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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Dad and Daughter Love

 — A lonely dad finds love in his cute innocent angel Jenna. by The Bumfather09/27/023.78

Dad and Daughter Spent Time Together

 — Time away spent getting more that fresh air. by mrfixitt203/23/173.52

Dad and Daughter: Lovers at Night

 — Dad/daughter during the day. Lovers at night. by LukeWalker_HornyWidower01/07/144.13

Dad and Ellen

 — An incestuous affair with mom follows to daughter. by shoeslayer05/21/123.77

Dad and Granny

 — New Father celebrates with prudish Mother-in-Law. by England803/06/064.47

Dad and His Boys

 — Dad and his sons all have bi confessions. by tonyl6509/27/184.43

Dad and His Crew

 — Finding out dad and his co-workers were more than friends. by SuckulentSon12/11/114.08

Dad and Joanie

 — Dad and Joanie keep up with tradition. by shoeslayer05/09/123.51

Dad and Joanie

 — My take on a Shoeslayer story. by BarondeSade03/24/134.18

Dad and Me

 — Father and son find love in each other. by ejb195705/17/094.22

Dad and Mom Teach Kids How to Fuck

 — Dad catches kids in bedroom, teach them how to do it right. by baranbrat09/29/13

Dad and Sis: Caught!

 — Brother walk in to find Sis riding Dad by geminimission03/26/124.09

Dad and Son Come Together Ch. 01

 — Son has sexual feelings for his dad. by hungashorse01/04/144.01

Dad and Son Come Together Ch. 02

 — Son's desire finally realized. by hungashorse02/07/144.30

Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 01

 — Three generations of father and sons have a secret. by cburton07/19/174.02

Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 02

 — Alex's son, Bobby, entertains a friend alone at home. by cburton07/26/174.45

Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 03

 — Father and son get together for sex. by cburton07/27/174.52HOT

Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 04

 — Bobby discovers another school mate for sex. by cburton07/28/174.57HOT

Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 05

 — Father and son break barriers. by cburton08/04/174.46

Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 06

 — Three generations of men get it on. by cburton08/09/174.63HOT

Dad and Son Seduce Teacher

 — Father blackmail teacher and she comes to house to settle up. by baranbrat09/28/13

Dad Asked Me To Stay With Mom

 — I did deeper than he asked for. by cliteroticized10/09/134.33

Dad Came Late at Night

 — Daughter gets a late night visit. by standingstones05/11/174.12

Dad Caught Me and Stepmom

 — My dad caught me fucking his wife which is my step mom. by Bestgoals12304/17/163.15

Dad Caught Me with His Friend!

 — Father catches his daughter getting fucked by his friend. by blahdeeblahdee03/15/163.60

Dad Comes Home

 — Dad comes to stay with lonely college daughter. by jacksgirl03/24/023.83

Dad Comes Home Friday

 — Julie ends up back home with Daddy. by jacksgirl05/24/023.76

Dad Cums to the Rescue

 — Daughter gets some hands-on advice from Dad after bad date. by tv4605/22/154.50HOT

Dad Deserves the Very Best

 — daughter gives dad what mom never would. by libidinal11/12/024.47

Dad Did a Bad, Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 02

 — Further interracial adventure of a Mom and Daughter. by dsoul07/15/12

Dad Dies in Industrial Accident

 — Mother and Son fuck after funeral. by Harvey_3207/10/184.20

Dad Discovers his Trans Daughter

 — Father catches son dressed as girl. by SissyKelly11/21/174.41

Dad Discovers his Trans Daughter Pt. 02

 — After the first forced fuck Kelly wants more, and has a plan. by SissyKelly11/25/174.46

Dad Fucks Daughter-In-Law

 — He gets his daugher-in-law pregnant. by Vic511/08/064.30

Dad Gets A Sweet Surprise

 — Dad find his step-daughter home early, and alone. by freakykc05/23/114.16

Dad Gets Her To Himself

 — Husband let her dad use her as his sex toy. by subFLmale09/19/034.13

Dad Helps Daughter with Homework

 — Homework leads to more "homework". by Nodachance04/21/183.88

Dad Helps My Problem

 — Dad lends son in body cast a helping hand. by likegaysex09/06/034.08

Dad Hires Me

 — ...but father's business is more than she thought. by Coxswain06/10/09

Dad is a Body Builder

 — Father and son use their weight lifting interest to bond. by cburton03/07/133.64

Dad is a Body Builder Ch. 02

 — Father and son use their weight lifting interest to bond. by cburton03/08/134.26

Dad is a Body Builder Ch. 03

 — Bodybuilder father explores his gay side. by cburton03/18/134.32

Dad is a Body Builder Ch. 04

 — Father and son use their weight lifting interest to bond. by cburton03/19/134.39

Dad is a Body Builder Ch. 05

 — Father and son continue discovering each other. by cburton01/13/194.15

Dad Is All Tied Up

 — Sara catches her dad and decides she wants him too. by MadameMolly03/11/154.39

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 01

 — A son is lead on by his exhibitionist father. by cburton11/12/124.53HOT

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 02

 — A son is led on by his exhibitionist father. by cburton11/17/124.39

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 03

 — A son is led on by his exhibitionist father. by cburton11/18/124.57HOT

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 04

 — Dave ventures out into the world alone and has surprises. by cburton02/17/174.42

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 05

 — The son begins to explore his options away from his father. by cburton03/18/174.32

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 06

 — Dave's past catches up with him. by cburton03/25/174.68HOT

Dad is an Idiot

 — Son enjoys Mom after fight with Dad. by SouthernVaVoyeur8501/16/154.54HOT

Dad is Back

 — Dad and Daughter. by Suburb02/02/184.44

Dad is Discovered F***ing Paige!

 — Dad & Paige's 'little secret' is discovered by Jenny. by MrsJ07/23/164.30

Dad is Mommy

 — He's the Mom she always wanted. by Darkinside02/07/134.44

Dad is Our New Client?

 — Slutty office assistant has to service her father. by Lindseeee04/11/194.58HOT

Dad is Our New Client? Ch. 02

 — 2nd part to New Client is my dad. New job and mom's secret. by Lindseeee05/15/194.68HOT

Dad Likes It Rough

 — Gay son finds out dad likes rough sex with him. by orvette102/01/174.14

Dad Loves My New Toys

 — Daughter likes to play with toys. by Sharlann10/07/004.11

Dad Needs Help Getting It Up

 — After cancer, he needs his family more than ever. by JackFlash195902/16/084.40

Dad Peeps on Daughter

 — Dad peeps on 18-year-old virgin daughter. by melsdad07/29/053.48

Dad Puts Sally on the Right Track

 — Mum shows Sally something new. by pdrye05/06/034.62HOT

Dad Still Doesn't Know

 — Continuation of Daddy Doesn't Know. by flashgordon56200609/11/173.85

Dad Takes Control

 — Father and son find fullfillment in each other. by sweetthing086404/21/114.39

Dad Takes Daughter

 — Teasing daughter gets what she doesn't expect. by victoria5303/06/023.29

Dad Teaches Daughter

 — Daughter wants to learn about sex from Dad. by Vic506/26/023.96

Dad Teaches Son a Lesson

 — Caught my dad watching something that changed everything. by whitechocolate311/26/174.29

Dad Wants to Talk while I Shower Ch. 01

 — Summer vacation with stepdad. by EllenMelville10/09/183.81

Dad Wants to Talk while I Shower Ch. 02

 — Part 2: Naomi and I take dad to a topless-bottomless joint. by EllenMelville10/10/183.75

Dad Was A Kansas Farmer Ch. 01

 — Daughter and Father Story. by Momstheboss02/27/134.37

Dad Was A Kansas Farmer Ch. 02

 — Daughter and Father Story. by Momstheboss03/03/134.34

Dad Was A Kansas Farmer Ch. 03

 — Daughter and Father Story. by Momstheboss03/04/134.53HOT

Dad Was Away

 — My first time with my mom. by hot4allinc05/12/153.01

Dad Watches Daughter's First

 — Dad wants to take her boyfriend Mark's place. by melsdad08/04/054.08

Dad's a Good Boy, Mommy Said Ch. 08

 — Daddy's not much of a man, but he's Mommy's special boy. by donaldelliott1101/16/204.32

Dad's Adventure Ch. 01

 — Stepdaughter’s revenge leads him to claim friend’s virginity. by slnaughtygirl01/03/094.44

Dad's Arsehole

 — It's all fun and games until someone gets rimmed. by dacked07/26/174.31

Dad's Arsehole Ch. 03

 — Me, Dad and Dan Meet Up. by dacked08/12/174.46

Dad's Banana

 — Son discovers dad's new toy; gets rewarded. by SuckulentSon10/16/123.80

Dad's Bi Anal Orgy

 — Sophie lures dad, girls, & guys into an orgy. by libidinal01/29/054.56HOT

Dad's Big Mistake

 — Son makes a deal with Mom for breeding rights. by klrxo03/05/034.26

Dad's Big Mistake Ch. 02

 — Son cuts a deal with dad for a crack at mom. by klrxo03/12/034.57HOT

Dad's Big Mistake Ch. 03

 — Kyle enjoys best 3 days of his life. by klrxo03/14/034.59HOT

Dad's Big Mistake Ch. 04

 — Mom and Kyle continue to try to make a baby. by klrxo03/26/034.64HOT

Dad's Big Mistake Ch. 05

 — Kyle and Julie mate. Dad decides to be more supportive. by klrxo09/08/104.67HOT

Dad's Birthday Party

 — Dad is further teased during his birthday. by LaurenGinsburg01/07/043.10

Dad's Boy

 — Playing with dad. by jerkme200508/19/144.23

Dad's Boy Ch. 02

 — Dad and Son. by jerkme200509/01/144.38

Dad's Boy Ch. 03

 — Dad / Son. by jerkme200505/16/184.43

Dad's Cabo Release Ch. 01

 — A daughter and her friend help her father with his loss. by moreblabber05/15/144.21

Dad's Cabo Release Ch. 02

 — Dad executes the first part of his plan. by moreblabber05/17/144.50HOT

Dad's Cabo Release Ch. 03

 — The girls make a move. by moreblabber05/18/144.59HOT

Dad's Camcorder Ch. 01

 — Dorsey's sister records. him in action with his huge cock. by jallen94406/09/074.49

Dad's Camcorder Ch. 05

 — Dorsey climbs between his sister's legs. by jallen94408/24/074.44

Dad's Choice Ch. 01

 — Dad makes hot choice with his daughter. by Littlelady36002/21/143.68

Dad's Choice Ch. 02

 — Son makes move on mom. by Littlelady36001/09/153.86

Dad's Dangerous Desire

 — He gives in to his daughter's temptations. by GodBlessCaptainVere11/18/093.99

Dad's Despised Friend

 — I go against my family's prejudices and find fatherly love. by tkoberon01/10/203.36

Dad's Dirty Boy

 — Sparks fly when father sees his college son in lingerie. by joe_lion07/15/094.51HOT

Dad's Dream Daughter

 — Daughter finds a new way to show that she cares. by earnie6511/23/064.09

Dad's Favorite Cum Hungry Gymnast

 — Dad finds out his daughter ate sperm off the floor. by LesterFoxhunt08/27/124.12

Dad's Hot Seat

 — Beth's father earns himself a spanking. by BossySon2111/14/063.95

Dad's Intentions Ch. 01: Revealed

 — A son's dream...became a reality! by The_Oblivion04/18/194.16

Dad's Intentions Ch. 02: Extended

 — (This is a continuation from Dad's Intentions: Revealed) by The_Oblivion05/25/194.32

Dad's Intentions Ch. 03: Fulfilled

 — This is the 3rd installment in the 'Dad's Intentions' series. by The_Oblivion06/20/194.73HOT

Dad's Intentions Ch. 04: Intrigued

 — A continuation of the series ''Dad's Intentions''. by The_Oblivion10/11/194.45

Dad's Kinky New Wife

 — Dad is deceived into believing his daughter is his wife. by Rusty_Zipper05/08/164.38

Dad's Kinky New Wife Ch. 02

 — A wife is deceived by her son-in-law. by Rusty_Zipper11/21/164.23

Dad's Kinky New Wife Ch. 03

 — A family is immersed in sexually deviant wickedness. by Rusty_Zipper11/22/164.14

Dad's Looking for Love

 — Jilted hubby seeks companionship on the net. by MisterReason04/17/114.47

Dad's Loving Step Daughter

 — Step dad and step daughter first time together. by BigDaddioDave02/24/124.21

Dad's Loving Step Daughter Ch. 02

 — Dad and daughter sexual adventures. by BigDaddioDave03/17/124.26

Dad's Massage

 — He only meant to give his daughter and her friend a massage. by sierras06/13/034.19

Dad's Memories Ch. 01

 — Father thinks back to his daughter. by hotdaughter02/16/153.95

Dad's New Wife

 — Step-Mom shows teenage son why Dad left. by Wildfire42705/31/034.32

Dad's New Wife

 — A frustrated young man and his new stepmother. by SleazyGonzalez03/05/133.99

Dad's New Wife Ch. 02

 — The explanation continues. by Wildfire42706/02/034.49

Dad's Night In

 — Daughter and friend find dad watching adult video. by feverkiss07/25/04

Dad's Old Laptop Ch. 01

 — Fried computer starts a journey into incest. by blaster66609/09/144.58HOT

Dad's Old Laptop Ch. 02

 — Undeleted files produce good and bad reactions. by blaster66609/12/144.72HOT

Dad's Old Laptop Ch. 03

 — Assumptions, Revenge, and Truths. by blaster66609/16/144.65HOT

Dad's Predicament

 — Cheerleader teases and humiliates her Dad. by LaurenGinsburg04/26/032.48

Dad's Private Collection

 — Richard discovers sexy photos of his mom. by epiphany6501/12/094.63HOT

Dad's Promise To Charlie Ch. 1

 — Father & daughter begin a new relationship. by citylicker05/25/024.22

Dad's Promise To Charlie Ch. 2

 — Dad & Charlie are all alone. by citylicker05/30/024.40

Dad's Promise To Charlie Ch. 3

 — Dad & daughter wake up together. by citylicker06/10/024.25

Dad's Promise To Charlie Ch. 4

 — Charlie controls the night. by citylicker06/11/024.46

Dad's Promise To Charlie Ch. 5

 — Final chapter of father/daughter relationship. by citylicker06/21/024.52HOT

Dad's Sad Dilemma

 — Dad explains his problems. by naughtypussysexy06/15/094.53HOT

Dad's Sad Dilemma Ch. 02

 — The teasing continues. by naughtypussysexy06/18/094.61HOT

Dad's Sad Dilemma Ch. 02a

 — Still Unsure. by naughtypussysexy07/05/094.66HOT

Dad's Sad Dilemma Ch. 03

 — Explanations and teasing. by naughtypussysexy06/24/094.57HOT

Dad's Sad Dilemma Ch. 04

 — Decision time. by naughtypussysexy07/10/094.60HOT

Dad's Sad Dilemma Ch. 05

 — Submission promised. by naughtypussysexy07/11/094.59HOT

Dad's Sad Dilemma Ch. 06

 — A new day a new way of life. by naughtypussysexy07/14/094.57HOT

Dad's Sad Dilemma Ch. 07

 — The story concludes. by naughtypussysexy07/30/094.63HOT

Dad's Second Wife Ch. 1

 — Dad & step-mom are caught on digital. by Troglodite4507/07/024.14

Dad's Second Wife Ch. 2

 — Brother & Sister conspire. by Troglodite4507/08/024.30

Dad's Shot of Confidence & Sperm

 — Shy daughter benefits from Mom's virgin butt. by Zorroscamp11/09/024.25

Dad's Special Smoothie

 — Dad makes a special smoothie for his sextuplets. by Abaddon8907/28/174.28

Dad's Super Bowl Party

 — Son entertains his mother during Dad's super bowl party. by thehumpman03/05/074.02

Dad's Surprise

 — Becky catches Dad with her panties while Mom is outside. by dave0794004/13/074.41

Dad's The Man Ch. 01

 — She comes of age with an unusual perspective. by Ameaner05/06/114.14

Dad's The Man Ch. 02

 — Gina surprises Kathleen. by Ameaner05/07/114.71HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 03

 — Kathleen solves her unemployment problem. by Ameaner05/08/114.55HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 04

 — Gina unwittingly helps Kathleen solve another problem. by Ameaner05/09/114.71HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 05

 — 'Kitten' gets a nice petting. by Ameaner05/10/114.69HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 06

 — 'Kitten' gets her way again. by Ameaner05/11/114.70HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 07

 — John does something he shouldn't be doing. by Ameaner05/12/114.73HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 08

 — Aunt Peggy pays a visit. by Ameaner05/13/114.75HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 09

 — Gina's nipples point the way out of trouble. by Ameaner05/14/114.74HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 10

 — Kat's moment of truth arrives. by Ameaner05/15/114.79HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 11

 — Kat makes good on an old promise to Gina. by Ameaner05/16/114.79HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 12

 — Gina becomes part of the family. by Ameaner05/17/114.72HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 13

 — Gina does it again. by Ameaner05/18/114.74HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 14

 — Peggy apologizes to John and explains herself. by Ameaner05/19/114.77HOT

Dad's The Man Ch. 15

 — Things pan out and life goes on. by Ameaner05/20/114.81HOT

Dad's Thing

 — Dad's injury. by Suburb11/01/194.24

Dad's Trip Made My Mom Strip

 — His reward from mom for an A in sex ed. by oediplex02/25/164.16

Dad's Two Little Earth Day Darlings

 — Earth Day sperm? by scouries04/08/114.66HOT

Dad's Undies

 — Daughter gets aroused sniffing her dad's y-fronts. by SnowfireTwilight12/28/144.05

Dad's Valentine's Day Surprise

 — Daughter brings joy to widowed father. by greatgal18102/06/034.39

Dad's Visit

 — It's all caught on video. by SummerDaze6908/03/044.46

Dad's Workout

 — Daughter gets turned on when dad gets in shape. by Agnol08/13/154.53HOT

Dad, Always and Forever Ch. 01

 — A tale of father/daughter romance. by Huntertheman06/08/084.47

Dad, Always and Forever Ch. 02

 — Senior year and beyond. by Huntertheman06/09/084.51HOT

Dad, Always and Forever Ch. 03

 — No more incest. by Huntertheman06/10/084.63HOT

Dad, Do I Turn You On? Ch. 01

 — Dad resists his attraction to his daughter. by Leenysman04/14/164.67HOT

Dad, Do I Turn You On? Ch. 02

 — Steve & Suzy's Relationship Expands & Mandy Arrives. by Leenysman04/20/164.67HOT

Dad, Do I Turn You On? Ch. 03

 — What happens after Mandy figures it out? by Leenysman04/21/164.70HOT

Dad, I Have a Question Ch. 02

 — The story of a man and his curious teenage daughter. by wantsomefun195110/31/114.69HOT

Dad, I Have a Question Ch. 03

 — Dad and Jamie aren't done. by wantsomefun195111/14/114.72HOT

Dad, I Have a Question Ch. 04

 — More of Bill and Jamie -- and her friends. by wantsomefun195107/15/124.70HOT

Dad, I Have a Question Ch. 05

 — Bill, Jamie, and the others. by wantsomefun195109/05/124.70HOT

Dad, Me and His New Girlfriend

 — The night that he meets his Dad's new girlfriend. by bi_oral_son05/08/124.50HOT

Dad, Me, & The Pastor

 — Daughter gets between father & pastor. by Sharlann10/07/004.17

Dad, Mom and Son

 — Son helps out his mom. by flashgordon56200611/29/174.37

Dad, My Reluctant Mentor Ch. 01

 — Wimpy son walks in on his dad conducting an affair. by FastEddie2606/21/113.43

Dad, Sis & Me Ch. 2

 — The family love continues. by The Parson11/15/014.41

Dad, Sis, & Me Ch. 1

 — Family comes together erotically. by The Parson10/26/014.08

Dad, the Girls, & Some Smokes

 — Dad helps daughters destroy drug evidence. by scorpio0015503/31/014.51HOT

Dad, You're Fired!

 — Dad's hatred draws Mother and Son together. by MrCurrie05/02/164.69HOT

Dad/Daughter Date Ch. 01

 — Brooke spends the weekend with her father... by Sorian03/03/194.54HOT

Dad/Daughter Date Ch. 02

 — The morning after... by Sorian03/05/194.52HOT

Dad/Daughter Date Ch. 03

 — Work almost gets in the way... by Sorian03/19/194.55HOT

Daddies and Daughters Ch. 01

 — Shannon's date to the prom is the most special man she knows. by BrettJ12/31/124.48

Daddies Little Girl

 — Dirty Daddy. by Chrissie3902/01/133.87


 — Father and daughter find each other. by Goldchainedrose11/17/013.79


 — He dreams about his daughter and gets her. by Mr. Unsexy06/02/044.40


 — Dad takes his love to another level with daughter. by Beautifullittlebaby06/16/064.01

Daddy & Daughter Ch. 01

 — Daughter finally gets courage to fuck her daddy by sexiired5405/12/143.90

Daddy & I Share Something New

 — Family sex leads to fisting. by Sharlann10/07/004.07

Daddy & Ivy

 — Ivy's relationship with her father begins. by Lovely_Emma_2101/16/114.32

Daddy & Ivy Ch. 02

 — Daddy doesn't care that Ivy resists him. by Lovely_Emma_2101/19/114.43

Daddy & Me

 — I love my father in law. by ashascribe02/25/113.97

Daddy & Me Ch. 02

 — Our adventure continues. by ashascribe03/26/113.46

Daddy & Ronnie's Cabin Adventure

 — Daddy takes his girl to a cabin in the woods. by pusylvr6905/09/114.22

Daddy & Sylvia

 — Dad & daughter come together after years of separation. by sexy_nimph06/19/044.58HOT

Daddy and 18-year-old Daughter Dhan

 — Meet Daddy's favorite girl. by danbury20009/18/084.45

Daddy and Abby Ch. 01

 — Accidental discovery and daughter learns about sex. by ReadNJerk06/06/184.36

Daddy and Abby Ch. 02

 — Abby's exploration continues. by ReadNJerk06/08/184.54HOT

Daddy and Abby Ch. 03

 — Daddy and Abby cum together. by ReadNJerk06/09/184.56HOT

Daddy and Abby Pt. 02

 — Daddy and Abby continue their illicit affair. by ReadNJerk06/13/184.67HOT

Daddy and Amy

 — He finds his 18-year-old daughter is more than a little girl. by MarieTeresa08/09/084.43

Daddy and Baby Doll

 — Her best memories of Daddy & Baby Doll. by youbadboy05/05/054.58HOT

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