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Much Taboo about Nothing Ch. 03

 — After cutting the grass, he trims the bush. by The_Darkness08/07/054.37

Much to Allison's Surprise

 — A young wife and mother discovers she still has it. by Paradox08/23/144.50HOT

Much to Love

 — Heavy-set girls show older man he hasn't lost it. by JimBob4405/13/174.77HOT

Muffin MILF

 — An older divorced mum discovers a dark secret admirer. by wife2hotblk02/09/094.16

Multi-tasking Momma

 — Busty lady shares her expertise with new accounting firm. by Barb36D09/12/054.66HOT

Multiple Plots

 — Multiple timelines with an amazing climax! by earlyFinish09/21/173.54

Multiple Units #103

 — Older BBW teaches young man how to please a woman. by JimBob4404/16/194.39

Mum and the Rude Optician! Ch. 02

 — Mom goes back and sells herself again. by cuckoldbob09/16/123.90

Mum's Church and Charity Work Ch. 04

 — Jen Becomes The Bishops Mistress. by Jack110711/09/194.48

Mum's Church and Charity Work Ch. 06

 — Jack has Jen Liz and May after the fashion show. by Jack110711/13/194.49

Mum's Divorce Ch. 01

 — Jack breaks up with his girlfriend then dates her mum. by Jack110710/20/194.25

Mum's Divorce Ch. 02

 — Jacks having sex with his ex-girlfriend's Mum. by Jack110710/22/194.41

Mum's Divorce Ch. 03

 — Jack is fucking his ex-girlfriend's Mum. by Jack110710/25/194.41

Mum's Friend Made Me Into a Man

 — She makes her son's friend into a man. by Hailstorm2802/19/124.42

Mum's Friend Made Me Into a Man Ch. 02

 — Alex & Jessica's relationship continues. by Hailstorm2802/05/134.25

Mum's Friends Ch. 01

 — Older woman attracted to young business man. by Jack110705/09/184.27

Mum's Friends Ch. 02

 — Older woman attracted to young businessman. by Jack110705/10/184.52HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 03

 — Mature woman are attracted to young businessman. by Jack110705/11/184.55HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 04

 — Mature Women are Attracted to Young Businessman. by Jack110705/12/184.49

Mum's Friends Ch. 05

 — Mature Women are Attracted to a Young Businessman. by Jack110705/13/184.57HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 06

 — Young business man attracts mature women. by Jack110705/16/184.45

Mum's Friends Ch. 07

 — Young business man attracts mature women. by Jack110705/17/184.52HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 08

 — Young business man attracts mature women. by Jack110705/18/184.58HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 09

 — Young business man attracts mature women. by Jack110705/20/184.57HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 10

 — Mature Women are Attracted to a Young Businessman. by Jack110705/21/184.54HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 11

 — Young business man attracts mature women. by Jack110705/22/184.59HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 12

 — Young business man attracts mature women. by Jack110705/24/184.50HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 13

 — Young business man attracts mature women. by Jack110705/25/184.54HOT

Mum's Friends Ch. 14

 — Young business man attracts mature women. by Jack110705/26/184.52HOT

Mum's Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — Jack flirts with his mum's girlfriend. by Jack110706/03/204.33

Mum's Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Jack Fucks His Mums Girlfriend. by Jack110706/07/204.52HOT

Mum's The Word

 — Anger turns hot towards ex's Mom. by footshrimper03/18/024.24

Mumbai Helen

 — Guy has wild sex with 18-year-old schoolgirl. by Bandra09/18/064.39

Mums Best Friend Ch. 01

 — Jack flirts with his mum's best friend. by Jack110704/14/214.30

Mums Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Jack Fucks His Mums Best Friend. by Jack110704/18/214.46

Muscle Man Alpha Male in The House

 — Weightlifting strongman moves in with my MILF mom and I. by I_Love_MILF01/05/193.83

Muscle Maturity Ch. 01

 — By request - mature gent meets muscular lady of his dreams! by KatieTay01/19/194.66HOT

Muscle Maturity Ch. 02

 — By request - Relationships grow stronger with age. by KatieTay03/16/194.58HOT

Museums Large Endowment

 — Curator undresses for grant. by TonyMA7002/12/183.79

Music & Coffee

 — Married woman finds satisfaction at the symphony. by rebeccasymphony10/03/034.51HOT

Must Love Dogs

 — A lost dog brings love to a lonely widow. by komrad115604/14/164.65HOT

Mustang Jenn

 — While the kids have a pool party, the adults play, too. by Bankshot195709/03/094.23

My 70th Birthday Gift

 — An oral fantasy comes true. by bbold03/11/044.33

My Absolutely True GILF Encounter

 — The sexiest oldest woman I've ever had was one of the best! by milfleglover05/22/114.27

My Addiction

 — A mature woman with her younger lover in a room. by Kalimaxos10/10/204.09

My Adventure with Beth

 — An independent, strong willed mature woman. by shyguymb12/16/134.04

My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 11

 — Martin, Mary and Ruth. by WirdSmiff12/19/194.63HOT

My Affair with Morag

 — He dates a girl some fifteen years younger than himself. by skip.6905/20/074.58HOT

My Alter Ego Dirty Old Man

 — My sexy neighbor likes to play. by lovelyladyfaire05/07/144.65HOT

My Appetite for Youth

 — She lusts after you, a man half her age. by Madam-Cecilia10/31/024.08

My Aunt's Elderly Husband

 — Fiona seduces her aunt's husband. by ADOM07/29/124.19

My Awakening Sexuality

 — I am becoming aware of the sexual beast within me. by angel_6907/14/094.58HOT

My Babysitter, My Desire

 — He's seduced by beautiful babysitter. by blndEE03/05/044.25

My Babysitter, My Desire Ch. 02

 — Why can't he get her out of his mind? by blndEE03/12/044.27

My Backyard Pool

 — Co-ed enjoys his pool. by The Style Guy06/16/114.46

My Barista: Off Sight

 — Having my new barista away from home. by Azuldrgon04/22/094.36

My Barista: Requiem

 — Updating what happened to our coffee lover. by Azuldrgon04/15/094.48

My Beautiful Blond on the Beach

 — An older man meets a younger woman and offers his help. by oldhippie194904/15/094.35

My Beautiful Maid

 — Maid teaches Chris how to bathe. by juta05/09/043.94

My Beginning!

 — Beginning with my Wedding! by pttyjones04/10/114.20

My Best Friend and My Mother

 — 18 year old fucks his best friend's lonely mother. by l0rdleg0las04/01/144.36

My Best Friend's Dad

 — Lacy gets it on with her friend's dad. by BabydollCop6902/20/024.44

My Best Friend's Dad

 — Teasing her friend's dad has fun consequences. by SweetlilMallory07/11/083.90

My Best Friend's Dad

 — Tiffany finally gets her chance to have him. by SexyJennay6901/28/094.45

My Best Friend's Dad

 — Fantasizing about her best friend's dad is no longer enough. by ScarlettSays02/20/174.45

My Best Friend's Dad

 — Tiffany enjoys a day with her best friend's father. by Elysse_deChamps05/30/194.51HOT

My Best Friend's Dad Ch. 01

 — How I fall for him and we ...! by sammican104/13/134.19

My Best Friend's Dad Ch. 02

 — Another night, another encounter - where will this one lead? by ScarlettSays04/10/174.70HOT

My Best Friend's Daughter

 — Sexy coed seduces old family friend. by Layne Bryant II02/14/044.48

My Best Friend's Father Ch. 01

 — Sophie and her best friend's father get close. by sophiewilliams12/19/094.29

My Best Friend's Father Ch. 02

 — She thought is was all over. by LolaScott10/10/034.57HOT

My Best Friend's Father Ch. 02

 — The morning after Sophie wakes up and... by sophiewilliams01/11/214.52HOT

My Best Friend's Father Ch. 03

 — He takes her home. by LolaScott11/22/034.55HOT

My Best Friend's Father Ch. 04

 — A crowded New Years Party didn't stop him. by LolaScott02/15/044.49

My Best Friend's Father Ch. 05

 — When it's hot, its hot! by LolaScott02/21/044.58HOT

My Best Friend's Girl

 — A visit to his best friend's house heats up. by jonquixote06/07/014.07

My Best Friend's Hairy Mom

 — What disgusted my buddy excited me. by Madabouthair01/08/134.53HOT

My Best Friend's Hot Mom

 — Young stud bangs MILF in all 3 holes during hot summer day. by silkstockingslover08/21/144.43

My Best Friend's Husband

 — Candy takes care of the husband while friend is gone. by jenny506/26/05

My Best Friend's Husband

 — Divorced neighbor spanked by best friends husband. by Kelly190009/13/174.16

My Best Friend's Husband. Ch. 01

 — A true story of betrayal and lust by calibigirl07/27/144.39

My Best Friend's Mom

 — Joey get his chance with Mrs. Towers' secretary. by ilovematurewomen11/18/024.37

My Best Friend's Mom

 — Mark gets laid by one hot mama. by hawk2601/08/034.06

My Best friend's Mom

 — Lucky guy makes it with a hot mom. by JMiller6902/05/074.49

My Best Friend's Mom

 — Enjoying sex with my best friend's mom. by shekar0105/08/183.89

My Best Friend's Mom

 — I never meant to fall for her. by LexxRuthless01/21/204.80HOT

My Best Friend's Mom

 — I fall in love with my best friend's mom, will she love me? by soldier4_102/11/20

My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 01

 — Paul teaches Dave's mom a thing or two. by angelfeathers01/16/044.46

My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 01

 — What happens when your best friends mom sees you naked. by m_storyman_x09/30/134.75HOT

My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 02

 — Joey welcomes Mrs. Towers home. by ilovematurewomen12/29/024.35

My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 03

 — Joey, Mrs. Towers and Mrs. Baker. by ilovematurewomen11/29/084.36

My Best Friend's Mother

 — Sexy older lady shows him the facts of life. by Love Me Tender06/16/013.99

My Best Friend's Mother

 — Taking a chance with Chase. by badmanmoose06/30/064.37

My Best Friend's Mother

 — An 18 year old lad is taught a few lessons on sex. by Friskee_cpl07/20/104.53HOT

My Best Friend's Mother

 — An unlikely meeting between two people. by TexasLoveStories01/30/144.27

My Best Friend's Mum Ch. 01

 — How I spent time with my best friend's mum. by maoam02/24/213.86

My Best Friend's Mum Ch. 02

 — How I spent time with my best friends mum. by maoam02/28/214.22

My Best Friend's Mum: Alice

 — Luke need's to finally satisfy his need for Alice. by Typhokinetic01/22/154.06

My Best Friend's Son

 — College kid lusts after his mom's best friend. by michchick9805/02/074.48

My Best Friend's Son Ch. 01

 — Margaret falls for her best friend's hunk of a son Jake... by youngstuds4me02/01/204.35

My Best Friends Father Ch. 01

 — Erika visits with her BFF and is attracted to Becky's father. by _Kushiel_11/09/114.34

My Best Friends Mom

 — Would friend's mom make his dreams come true? by Foxee Browne12/16/064.28

My Best Neighbor

 — Relations between a young man and mid-aged lady. by newcome111/02/043.39

My Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

 — Meeting a pro wrestler, I become his next opponent. by angel_6910/01/104.52HOT

My Big Milking Tits

 — A woman in her mid 50s with baby has large lactating breasts. by jon.hayworth06/05/174.28

My BIG, PHAT AZZ Summer Pt. 01

 — Synopsis: 80s era taboo affair with my mom's best friend. by mondotoken04/25/134.36

My Big-Titted MILFs Ch. 01

 — Kevin fucks Ellie, and told that Aunt Janis plans to visit. by MischievousKevin08/31/134.33

My Blonde Goddess

 — Mature bi guy and young bi girl have wild weekend and more. by LegendInMyOwnMind02/24/184.62HOT

My Boss

 — Horny older boss makes him work overtime. by philogynist5408/28/044.32

My Boss

 — Old female boss, younger male assistant. by tallone12303/25/164.52HOT

My Boss

 — Gets straight into hard core sex, good to masturbate to! by desireddog11/22/163.11

My Boss

 — Young wife and mother is seduced by her boss. by TeamEquipe08/02/194.39

My Boss Banged Me In Office

 — Flirting turns into boss banging younger assistant. by JRob03/29/164.19

My Boss Ch. 02

 — Who would believe what else happens. by tallone12304/14/164.63HOT

My Boss Ch. 03

 — My boss and another one added to my list of older ladies. by tallone12306/11/164.60HOT

My Boss Sue

 — A night of passion with my much older boss. by o123oleary02/22/074.48

My Boss, My Friend, My Lover

 — Marissa finally gets older man of her dreams. by PlayfulRomantic09/16/054.48

My Bosses' Halloween Party

 — One 18yo Latina maid for one married man. by boredcagedwife10/16/204.25

My Boudoir Photography Exploits

 — My first time posing for a calendar. by raiderdrm05/11/164.26

My Boy Toy...

 — Picking up my son's old friend from a bar. by HisDirtyLittleSlut11/11/144.40

My Boyfriend's Dad

 — She dreamt of being fucked by her boyfriend's dad by schoolgrrl08/24/084.47

My Boyfriend's Dad & I Ch. 01

 — The event that started it all. by littlehomewrecker06/24/144.52HOT

My Boyfriend's Dad & I Ch. 02

 — I was determined to have Mike again. by littlehomewrecker09/19/144.55HOT

My Boyfriend's Dad...And Me

 — His Dad shows her what sex is all about. by Imme2607/27/064.54HOT

My Boyfriend's Dad...And Me Ch. 02

 — Jack teaches Kath the delights of anal sex. by Imme2608/04/064.42

My Boyfriend's Dad...And Me Ch. 03

 — Kath now fucks her boyfriend's brother as well. by Imme2612/04/064.61HOT

My British Mother in Law

 — Starting a relationship with my older British mother in law. by bensbest6205/10/204.42

My Buddy's Mom

 — He has eyes for a mature woman. by standingstones12/23/134.32

My Bully Breaks Bed Fucking My Mom

 — College football bully fucks my MILF mom hard while I watch. by I_Love_MILF02/08/193.90

My Busty Aunt Rebecca

 — Went to my aunt's house to fix her laptop... by whoisnormal77711/16/203.89

My Chinese GILF and Surrogate Mom

 — How I met my Chinese GILF and surrogate mother. by kaptainandre03/20/164.48

My Chinese GILF and Surrogate Mom Pt. 02

 — Japan Trip. by kaptainandre09/21/164.23

My Chinese GILF and Surrogate Mom Pt. 03

 — My Chinese GILF is insatiable. by kaptainandre03/05/174.29

My Christmas Party Started It All

 — Our Christmas Party liaison was times two! by Cleevedreams02/21/194.50HOT

My Christmas Star

 — He saw what others didn't. And they hated him for it. by MSTarot11/29/174.84HOTContest Winner

My Church Lady

 — Turn of events together young man & Pastor's wife. by Writeman06/23/014.53HOT

My Class Teacher

 — Class teacher fucked by his student. by shekar0101/04/183.67

My Cosette

 — Retiree on holiday meets a young vixen. by lovin6906/15/074.52HOT

My Cougar - Finally!

 — Having my way with a beautiful woman in her prime! by theouroboros06/05/114.11

My Cougar Roommates

 — A young man shacks up with older, more desperate, women. by KennyCumBuckets06/04/164.56HOT

My Cougar Tale

 — I took her car and her both for a test drive. by Boomerjr3401/14/154.09

My Crazy Neighbor

 — Handyman has a crazy neighbor. by midnightdeathwriter07/09/114.17

My Creamy Caribbean Vacation

 — GILF's otherwise lackluster vacation takes a hot new twist. by milfleglover11/24/134.00

My Cricket Mate's Mum Ch. 01

 — Virgin cricketer scores with his mate's mum. by mangrove jack05/26/034.69HOT

My Cricket Mate's Mum Ch. 02

 — She accomodates him on the kitchen floor. by mangrove jack06/11/034.65HOT

My Cricket Mate's Mum Ch. 03

 — Macho footballers wife takes Dave at drive-in by mangrove jack07/02/034.72HOT

My Cricket Mate's Mum Ch. 04

 — Dave scores with long legged Janine by mangrove jack08/04/034.69HOT

My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour

 — Young stud lives out long standing fantasy with neighbour. by Merobaldo8003/27/204.34

My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour Pt. 02

 — Sexual relationship ramps up and causes housemate envy. by Merobaldo8004/09/204.51HOT

My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour Pt. 03

 — Intense Jacuzzi sex and hot 3some with mature neighbour. by Merobaldo8004/20/204.54HOT

My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour Pt. 04

 — Breaking a deal with my mature temptress. by Merobaldo8005/31/204.68HOT

My Dad's Friend, Damian Pt. 01

 — She just turned 18 & gets her 1st orgasm from dad's friend. by Hexxxcat01/03/214.03

My Dad's Friend, Damian Pt. 02

 — We're almost caught, I blow my BF & give Damian a show. by Hexxxcat01/07/214.26

My Dad's Friend, Damian Pt. 03

 — Damian plays with me all day during an outing with my family. by Hexxxcat01/22/214.56HOT

My Dad's Friend, Damian Pt. 04

 — Dad's friend Damian keeps me on edge of orgasm for hours. by Hexxxcat04/16/214.60HOT

My Darling Denise

 — From Second Life to real life. by aubrey170101/10/174.32

My Darling Denise Ch. 02

 — Real life is so much better than Second Life.... by aubrey170107/12/174.61HOT

My Darling Denise Ch. 03

 — Tom has Denise all wrapped up.... by aubrey170107/23/174.57HOT

My Daughter in Law's Problem

 — He arranges to pay off son's gambling debts. by TopGun11507/11/014.47

My Daughter Set Me Up

 — Seeing her sucking changed me. by L8ly7503/12/194.40

My Daughter's Best Friend

 — New boarder is not boring. by eros70104/27/044.32

My Daughter's Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Will Cindy's doubts end the romance? by eros70105/06/044.56HOT

My Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend

 — She has fun with her daughter's leftover. by sexygirl7608/05/084.38

My Daughter's Fiance

 — I just couldn't resist. by soncurious09/14/084.06

My Daughter's Friend

 — Looking for Sex Lessons. by bruce4902/03/084.14

My Daughter's Friend

 — Camping with my daughter's hot college friend. by ssdallins04/08/104.34

My Daughter's Friend

 — She becomes my private nurse. by lashanda12/02/114.10

My Daughter's Friend

 — My daughter's sexy friend shows up and has nothing to do... by CeciliaBernadette02/20/153.97

My Daughter's Friends Ch. 1

 — She was 19 and needed his help. by billyt9836610/04/014.31

My Daughter's Hot Friend

 — Don't give a young girl a lift home! by chopperuk07/26/013.99

My Daughter's Lover

 — Mother can't resist daughter's man. by XxxKittiexxX12/18/024.41

My Daughter's Sex Buddy

 — A MILF gives a young man great sex. by kornslayer06/03/133.97

My Day

 — A conservative house wife is over come with lust. by Markdown7202/05/133.82

My Day With A Toy Boy In The Sun

 — Teasing my neighbour's son. by ianbornscots05/12/134.17

My Days at St. Mary

 — He'll do anything for his job. by Charles Petersunn07/05/074.72HOT

My Days with Yamini

 — The lust to satisfy a mature woman to the fullest. by Matureluv05/02/203.91

My Dear and Darling Dad

 — A special Christmas message from Leslie Blue. by LeslieBlue01/05/064.29

My Dearest Nora

 — An older widower finds love and fantastic sex again. by oldbob6805/23/174.68HOT

My Devil Son's Innocent Girlfriend

 — He opens a world of pleasure for son's girl. by LaPatitMort06/29/094.60HOT

My Dirty Diary

 — What I did....Shhhhhh! by TantaliseandTease08/24/104.21

My Discovery

 — An offer of a massage leads to much more. by LivelyShot09/24/094.46

My Divorced Neighbor

 — Recently divorced Mom turns to the bottle and her neighbor. by bronston2208/24/104.34

My Dominant Woman

 — How I became a submissive to an older woman. by jrmwriter7207/14/164.08

My Earliest Fantasy

 — His English teacher rewards his efforts. by Wahoos100010/31/044.61HOT

My Education Ch. 01

 — A fantasy fulfilled ... completely. by NicholasTemplar11/08/074.81HOT

My Education Ch. 02

 — The fantasy becomes reality on his birthday. by NicholasTemplar01/09/084.85HOTContest Winner

My Education Ch. 03

 — Moving out. by NicholasTemplar07/03/084.85HOT

My Education into the World of Sex

 — Young man's training to meets ladies' sexual needs. by kingswede08/12/064.30

My Education into the World of Sex Ch. 06

 — Learning more each day. by kingswede09/03/064.52HOT

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