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Marrying Brother Ch. 04

 — Pratheeba gets her pregnant cunt & virgin ass fucked nice. by pretty_tamil_girl07/28/064.42

Marrying Brother Ch. 05

 — The next twist: temple fuck with her 18-year-old brother. by pretty_tamil_girl07/29/064.52HOT

Marrying Brother Ch. 06

 — Marriage, more kinky sex, two childbirths & life changes. by pretty_tamil_girl07/30/064.39

Marrying Brother Ch. 07

 — Steamy foursome at the temple. by pretty_tamil_girl08/17/064.59HOT

Marrying Brother Ch. 08

 — Mom marries Sri and dad makes Anju's night unforgettable. by pretty_tamil_girl08/18/064.62HOT

Marrying Brother Ch. 11

 — Karthik marries Sowmya; women get pregnant. by jamesonly4u05/18/124.32

Marrying Brother Ch. 14

 — Anju gets a proposal. by jamesonly4u08/29/153.90

Marrying Granny

 — In Las Vegas, one boy takes his relationship with his grandmother. by 94undertaker2607/28/163.78

Marrying My Cousin

 — Cousins meet up later in life and marry. HER side... by island_man07/10/194.55HOT

Martha in America Ch. 06

 — More making love and using that word to describe it. by leBonhomme08/02/134.66HOT

Martha in America Ch. 15

 — Martha and Becky try to save it - till her brother arrives. by leBonhomme01/25/144.09

Martha, Dylan and Me

 — She's seduced by her boyfriend's mother for threeway fun. by helenjensen208/14/084.28

Martha, Dylan and Me Ch. 02

 — It is time to make a little confession. by helenjensen208/22/084.36


 — She longed for love. by Rnsbreeze09/11/093.93

Martin Family Fun Pt. 03

 — The Martins and Katie continue their experiments. by BossySon21a06/26/114.50HOT

Martin Men

 — James wants to be next on his mother's list of Martin men. by folwer04/28/174.38

Martin's Lesson In Self Control

 — Auntie trains & humiliates. by Quillman10/18/044.14

Martin's Lesson In Self Control Ch. 02

 — His education continues with auntie and friends. by Quillman10/26/044.29

Martin's Step Daughter

 — Mean stepdaughter gets hers. by Erica_Gasca09/25/074.07

Martinis with My Mother-In-Law

 — Cocktails lead to more. by smallsbag03/30/124.43

Martinis with My Mother-In-Law Ch. 02

 — So when we left off... by smallsbag03/31/124.33

Martinis with My Mother-In-Law Ch. 03

 — "Don't be rude, Mom made you a sandwich." by smallsbag04/03/124.22

Marty was a Tramp

 — A long frustrated mother has sex with her son. by homerdepot01/10/204.43

Marty's Mom Takes on the Town Ch. 2

 — He watches Mom with a stranger. by ruralgoddess03/02/013.96

Marty's Mom Takes on the Town Ch. 3

 — Marty secretly videotapes his mom. by ruralgoddess06/07/014.30

Marty's Mom Takes On The Town Ch. 5

 — Marty's sister shows him what it's like for a girl. by ruralgoddess11/27/014.33

Marvin's Pride Ch. 01

 — Hung dad waits for step daughter to come of age. by Don Byron12/14/094.46


 — Brother's long anticipated return. by nikkie03/09/073.97


 — Horny sister fucks her brother. by portlanddrew08/10/114.09

Mary and Blaze

 — Mary takes her brother out for his 18th birthday. by SharkAttack469105/31/194.48

Mary and Her Son

 — She and her son progressing from mutual masturbation. by hohoby211/24/094.21

Mary and I

 — A mother-in-law tale. by Momstheboss04/16/154.28

Mary and Me

 — Fraternal twins help each other. by Daunti12/06/134.55HOT

Mary and Mom

 — Mary's mom unexpectedly spends the night. by Homer769609/13/094.49

Mary And Rob Fuck Their Mother

 — Ellen and her children take advantage of her. by fantasyboy12/05/094.35

Mary has Lost the Use of Her Hands

 — Her daddy has to do everything for her. by chris9999904/06/194.65HOT

Mary Jane

 — Boy discovers peephole to sis's room. by Darien Angst10/15/004.32

Mary Jane Deflowered

 — Uncle Mick awakens feelings she never knew she had. by deepemerald12/14/044.49

Mary Lets Ethan Learn Sex With Her

 — Mother lets her son learn about sex in her bed. by MichaelPeterson08/29/134.67HOT

Mary Poppins

 — Unattainable sister-in-law isn't. by RomanMichael11/22/074.33

Mary Takes Three!

 — Two men break into their hotel room, and daddy has to watch! by EmmyLou9312/11/194.55HOT

Mary was Loved Like She Never had Been

 — She was too timid. by qualitywheat09/13/174.35

Mary's Evolution: Book 09

 — Mary and her ripple effect on others. by furryfan09/15/094.33

Mary's New Experience

 — Mary goes to a friend's for a sleepover. by Mysteria2701/09/193.98

Mary's Secret Winter Orgasms

 — January 1987 - My step sister - A blizzard - And Nintendo. by marytitor09/16/164.48

Mary's Secret Winter Orgasms Ch. 02

 — January 1987 --- A blizzard --- My step sister --- Nintendo by marytitor01/17/184.55HOT

Mary's Secret Winter Orgasms Ch. 03

 — A fun and cozy story with my stepsister and her best friend. by marytitor01/29/184.46

Mary's Secret Winter Orgasms Ch. 04

 — I Married My Stepsister! Summer public sex in a Thunderstorm. by marytitor02/05/184.42

Mary's Virginity Ch. 01

 — Mary loses her virginity & learns a bit about SM. by hisemerald06/14/094.41

Mary's Virginity Ch. 02

 — Daddy starts her training in earnest. by hisemerald06/19/104.43

Mary's Virginity Ch. 03

 — Daddy takes her to The Club for lessons. by hisemerald06/20/104.34

Mary's Wheelchair

 — Her daddy wishes she would get rid of that old chair. by tenbears4310/12/094.28

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

 — Daughter hatches a plan. by jlc5512/29/054.22

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Ch. 02

 — Mary's plan develops. by jlc5501/04/064.56HOT

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Ch. 03

 — Mary's plan continues. by jlc5501/13/064.49

Mary, Tim & Mike Ch. 05

 — Saturday Evening. by MCJRM05/29/034.48

Mary, Tim & Mike Ch. 06

 — Saturday - Dinner Time. by MCJRM05/30/034.44

Mary, Tim & Mike Ch. 07

 — The Pizza Man. by MCJRM05/31/034.58HOT

Mary, Tim & Mike Ch. 08

 — Mike's introduction to anal sex. by MCJRM06/01/034.46

Mary, Tim & Mike: Saturday Morning

 — How family love blossoms. by MCJRM05/23/034.48

Mary, Tim & Mike: Saturday Noon

 — How family love continues to grow. by MCJRM05/24/034.55HOT

Mary, Tim & Mike: The Beginning

 — How love in the family begins. by MCJRM05/22/034.42

Mary, Tim & Mike: The Past

 — How family love really began. by MCJRM05/25/034.60HOT

Mary/Marcy Pt. 01

 — Mom and Son role play. by 60YONOVICE06/21/184.50HOT

Mary/Marcy Pt. 03

 — Marcy's quest for another lover leads to a group session. by 60YONOVICE07/04/184.44

Maryann Does Daddy

 — Passion overcomes prudence. Lifelong fantasy realized. by MaryAnn67807/05/084.21

Maryjane, The Submissive

 — The girl that would be O. by Biskit08/30/084.67HOT

Maryland Getaway Ch. 01

 — A man goes to Maryland for pleasure and business. by Samael06/20/084.34

Maryland Getaway Ch. 02

 — A young woman eyes her mom's new lover. by AphroditeReborn06/24/084.26

Masculine and Beautiful

 — Son's tears move Mom's heart... and hand. by A_Satori02/19/104.69HOT

Masked Ball

 — Brother's plan to get back at sis succeeds big-time. by MagicWand12/09/014.33

Masked Mom Gets Gangbanged

 — Masked Mom crashes Sons graduation party and gets gangbanged. by Scott_Heywood05/02/194.34

Masked Motherly Love

 — A couple unknowingly is with his parents at a costume party. by BMYJC04/29/144.55HOT

Masked Motherly Love Pt. 02

 — Last night he unknowingly was with his mother. Now he knows. by BMYJC10/17/154.65HOT

Masked Motherly Love Pt. 03

 — A son and his mother call their spouses to join them. by BMYJC11/17/154.75HOT


 — Daughter pretends to be mom at a costume party. by ParagonOfVirtue04/23/124.58HOT


 — A bored man ends up at a party and is left with questions. by Azren03/15/194.24

Mason High Motivation Ch. 01

 — How else would a busty mom motivate her son? by Leon22reloaded07/31/124.62HOT

Mason High Motivation Ch. 02

 — What's good for one mom and son, seems to work for another. by Leon22reloaded08/01/124.72HOT


 — Her Internet date was her brother; she followed through. by JayLikestoRead11/17/074.43

Masquerade Balls

 — Son makes big splash at mom's bridge club hot tub party. by clinton0912/28/104.05

Masquerade Madness 01

 — Lisa plans to go the party and disobeys her daddy. by Meline09/02/124.06

Masquerade Madness 02

 — Lisa discovers why her daddy wouldn't let her go. by Meline09/12/124.03

Masquerade Madness 03

 — Lisa and the gangster have their night of fun. by Meline10/10/124.52HOT

Masquerade Party

 — Mother and son unknowingly meet at a party. by idkwhattodo2105/23/154.30

Massage for my mother in law

 — Mother in law asks son in law for a massage. by mickey_blue_012311/17/194.56HOT

Massage Mat Ch. 01

 — A Christmas gift from her son begins a long journey... by KatieAnnBB01/17/133.98

Massage Mat Ch. 02

 — The open bedroom door opens yet another door. by KatieAnnBB01/18/134.42

Massage Mat Ch. 03

 — Mother and son find their destiny together. by KatieAnnBB01/31/134.61HOT

Massage Mat Ch. 05

 — Beth & Jason find a new friend. by KatieAnnBB05/16/134.68HOT

Massage Mat Ch. 07

 — Falling apart and coming together. by KatieAnnBB01/11/144.75HOT

Massage Mat Ch. 08

 — Journeys End in Lovers' Meetings. by KatieAnnBB02/10/144.68HOT

Massage Mat Ch. 09

 — A Problem in Geometry. by KatieAnnBB07/18/154.78HOT

Massage Parlor Mystery

 — Mother, son. Mother's friend. by Stormysailor12/23/164.01

Massage Parlor Sister

 — Happy endings come in many varieties... and unexpected. by spectreofhell10/28/144.54HOT

Massage Therapy

 — Dad and son take their love to a new level. by mommysboy108/09/164.41

Massage Therapy

 — Little brother helps fix sister's owie. by MountainDewMan02/16/204.67HOT

Massage Therapy Ch. 01

 — Sister's aching breasts need a massage. by AddToWater03/06/174.67HOT

Massage Therapy Ch. 02

 — When Mom catches them, does she punish - or educate? by AddToWater06/14/084.72HOT

Massage Therapy Ch. 03

 — Mom joins her kids in the shower...and then in bed... by AddToWater07/07/144.73HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 01

 — Alison's brother Melvin offers to give her a massage. by PanWhoWrites08/27/194.08

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 02

 — Alison's boyfriend messes up her back; Melvin helps fix it. by PanWhoWrites09/01/194.30

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 03

 — Alison has been 'leaking' during her brother's massages. by PanWhoWrites09/08/194.54HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 04

 — Alison's brother massages her bare breasts. by PanWhoWrites09/10/194.51HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 05

 — Melvin adds a new tool to his sister's massages. by PanWhoWrites09/13/194.60HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 06

 — Alison cums at her brother's hands, to her great horror. by PanWhoWrites09/14/194.51HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 07

 — Melvin goes down on his sister, then watches her masturbate. by PanWhoWrites09/19/194.67HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 08

 — An innocent massage turns into an incestuous blowjob. by PanWhoWrites09/22/194.71HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 09

 — Alison lets her nerdy brother cum on her chest. by PanWhoWrites09/26/194.65HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 10

 — Allison can't resist another chance to suck her brother off. by PanWhoWrites09/29/194.63HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 11

 — Allison is a good girl for Melvin, and lets him fuck her. by PanWhoWrites10/03/194.63HOT

Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 12

 — Allison lets her brother film an instructional massage video. by PanWhoWrites10/06/194.69HOT

Massager Pleasures

 — Dad and daughter use massager on each other. by Marilynmwf06/19/054.23

Massaging Mother

 — Physical therapy goes further. by Kip Carson06/24/004.15

Massaging Mother

 — Son becomes family massuer and more. by bentig0406/04/064.49

Massaging Mrs. Lindsay’s GILF Feet Ch. 02

 — Sexy granny finds an added source of pleasure. by milfleglover09/05/154.41

Massaging My Father-in-Law Pt. 01

 — A happy ending for Gary. by softcaresses04/20/194.46

Massaging My Niece

 — My niece can't get to sleep. I suggest a massage. by Doctorboy07/18/164.11

Masso Joe Ch. 01

 — A son returns early to find his mother having a massage. by jayrotica10/30/184.36

Masso Joe Ch. 02

 — Jay learns skills first hand. by jayrotica11/02/184.13

Masso Joe Ch. 03

 — Jay Gets to Massage Mom. by jayrotica11/04/184.57HOT

Masso Joe Ch. 04

 — Best friend learns about massage and manscapping. by jayrotica11/07/184.37

Masso Joe Ch. 05

 — Jay learns about Tom's mom's past. by jayrotica11/09/184.48

Masso Joe Ch. 06

 — Jay gets his first professional massage job. by jayrotica11/13/184.48

Masso Joe Ch. 07

 — Joe meets Miss Kim and her Dungeon. by jayrotica11/15/184.31

Masso Joe Ch. 08

 — Mary brings Jen some wine and a special vibe. by jayrotica11/17/184.58HOT

Masso Joe Ch. 09

 — Mom Jen morphs into Miss Jen, with surprising force. by jayrotica11/21/184.35

Master of the Hunt

 — Grandfather and granddaughter find excitement at a fox hunt. by RaycerEdge11/21/094.39

Master PC Reboot

 — Jack Daniel gets his nerdy hands on a special floppy disk. by KoalaKing03/05/174.55HOT

Master PC Reboot Ch. 02

 — Breakfast with Jess. Movies with both sisters. Lucky Jack! by KoalaKing04/21/174.66HOT

Master PC Reboot Ch. 03

 — Jack and his sisters have a visitor, and an intruder? by KoalaKing09/20/174.66HOT

Master PC Reboot Ch. 04

 — Jack is back. by KoalaKing04/27/184.68HOT

Master PC Reboot Ch. 05

 — Jack and his family are back! But can he handle the pressure. by KoalaKing09/12/184.77HOT

Master Swimmer Ch. 02

 — Sue tells her older sister about her coach and the sex. by NeedYou08/10/044.38

Masturbate Fantasy #130

 — Holly enjoys Mommy and Daddy. by writedoctor04/18/144.26

Masturbate Fantasy #132

 — Oh Daddy! by writedoctor02/18/144.18

Masturbating & Cumming for Mom Ch. 01

 — Son exposes his cock to his mother and masturbates for her. by LadyofErotica02/28/163.72

Masturbating & Cumming for Mom Ch. 02

 — Son exposes his cock to his mother and masturbates for her. by LadyofErotica03/02/163.72

Masturbating & Cumming for Mom Ch. 03

 — Mom & son have sex while watching Spanking the Monkey movie. by LadyofErotica03/03/164.40

Masturbating in Front of Meg

 — A mom masturbates in front of her daughter. by PartyGirlMolly10/05/104.30

Masturbating in Front of Meg Ch. 02

 — The culmination of masturbating in front of my daughter. by PartyGirlMolly11/15/104.57HOT

Masturbating My Son

 — Mom overcomes her inhibitions to help her son. by woodsonn200401/16/114.13

Masturbating My Son Ch. 02

 — Sue confronts Brenda and gives in to her desires . by woodsonn200402/14/114.55HOT

Masturbating with Mom

 — Being caught leads to the unexpected. by BMYJC06/08/134.35

Masturbating with Mommy

 — Mommy has fun with her horny son. by FuckAndChuck6207/30/094.32

Masturbating with Mother

 — His mother was so beautiful. by geronimo_appleby12/04/054.54HOT

Masturbating with My Cousin

 — Me and my cousin wanking each other in a stable. by NobbySon04/03/184.38

Masturbating with My Sister

 — Siblings sharing a hotel room masturbate together. by upsidedownskys04/07/084.29

Masturbating With Sis

 — A short story of a lonely brother and sister. by DiavoloAndTheCrimsonKing07/24/144.12


 — Jen's brother needs to jerk off and mom is busy. by freethrowusername02/26/204.01

Masturbation is Beautiful

 — Mom tells me masturbation is beautiful. by MaskedRon10/02/194.25

Masturbation is Beautiful Ch. 02

 — Mom and son further, experiment with masturbation. by MaskedRon10/04/194.41

Masturbation is Beautiful Ch. 03

 — Mom and son masturbate carelessly, and someone finds out! by MaskedRon10/17/194.41

Masturbation Leads To... Ch. 01

 — Sister gets caught by mom and sis. by ANNE24009/29/044.41

Masturbatra Rises Ch. 01: An Erotic Hero

 — A steamy comic about his mom has real-world ramifications. by JayPierce9506/25/174.70HOT

Masturbatra Rises Ch. 02: Delivering Justice

 — Lisa strips down for a seductive mission, unknown to Collin. by JayPierce9506/26/174.56HOT

Masturbatra Rises Ch. 03: Close Calls

 — Lisa confronts her son about her secret. by JayPierce9506/27/174.70HOT


 — Some incest, group and erotic. by Creekman03/26/164.19

Matchmaking Trap Ch. 01

 — He loses a bet with his Mom and has to pay up. by SEVERUSMAX11/15/043.98

Matchmaking Trap Ch. 02

 — Turnabout is fair play for the Mon & her son. by SEVERUSMAX11/20/044.38

Maternal Secrets

 — Mother, Daughter, and Step Daughter have a common secret. by misspvamu05/03/113.96

Maternal Solstice

 — Son and mother explore intimacy. by Blannister06/26/124.72HOT

Math Study with Jess Pt. 01

 — Studying with my cousin Jessica gets very interesting. by caplait02/20/184.00

Mating Rituals Ch. 01

 — Cherie loses her virginity - to her Daddy. by Scorpius194508/23/164.45

Mating Rituals Ch. 02

 — Cherie's dilemma - slut or prude? by Scorpius194508/26/164.51HOT

Mating Rituals Ch. 03

 — Cherie falls in love. by Scorpius194509/03/164.35

Mating Rituals Ch. 04

 — Cherie finds the love of her life. by Scorpius194509/15/164.66HOT

Mating Rituals Ch. 10

 — Cherie's First Baby. by Scorpius194511/30/164.41

Mating Rituals Ch. 16

 — Sophie's punishment. by Scorpius194505/13/174.30

Mating Rituals Ch. 17

 — Sophie learns some family history relating to her pregnancy. by Scorpius194505/29/174.12

Matriarch Pt. 01

 — The mother's story. by RayStar10/21/173.80

Matriarch Pt. 02

 — The mother's story. by RayStar10/22/173.98

Matriarch Pt. 03

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/23/174.02

Matriarch Pt. 04

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/24/174.19

Matriarch Pt. 05

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/25/174.28

Matriarch Pt. 05.5

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/28/174.11

Matriarch Pt. 06

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/26/174.11

Matriarch Pt. 07

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/27/174.26

Matriarch Pt. 08

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/28/174.22

Matriarch Pt. 09

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/29/174.05

Matriarch Pt. 10

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/30/174.18

Matriarch Pt. 11

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar10/31/174.25

Matriarch Pt. 12

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar11/02/174.33

Matriarch Pt. 13

 — Mother's Story. by RayStar11/10/174.11

Matriarch Reliever Pt. 01

 — His father never cared, but this new Mom is growing on him. by davsimmons3707/31/174.34

Matriarch Reliever Pt. 02

 — As Troy is nurtured, Lindsey realizes there's more to give. by davsimmons3708/07/174.57HOT

Matriarch Reliever Pt. 03

 — With Lindsey now pleasing him, Troy needs help to give back. by davsimmons3708/22/174.54HOT

Matriarch Reliever Pt. 04

 — With Shauna's help, Troy's now eager to please his mother. by davsimmons3709/26/174.52HOT

Matriarch Reliever Pt. 05

 — Troy and Lindsey have found the perfect time for a trip! by davsimmons3710/05/174.49

Matt & Brad Take Me To An Adult Movie

 — Daughter along to XXX feature. by sweet throat(f)09/10/014.48

Matt & I Ch. 01

 — Loving mom & son satisfy their needs. by D. Elbee01/20/044.48

Matt & I Ch. 02

 — Their relationship deepens. by D. Elbee02/21/044.50HOT

Matt & I Ch. 03

 — Mother and son continue relationship. by D. Elbee09/21/094.39

Matt & I Ch. 04

 — Mother finds new relationship with daughter-in-law. by D. Elbee09/22/094.51HOT

Matt & I Ch. 05

 — Mike succeeds with Mom, and she and Angie find Matt. by D. Elbee10/03/094.60HOT

Matt & I Ch. 06

 — Harry reveals a secret, and the world changes. by D. Elbee10/10/094.57HOT

Matt & Lisa at School Ch. 01

 — Laurie's kids wind up together at college. by Lauries Husband04/24/064.59HOT

Matt & Lisa at School Ch. 02

 — Lisa introduces Matt to their new roommate. by Lauries Husband05/10/064.74HOT

Matt & Lisa at School Ch. 03

 — Matt, Lisa and Margie make new friends at a pool hall. by Lauries Husband10/09/064.66HOT

Matt & Lisa at School Ch. 04

 — The strange night ends with a new understanding. by Lauries Husband12/08/064.77HOT

Matt & Lisa at School Ch. 05

 — Matt and the girls plan for Parents' Weekend. by Lauries Husband02/07/074.72HOT

Matt & Lisa at School Ch. 06a

 — Parents Weekend - Friday night. by Lauries Husband05/10/074.76HOT

Matt & Lisa at School Ch. 06b

 — Parents Weekend - Friday night , Part 2. by Lauries Husband05/11/074.62HOT

Matt & Nickie

 — Brother and sister fall in love. by daddysgirl198807/26/104.36

Matt & Nickie: Home Alone

 — Matt and Nickie were home alone for the weekend. by daddysgirl198805/14/113.94

Matt and Brad: Gay Lovers Ch. 03

 — Matt becomes Marty. by SplitLicker6904/04/114.07

Matt and Brad: Gay Lovers Ch. 06

 — For the loving couple, life could not be better. by SplitLicker6904/07/114.12

Matt and Lauren Pt. 03

 — Well actually this one's more about Matt and his mum. by TeamEquipe01/22/204.74HOT

Matt and Melissa Ch. 02

 — Melissa gets in trouble. by HappyJackStoryTime04/02/033.98

Matt and Michelle

 — College brother sees sister in a new light. by FirstErotic12/16/114.58HOT

Matt and Michelle Ch. 02

 — For weeks, I was anguished. by FirstErotic01/15/124.63HOT

Matt and Michelle Ch. 03

 — 3rd part of the story. by FirstErotic09/24/124.60HOT

Matt and Michelle Ch. 04

 — Continuing the story... by FirstErotic07/10/194.67HOT

Matt and Mom

 — Betrayed, a mother and son seem solace in each other's arms. by Uncle Bert01/18/034.30

Matt and Sis

 — Matt shows Beth what's going in with the rest of the family. by Uncle Bert01/24/034.43

Matt's 18th Birthday

 — Becky gives Matt a birthday present he will never forget. by hyperthread110/07/094.23

Matt's Accident Changed Everything Ch. 01

 — Neighbor teaches young man about sex. And his mother. by Marriedkinkylife06/08/194.70HOT

Matt's Accident Changed Everything Ch. 02 - Final

 — Neighbor teaches young man about sex. His mother too. by Marriedkinkylife06/11/194.64HOT

Matt's Cousin Ch. 01

 — If only they weren't so closely related... by trace_ekies12/24/134.13

Matt's Cousin Ch. 02

 — Kaitlin continues to test her boundaries. by trace_ekies12/29/134.39

Matt's Cousin Ch. 03

 — Kaitlin asks Matt to substitute for Jarvis. by trace_ekies01/03/144.44

Matt's Secret Obsession

 — Matt loves to sniff his Aunt Kate's panties. by Loveslut02/25/144.15

Matt's Story Ch. 02

 — Matt meets the parents. by bleepblorper08/23/194.46

Matt's Story Ch. 04

 — Things get fucked. by bleepblorper09/09/194.10

Matt's Story Ch. 05

 — Things come to a head. by bleepblorper12/20/193.76

Matt's Vacation Revelation

 — While Dad is away, Mom and Sis will play! by monsterrdude05/23/094.65HOT

Matt, Suze, and Kerry

 — A young man's first time is also his first threesome. by chunks10/30/084.74HOT

Mattie Story 01

 — Samantha visits her Auntie Mattie. by MTDesign06/21/114.36

Mature Afternoon Delight

 — Young man gives cherry to mature aunt. by Rapide01/08/094.09

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