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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Slut Mommie Ch. 09

 — A night on the town with Frank. by fantasy6903/24/074.52HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 10

 — Kate is drawn into encounter with his son's girlfriend. by fantasy6908/22/074.68HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 11

 — Kate and her daughter become closer than ever before. by fantasy6901/10/084.65HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 12

 — Kate cannot control her urges in front of Kristy & Gina. by fantasy6905/16/084.78HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 13

 — Kate explores Betty's Sex Shop. by fantasy6912/22/084.66HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 14

 — Kate shares her husband with daughter again. by fantasy6912/23/084.77HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 15

 — Kate is lured into posing again but not for her son. by fantasy6902/10/094.69HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 16

 — Kristy teases her Dad while Kate has sex with Tommy. by fantasy6904/20/094.79HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 17

 — Kate poses for her son's friends and gets a sticky surprise. by fantasy6911/11/094.70HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 18

 — Another fun night with the family. by fantasy6911/13/104.69HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 19

 — Jeannine's party gets out of hand. by fantasy6912/26/104.69HOT

Slut Mommie Ch. 20

 — Kate becomes Raven's Toy. by fantasy6903/21/124.81HOT

Slut Surprise

 — When he was offered a slut, he had no idea it was her. by daddysharesme10/02/034.44

Slut Surprise Ch. 02

 — Daddy feels the power of being Dominant. by daddysharesme02/11/054.43

Slutty Aunt

 — I found out my aunt was a slut. by Natsu9906/21/163.21

Slutty Aunt Netti

 — Trailer trash Aunt seduces her nephew. by Lia Monde10/07/104.44

Slutty Busty Sister

 — Sister and friend come home early from a party... by racksonracks06/13/144.36

Slutty Busty Sister Pt. 02

 — Horny Sammy is ready for more, but Jamie has regrets. by racksonracks07/01/144.56HOT

Slutty Busty Sister Pt. 03

 — The Finale: Sammy sets his sights on his busty mom. by racksonracks08/18/144.66HOT

Slutty Little Sis

 — Busty younger sister has unexpected day. by bustysister03/13/134.37

Slutty Mother

 — Programmer discovers his mother's other side. by Dreamdale03/14/014.07

Slutty Mother

 — She catches her son in his bedroom. by Varazdat04/11/064.03

Slutty Niece

 — A pantyhose incest encounter. by Patchwork01/06/084.61HOT

Slutty Rox and Her Cousin

 — Army cousin goes home on leave and gets a pleasant surprise. by rjb_dirrty03/20/034.30

Slutty Sara's Adventures

 — Daughter and mom get nasty. by BAD BOY BILL06/19/074.25

Slutty Sisters

 — A night of incestual debauchery. by TheDarkCloud05/04/074.32

Slutty Sisters "Secret"

 — Slutty Sisters get caught and joined by Bi baby Brother. by Scott_Heywood11/22/184.05

Slutty Stepdaughter Teases Daddy

 — Cathy is horny so she decides to tease her stepdad. by fuckmedaddy12345607/02/204.24

Slutty Sue and Her Sisters Trip

 — Sue and her sister get stuck in a snowstorm. by raidernation2508/29/143.96

Slutty Sue and Sister Go Clubbing

 — Sue and her sister get nailed in a club. by raidernation2502/19/154.04

Slutty Wives

 — Two wives... and the rest of us... having slutty fun. by DickThePimp05/03/21

Slutty, Teasing Sister-In-Law

 — Mark obsesses over his slutty, teasing sister-in law. by writemarksmith10/04/194.10

Small Town Good Times

 — Aunt Lydia calls on friend to lend a hand. by Felixcabin11/16/044.30

Small Town Small Lie

 — Mother and son become united. by RubyBango06/10/034.38

Small World, Ain't It?

 — Unbelievable family involvement by Harry Twist02/24/034.48

Smalltalking Ch. 02

 — Tasting my mom and my girlfriend. by perfectlynormalized05/12/174.13

Smart Girls Rule Ch. 01

 — First time for a maturing genius. by Histarter06/02/054.20

Smart Girls Rule Ch. 02

 — Ongoing saga of a lady genius's education. by Histarter06/09/054.46

Smart Girls Rule Ch. 03

 — Wayward wife returns with lifestyle improvements. by Histarter06/29/054.24

Smart Girls Rule Ch. 04

 — Her manipulations vs. his autonomic boner. by Histarter07/06/054.34

Smart Girls Rule Ch. 05

 — The bonding is complete. by Histarter07/19/054.54HOT

Smart Move

 — Brother catches her sneaking out. by boomboom197305/20/034.01

Smart People Stupid Decisions

 — A story of hidden desire between brother and sister. by hacins01/04/214.52HOT

Smelling My Sister

 — Little brother can't help stealing a whiff... by gerbiller02/04/174.68HOT

Smoking Weed with Mom

 — A story about taking bong hits and banging my Mom. by smoker92092011/20/124.19

Smoking with Mom

 — When son smokes pot with mom, things gets interesting. by earthdm42112/29/064.35

Smoky Surprises

 — A story of perversion and genetics. by Doctork05309/13/193.52

Smooth as Velvet

 — Cousin lust, lingerie, and diapers. by CorsetCutie6908/19/054.11

Smoothie Mix-Up

 — An unpleased mother takes a risk and pays the price. by NikkiBrooks03/10/214.09

Smuggled To America

 — A mother & son's difficult journey. by lustful_aztec06/19/034.22

Smutville Stud

 — Smutville's favourite pan Stud has breakfast with the family. by WelcomeToSmutville04/10/213.68

SMW - Sister Takes Over

 — A sick brother needs healing from his sister. by SalamandoFlameFan02/22/174.07

Snake Charm Pt. 01.5

 — More fun with Charlie and his women. by maedhros2111/26/194.14

Snake Charm Pt. 02

 — Charlie agrees to sell his soul. by maedhros2112/05/193.57

Snake in a Cave

 — Brother taps into sister's fear of snakes - and it's fun! by NaughtyScribe06/11/073.56


 — Mother catches son, and sister has to save him. by BlackSnake05/20/063.44


 — When my brother adds me on snapchat. by Hayleylynch19912/22/173.89


 — Sister has a surprising reaction to her peeping brother. by UncutPleasure11/19/194.60HOT

Snatching my Stepsister's Spankies

 — Hot sex happens when trying to snatch a stepsister's panties. by mrsterygor04/23/204.43

Sneaking a Piece Ch. 03

 — Taye gets turned on watching his brother get fucked. by bi_nympho_scorpio05/04/093.97

Sneaking Around With the Kids

 — Father and Mother allow their grown kids to trick them. by BlackSnake05/25/064.09

Sneaking In

 — Roommate's mom visits. by rhetorik03/08/053.56

Sneaking into My Mom

 — A son is sneaky enough to get what he wants. by Normthegreat02/22/182.81

Sneaky Sister

 — How far will you go to be with the woman you love? by kurrginatorX06/29/184.36

Sniffing Mommy

 — Son sniffs mommy's underpanties. by vladm06/21/213.91

Snippets - Beth

 — Beth shares the story of her first sexual encounter. by Hot_Sister04/04/104.51HOT

Snippets - David

 — David and Beth re-enact the story of David's first affair. by Hot_Sister03/31/104.58HOT

Snippets with my Uncle

 — Uncle and Niece Play in the Woods. by youbadboy03/24/144.20

Snippets: Arrival of C

 — Sister comes to live with older brother. by youbadboy11/20/024.53HOT

Snippets: C Teases and Rewards

 — Brother is teased and Rewarded by visiting sister. by youbadboy12/02/024.52HOT

Snippets: Early Morning

 — Brother spies sister in her room. by youbadboy12/07/024.49

Snippets: End of the Game

 — Accidental contact has surprise ending. by youbadboy12/18/024.66HOT

Snippets: Fun with Cosmo

 — Brother and sister take a Cosmo Quiz. by youbadboy12/20/024.66HOT

Snippets: Girls

 — C and Sister-in-Law Spend Quality Time Together by youbadboy12/23/024.62HOT

Snippets: Houseguest

 — Sharing dinner with a Houseguest. by youbadboy06/30/044.77HOT


 — Mother discovers some shocking things in her son's room. by FantasiesinSleep09/26/204.45

Snoring Pays Off

 — College student learns the value of a good snore. by Wyden Long07/20/044.24


 — Mother must decide what's best for her son. by Mikelh05/18/034.53HOT

Snow Bunnies Ch. 06

 — Karen and girlfriends seduce her Mom. by slitlicker6909/15/054.63HOT

Snow Bunnies Ch. 07

 — Karen, her mom, & Kris seduce Kris's mom. by slitlicker6902/07/064.60HOT

Snow Day

 — An unexpected day off gives sisters a chance to bond. by ANNE24001/05/054.68HOT

Snow Day

 — A mother and her son are snowed in due to a blizzard. by DAArgento05/02/164.28

Snow Day: Story 03

 — Step siblings play. by WritingKnight08/26/084.58HOT

Snow Daze Ch. 01

 — Brother succumbs to femdom sister. by sunburycd07/28/174.33

Snow Daze Ch. 02

 — Sister teaches brother how to be a girl. by sunburycd07/29/174.22

Snow Daze Ch. 03: Coming Home

 — Son begins seducing his mother. by sunburycd07/31/174.39

Snow Daze Ch. 04: Coming Home

 — Mother and son get kinky. by sunburycd08/04/174.15

Snow Sisters

 — A car accident; two sisters; a basic need. by Athena_e1912/15/064.48

Snow Storm

 — A wild night in a blizzard. by trogg9705103/27/084.44

Snow White & the Horny Dwarfs Ch. 01

 — Daddy deflowers Snow--completely. by Honeymuff05/28/064.47

Snow White & the Horny Dwarfs Ch. 04

 — Snow & daddy take each other--repeatedly. by Honeymuff06/01/064.42

Snow White and The Queen

 — Who's the fairest of them all? by TamLin0104/17/154.11


 — Siblings in cabin grow closer during a blizzard. by epiphany6508/18/074.70HOT


 — Without heat, they must get close. by bingabangaloo08/01/094.38


 — A childless couple's dreams come true. by duxfacti11/13/183.80

Snowbound at Thanksgiving

 — An erotic night in a motel for a dad and his daughter. by Calstories12/22/124.42

Snowbound Love

 — Twins find love in snowy Colorado. by LustandBliss11/10/094.19

Snowbound Love Ch. 02

 — Twin's love take a turn for the better and worse. by LustandBliss11/20/094.42

Snowdown in the Rockies

 — Mother inherits cabin and wins son's love. by drtruth08/21/084.68HOT

Snowed In

 — A man and his sister get snowed in together. by Lee Anderson06/22/073.98

Snowed In

 — Brother and sister are stranded in the remote cottage. by geronimo_appleby02/03/154.49

Snowed In

 — Snow-trapped siblings need a place to stay. by blackbeltninja07/11/164.39

Snowed In

 — While being snowed in together twins take a bath to warm up. by SilverScribe07/22/16

Snowed In

 — Brother and sister get trapped together in a cabin. by MrIllusion05/06/184.74HOT

Snowed In Ch. 01

 — The lusts of a snowed in family begin to boil over. by Nicole3203/24/044.56HOT

Snowed In Ch. 01

 — A blizzard brings about surprising results. by Many Feathers07/17/094.67HOT

Snowed In Ch. 02

 — Isolation brings the father and daughter together. by Nicole3203/31/044.74HOT

Snowed In Ch. 02

 — Their erotic naughty adventure continues. by Many Feathers07/18/094.67HOT

Snowed In Ch. 03

 — Things get ugly before they get beautiful. by Nicole3204/15/044.67HOT

Snowed In Ch. 03

 — Their parents come home unexpectedly. by Many Feathers07/19/094.68HOT

Snowed In Ch. 04

 — Even as cold as it is, things really heat up. by Many Feathers07/20/094.68HOT

Snowed In Ch. 05

 — Mom comes up with a great idea for spending the day together. by Many Feathers07/23/094.67HOT

Snowed In Ch. 06

 — The day is full of surprising revelations. by Many Feathers07/24/094.63HOT

Snowed In Ch. 07

 — Brian's photography gets pretty erotic. by Many Feathers07/29/094.58HOT

Snowed In Ch. 08

 — Collette reveals her fantasy. by Many Feathers07/30/094.18

Snowed In Ch. 09

 — Brian's father reveals his fantasy. by Many Feathers07/31/094.73HOT

Snowed In for My birthday!

 — Who would have thought? by Gypsy_6912/13/174.14

Snowed In for My birthday! Pt. 02

 — The test. by Gypsy_6904/28/184.00

Snowed In for My birthday! Pt. 03

 — Is this the end? by Gypsy_6905/19/184.10

Snowed In with My Step-Dad

 — Things heat up when snowed in with my step-dad. by PRPrince07/24/174.10

Snowed in with SIL

 — Drunk and high sister-in-law gets cozy when the snow falls. by Fletcher77312/27/064.28

Snowed In...Becky and Dad

 — Virgin daughter takes every inch Dad can give. by Aphroman12/17/054.40

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