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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Stepmom's Bargain Ch. 2

 — She makes sure injured son can't renege on deal. by baron_holmes03/10/014.35

Stepmom's Bargain Ch. 3

 — The scales are tipped heavily in son's favor. by baron_holmes04/11/014.42

Stepmom's Bargain Ch. 4

 — Their incestuous relationship goes the last few yards. by baron_holmes10/12/014.44

Stepmom's Dirty Secret

 — Cuff explores his young stepmom's sexuality. by EgmontOriginals04/06/163.79

Stepmom's Punishment Ch. 1

 — Cheating stepmother is blackmailed. by PAS12/17/004.38

Stepmom's Punishment Ch. 2

 — Sister gets involved in her punishment. by PAS01/31/014.54HOT

Stepmother - an MILF in your House

 — He knew how to make me a "Becky". by donaldelliott1110/04/204.14

Stepmother Blues

 — Caught by his stepmother with his lust in his hand. by spectreofhell11/03/144.32

Stepmother Ch. 01

 — A stepmother begins training an errant stepson. by SpeedoLight01/08/064.21

Stepmother Ch. 02

 — Stepmother continues training an errant stepson. by SpeedoLight09/08/084.13

Stepmother Discipline

 — Stepmother catches stepson watching porn. by angellz11/27/204.32

Stepmother Fucking

 — He takes his stepmother and has her begging for more. by kid234509/16/074.13

Stepmother is Wickedly Good Pt. 01

 — Stepmother's wicked ways makes for a fun summer. by Afterhours2201/14/214.68HOT

Stepmother is Wickedly Good Pt. 02

 — Stepmother gets attention from me and Dad. by Afterhours2202/28/214.62HOT

Stepmother Takes Charge

 — A simple misunderstanding leads to a change at home. by WhiteWolfStories12/04/133.30

Stepmother's Advice: Mine

 — Ben is off to college, but his stepmother has advice first. by Ravenblackerotica02/18/214.25

Stepmother's Lust

 — Mary decides to give her stepson some "motherly love". by Warrior3406/07/154.07

Stepmother's Pussy Pump Ch. 01

 — Exhibitionist trophy wife shows step son her pumped lips by Shamrockk06/08/144.45

Stepmother's Pussy Pump Ch. 02

 — Louise tells her stepson how she seduced a priest by Shamrockk07/22/144.42

Stepmother's Tale

 — How husband lost his cherry to his stepmother. by NaughtySamantha03/22/084.33

StepMotherly Love

 — Motherly Love sequel. Kyle and Alexis play while Dad is away. by MarshalMarmont181508/25/184.50HOT

Stepping Into the Breach

 — Kimberly returns to cement a longing for his mother. by Jonathan_Stone08/16/184.53HOT

Stepping Out

 — Uncle Carter Takes Periwinckle Shopping And More. by MishaPearl206/10/164.57HOT

Stepping Out with Steph Ch. 01

 — Man & his wife dominate his sister. by SEVERUSMAX01/02/054.27

Stepping Over the Taboo Barrier

 — The first steps that altered the bond of mother and son. by DeathPrince07/15/174.44

Stepping Over the Taboo Barrier Ch. 02

 — Morals take the back seat in the face of lust. by DeathPrince07/25/174.67HOT


 — New step-brother & sister find more in their relationship. by UnfalteringAngelToo01/22/074.71HOT

Steps Taken Ch. 01

 — His new sister surprised him, but stepmother does more. by ponyfitness01/08/134.56HOT

Steps Taken Ch. 02

 — A night alone with Jackie leads to an intense fantasy. by ponyfitness01/17/134.64HOT

Steps Taken Ch. 03

 — His new stepsister is much more aggressive. by ponyfitness01/24/134.67HOT

Steps Taken Ch. 04

 — Their final day and night together brings surprise. by ponyfitness01/30/134.72HOT


 — Stepsibling get steamy. by Whitnessy5511/25/193.34


 — One drunk stepsister needs to be put to bed. by Wifetheif01/30/213.66

Stepsister Ruins No Nut November

 — Stepsister does her best to make sure he cums in November. by ErectileKai11/26/204.62HOT

Stepsister Seduction

 — Stepsister gets her stepbrother to be her first. by Het300001/07/144.49

Stepsister Seduction Ch. 02

 — Mom came home and caught them, can they get out of it. by Het300001/14/144.48

Stepsister's Sleepover Pt. 01

 — My stepsister is having a sleepover. by woodman9608/27/194.40

Stepsister's Sleepover Pt. 02

 — My stepsister has a confession to make. by woodman9608/29/194.50HOT

Stepsister's Sleepover Pt. 03

 — Chrissy plans a party and asks Jeff for a favour. by woodman9604/26/214.70HOT


 — 18-year-old guy gets his first blowjob from stepsister. by DrEction09/01/064.64HOT

Stepsucker Ch. 02

 — Two heads are better than one. by DrEction08/23/074.60HOT

Steve & Kit Ch. 01

 — After some rough-housing, cousins see each other differently. by MemberX03/05/134.51HOT

Steve & Kit Ch. 02

 — The cousins go to a pool party, with other dates. by MemberX03/07/134.62HOT

Steve & Kit Ch. 03

 — Kit and Paulie at a drive-in; Steve and Theresa take chances. by MemberX03/15/134.49

Steve & Kit Ch. 04

 — What happened the following morning... by MemberX11/13/194.51HOT

Steve & Susan went Skinny-Dipping

 — Brother & sister take a bare-naked weekend together. by Boxlicker10106/28/074.37

Steve and Elizabeth's Secret Tryst

 — Shy teen loses his virginity to his undersexed aunt. by RedBaron6001/23/214.29

Steve is the Luckiest Relative

 — Man enjoys sex with wife, sister and niece. by Merlinswand11/07/174.54HOT

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 01

 — The first day of the rest of my life. by BigGuy3305/12/184.61HOT

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 02

 — My girlfriend stays for the weekend. by BigGuy3305/12/184.69HOT

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 03

 — Confrontation with mom. by BigGuy3305/14/184.64HOT

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 04

 — A conversation with Jasmine's mom. by BigGuy3305/15/184.63HOT

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 05

 — Caught by my Aunt Joanie. by BigGuy3305/16/184.67HOT

Steve's Dirty Thoughts Pt. 01.5

 — The finale of Steve's dirty thoughts, part 1, part 1,5. by StephanLund03/09/173.68

Steven & His Mom at the Pool

 — Caught red handed, mother takes him upstairs. by EnCarta08/23/064.50HOT

Stewart's Virgin

 — Step-daughter replaces mom in the marital bed. by deepemerald03/31/044.54HOT

Sticky Seats Ch. 01

 — Hot summer day leads to sweaty sex with son. by dirtymindedmother02/11/114.02

Stiff For Steff

 — Brother helps sister out. by CamLion10/08/093.94

Stiff Your Server

 — Brother returns and brings a couple of buddies along. by CiaraSwallows03/22/174.12

Still & Always

 — Uncle and niece find a love that spans a lifetime. by EmmesLust79405/15/214.62HOT

Still Hot! Ch. 01

 — Son is forced to move home with sexy mother. by LadysMan05/27/054.36

Still Hot! Ch. 02

 — Mother and son become more intimate. by LadysMan05/31/054.62HOT

Still Hot! Ch. 03

 — Mother & Son take it to a whole new level. by LadysMan06/12/054.73HOT

Still Hot! Ch. 04

 — (Sister) Carmen's first day home. by LadysMan06/24/054.74HOT

Still Hot! Ch. 05

 — Carmen & Mom double-team Mike. by LadysMan07/02/054.74HOT

Still Hot! Ch. 06

 — Nadine's return home. by LadysMan07/15/054.67HOT

Still On The Game Ch. 06: Saturday night

 — Katie sinks to new depths on the Saturday night shift. by uk_writer_5305/15/214.49

Still Searching...

 — Remembering the night sis +2 changed my life forever. by azrael1308/06/093.61

Still the Daughter-in-Law Ch. 01

 — Son wants mom to be daughter-in-law always. by indian_fun04/18/054.42

Still the Daughter-in-Law Ch. 01

 — Son expands his horizon to a new level altogether. by S06J08/06/194.09

Still the Daughter-in-Law Ch. 02

 — Mother wants to still be the daughter-in-law. by indian_fun04/25/134.41

Still the Daughter-in-Law Ch. 02

 — The game gets exciting at terrace. by S06J08/07/194.16

Still Too Many Cocks

 — Poor Amy "must" continue servicing her brothers. by imhapless02/10/124.39

Still Wet From Her

 — Food deliveries - and unconventional love - during lockdown. by AnnasFriend05/31/204.80HOT

Stimmy Just Sounds Wrong

 — Slang from Carol's son triggers her awakening. by Doublethink3404/08/214.48

Stimulating Visit

 — Mother visits recently divorced son to try and cheer him up. by fictitious09/19/204.73HOT

Stimulus Bill Ch. 01

 — Foreclosure. by Fog_Horn12/29/093.90

Stimulus Bill Ch. 02

 — Entrepreneur-ship. by Fog_Horn12/30/094.61HOT

Stinky and Fudd

 — Fudd’s sister is a show-off, but Stinky has her reasons. by NotWise08/29/184.74HOT


 — Stepmom gives stepson a workout. by NikkiDawn02/03/054.04

Stipulation Ch. 02

 — Time for stepmom & stepson to come clean. by NikkiDawn02/05/054.42

Stirring Creatures

 — Someone witnesses a little Christmas magic. by klrxo12/27/104.39

Stocking Feet

 — Mother discovers her son's secret. by Milliemoon04/05/084.42

Stocking Fetish

 — Tricked into eating my mother-in-law. by thirsty14u07/18/113.40

Stockings and High Heels Sluts

 — A story of two sisters into extreme sex. by muffinstud11/14/084.08

Stolen Kisses

 — Little sis revives childhood game to seduce him. by PacoFear01/05/094.77HOT

Stolen Moments

 — A stolen moment between siblings after some comforting. by darkphoenix110/16/054.23

Stolen Porn Pt. 01

 — Stealing sister's nudes leads to more than I bargained for... by Originsunknown01/13/214.39

Stolen Porn Pt. 2

 — Heather hatches her plan and I take charge... by Originsunknown01/28/214.53HOT

Stoli, Stockings, and Siblings

 — Allie's aphrodisiac is used by her brother by mistake. by Magritte_Miro08/05/134.39

Stomping Grounds

 — Sis and Bro give it the old college try. by NaughtyScribe11/04/024.28

Stone's Birthday Bash Ch. 01

 — My sister ambushes me then makes me her bitch. by StoneKidman06/27/143.46

Stone's Birthday Bash Ch. 02

 — My mom teaches me a lesson. by StoneKidman08/19/143.66


 — Son helps mother with pain relief. by ASK8001/05/214.67HOT

Stoner BBW Sister

 — Siblings have a first time encounter after partying. by analslave812/05/164.44

Stop That Ch. 01

 — Son and Girlfriend bind mom for her own good. by RockynMe10/22/094.09

Storeroom with Father in Law

 — One night with my father in law that changed everything. by Fil78609/06/164.45

Stories of Josh Ch. 03

 — Josh strikes a deal with Cara's mother. by Slappy10106/04/084.46

Stories with Cousin Kate Ch. 01

 — Adam's cousin shares her stories from college. by jwdramaking07/27/094.00

Stories with Cousin Kate Ch. 02

 — Kate's roommate has a threesome and a reward for Kate. by jwdramaking07/28/094.21

Stories with Cousin Kate Ch. 03

 — Kate turns the tables on Adam and rewards him for his story. by jwdramaking08/04/094.42

Storm Bound Love

 — Twin sisters make love during a storm. by LustandBliss05/30/123.93

Storm Child

 — Stormy night becomes steamy. by oedipusrex02/25/094.36

Storm Child Ch. 02: Clear Skies

 — Father and daughter continue an accidental affair. by oedipusrex06/19/154.57HOT

Storm Child Ch. 03

 — Was it an accident? by oedipusrex08/24/174.51HOT

Storm Damage Pt. 01

 — The neighborhood wives thank me for my help. by BigMadStork06/07/194.66HOT

Storm Damage Pt. 02

 — I meet my guardian angels and they feed me fried chicken. by BigMadStork06/08/194.73HOT

Storm Damage Pt. 03

 — 4th of July means more sex. by BigMadStork06/09/194.76HOT

Storm Damage Pt. 04

 — Swinger party, group sex, and Mandy's threesome. by BigMadStork06/11/194.74HOT

Storm Damage Pt. 05

 — Graduation sex party, Lisa and Carla get their turn. by BigMadStork06/13/194.69HOT

Storm Doris

 — A son tried to protect his mother from the storm. by GeorgieH03/08/174.47

Storm Front Ch. 01

 — The seduction of a mother and her son. by thehumpman08/21/074.50HOT

Storm Island

 — Mother & Son find a new relationship. by Starlight10/29/024.53HOT

Storm Story

 — Cousins play a game. by zombie2208/15/054.38

Storm Tossed

 — Love blossoms between two cousins during a hurricane. by oedipusrex09/21/044.44

Storm Tossed Ch. 02

 — Further adventures after Hurricane Isabel. by oedipusrex10/27/044.44

Storm Tossed Siblings

 — What could happen when a brother & sister wait out a storm. by Daniellekitten05/29/084.53HOT

Storm Warning

 — Mom and son survive the storm from within and without. by Schaka09/21/144.16

Storms of Passion

 — Loving nephew comforts sexy aunt during a storm. by JMiller6904/06/124.21

Stormy Affair

 — Daughter with astraphobia seeks comfort with parents. by Salacious_Scribe07/21/194.33

Stormy Camping Trip Ch. 01

 — Bad weather turns a good camping trip for dad/daughter great. by literotica_writer12/27/164.48

Stormy Camping Trip Ch. 02

 — The morning after the storm. by literotica_writer12/28/164.52HOT

Stormy Ch. 01

 — Next door neighbors find a hidden connection. by Lost Boy05/10/034.62HOT

Stormy Ch. 02

 — Mike and Stormy go off to college. by Lost Boy05/09/124.54HOT

Stormy Monday

 — Daughter has more fun staying home. by jack_straw07/20/044.58HOT

Stormy Night

 — Storm brings siblings together. by axnt06/27/084.36

Stormy Night

 — Sister-in-Law tastes good in a storm. by flman08/24/074.29

Stormy Night

 — Father-Daughter become close after a stormy night. by arandol1705/09/144.29

Stormy Night

 — One stormy night brings mother to her son. by xyster04/21/204.44

Stormy Night Ch. 02

 — Riding out a hurricane with sister-in-law. by flman08/27/074.41

Stormy Night Ch. 02

 — Jason and Jessica explore their new relationship. by axnt06/30/084.52HOT

Stormy Night Ch. 03

 — Sister-in-law proves to be good company. by flman11/30/074.48

Stormy Times Ch. 01

 — Father and son growing together. by brit4912/21/124.16

Stormy Times Ch. 02

 — Mum joins in. by brit4901/01/134.01

Stormy Weather

 — She may have been overserved. by BobHopeless11/30/184.60HOT

Stormy Weather Ch. 01

 — Son has an accident & only his mother can help him. by thehumpman08/16/074.50HOT

Stormy Weather Ch. 02

 — Things continue to heat up for mother and son. by thehumpman08/24/074.52HOT

Stormy Weather Ch. 03

 — Mother and son have a decision to make. by thehumpman10/14/074.48

Story of a Fucked Sister

 — Brother-sister drug-fueled threesome sex. by TheJackHammer07/14/174.08

Story Telling Leads to More

 — First time stories lead to lesbian incest. by Marilynmwf09/07/064.40

Storytime with Daddy

 — Daddy reads scantily clad Alice her favorite story. by livingforfun07/30/114.29

Straighting Out My Niece

 — She was manipulating everybody but her uncle. by luvinlicker09/26/094.00


 — Mother and son in law overcome by passion in a wrecked SUV. by Schaka10/22/144.41


 — A Boy, a girl, a dinghy, spells disaster. by HunterShambles03/12/154.40


 — Ship-wrecked cousins forced to fuck to keep warm. by Twixle04/11/154.17


 — Jimmy and his mom are stranded on a deserted beach! by kathrynmburke04/25/204.24

Stranded at a Bed & Breakfast

 — Siblings caught out in a storm find refuge. by Forbiddenthought06/13/204.53HOT

Stranded Ch. 00

 — (Prologue) Tragedy brings step sister & brother together. by Jet Black12/28/074.21

Stranded Ch. 01

 — Rich and Jess are stranded alone on a deserted island. by jwdramaking05/17/073.81

Stranded Ch. 01

 — He begins to realize his feelings for her. by Jet Black01/05/084.35

Stranded Ch. 02

 — Passion gets the better of them. by Jet Black01/24/084.42

Stranded Ch. 02

 — What happened next. by HunterShambles05/22/154.52HOT

Stranded in the Mountains

 — A refuge from the storm makes for stormy mom-son sex. by NobbySon10/31/204.58HOT

Stranded in the Outback

 — A mother and son’s adventure in the Australian desert. by fictitious01/29/124.50HOT

Stranded on an Island with Daddy

 — Horny on an island with Daddy. by virginqueen199310/31/193.83

Stranded on Bird Island

 — Lonely mum, son cums to the rescue. by NobbySon05/01/214.58HOT

Stranded on Island

 — Mon and Son stranded with black Captain. by hammertime03/07/154.27

Stranded on the Deserted Island Ch. 01

 — A son's desires towards his mother on a desolated island. by Sc0rpi0n04/01/213.42

Stranded Pt. 01

 — A stranger's help is life changing for Jen. by IJS090408/21/204.60HOT

Stranded Pt. 02

 — Jen confronts her husband. by IJS090410/18/204.46

Stranded with Daughter

 — Daughter and daddy stranded alone together on island. by sexisgay06/20/214.51HOTNEW

Stranded with Samantha

 — His wife arranged for him to be stranded with her sister. by blackrandl195809/26/184.70HOT

Strange Brew

 — A mysterious brew makes a man irrestistable... to everyone. by ParagonOfVirtue04/10/124.42

Strange Desires

 — I want to watch you have sex with another. by mintabal323904/08/084.22

Strange Noises

 — Siblings listen to sounds of parent's passion. by AnonJas11/18/004.02

Strange Temptations

 — Aunt seduces nephew while someone watches. by arrow_poison12/26/044.66HOT

Strange Trail

 — Tod spends two weeks with his aunt, mostly in bed. by NakdSalr02/04/014.58HOT


 — Mom helps son with odd appendage. by Scanner08/06/014.37


 — Unfaithful wife, Incest and trainee sex toy. by Isabella_1978_UK06/21/18

Stranger in Our Midst

 — Susy discovers a lost half-brother. by Svenskaflicka09/03/054.36

Stranger in the Dark Ch. 02

 — Sonya confesses. by Anhyvar04/24/114.44

Stranger In The Night

 — She wants to know who the mystery lover is. by MountainDewMan09/16/204.38

Stranger Pt. 02

 — Part 2 to Stranger. by Isabella_1978_UK06/23/18

Stranger Pt. 03

 — Part three to Stranger. by Isabella_1978_UK06/26/18

Strangers in the Night

 — Ellen and her grandson spend a night of debauchery. by Schaka09/26/194.34

Strangers on a Plane

 — Her tale of brotherly love seduces a handsome stranger. by petitmort12/02/164.58HOT

Strangers on a Plane Ch. 02

 — The two strangers get off on a tale of brother/sister love. by petitmort02/23/174.58HOT

Strangers on a Plane Ch. 03

 — The two travelers finally end up in bed - and it's epic. by petitmort03/14/174.59HOT

Strangers on a Plane Ch. 04

 — Nicole and Derek get closer but the lure of incest is strong. by petitmort02/22/184.59HOT

Strangers on a train

 — Tourist enjoys a local cherry. by Wyden Long08/01/024.43

Strap-on Brother

 — My sister-in-law needed help doing my brother's ass. by janthepervert04/18/154.43

Strap-on Brother Ch. 02

 — My brother is set-up for me to peg. by janthepervert04/23/154.55HOT

Strap-on Brother Ch. 03

 — I strap-on ... well, lots of people. by janthepervert08/20/154.54HOT

Strap-on Loving Son

 — She discovers her son's love of taking it anally. by britneyfan01/01/104.64HOT

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