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Mind Control Stories

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Gift of the Goddess Ch. 06

 — We find out how Jonathon got his powers. by Goldeniangel05/09/064.49

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 07

 — Jonathon uses his powers on Kay in public. by Goldeniangel05/15/064.61HOT

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 08

 — Jonathon takes Kay AND Dana for a ride. by Goldeniangel05/16/064.65HOT

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 09

 — Jonathon and Kay's conclusion. by Goldeniangel05/20/064.67HOT

Gift of Time

 — Kindness has its own rewards. by icey_hearted05/21/184.32


 — Man uses new power to avenge past failures with crushes. by Wudaddy02/01/074.25

Gifts in a Box

 — Jack's fantasy's come true, just not like he expected. by maddrox05/08/194.61HOT

Gifts in a Box Pt. 02

 — Jack hesitates... and is coached to perform by his wife. by maddrox05/12/194.63HOT

Gifts in a Box Pt. 03

 — Jack has more power, and learns how tempting it is to use... by maddrox05/22/194.69HOT

Gifts in a Box Pt. 04

 — Jack has Carolyn, figures out how to assuage his conscience. by maddrox06/04/194.64HOT

Gina is Born

 — Typical day at the office leads to domestic bliss. by onlyforher11/16/053.56

Girl Crush

 — Fern's husband buys a Girl, and Fern isn't happy. by JukeboxEMCSA07/01/164.49

Girl from 'Principles'

 — He is prisoner of a tribe of women.. by vargas11107/22/044.50HOT

Girl Grimoire Ch. 01

 — He tries it on his unrequited crush. by andromon03/18/133.43

Girl Next Door

 — Jeremy has a new next door neighbor. And she has a Girl(tm). by JukeboxEMCSA01/11/184.30

Girl Ranch

 — Researcher controls minds of young girls by RaycerEdge03/07/094.30

Girl Talk

 — On her 18th birthday, Nancy learns what girls really do. by JukeboxEMCSA08/07/194.31

Girls are Always Right

 — Noah's therapist has an unconventional new technique. by JukeboxEMCSA02/07/194.45

Girls Girls Girls

 — A religious group investigates the Girls' factory. by JukeboxEMCSA11/28/154.45

Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. Pt. 01

 — The girls get set up for first meeting of S.L.E.E.P. by Sleepyhypno09/12/194.18

Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. Pt. 02

 — Carly and Eve are chosen to try and hypnotize one another. by Sleepyhypno09/19/194.41

Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. Pt. 03

 — Laura and Cheyenne are next to try hypnotizing the other. by Sleepyhypno09/26/194.00

Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. Pt. 04

 — The final toss between Rayne and Jackie...or is it? by Sleepyhypno10/03/194.23

Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. Pt. 05

 — With three girls hypnotized, Trisha springs her trap! by Sleepyhypno10/10/194.39

Girls on Film

 — Two film stars talk about their latest project. by JukeboxEMCSA07/19/154.43

Girls with Guns

 — Ethan uses his 'zine to warn the world about the Girls. by JukeboxEMCSA07/28/174.33

Girls' Night Out Ch. 01

 — She was mesmerized by the enormous man's dance. by Decayed Angel12/18/064.12

Girls' Night Out Ch. 02

 — Harold visits the strip club to thank the dancer in person. by Decayed Angel12/19/064.50HOT

Gitmo Trainee

 — She learns to enjoy sex. by Bakeboss07/09/103.84

Give the Student What He Wants

 — Charismatic student shows how to get straight A's. by dr_bitch01/21/064.08

Give Yourself To Me

 — A singer wants to be a movie star. Can hypnosis help? by JukeboxEMCSA06/14/114.47

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 01

 — Carlotta finds a strange message in her alphabet pasta. by PanWhoWrites06/24/194.07

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 02

 — Carlotta views her assistant chef in a new light. by PanWhoWrites06/27/194.29

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 03

 — Carlotta and Matilda make plans to go out. by PanWhoWrites06/30/194.38

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 04

 — Carlotta tries out a new look. by PanWhoWrites07/03/194.31

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 05

 — Carlotta and her workmates all have a night of fun. by PanWhoWrites07/09/194.60HOT

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 06

 — Carlotta's date with Matilda goes well. by PanWhoWrites07/11/194.47

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 07

 — Carlotta's assistant takes her over the counter. by PanWhoWrites07/16/194.54HOT

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 08

 — Carlotta admits her love for her workmates. by PanWhoWrites07/20/194.32

Glab Rmid Amab Ch. 09

 — Carlotta discovers the source of the strange messages. by PanWhoWrites07/25/194.23

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Ch. 4

 — Her mind belongs to someone else. by p_p_man03/04/023.83

Glow Ch. 01

 — Sarah, Rita and the Group. by JapleinViera09/06/164.78HOT

Glow Ch. 02

 — Complications. by JapleinViera09/07/164.80HOT

Glow Ch. 04

 — Discovery by JapleinViera09/10/164.45


 — She is transformed into a slave by a make-up artist. by JukeboxEMCSA05/01/114.36

God Am I Ch. 01

 — Young man finds out his fantasy may be coming true. by Rockgolem02/16/034.29

God Am I Ch. 02

 — Mike learns to control his power over women. by Rockgolem02/20/034.33

Goddamn Trigger

 — A blog post from a bratty sub with a hypnosis problem. by JukeboxEMCSA02/05/204.67HOT

Goddess Next Door

 — Anna's run-in with the law is arrested by her odd neighbor. by Bungaku09/17/174.60HOT

Golden Hills University Ch. 01

 — Katie invites a stranger to her dorm room... by sgray25908/23/164.57HOT

Golden Hills University Ch. 02

 — Professor Grant yields to a student demanding better grades. by sgray25903/28/174.62HOT

Golden Hills University Ch. 03

 — Stacey tries to resist this strange new hunger... by sgray25908/08/174.63HOT

Golden Hills University Ch. 04

 — Campus security tries to find out what's going on. by sgray25903/19/194.68HOT

Golden Slumbers

 — A Victorian libertine demonstrates hypnosis. by JukeboxEMCSA01/21/174.32

Goldie the Super Hero

 — Super hero Goldie uses every power she has to save the world. by erossmantic01/05/144.40

Goldie the SuperHero Ch. 02

 — Goldie's adventures get deeper, darker and more exciting. by erossmantic02/20/144.38

Good Girl

 — BlowJob Sunday. by akkurt12/05/093.85

Good Girl, Floating

 — A hypnotic relationship & why it works. by Miyelo Ina03/05/044.37

Good Girls Don't

 — There are some things good girls just don't do. by archibael10/06/043.53

Good Morning Little School Girl

 — It's Freshman Orientation Day at Mind Control University! by JukeboxEMCSA05/21/114.40

Good Neighbor Ch. 01

 — A man benefits from a mad scientist's harem obsession. by PaladinInBlack02/24/194.63HOT

Good Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Jack has to deal with some stuff. by PaladinInBlack03/01/194.40

Good Neighbor Ch. 03

 — Dealing with normal everyday things, and some not so normal. by PaladinInBlack03/07/194.55HOT

Good Neighbor Ch. 04

 — Another addition to the harem and other ups and downs. by PaladinInBlack03/08/194.52HOT

Good Neighbor Ch. 05

 — Robot, a new job and friends, and more insurance. by PaladinInBlack03/09/194.49

Good Neighbor Ch. 06

 — Story wraps with with pretty much more of the same stuff. by PaladinInBlack03/15/194.71HOT

Goodbye Blue Sky

 — A doctor dragged into a conspiracy. by MakeADealWithADevil09/14/194.07

Goodbye, Jerilee Ch. 03

 — Daring. by tracewrites08/17/114.27

Goody Two-Shoes

 — Nicole tricks Paula into a girls' night out. by JukeboxEMCSA04/23/124.16

Gotham's Finest

 — A policewoman falls into the clutches of a nefarious man. by Purveyor_of_Sin07/07/104.51HOT

Graded on a Curve

 — Sandi's professor teaches her to resist hypnosis. by JukeboxEMCSA07/26/184.73HOT

Grand Theft Me

 — An augmented woman is finds herself getting hacked. by dontloseyourmind11/13/184.27

Great Day for It

 — Julie from "A Conversation Amongst Equals" goes for a hike. by TMaskedWriter07/01/163.85


 — Green is her favorite color. It will be yours, too. by SBstories07/24/183.85

Green Eyes Goes Shopping

 — Pat finds himself living a fantasy in the mall. by Oddpoet11/23/014.22

Green Eyes Rides The Bus

 — Strangers lose their inhibition and self-control by Oddpoet11/26/014.21

Greg's Awakening

 — Gregory's powers awaken. by badbane08/05/184.19

Group Marriage by Hypnosis

 — Mike hypnotically helps friend realize fantasy. by masterhypnotist07/30/034.63HOT


 — Hypersonic sound waves give guidance to stuck up girls. by JimBob4410/25/174.59HOT


 — Mind reader uses his powers for pleasure. by noodneighbor11/23/074.18

Guilty Pleasures

 — Wanda visits D-Man's comic shop & engages in... by AMOWAT03/15/034.55HOT


 — A hypnotist helps you break the habit of thinking. by JukeboxEMCSA12/06/183.96

Halle's Hillbilly Hell

 — Black lawyer becomes slave to a vengeful family. by TheDarkCloud10/25/064.21

Halloween Blues Finally Cured

 — Healer Mme Vo cures Sarah’s problems for Halloween. by JBEdwards10/09/194.63HOT

Halloween Costumes

 — Rob's workmates find themselves becoming their costumes. by Pan201/30/204.26

Halloween Hypnosis

 — Trick or treat can be very controlling & sexy. by masterhypnotist10/23/024.55HOTContest Winner

Halloween Masquerade:Taken

 — Fantasy and mind control on Halloween night. by eroticvoyeur10/13/144.18


 — James absent mindedly walks into a fur salon. by Worker1181112/22/124.37

Hallway Heaven Ch. 01

 — A high school boy has some fun with the girls in the hall. by JoeJoeJoe33312/15/163.80

Hands and Knees

 — Zane's patriarchy porn changes Tasha for the better. by JukeboxEMCSA04/19/184.42

Happy Lewd, Crude and Rude Nude Day

 — Wife pretends being hypnotized for sex with husband's friend. by SuperHeroRalph06/24/114.17

Happy Mother's Night

 — A holiday celebration heats up after dusk. by mechan1109/22/183.89

Hard Candy

 — The story of a mind control confidence game. by DafneyDewitt02/20/014.10

Hard Sell

 — A mistress tries to get her slave to obey. by petmyhead06/20/193.98

Harem Country Ch. 01

 — A chauvinistic sex god is freed and sets his sights on a nun. by Tater_Chips03/29/164.57HOT

Harem Country Ch. 02

 — A chauvinist sex god makes a dark elf submit to masculinity. by Tater_Chips04/29/164.53HOT

Harem Country Ch. 03

 — A high priest enjoys his harem of a whore nun and a dark elf. by Tater_Chips06/16/164.66HOT

Harem Country Ch. 04

 — A fertile goddess is at the mercy of horny mortal soldiers. by Tater_Chips12/21/164.66HOT

Harry McLaurn's Lament

 — The Leprechaun, the Teacher and Bessie Babcock. by Drmaxc05/29/134.71HOT

Harvest Moon on Fe Lanmou Pt. 01

 — Two weeks. Singles only. The perfect escape for Fiona? by mypineapplestories04/17/194.54HOT

Harvest Moon on Fe Lanmou Pt. 02

 — The fun intensifies for Fiona... by mypineapplestories04/18/194.61HOT

Harvest Moon on Fe Lanmou Pt. 03

 — Fiona and Charlie give in to their desires. by mypineapplestories04/19/194.58HOT

Harvest Moon on Fe Lanmou Pt. 04

 — Charlie embraces her own desires. Fiona is confused. by mypineapplestories04/20/194.54HOT

Harvest Moon on Fe Lanmou Pt. 05

 — The girls get a massage. The masseuses make a mistake. by mypineapplestories06/18/194.60HOT

Harvest Moon on Fe Lanmou Pt. 06

 — A gang bang and secret discipling. by mypineapplestories09/04/193.64

Haunting of Palmer Mansion Pt. 03

 — The house ushers in new nightmares. A mother goes further. by rawlyrawls07/31/194.73HOT

Haunting of Palmer Mansion Pt. 10

 — History of the house revealed. A new power is born. by rawlyrawls01/04/204.79HOT

Having Fun Isn't Hard

 — Librarians will do anything to stop the creeps from fapping. by petmyhead10/13/184.04

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 01

 — A demon offers a deal to April. by Mesmeri05/20/084.62HOT

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 02

 — A demon offers a deal to April to have Faith. by Mesmeri05/21/084.64HOT

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 03

 — April's goal is getting closer. by Mesmeri05/23/084.61HOT

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 04

 — It's Faith's turn to have fun. by Mesmeri05/24/084.70HOT

Having No Choice in the Matter

 — Curious wife who craves more explores a fantasy. by JulieJ02/07/174.00

Hazy Daze

 — Emma is excited for a big sales event. by JukeboxEMCSA02/12/204.50HOT

He Blew Her Body and Mind Ch. 01

 — Fatal mutual attraction leading to mind control. by Ana_Ready02/08/144.00

He Blew Her Body and Mind Ch. 02

 — Fatal mutual attraction leading to mind control. by Ana_Ready02/12/143.78

He Broke Your Memory Last Night

 — A woman learns that she was hypnotized to forget. by JukeboxEMCSA07/10/194.56HOT

He Subjugates Deanna Again

 — Older man takes control of young wife again. by professor_cliff10/26/034.59HOT

He Taketh

 — He chooses a bride - and plays with her. by k3v1n4708/08/082.60

He Was A She

 — Try to find who you really are. by Mrs Spark02/10/052.15

He was Quite Specific

 — His description includes a lot of details. by ninebol06/18/184.61HOT

He was Right

 — A man's simple statements make Judy a very horny girl indeed. by ninebol06/03/18

He's The Greatest Writer

 — A terrible author finally receives some fanmail. by king_wesley03/20/074.22

Head Ahead

 — A hypnotic sex game gets a man all the BJs he's ever wanted. by PaulBeenisPatrol03/13/194.61HOT

Head Ahead Pt. 02

 — The hypnotic blowjob game returns... Now with titfucking! by PaulBeenisPatrol11/30/194.40

Head Games

 — Ian goes to game night, and gets played. by JukeboxEMCSA08/03/174.43

Head Games at School Ch. 01

 — Big man on campus gets a lesson in a new reality. by stephen5507/16/104.63HOT


 — A fashion photographer takes more than just pictures. by GeauxMama01/13/074.31


 — Wildrose and Sharpe are lured into the Technophile's trap. by JukeboxEMCSA07/17/114.42

Heart of the Forest

 — When three fugitives flee into an ancient, mysterious forest. by ImperatorMentus11/05/144.20

Heart of the Plan Ch. 01

 — Mesmeri’s plan is set in motion. by Mesmeri03/06/134.52HOT

Heart of the Plan Ch. 02

 — Emily shows Dawnstar a trick she learned from Mesmeri. by Mesmeri03/11/134.33

Heart of the Plan Ch. 03

 — Mesmeri's plan unfolds further, now catching Kathy as well. by Mesmeri03/15/134.46

Heart of the Plan Ch. 04

 — Mesmeri's trap closes in on Doctor Bell. by Mesmeri03/22/134.49

Heart of the Plan Ch. 05

 — Doctor Bell gets caught, can she escape? by Mesmeri03/29/134.26

Heart of the Plan Ch. 06

 — Doctor Bell managed to thwart Mesmeri's scheme, or did she? by Mesmeri04/05/134.62HOT

Heart Strings Ch. 01

 — Julie finds herself controlled by Sandra. by MissLisaJones10/11/114.51HOT

Heart Strings Ch. 02

 — Enchantment, or something more? by MissLisaJones10/14/114.73HOT

Heart Strings Ch. 03

 — Julie discovers the truth. by MissLisaJones10/17/114.73HOT

Heat of the Moment

 — Tom proposes to Margo on a magical night. by JukeboxEMCSA12/19/114.59HOT

Heather's Husbands Pt. 02

 — Her transformation in progress, whose slut should she be? by vickidawn10/24/184.31

Heavy Breathing

 — Holly can't get rid of an obscene caller. by JukeboxEMCSA04/29/164.49

Hedorah's Revenge Ch. 00-01

 — Hedorah will use females' bodies to plot his revenge... by Intorsus12/15/153.93


 — A young woman faces sinister forces. by vargas11109/24/103.78


 —  A step too far . . . by Andromeda705/02/133.73

Helen Ch. 02

 —  . . . and we are here. by Andromeda705/12/134.05

Hell Hath No Fury...

 — Ms. Claus has had enough of Santa's philandering. by red_headed_nymph12/25/063.77

Hello Pussy

 — Two hotties are age regressed by a trance master. by dennisclee12/30/093.83

Help Me Help You

 — A therapist helps her patient with her confidence. by LuvYouInStockings08/27/194.20

Help Me Help You Pt. 02

 — Susan convinces Miranda meet her therapist. by LuvYouInStockings09/22/194.65HOT

Helper's Gift

 — Phaedra gets a special gift from Santa's Helper. by cheerful_deviant11/18/054.64HOT

Helpful Whispers

 — Did he or didn't he help her fulfill her fantasy? by RedHairedandFriendly05/17/064.41

Helpless - The Bareback Club Meets

 — Mike submits in return for breakfast and boobs! by rangerlord107/15/154.26

Helpless Mike

 — Mike realises he is helpless. by rangerlord105/29/154.29

Henry Pt. 01

 — Henry needs a place to stay and his new roommate has it all. by writerightrite03/07/204.07

Her Coffee Slave

 — Erin and her friends are enslaved by the people they despise. by themanred10/18/164.24

Her Coffee Slave Ch. 02

 — Erin and her friends are subjected to humiliating ordeals. by themanred10/30/164.32

Her Coffee Slave Ch. 03

 — The new, degrading lives created for Erin and her friends. by themanred11/25/164.22

Her Erotic Vocal Inspiration

 — She finds inspiration for her story in a strange way. by myeroticvamp03/15/123.85

Her Fan for the Night

 — A rocker girl mind-bends a fanboy. by PulpWyatt08/17/174.20

Her Four O'Clock

 — Doctor gets a lesson in mind control. by uxb5704/19/024.32

Her Master's Voice

 — A flash story. by angiquesophie07/11/153.95

Her Position in the Industry

 — Modern woman finds her place in the financial world. by TRYTSTYN01/19/194.38

Her Science Project Ch. 01

 — John helps his roommate Jenny with her psych project. by jeb2202/23/144.27

Her Science Project Ch. 02

 — Jenny is so compelling. by jeb2204/17/144.57HOT

Her Science Project Ch. 03

 — Jenny allays Johns fears. by jeb2210/02/164.52HOT

Her Story

 — A woman's idle dream. by XtremeCSSA04/22/094.10

Her Word is Her Bond

 — After a successful mission, the true giver of orders appears. by mechan1106/02/174.59HOT

Here Comes the Rain Again

 — A hypnotic induction themed around spring rain. by JukeboxEMCSA04/23/124.37

Hero & Witch Pt. 01: A Hero Falls

 — A hero encounters and beautiful sorceress. by mechan1108/05/174.25

Hero & Witch Pt. 02: Witch's Mercy

 — Scryer recalls having Striker captive in her lair. by mechan1108/09/174.59HOT

Hero & Witch Pt. 03: Heroine Rise

 — A new player steps into the fold. by mechan1108/12/174.77HOT

Hero & Witch Pt. 04: Mind and Magic

 — The heroine Psiana comes face to face with Scryer. by mechan1108/15/174.69HOT

Hero & Witch Pt. 05.1: Heroine Falls

 — Preparations are made for heroism and magic to collide. by mechan1108/19/174.50HOT

Hero & Witch Pt. 05.2: Heroine Falls

 — The game is played, while the plot thickens. by mechan1108/22/174.83

Hero & Witch Pt. 05.3: Heroine Falls

 — Magical forces collide, and victor is decided. by mechan1108/26/174.17

Hi, I'm Jenny!

 — Jenny is going to tell you about a dream she had! by HonoursBoy10/28/174.52HOT

Hidden Talent Ch. 01

 — A young man realizes he has access to a woman's mind. by mxslicer02/15/034.39

Hidden Talent Ch. 02

 — The pleasures of oral sex. by mxslicer02/18/034.56HOT

Hidden Talent Ch. 03

 — The joy of sex. by mxslicer03/01/034.54HOT

Hidden Talent Ch. 04

 — Inviting Another. by mxslicer05/14/084.60HOTContest Winner

Hierarchy of Needs Ch. 01

 — Jacob finds a strange room with four filing cabinets in it. by PanWhoWrites02/23/194.36

High School Hypnotism Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old guy discovers hypnosis. by Zazbek01/08/024.53HOT

High School Hypnotism Ch. 02

 — Further adventures of the high school hypnotist. by Zazbek01/19/024.64HOT

High School Hypnotism Ch. 03

 — The continuing adventures of a high school hypnotist. by Zazbek01/31/024.66HOT

High School Powers Ch. 1

 — Dale re-discovers his powers. by cloud63406/29/013.66

High Stakes

 — Dr. Collington's Field Test. by darkchalice10/15/194.33

Hijacking Hypnosis Pt. 01

 — Young man discovers his hot coworker's secret to success. by LeRaconteur04/15/174.51HOT


 — Maria can't forget him, no matter how much she wants to. by lezzylover9703/26/174.10

Hip To Be Square

 — Sorority girls get brainwashed into being...smarter? by JukeboxEMCSA03/26/114.39

His Closure Plan

 — Sexy wife is seduced into drugs, sex, & dark places. by Erogenous Zone06/01/023.84

His Control Ch. 01 Pt. 01

 — Eric's gift of mind control takes a kinky turn... by AmethystMare01/21/204.43

His Control Ch. 01 Pt. 02

 — Eric's control grows, hypnotising his village and beyond... by AmethystMare01/22/204.39

His Control Ch. 02 Pt. 01

 — A threat is dealt with, mind control his sexual weapon... by AmethystMare01/23/204.65HOT

His Control Ch. 02 Pt. 02

 — The dwarves fall under Eric's control... by AmethystMare01/24/204.58HOT

His Eyes, Her Eyes

 — Two hypnotists duel to see who's going to top tonight. by JukeboxEMCSA02/04/174.39

His Girlfriend's Massage

 — Kara goes to her boyfriend's massage parlor. by tamedwolf00703/08/074.02

His Internet Submission

 — He's hypnotized over the internet. by hypnotize_me_please01/21/103.83

His Mysterious Voice Pt. 01

 — The mysterious voice in her head isn't her imagination... by anonywolf07/05/184.17

His Mysterious Voice Pt. 02

 — Training starts as Master's voice works wonders. by anonywolf08/28/184.22

His Quiet Power

 — She falls under his sexual spell. by bella2601/24/024.20

His Voice

 — Obeying his voice, unable to deny him. by lil pixie02/26/023.61

His Wish Ch. 01

 — College boy gets an erotic magic wish. by eljefe121308/17/053.79

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

 — Two telepaths duel over a pretty young college student. by JukeboxEMCSA04/16/114.52HOT

Hmm, I'd Do Her

 — A guy's thoughts get him into trouble. by HungryGuy07/11/034.18

Hollywood's Kittens Gone Astray Ch. 00

 — The beginning... by TwistedinU08/24/154.19

Hollywood's Kittens Gone Astray Ch. 01

 — When I learned that my power of suggestion was so much more. by TwistedinU08/11/154.09

Hollywood's Kittens Gone Astray Ch. 02

 — The saga unfolds. by TwistedinU08/18/154.36

Hollywood's Kittens Gone Astray Ch. 03

 — A couple years down the road. by TwistedinU08/19/154.10

Homecoming Hypnotism Ch. 04

 — Hypnotising his crueller grandmother into being his slave... by AmethystMare09/06/194.43

Homecoming Hypnotism Ch. 06 Pt. 01

 — Mark hypnotises and transforms the nuns for his kingdom... by AmethystMare09/27/194.11

Homecoming Hypnotism Ch. 06 Pt. 02

 — Mark takes the nuns to meet the other master... by AmethystMare10/02/194.29


 — Hypnotic file leads to erotic homework. by Lyrilen11/24/174.43

Homework Experiment

 — Foreign student uses drug to remove teacher's inhibitions by Scarcrow02/04/024.31


 — A honeymoon encounter changes her marriage forever. by EscribeDominus12/14/164.13

Hong Kong

 — Business in Hong Kong can be surprising. by sportybush08/15/123.96

Honoring My Father's Last Words

 — Samuel took to heart his father's last wishes. by fgmntfmgnshn01/27/164.19

Hopelessly in Lust

 — Is there anything I wouldn't do for him? by sweet_lusciousdesire04/02/134.12

Horseroot Tea Ch. 01

 — A recipe for tea, a Ponyboy is created. by gmikeisbad08/17/113.78

Hose For The Holidays

 — After hours upon hours of driving on the interstate... by jman_bigdaddy12/10/174.09

Hostile Takeover

 — Carl encounters some unorthodox negotiating tactics. by channel_pressure12/09/144.20

Hot Blooded

 — One of Diane's triggers is broken...or is it? by JukeboxEMCSA11/03/104.49

Hot for Teacher

 — A young man is hypnotized by his former teacher. by ZTVFemdomtales03/24/174.14

Hot for Teacher - Hypnosis App

 — A chubby, nerdy young man hypnotizes his blonde teacher. by Setokaiva02/11/194.41

Hotel Hijinx Pt. 01

 — 4 best friends go on a trip they'll never forget. by Daisy_x06/01/184.16

Hotel Hijinx Pt. 02

 — Four best friends go on a trip they'll never forget. by Daisy_x06/13/184.30

Hotel Ste. Dominique

 — Where men's cocks stay hard and women dominate. by Thring05/22/074.50HOT

Hotter with a Blue Bonnet on it

 — A woman seeking the interview of a lifetime finds more. by SaddleRider03/07/174.25

Hotter with a Blue Bonnet on it Ch. 02

 — A woman seeking the interview of a lifetime finds more. by SaddleRider03/29/174.59HOT

Hotter with a Blue Bonnet on it Ch. 03

 — A woman seeking the interview of a lifetime finds more. by SaddleRider03/30/174.55HOT

House of Love Pt. 01

 — If you say it right, they will believe anything. by twistedsickmind03/25/154.52HOT

House of Love Pt. 02

 — If you say it right, they will believe anything. by twistedsickmind03/27/154.27

House of Love Pt. 03

 — If you say it right, they will believe anything. by twistedsickmind04/02/154.30

House of Love Pt. 05

 — But if you say it wrong... by twistedsickmind10/23/164.67HOT

House Viewing

 — What's real and what's not? by sussexswitch03/28/124.33

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 01

 — A naughty game goes wrong. by StoryTeller0701/27/134.36

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 02

 — Florence is in desperate trouble. by StoryTeller0702/07/134.34

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 03

 — Sent Home. by StoryTeller0706/01/134.34

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 04

 — Candy gets her way. by StoryTeller0706/25/134.38

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 05

 — Loses her freedom and gains a mother. by StoryTeller0708/06/134.51HOT

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 06

 — Florence escapes the family life. by StoryTeller0708/23/134.49

Housewife Bimbo Ch. 07

 — Florence is passed to another randy guy. by StoryTeller0708/07/154.33

How a Rock Changed My Life

 — Rough encounter with meteorite gives him new powers. by Parkerjay7701/25/084.44

How Does One Describe Control?

 — Power isn't forceful; it's unyielding. by EndlessSilk07/13/164.53HOT

How I Became a Masseur

 — Learning the ropes and had fun with my aunt. by NightwatchAU02/01/184.26

How I Became a Masseur Pt. 02

 — The fun continued and dad shared his rules. by NightwatchAU02/12/184.28

How I Became Mayor Ch. 01

 — He creates a device that controls women's minds. by notnaive06/07/054.24

How I Became Mayor Ch. 02

 — He gets a real estate agent to help him move. by notnaive06/08/054.37

How I Became Mayor Ch. 03

 — Looking for a new house, he gets bored. by notnaive06/19/054.39

How I Became Mayor Ch. 04

 — His house is sold. by notnaive06/20/054.46

How I Became Mayor Ch. 05

 — Moving Day, part 1. by notnaive07/01/054.46

How I Became Mayor Ch. 06

 — Moving Day, part 2. by notnaive07/02/054.52HOT

How I Became Mayor Ch. 07

 — Dirty politics and Jill's first time anally. by notnaive07/28/054.49

How I Became Mayor Ch. 08

 — He needs a personal trainer. by notnaive10/04/054.55HOT

How I Fucked The Newsreader

 — Seducing and fucking the TV newsreader. by th4308/15/104.07

How I Landed My Girlfriend

 — College nerd gets the beauty as a girlfriend. by fgmntfmgnshn10/29/134.32

How I Was "Bagged" & "Mounted"

 — Naive mother goes nude. by Hot37yrgal07/26/033.97

How It Ended - Laurence & Ma Duck Ch. 02

 — A Psycho-Sexual Study. by GrafStamphaus02/16/194.33

How It Ended - Laurence & Ma Duck Ch. 03

 — A Psycho-Sexual Study. by GrafStamphaus01/26/205.00

How My Day Was

 — Troy tells Julie how he met their new friend. by TMaskedWriter07/01/163.90

How Not To Embellish A Resume

 — Zoe pays the price from lying on her resume. by king_wesley07/13/103.98

How To - Staff Satisfaction/I Suck Ch. 01

 — Trish becomes a full time sucker. by lappsink12/13/174.00

How to Get a Raise

 — Man is offered a raise, but has to work for it. by AlexisPeignoir08/06/143.80

How to Get the Best from a Girl

 — The good Doctor Black, puts hypnosis to good use. by DrBlack91904/10/184.22

How to Stop Mind Control

 — Bill takes matters into his own hands. by pinkliver06/30/183.02

How to Train a Lover

 — Jon's new powers turn Anna from friend to fuck-buddy. by 1209jjj10/09/114.46

Human Android Ch. 01a

 — Anne is mistaken for an android. by StoryTeller0709/12/114.33

Human Android Ch. 02

 — Professor Anne is found out. by StoryTeller0709/13/114.55HOT

Human Android Ch. 03

 — Professor Draper goes back for more. by StoryTeller0709/22/114.47

Human Android Ch. 04

 — Anne at a college party. by StoryTeller0709/22/114.47

Human Android Ch. 05

 — Anne faces a dire future as an android. by StoryTeller0710/20/114.39

Human Android Ch. 06

 — Anne escapes to the country. by StoryTeller0711/06/114.53HOT

Human Android Ch. 07

 — The professor is subjected to Uncles friends. by StoryTeller0711/21/114.53HOT

Human Android Ch. 08

 — The professor becomes a giggly bimbo. by StoryTeller0712/30/114.52HOT

Human Android Ch. 09

 — Anne is driven by a need and is caught out. by StoryTeller0701/15/124.45

Human Android Ch. 10

 — The professor becomes a gang whore. by StoryTeller0702/16/124.55HOT

Human Android Ch. 11

 — Her daughter takes over. by StoryTeller0702/25/124.49

Human Android Ch. 12

 — All packed for a trip. by StoryTeller0703/21/124.35

Human Android Ch. 13

 — Waking into a new life. by StoryTeller0705/05/124.46

Human Android Ch. 14

 — Awkward situation in college. by StoryTeller0706/22/124.54HOT

Human Resources

 — Revenge goes awry. by mc_ellen02/25/033.72

Humiliating Scarlett

 — A party leads to an unexpected surprise. by Edge2301/15/064.16

Hungry Like the Wolf

 — A Victorian supernatural werewolf murder mystery. by JukeboxEMCSA01/08/134.52HOT

Hunny Bunny

 — Honey goes for a walk and gets lost in the best way. by taking_you_deeper01/18/203.90

Hypno Hotel

 — Misty’s undergoes some light rewiring. by TheDoktorofMadness03/03/193.44

Hypno Hubby

 — She wants a better sex life, her way. by GforGraham02/13/203.76

Hypno Legs

 — Falling into the trap of a gorgeous woman. by vietnamvet05/30/183.48

Hypno Slaves

 — A friend's wife and his girlfriend do his bidding. by pleasantlymanifest11/18/123.98

Hypno Slaves Ch. 02

 — Jack meets Amy's friend Jill, an Amazon woman in every sense by pleasantlymanifest05/28/144.16

Hypno-Deep Throat

 — An intro to the bi side via unintended hypnosis. by Bixplorer09/29/134.53HOT


 — Jena gets a helping hand in hypnosis. by Mrhypnosis01/11/094.28


 — A resort features erotic hypnosis. Tim loves it. by masterhypnotist12/02/024.63HOT

Hypno-Slave Initiation for Women

 — A hypnotic induction for submissive women craving control. by Boratus11/18/163.91

Hypno-Submission of Jenny Ch. 1

 — Boss uses hypnosis to probe her. by emma_sub01/29/014.65HOT

Hypno-Submission of Jenny Ch. 2

 — Jenny takes a test in the office. by emma_sub03/04/014.70HOT

Hypno-Submission Pt. 01

 — A college girl can't stop watching a hypnotic video. by Boratus01/08/204.78HOT

Hypno-Tryst Ch. 01

 — A very clever woman snares her man, maybe. by Hatsuda03/17/094.40

Hypno-Tryst Ch. 02

 — Her man plots his own snare. by Hatsuda11/26/094.49

Hypno-Tryst Ch. 03

 — One situation resolved; another appears. by Hatsuda01/08/104.54HOT

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