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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Language of Love

 — Father & daughter reunite after years of separation. by Ellisyn01/16/024.19


 — Surprising step-daughter gets what she's after. by Foxe-Male04/19/044.20

Lanni's Birthday

 — Busty Lanni wants it all for her birthday. by Lucity04/27/103.92

Laohg and Lily

 — Laohg and Lily eat at McDonald's. by Laohg07/03/152.00

Lap Dance By Granddaughter

 — Granddaugher gives me a lap dance and more. by iser2112/07/084.28

Lap Dance Surprise

 — A sister's nighttime career has an unexpected client. by Paperfly11/26/104.50HOT

Lap of Honour

 — The conclusion of my journey with Pat and her girls. by The Mouse08/09/154.58HOT

Lara and the Zombie Apocalypse Ch. 02

 — Lara is tied up and stripped in front of her sibling. by 1000dreams10/20/174.21

Lara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 02

 — Sara tells her mother about her examination. by 0131aj07/06/104.53HOT

Large Uncle Pete

 — My uncle teaches me about sex then takes my virginity. by Brittni4u09/02/154.54HOT

Larger Than Life

 — Mom and Son find sex together. by D. Elbee01/20/044.12

Larger Than Life Ch. 02

 — The continued story of a mother and son incest. by D. Elbee12/18/094.30


 — James comes home after 6 years to find his daughter has grown. by celticgold09/15/084.05

Larkwood Ch. 02

 — Father and girl travel home; she realizes passion. by celticgold09/19/084.22

Larkwood Ch. 03

 — James gets more frustrated; Sarah makes a discovery. by celticgold09/26/084.46

Larkwood Ch. 04

 — Sarah has a surprise for James. by celticgold09/29/084.57HOT

Larry and Brianna Reunited

 — Sister is reunited with long lost brother. by MoMiner64Mete09/26/194.06

Larry's Sexual Journey Ch. 08

 — Session 5 The posing gets hotter and riskier. by purfecthost01/14/164.66HOT

Larry's Sexual Journey Ch. 12

 — Session 7. by purfecthost03/24/164.68HOT

Larry's Sexual Journey Ch. 13

 — Mom, Larry and Sophie struggle with the next pose. by purfecthost04/19/164.69HOT

Larry's Sexual Journey Ch. 14

 — Session 8. by purfecthost06/10/164.74HOT

Larry's Sexual Journey Ch. 15

 — Mom, Larry and Sophie practice the next pose. by purfecthost09/15/164.77HOT

Larry's Sexual Journey Ch. 16

 — Margo has serious misgivings about the pose. by purfecthost10/22/164.69HOT

Larry's Sexual Journey Ch. 17

 — The final session. by purfecthost01/08/174.59HOT

Las Vegas Vacation

 — Dad and daughter enjoy Vegas. by VFR194409/08/113.97

Lascivious Lisa

 — A brother's fantasies come true on a sexy road trip. by romanticwench05/12/104.50HOT

Last Call, the Sequel Pt. 04

 — Shannon and John (self-contained story, family incest). by zwebsrfr01/04/174.11

Last Call, the Sequel Pt. 05

 — Caroline and her father (self contained - family incest). by zwebsrfr01/06/173.92

Last Campout Ch. 01

 — Son goes camping with his friends and mother one last time. by oneover09/09/113.31

Last Campout Ch. 02

 — They pick up hitchhikers on the way. by oneover09/10/114.20

Last Day Alive, What Would You Do?

 — Mom, Sis, Aunt, Cuz, girlfriend's Mom, Sis & Best Friend Sex by SusanJillParker03/01/17HOT

Last Day of School

 — Tom leaves school as a shy virgin. Mom aims to change that. by grumpyg01/18/154.43

Last Day of School: Plus One

 — Mom has some more practical sex education for Tom. by grumpyg01/29/154.38

Last Day of School: Summer Holiday

 — Mom and Tom, a nudist beach, sun, sea, sand, sex and friends by grumpyg02/22/154.49

Last Day of the World

 — Sad to unsad. by HunterShambles11/01/144.12

Last Days of School

 — A girl and her father find solace together. by Fliccy_sub01/18/184.34

Last Days of Summer

 — The twins have fun with a master... by AmethystMare11/07/173.00

Last Man Standing at the Spa

 — Mandy the first to get NuRu massage, then Kristin, then Mom. by GabriellaVitale05/30/183.74

Last Night

 — He catches his sister as she's being a seductress. by MiniverCheevey02/18/124.18

Last Night's Desires

 — My first encounter with family desires. by Oedipus69_musings05/03/194.38

Last Straw

 — Mom comes to end of one road, takes another. by magdason11/24/044.55HOT

Last Straw Ch. 02

 — Charlie & mom after the first night. by magdason12/31/044.47

Last Time I Fucked My Stepsister

 — ...was the best! by became03/30/104.19

Last Weekend

 — One last fling for a brother, sister, and her boyfriend. by fabfivefreddy09/05/134.50HOT

Last Will and Testament

 — An old girlfriend's daughter changes my life. by wantsomefun195103/20/114.72HOT

Late Back

 — A daughter starts to have unsettling thoughts. by AnnasFriend12/14/174.46

Late Back Ch. 02

 — Dads' lives have secrets too. by AnnasFriend12/17/174.38

Late Back Ch. 03

 — Conversations can be easier in the dark. by AnnasFriend12/18/174.60HOT

Late Back Ch. 04

 — Linda and her father cross the line. One of them, anyway. by AnnasFriend12/21/174.67HOT

Late Back Ch. 05

 — The morning after the night before. Decisions are made. by AnnasFriend01/05/184.80HOT

Late Bloomer

 — Zura Beth lives amongst the trees with her handsy father. by whowrotethisshit01/27/194.27

Late December Morning

 — Lovers have to part for Christmas break. by BillyBobJoeEd10/05/034.35

Late Developments

 — Ageing mother sympathises with isolated virgin son. by PanzerFeck04/26/174.46

Late in the Season

 — Steve and Flower fulfil their love during a blizzard. by Moondrift10/23/084.31

Late Night and a Broken Ball

 — Cousin needs help on the freeway. by 1965Squash08/26/154.60HOT

Late Night and a Broken Ball Pt. 02

 — Cousins reunite years later, with help from her daughter. by 1965Squash09/03/154.59HOT

Late Night DIY

 — Listening to parents make love became an obsession. by CestFabulous02/18/083.50

Late Night Encounter

 — Siblings finally explore one another. by CAExhibitionist04/09/134.25

Late Night Encounter Ch. 02

 — The sisters' secret is out. by CAExhibitionist04/14/134.37

Late Night Encounter Ch. 03

 — Daughter nurses her mother after accident. by CAExhibitionist04/20/134.41

Late Night on the Loveseat with Mom

 — Mom and son get under the blanket and, well . . . by SimonDoom05/10/174.64HOT

Late Night Panty Play

 — Mom spies Son and Nephew using her panties late at night. by kebbyman08/19/114.22

Late Night Pickup

 — Dana calls her brother to get her after a night of clubbing. by Master_Vassago12/28/034.24

Late Night Under The Stars With Mom

 — The heat, night, and stars break down mom's resistance. by SimonDoom06/26/174.66HOT

Late Night Visit

 — Father visits his daughter's bedroom. by standingstones07/07/094.13

Late Night Visitor

 — Staying at in-laws, I get an unexpected visitor... by Originsunknown11/08/194.46

Late One Night, Now And Forever

 — A sister and brother find themselves together. by Foolishbutsaine04/19/073.94

Late One Night...

 — Son can't sleep & discovers that mom can't either. by PM Stud2308/19/064.39

Late One Spring Night

 — Rachel is given her first orgasm by her older sister. by RachelTaylor02/09/074.29

Late Summer, Seneca County

 — They'll never forget that afternoon at the pool! by YDB9502/13/204.25

Late-Night Conference

 — Your favourite student just had to see you... by MissLollipop2407/31/173.91

Latent Tendencies Ch. 01

 — Paul helps sister Jen through a tragic time. by wizardwriter06/06/064.40

Latent Tendencies Ch. 02

 — After Jen moves in with Paul their relationship grows. by wizardwriter06/13/064.61HOT

Latent Tendencies Ch. 03-04

 — Paul helps Jen with her sexual awakening. by wizardwriter06/15/064.63HOT

Latent Tendencies Ch. 05-06

 — Paul takes Jen out; she finds someone interesting. by wizardwriter06/16/064.64HOT

Latent Tendencies Ch. 07

 — Paul and Jen have fun with Josie. by wizardwriter06/21/064.65HOT

Latent Tendencies Ch. 08

 — Josie gives Paul and Jen instructions on first anal sex. by wizardwriter06/23/064.63HOT

Latent Tendencies Ch. 09

 — Jen makes a declaration of love. by wizardwriter06/26/064.69HOT

Latent Tendencies Ch. 10

 — Paul and Jen meet their girlfriend, Josie's mother. by wizardwriter07/01/064.70HOT

Latent Tendencies Ch. 11

 — Paul confesses to Josie his relationship with Jen. by wizardwriter07/05/064.65HOT

LATER on that hot day in the summer

 — This is what happened next on that hot Summer day. by hosethief10/22/194.56HOT

Latex Mom

 — Mom and Son get kinky with latex. by spunkybubble01/24/103.63

Laughing Start

 — Brother find his older sister's ticklish spots. by NaughtyScribe08/11/013.99

Laughter in the Rain

 — Melinda & her brother brighten a rainy night. by BrettJ02/13/054.01

Laundry Day

 — What she caught her son doing. by gymmyt05/17/064.13

Laundry Day

 — Daniel gets a visit from his horny virgin sister. by PixelChick10/18/074.29

Laundry Day

 — Caught sniffing panties by mother-in-law. by RichardWetter12/10/104.37

Laundry Day

 — Mother and son get comfortable around each other. by Yeswayted6909/14/114.24

Laundry Day

 — A brother and sister get closer. by LadyCypris08/13/134.25

Laundry Day

 — Billy's aunt collects the laundry from his bedroom. by geronimo_appleby10/28/164.41

Laundry Day

 — My brother uses me on Laundry day. by shezshez6907/09/183.66

Laundry Time

 — Son catches his Mother doing laundry naked. by literarely03/24/154.47

Laundry Time with Mom

 — Mother and son play in the bathroom. by eight8s12/16/114.08


 — My daughter comes of age. by iw708/31/094.48


 — Mother and son. by dalliance06/17/133.99

Laura & Twins

 — A house guest discovers sibling love in the dark. by Maximina01/31/134.74HOT

Laura and Greg Ch. 08

 — Who's your daddy? Laura finds out. by Kalimaxos12/09/194.20

Laura Ch. 01

 — Aunt is comforted by grown-up nephew. by syrensong01/24/054.68HOT

Laura Ch. 02

 — Maggie comes home to a warm welcome. by iw709/08/104.64HOT

Laura Learns the Law

 — Interning for her grandfather has its benefits. by lohengren9904/02/024.55HOT

Laura Moves In With Dad And Stepmum

 — Laura has sex with her dad and slutty stepmum. by fantasyboy02/22/124.22

Laura of London

 — Before the web, there were mucky magazines. by SamScribble10/28/094.42

Laura's Dream

 — Laura wants dad to shoot in her mouth. by JDecker08/31/184.19

Laura's Rules for the Dare

 — A game of truth or dare rapidly gets out of hand. by Ferax09/18/173.98

Laura's University Trip Ch. 01

 — Sister and brother learn all about each other. by SEAWATER112/01/104.50HOT

Laura's University Trip Ch. 02

 — Brother and sister continue their 'studies'. by SEAWATER112/30/104.42

Laura's University Trip Ch. 03

 — Mum puts an end to brother's fun with sister, or does she? by SEAWATER109/27/124.57HOT

Laura's Visit

 — Joe and Lisa: Lisa's mom comes to visit. by Joe Peters11/02/064.38

Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 05

 — The wild weekend with my girl, sister, and pals concludes. by johnnydrama01/22/104.64HOT

Laura, Tammy & Mom

 — Roommate and her mom seduce Laura. by slitlicker6905/10/144.53HOT

Lauren Fucks Her Son

 — A mother seduces, pleasures, and gets impregnated. by HeyAll11/07/174.46

Lauren Loves Dad

 — Curvy college girl finds a way to show dad how she loves him. by James_Steele03/07/194.62HOT

Lauren Seduces Her Big Brother

 — Little Virgin + Big Brother = Virgin no longer. by RealityDoesntMatter06/06/154.40

Lauren's Awakening

 — An 18 year old undergoes a sexual awakening. by sds19503/28/174.81HOT

Lauren's Daddy

 — Sitting on Daddy's lap is just the beginning of their game. by darkstar0401/21/084.15

Lauren's First Day

 — Lauren's mother helps her move into college. by PenguinTheThird12/08/134.04

Lauren's Thirst Ch. 01

 — A daughter finds happiness with the right cock. by ProperFatherlyLove04/20/144.39

Lauren's Thirst Ch. 02

 — Lauren gets permission from mom to get what she truly wants. by ProperFatherlyLove05/14/144.57HOT


 — My wife's cousin. by bigdonhabs05/01/094.11

Laurie and Her Nephew

 — David brings his son for a graduation present. by Lauries Husband06/10/054.48

Laurie Ch. 02

 — My wife's cousin. by bigdonhabs09/05/094.25

Laurie Ch. 03

 — My wife's cousin. by bigdonhabs09/21/094.25

Laurie Ch. 04

 — A fantasy come true, Diane and Laurie. by bigdonhabs11/21/094.38

Laurie Ch. 05

 — We go for Laura. by bigdonhabs09/07/104.24

Lawnmower Boy Ch. 07

 — The family relationship strengthens. by DeepBlueC05/20/164.49

Lawnmower Boy Ch. 08

 — Jeff's relationship with his mom grows stronger. by DeepBlueC09/14/164.59HOT

Lawnmower Boy Ch. 09

 — Jeff and Mom cross the final threshold. by DeepBlueC09/15/164.63HOT

Lawrence of Hairabia Ch. 2

 — Shakira's hirsute sister is in a gang bang. by belab11/02/024.16

Laws of Attraction: The Playgirl

 — Phoebe discovers the man she is lusting for is her cousin. by livebeornwulf10/15/152.88

Laying Carpet with Mom Ch. 01

 — Helping mom takes an amazing turn. by StClair09/28/104.52HOT

Laying the Ghost

 — Ellen helps her boyfriend & his sister. by Alex De Kok02/27/044.60HOT

Laying With Mom Ch. 1

 — College son seduces mother. by droffow03/24/012.58

Layover at LAX

 — My virgin cousin learns oral. by FrankyDiVito10/16/154.55HOT

Layover in Philly

 — Layover brings him & his stepsister closer together. by DrWho06/29/014.36

Layover in Philly Ch. 2

 — Step-siblings get dirty in the shower. by DrWho07/02/014.35

Layover in Philly Ch. 3

 — The fun continues with a visit to the park. by DrWho07/12/014.51HOT

Layover Surprise

 — Two long lost cousins connect when stranded at the airport. by roswalien05/29/134.60HOT

Lazy Afternoon

 — Mother and son discover each other. Warning: bisexual scenes. by Axteuffel11/14/144.34

Lazy Day Alone with Leena

 — Brother & sister have some fun home alone at their pool. by doeshelooklikeabitch03/22/194.41

Lazy Night Ch. 01

 — A walk down memory lane with my cousin. by Sweetness01/02/094.17

Lazy Night Ch. 02

 — The two loving cousins re-connect. by Sweetness01/23/094.43

Lazy Night Ch. 03

 — A walk down memory lane with my cousin. by Sweetness01/29/094.51HOT

Lazy Sister Revenge

 — Brother pissed at lazy sister; gets the last laugh. by SteffanStratos03/02/183.05

Lazy Sunday

 — A mother and son enjoy a lazy Sunday. by Moondrift10/25/104.31

Lea’s Family

 — A seductive woman leads a family towards incest. by HeyAll04/24/164.42

Leaking Love

 — A mother gets caught helping her son. by peaceender08/20/114.44

Lean on Me

 — Adultery brings the McMasters family closer. Much closer. by TE99904/22/184.67HOT

Leaning about My Step Sis

 — Home from college, he gets mixed up with his sis's friend... by bigjohn250110/01/164.50HOT

Learn to Like It

 — CeCe learns from sexy step-dad just what she likes. by munchkin_luv03/12/024.30

Learning A Lesson

 — A brother and sister on a crash course with each other by SirLancelot03/17/023.87

Learning A Lesson In Life

 — A mother and father want to teach their son a lesson. by Woffen01/03/074.50HOT

Learning a Lesson Pt. 01

 — A father teaches his daughter to be obedient. by NaughtyJuice02/28/164.09

Learning a Lesson Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Daddy has another lesson for Sarah after some bad grades at school. by NaughtyJuice03/03/164.11

Learning a Lesson Pt. 02 Ch. 02

 — Daddy's lesson continues for Sarah after some bad grades. by NaughtyJuice03/04/164.13

Learning a Lesson Pt. 03

 — Sarah's lessons take a new twist. by NaughtyJuice03/05/164.11

Learning About Men

 — My dad, my unconscious teacher. by Boakester11/01/084.03

Learning About Susan

 — A daughter learns up close what her mother is into. by kongjohn05/04/184.54HOT

Learning About Susan Ch. 02

 — Ladies night has a big surprise. by kongjohn05/17/184.61HOT

Learning and Growing Ch. 02

 — Jim marries Jill and shows her what he has learned about sex by NerdySex01/16/144.44

Learning Excel

 — He taught his cousin how to use excel & much more. by SexyNaija11/05/053.85

Learning from Daddy

 — Daddy catches his daughter playing. by LoviaAnnMarie03/03/084.04

Learning from Mom

 — Mom teaches son the art of foreplay. by softcaresses04/19/194.43

Learning from Mom and Dad

 — Sex in the family & mom/son. by wildorn6909/15/103.78

Learning From My Aunt

 — Nephew learns that it is ok to touch himself. by nottxnative03/16/083.56

Learning From Women

 — An author about to marry remembers influential females. by Egmont Grigor02/23/094.61HOT

Learning Give and Take

 — Daddy teaches Mary that sex involves give and take. by Linyari01/03/074.48

Learning Give and Take Ch. 02

 — Mary wakes daddy with a blow job. by Linyari06/19/074.34

Learning Give and Take Ch. 03

 — Daddy introduces Mary to anal sex. by Linyari07/05/074.47

Learning Give and Take Ch. 04

 — Daddy says good-bye to Mary. by Linyari08/07/074.54HOT

Learning How to Swim Naked

 — Young man learns how to swim naked in the presence of his aunt. by Jack99302/17/133.26

Learning the Family Business

 — Mike lusts for his step-sister and makes a discovery. by PenLightStories04/06/174.37

Learning the Family Business Ch. 02

 — Stacy rewards Mike who learns more about this kinky company. by PenLightStories04/19/174.46

Learning the Family Business Ch. 03

 — Mike and his step-sister take an adventure. by PenLightStories05/13/174.20

Learning the Family Business Ch. 04

 — Mike gets into some heteroflexible fun with his family. by PenLightStories05/17/174.44

Learning the Family Business Ch. 05

 — Mike finishes off the summer with a family gangbang. by PenLightStories05/20/174.42

Learning the Ropes

 — He loses his virginity to his beautiful cousin. by kamalw107/28/034.23

Learning Through Porn Ch. 01

 — Angela catches her son, then must set things right. by columfa09/08/074.56HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 02

 — Angela keeps trying to help her son out. by columfa09/09/074.71HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 03

 — Things are spiraling out of control. by columfa09/12/074.74HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 04

 — Angela goes on a date with her son. by columfa09/13/074.71HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 05

 — Max is rewarded; Gus punished, then rewarded. by columfa09/13/074.77HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 06

 — Kitty eats dessert, Max gets his just desserts. by columfa09/16/074.39

Learning Through Porn Ch. 07

 — Max teases Kitty over the phone, she teases her Dad. by columfa09/19/074.68HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 08

 — Gus has doubts, but Angela convinces him. by columfa09/28/074.73HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 09

 — Kitty and her Dad make a pact; more phone sex. by columfa09/29/074.78HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 10

 — Angela deals with the consequences of her admission. by columfa10/31/074.77HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 11

 — Angela's plan unfolds further. by columfa11/07/074.82HOT

Learning Through Porn Ch. 12

 — The final steps. by columfa11/14/074.77HOT

Learning to Be a Dad Ch. 01

 — David reunites with his adult daughter, Brooke. by Vielle09/11/194.46

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