06/27/113.59

Daddy's Next Home Coming

 — Steve learns the truth about his debauchery. by sarah_siddons11/09/074.53HOT

Daddy's Obsession

 — What Daddy sees from his daughter's bedroom closet. by NonStopFunGuy09/21/064.36

Daddy's Obsession Ch. 01

 — Frustrated dad can't stop admiring his stunning daughter. by andyb106/17/134.67HOT

Daddy's Obsession Ch. 02

 — Lindsay bends the rules to drive daddy crazy. by andyb106/28/134.61HOT

Daddy's Office

 — Brooke finds out the joy of "keeping it in the family" by Sadie2603/10/034.32

Daddy's Oral Love

 — Revenge on a wicked stepmother. by powelldonovan05/20/084.17

Daddy's Panty Fetish

 — Dad fantasizes about fucking his 18-year-old daughter. by veronica_james01/27/114.29

Daddy's Panty-Boy

 — A son embraces his new role as his father's wife. by vleb04/07/104.47

Daddy's Perfect Chance

 — Daddy won't pass up his chance to take her virginity. by meg104/08/084.16

Daddy's Perfect Chance Ch. 02

 — Brother joins in the love of father and daughter. by meg104/15/084.43

Daddy's Perfect Fucktoy Pt. 01

 — Can a father turn his daughter into the perfect fucktoy? by larkholt11/02/164.44

Daddy's Perfect Fucktoy Pt. 02

 — Daddy continues teaching his girl how to be a perfect slut by larkholt11/13/164.48

Daddy's Perfect Fucktoy Pt. 03

 — It's time for Daddy's little girl to experience anal. by larkholt05/14/174.51HOT

Daddy's Perfect Fucktoy Pt. 04

 — Emily has an encounter with an older man. by larkholt02/19/184.51HOT

Daddy's Perfect Whore Ch. 01

 — Selene seduces her daddy, then sucks him dry! by BigThickNick06/03/114.04

Daddy's Perfect Whore Ch. 02

 — Selene gets her cherry popped and her asshole fucked! by BigThickNick06/15/114.27

Daddy's Petite Treat

 — A horny daughter is hard to resist. by LiamBryant10/31/094.27

Daddy's Poker Chip

 — Daddy and uncles take more than my virginity. by secondsamuel07/20/164.63HOT

Daddy's Poker Chip - Vegas Strip

 — Daddy and uncles share me and my cousin. by secondsamuel09/13/194.72HOT

Daddy's Poker Night Ch. 01

 — Serena gets fucked by her Daddy for the first time. by jara_jacobus02/10/084.28

Daddy's Precious Girl

 — Daddy walks in on her pleasing herself. by Experienced Teacher11/09/023.88

Daddy's Precious Present to Dani

 — Virgin teen seduced by father's gift, then she seduces him. by NonStopFunGuy11/17/024.65HOT

Daddy's Precious Property Ch. 01

 — Becoming His by SubOnWheels01/30/144.63HOT

Daddy's Precious Property Ch. 02

 — Two becomes three. by SubOnWheels02/05/144.74HOT

Daddy's Precious Property Ch. 03

 — Taking It to the Next Level. by SubOnWheels07/21/144.61HOT

Daddy's Present

 — Daddy gives me a special treat. by daddysgirl66901/17/113.76

Daddy's Pretty Girl

 — Piper is home from college for the summer to visit daddy. by HarperBizzare07/13/144.27

Daddy's Princess

 — Virginal 18-year-old Abby wants Daddy to be her first. by xGabriellax03/11/09

Daddy's Princess

 — Relations grow closer upon daughter's return from college. by fittucker8708/07/094.58HOT

Daddy's Princess

 — Seducing my step father. by nawteagirl03/10/124.20

Daddy's Princess

 — Hardworking teenager turns into Daddy's princess. by SweetScreamer02/04/134.32

Daddy's Princess

 — Daddy's little girl wants to show him she's all grown up. by ELroleplay07/01/163.95

Daddy's Princess Makes Her Place

 — Daddy's Princess eliminates the competition. by dannythebaltimoron03/14/184.21

Daddy's Princess Whets Her Appetite

 — A prequel to Daddy's Princess Learns Her Place. by dannythebaltimoron03/13/183.70

Daddy's Prom Queen

 — Aftermath of the spring blizzard. by mtnman200304/20/054.62HOT

Daddy's Prom Queen Ch. 02

 — Snow day continues. by mtnman200305/07/054.70HOT

Daddy's Prom Queen Ch. 03

 — Prom night to remember. by mtnman200305/17/054.61HOT

Daddy's Punishment Ch. 01

 — Daddy can't help but cross a line when he punishes daughter. by Rheyn03/23/174.25

Daddy's Punishment Ch. 02

 — Dad decides to shop for his daughter, only to find much more. by Rheyn04/07/174.48

Daddy's Punishment Ch. 03

 — Daddy teaches his young girl some lessons she won't forget. by Rheyn05/06/174.38

Daddy's Punishment Ch. 04

 — Movies, Exhibitionism, and preparation. by Rheyn05/13/174.15

Daddy's Punishment Ch. 05

 — Father continues to punish and discovers a secret. by Rheyn06/26/174.31

Daddy's Rose

 — Eighteen-year-old Rose finds out what sex is. by honeydew04/28/013.86

Daddy's Rules

 — Wild daughter learns discipline from father. by SpankerSam12/23/004.48

Daddy's Secret

 — Daughter finds out daddy's secret. by snorkyman10/26/064.35

Daddy's Secret

 — He gets hard for his little girl. by muchtosay10/01/044.09

Daddy's Secret

 — Julie finds there is more to her family than she imagined. by Julie2001/04/114.16

Daddy's Secret Diary

 — Father's confessions and his relationship with his daughter. by TallManReinvented05/01/163.90

Daddy's Sexy Summer With Daughter

 — Daughter comes of age by teasing & playing her Dad for money. by andtheend09/03/104.13

Daddy's Shed

 — Amy goes where she's not supposed to. by MistressMerry09/14/074.28

Daddy's Shed Ch. 02

 — Amy and Daddy's plans. by MistressMerry09/21/074.40

Daddy's Shed Ch. 03

 — More lessons for Amy. by MistressMerry09/29/074.33

Daddy's Shed Ch. 04

 — New home. by MistressMerry10/13/074.41

Daddy's Shed Ch. 05

 — Does Daddy still love Sweetie? by MistressMerry11/08/074.47

Daddy's Shed Ch. 06

 — The day after. by MistressMerry12/13/074.40

Daddy's Shed Ch. 07

 — Making plans. by MistressMerry07/14/094.35

Daddy's Shed Ch. 08

 — Conclusion. by MistressMerry06/21/124.40

Daddy's Shocking Discovery

 — Daddy discovers his little girl's secret! by _Kushiel_01/30/124.64HOT

Daddy's Sin

 — Dad wakes up and plays dirty with a sleepy daughter. by RedHairedandFriendly11/02/114.33

Daddy's Slave

 — A girl becomes her father's sex slave. by EvelynnThomas10/18/113.24

Daddy's Sleepover

 — Daughter and best friend seduce Daddy at a sleepover. by secondsamuel10/19/164.61HOT

Daddy's Slut

 — Your daddy makes you into a sex toy. by ImpofSexualMagic04/08/064.18

Daddy's Slut

 — Evie gets caught by Daddy. by hisxkitten03/24/114.04

Daddy's Slut

 — Rachel finally gets what she wants from Daddy. by Larkfield6111/01/164.46

Daddy's Slut

 — Daddy finally gives in. by sexdemon4712/04/154.38

Daddy's Slut & Her Best Friend

 — He enjoys his daughter & her best friend. by lukeleia11/13/064.29

Daddy's Slut Ch. 02

 — Rachel finds out how to be Daddy's slut. by Larkfield6111/08/164.48

Daddy's Slut Ch. 03

 — Sian joins in the fun but wants more than just Daddy's cock. by Larkfield6112/15/164.45

Daddy's Slut Girl

 — Daughter seduces her father. by Dirty Slut08/12/034.43

Daddy's Slut Girl Ch. 03

 — Daddy takes her to see his brother. by Dirty Slut01/29/044.37

Daddy's Slut Takes Her Brother

 — She fucks her brother for daddy's pleasure! by Lilytoy09/16/144.24

Daddy's Slut Takes Her Brother Ch. 02

 — Fucking daddy from the start... by Lilytoy09/23/144.43

Daddy's Slutboy

 — Daddy always has what he needs. by raylene07/06/064.10

Daddy's Sluts

 — She was a bad girl and needed to learn to whom she belonged. by sweetest_oblivion07/18/193.97

Daddy's Slutty Schoolgirl

 — Naughty young woman gets punished. by lollipopslut08/21/094.40

Daddy's Slutty Schoolgirl Ch. 02

 — Girl's hot principal gets involved. by lollipopslut06/23/124.48

Daddy's Slutty Step-Daughter

 — Who will keep daddy company while his fiancee is away? by DaddyXXL01/09/083.65

Daddy's Special Baby

 — Daddy and daughter have the same feelings. by NaughtyStorytellerforyou9805/26/184.19

Daddy's Special Gift

 — Loving daughter surprises her father on his birthday. by darkkrayvn06/26/144.10

Daddy's Special Gift

 — On daughter's 18th birthday, Daddy gives her his large gift. by Brittni4u03/30/184.21

Daddy's Special Girl

 — It's fun being Daddy's special girl. by XXX_Writer03/06/134.28

Daddy's Special Girl Ch. 02

 — She always gets her way. by XXX_Writer03/13/134.40

Daddy's Special Toy

 — A daughter and daddy take their strong bond to a new level. by StrawberryShortcake101209/24/163.93

Daddy's Special Valentine

 — Daughter gives daddy a special Valentine's Day Treat. by ali2teaseu02/13/024.28

Daddy's Steamy Apartment

 — A defective AC breaks boundaries between father and daughter. by secondsamuel09/07/194.70HOT

Daddy's Stories

 — Daughter is caught reading Daddy's dirty stories. by socrazy14304/09/094.08

Daddy's Struggle

 — Poor Mindy needs help. by Torturedbliss_7904/22/144.33

Daddy's Such A Fucking Pervert

 — What kind of man fucks his daughter's hot friend--and his daughter's too? by NonStopFunGuy11/26/134.55HOT

Daddy's Summer Slave

 — Daddy takes control of her on her 18th birthday. by pusylvr6903/23/084.46

Daddy's Summer Slave Ch. 02

 — Daddy takes her shopping & gets more than he asked. by pusylvr6903/29/084.50HOT

Daddy's Summer Slave Ch. 03

 — Daddy invites handsome waiter into training. by pusylvr6904/06/084.43

Daddy's Summer Slave Ch. 04

 — Daddy invites naughy salesgirl into the mix. by pusylvr6904/14/084.53HOT

Daddy's Summer Slave Ch. 05

 — A little deprivation goes a long way. by pusylvr6904/24/084.55HOT

Daddy's Sunshine

 — I'm the only light in Daddy's life. He proves it once I'm 18. by DaddysHellion02/16/184.59HOT

Daddy's Sunshine Pt. 02

 — Daddy and I continue celebrating my 18th birthday together. by DaddysHellion04/06/184.64HOT

Daddy's Sunshine Pt. 03

 — Daddy gave me the best 18th birthday gift. Now? A surprise. by DaddysHellion04/23/184.68HOT

Daddy's Sunshine Pt. 04

 — Sunshine's Daddy does more than love on her... by DaddysHellion08/12/184.73HOT

Daddy's Sunshine Pt. 05

 — Daddy's Sunshine makes a great dessert. by DaddysHellion11/23/194.71HOT

Daddy's Surprise Ch. 01

 — A Father comes to realize his babygirl has blossomed by SirPistachio02/22/174.07

Daddy's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Ashely is home from school on a visit. by SirPistachio03/02/173.82

Daddy's Sweet Caress

 — Daddy brings his daughter to orgasm. by indefinable110/12/104.28

Daddy's Sweet Muffin

 — Daddy finally takes his little girl. by kari_taylor10/17/184.40

Daddy's Sweet Surprise

 — Father and daughter caught by brother. by dickbandit06/21/133.88

Daddy's Swimming Pool

 — She loves her daddy’s pool – and other things about him. by Boxlicker10109/06/164.29

Daddy's Temptation

 — She tempts her Daddy like no other...Will he give in? by CallMeKitten0906/29/184.65HOT

Daddy's Temptation Pt. 02

 — Daddy takes Tahlia to a carnival and she's tempting as ever. by CallMeKitten0907/08/184.65HOT

Daddy's Tilly-Rose

 — Daddy shows her what love is. by Zorroscamp11/23/024.56HOT

Daddy's Tool

 — Darla monkeys around with her daddy the mechanic.. by TexHubby12/18/084.39

Daddy's Tool Ch. 02

 — Darla needs a tune up. by TexHubby01/05/094.30

Daddy's Transvestite Toilet Slave Ch. 01

 — Cross-dressing Son becomes his Father's Sissy Boy. by nolimitstoryteller05/20/143.94

Daddy's Trick and Treats

 — Daddy gives you a trick then a treat. by ssterrapin10/30/054.37

Daddy's Two Girls

 — Life changes when Sis walks in on older sis and dad. by PurrfectKitten2203/15/084.46

Daddy's Valentine

 — A girl gives her daddy a Valentine he won't ever forget. by Lindsay111/04/094.24

Daddy's Valentine

 — Barely legal Alexis slowly seduces Daddy into hot sex! by BuckyDuckman01/28/154.74HOT

Daddy's Valentine's Day

 — Daughter helps her Daddy enjoy the holiday. by jarod18701/28/084.46

Daddy's Virgin

 — 18-year-old daughter satisfies her lust for Daddy. by SpankerSam08/12/094.41

Daddy's Visit

 — Father & daughter discover their mutual feelings. by usm1carbine10/26/014.43

Daddy's Visit

 — Baby girl had daddy worried. by K8e_Mountain07/18/193.51

Daddy's Visit Ch. 2

 — The second day of his visit by usm1carbine10/27/014.46

Daddy's Visit Ch. 3

 — The third day of his visit. by usm1carbine10/28/014.49

Daddy's Whore

 — Daddy's seducing me again. by saphirechick12302/04/193.88

Daddy's Whore Ch. 01

 — A Father confronts his Son. by KarmaReborn05/03/064.51HOT

Daddy's Whore Ch. 01

 — Father starts the process of turning daughter into his whore. by beaverhunt01/05/194.45

Daddy's Whore Ch. 02

 — A son wakes his Daddy; Daddy pays him back. by KarmaReborn07/14/114.55HOT

Daddy's Whore Ch. 02

 — Father fucks daughter's pussy for first time. by beaverhunt01/06/194.49

Daddy's Whore Ch. 03

 — She agrees to give her ass and sucks his dick after. by beaverhunt01/09/194.52HOT

Daddy's Whore Ch. 04

 — She takes all of it in her ass, mom eats her pussy. by beaverhunt01/12/194.43

Daddy's Wife

 — He seduces Daddy's wife. by double Leo03/16/043.80

Daddy's Womanizer

 — A womanizing son staying with his Dad learns a lesson. by XXNoraJeanXX08/25/134.41

Daddy's XXX Casting Call

 — She discovers family secret when her mom dies. by scouries11/30/064.71HOT

Daddy, A and I

 — We meet Daddy at work for some afternoon fun. by SexyMomma126806/01/173.72

Daddy, Am I A Werewolf?

 — Full moon on Halloween makes hirsute Megan horny for Dad. by Marcella_Minx10/12/103.69

Daddy, Are You Awake?

 — A daughter tests her Daddy's limits. by LazyJoe07/03/144.31

Daddy, Christy and...

 — A young girl's fantasies are fulfilled. by johnwadd01/11/014.16

Daddy, Daughter & Granddaughter.

 — Incest and love in the Australian Outback. by Zorroscamp12/16/024.60HOT

Daddy, From My House

 — She treats her #1 man to a very special Father's Day. by Molly Dodd03/08/044.07

Daddy, Fuck My Tight Young Cunt

 — Lucy uses Daddy's cock while he sleeps. by DominantStoryTeller05/17/184.30

Daddy, He Fucked Me SOOOO Good!

 — Slut tells daddy the details of her fuckdate. by NonStopFunGuy04/13/054.41

Daddy, I Know You Want To Ch. 01

 — Slutty daughter gets what she wants. by Sararamslut09/26/074.24

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