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Every Orgasm

 — Young woman in bed recalls her sexual experiences. by seductionsong10/26/073.95

Every Other Saturday

 — My twice a month ritual. by Nina2706/27/214.08

Executive Decisions: Sick Day

 — Not coming to work doesn't mean she's not coming. by Kalypso12/24/044.07


 — Exercise, daydreams, dildo, 6’ pole equals enjoyment. by SexSweetheart05/28/063.67

Expanding Horizons Ch. 03

 — Widowed Neighbor Brought into our adventure. by longingforhome11/21/204.21

Experiment with Vibrator at Mall

 — I practiced using a remote control vibrator. by Ginger_Sun05/20/144.36

Experimented with Anal

 — Sexually frustrated girl masturbates trying anal. by Racqel10/04/094.12

Experimenting with Penny Ch. 02

 — Penny and I continue trying new things along with the old. by muffin92809/13/124.49

Exploration After Inspiration

 — Inspired by yours truly, a new jerking off experience. by ilovebananas03/19/20


 — Thoughts about a Scottish woman. by MindPortal01/31/133.20

Exploring in the Attic

 — Anything can be a sex toy if you're horny enough... by poolside10/06/174.03

Exploring Megan Ch. 1

 — Megan's parents leave on a cruise. by bonzob3406/01/014.03

Exploring Megan Ch. 2

 — Megan gets hungry for a banana. by bonzob3406/02/014.21

Exposing Cindy: The Workers Ch. 03

 — The butterfly vibrator - a night on the town. by cindyexposed06/14/144.48

Exquisite Experiments

 — A wizard's apprentice learns a naughty new spell. by LindseyLuv09/07/194.64HOT

F.A.M.S. Addiction - Testimonials

 — BSI's line of denial products are reviewed. by Justwords04/10/194.29

F.A.M.S. Addiction and Recovery

 — Couples enjoy BSI's new line of denial products! by Justwords03/08/194.44

Face Time

 — Bored at work. by BubbleBerry04/25/143.95

Facebook Complications Ch. 03

 — An email from Melanie heats things up. by CinT01/16/124.21

Fair Trade

 — A woman waits for the words of her remote lover by HenryGatewood05/04/143.90

Fair Trade

 — Mutual j/off by strangers helps them satisfy their hunger. by CeasarBoobage07/12/144.33

Fantasies of a Beautiful Day

 — Years after A Beautiful and Magical Day, Donna has dreams. by PeoriaDan12/08/123.07

Fantasies, Fantasies, Fantasies

 — The mind can take you wherever you want to be. by Arianna Lee08/31/054.06

Fantasizing while Masturbating

 — A woman talks about her morning and how she masturbates. by Mysteria2704/25/173.99


 — What she does when she thinks of you. by katlin696910/10/054.28


 — Tale of a man's fantasies. by mpknight12/24/053.50

Fantasy Fingers

 — Masturbation fantasy after a phone message. by IrishGrl07/01/034.00

Fantasy in the Shower Ch. 01

 — Jim lets off steamn a hot shower. by drokk1607/15/093.25

Fantasy Lover

 — A sensual dream so real she makes love to her dream lover. by Raena04/18/133.06

Fantasy Lovers

 — He didn't resist when she crouched in front of him and began. by BradCarson09/01/054.00

Fantasy Masturbation

 — Melanie shares her fantasy as I masturbate for her. by jashe05/17/144.21

Fantasy or Obsession

 — She can't stop thinking about the sexy cashier. by jo50308/17/083.00

Fantasy or Obsession Ch. 02

 — Public masturbation kinks it up a notch. by jo50310/15/083.69

Far from Home

 — Lonely wife is too horny to sleep. by lace mayhem01/13/013.93

Farm Girl's Fun

 — Naomi has to masturbate in the barn. by SweetPrettyAss11/20/064.33

Farmyard Frolics

 — Farmyard fun with a twist. by pjd6605/10/184.12


 — Why would she use a vibrator when he's available? by meganmurphy03/12/014.25Editor's Pick

Fat Sharon's Fun Alone

 — Hairy BBW Pissy Solo Pleasure. by JulesEngland09/08/18

Fat Sharon's Solo Bathroom Pleasure

 — SSBBW Pleasures Herself: WS. Hairy. by JulesEngland03/01/183.95

Fathers Orders Pt. 03

 — Kelly enjoyed a private moment. by Craptastic_Invalid09/23/214.32

Favor for a Friend Ch. 02

 — You fight your attraction to your friend. by Jenna Grey04/22/044.53HOT

Feathers & Hot Oil

 — Couple savors oil painting with feathers. by Pussy Willow04/04/033.79

Feel Better, Baby?

 — Missing you leads to phone fun. by SexxKitten1811/30/044.20

Feeling a Little NASTY Tonight

 — I am feeling nasty as hell and want to get off. by Xtacyincin08/14/094.00

Feeling a Little NASTY Tonight Ch. 02

 — Feeling nasty again and I wants to get off. by Xtacyincin08/22/094.37

Feeling the Burn

 — Household objects get a new use. by kaleidoscopeyes08/02/153.99

Female Masturbation, Japanese Style

 — A young Japanese-American gets a Seikan massage. by Powerone04/27/064.62HOT

Female Sexual Response Internship Ch. 02

 — A coed participates in a study of Female Sexual Response. by astuffedshirt_perv06/17/124.47

Female Sexual Response: Subject 326

 — Psych major agrees to participate in a research study. by kianareeves02/15/094.64HOT

Female Sexual Response: Subject 334

 — Part Two: college student takes part in research study. by kianareeves02/20/094.64HOT

Female Sexual Response: Subject 337

 — Part Three: college girls are forced to orgasm for research. by kianareeves02/23/094.52HOT


 — Ryan trusts his girlfriend and his roommate. by IsoldeLovesTristan07/22/054.20

File Explorer

 — Rebecca discovers her work friend's horny secret. by LewdScribe11/15/204.50HOT

Filipina Hot Wife in Training

 — Filipina wife fucking a black dildo. by voyager_8609/16/08

Filled to Capacity

 — I may be small, but I can stretch pretty far. by minxyfoxy07/30/124.11

Film School Ch. 01

 — Meghan's senior project is a bit different. by The_Darkness08/14/044.22

Filthy Talking Friend

 — His ex’s best friend becomes his dirty talking slut. by Big Gunz12/17/084.36

Finally Home

 — Her hot story brought him to orgasm. by DeepTouch09/19/023.90


 — Beating off with that hot girl from college. by Steve198007/11/143.65


 — Student eases the end of semester pressure. by SlyKitten06/07/054.17

Finals Week

 — Young couple shares mutual masturbation & more. by highpowererot01/05/074.12

Finding Peace After War

 — She crossed the gangplank. by tristianc03/04/123.71

Finding Serenity

 — Serenity discovers herself in more ways than one. by princessdany06/17/14

Finding the Perfect Fit

 — Guy goes to ABS looking to sate his anal curiousity. by GoodBiCuriosity04/22/204.63HOT

Finding the Perfect Fit Ch. 02

 — Toys are one thing but now it's time for the real thing. by GoodBiCuriosity09/30/204.57HOT

Finding the Perfect Fit Ch. 03

 — Self doubt leads to an oral encounter with the opposite sex. by GoodBiCuriosity12/10/203.78

Finding Truth

 — The pleasures of tantric orgasm. by jones bros01/31/082.83

Finger Frustration

 — She finds a new way to achieve orgasm. by lustful_wonder06/29/084.11

Finger Fucked to First Full Orgasm

 — She brings her secretary to her first orgasm. by Kay-Dee08/08/054.51HOT

Fingers by the Pool

 — Marian gets herself off with her fingers. by Boxlicker10110/13/054.01

Finishing School - Episode 01

 — In which Mrs Castlewick's students have their first lesson. by The_inspector_and_the_fish12/27/124.04

Finishing School - Episode 02

 — In which Fletcher gives a demonstration for the class. by The_inspector_and_the_fish01/07/134.09

Finishing School - Episode 03

 — In which Diana practices the art of manual stimulation. by The_inspector_and_the_fish01/16/134.40

Fiona Finn - Fine Gold, AK

 — Musician accommodates a fan, again. by boo5609/28/094.25


 — Waiting for her lover, her thoughts turn inward. by Velvetlicious10/31/064.33

Fire & Ice

 — An erotic tale of teasing that brings her to orgasm. by passionpdx08/31/014.02

First Glimpses

 — He gets a first view of something longed for. by Brave Maximus07/01/074.36

First Name Bases

 — Meeting a boyfriend's dad has never been so exciting. by LaNiqueS04/02/204.06

First Photo Op

 — Mary finds another way to masturbate. by Mairi11/13/044.37

First Strap-on Experience

 — This hetero male learns how it feels to be a woman. by BrutusBuckeye03/28/044.27

First Time in Public Ch. 01

 — His first public masturbation. by artphootmike12/12/053.92

First Time Online

 — A newly single woman discovers the joys of cyber sex. by ltlfoxyridr01/06/164.15

First time with a Friend

 — Fiona shows Bobbie how her new toy works. by tk555508/07/123.78

First Time with a Guy

 — First time I saw a guy masturbate. by hblocalgrl01/22/144.55HOT

First Time with Viagra

 — Writer documents using Viagra for the first time. by jim_bo88801/26/123.63

First Year Frustrations

 — Sexually frustrated coed adjusts to dorm life. by storyteller_anon09/30/103.96

Fitbutt Debut

 — A new anal wearable you can't live without. by yowser03/06/174.26

Fleshy Femme Fatale

 — Woman discovers her boyfriends fleshlight. by lankyzor04/30/134.10

Flight 109

 — She develops a love of flying. by HippieDyke05/04/054.16

Flight Plan

 — Twist to Allison's flight plan makes the trip worthwhile. by Decayed Angel03/03/064.06

Float Therapy Session

 — Her float therapy session has a surprising end. by secretsanddesires03/28/204.24

Floating in a Sea of Cock

 — A wife gives her man a morning handjob and a fantasy. by Kiss_The_Snake02/18/144.38

Flying First Class

 — A dream flight. by sinnersedge04/22/054.00

Flying While Flying

 — Mile high masturbation. by Peara05/27/083.91

Fogging the Mirror

 — She fantasizes about you in the shower. by Karmenlee07/16/014.17

Following His Instructions

 — Drew's voicemail pushes Sophie to masturbate as she drives. by Nipplesandknickers02/23/154.07

Following His Instructions

 — Following his instructions through a screen, and cumming. by Madisonlive02/25/213.78

Following His Instructions Ch. 02

 — Sophie learns under Drew's guidance. by Nipplesandknickers12/10/154.00

Food Fetish

 — Lesbians enjoy some fruits, vegetables, and each other. by LibertyBelle08/13/024.41

Football Practice Ch. 02

 — Extra time. by Cliff1103/04/113.97

For Anonymous

 — A woman alone. by passionmaster12/20/023.95

For Her Viewing Pleasure

 — Sexy handplay while she remains tied. by BlueEyesInLevis04/12/064.22

For Him

 — She agrees to perform for him & enjoys the results. by secretdrms09/08/064.31

For His Entertainment

 — We had to settle for the next best chat. by ForeverAngel09/05/104.66HOT

For Horny Submissive Women

 — Do you like to follow orders? by Shhhh06/12/044.06

For Kay

 — Command performance masturbation show. by boo5605/29/123.75

For My Wife

 — A story his wife wanted him to write. by petezoom04/14/053.95

For Valentino

 — A late night fantasy of you. by Silversiren07/04/074.43

For Xstacyincin

 — A little mutual masturbation. by NoahBody12/18/094.40

For Your Cock

 — A woman describes her masturbation session to her pen pal. by Bridesmaid07/18/124.51HOT

For Your Viewing Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Holly needs to unwind after a stressful day. by charles_dickenpussy08/05/164.36

For Your Viewing Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Aiden gives Holly a sexy gift. by charles_dickenpussy08/12/164.57HOT

Forbidden Filming

 — Married man films his would-be lover masturbating. by peachesncreamy04/14/094.11

Forbidden Fruit

 — She is married. So is he. But she can't stop fantasizing. by stokeclaji01/02/194.40

Foreign Fluids

 — They enjoy enhanced mutual masturbation. by papadog04/06/043.86

Forest Frolic

 — Engaged couple watch each other masturbate in the forest. by Scott_Harper08/14/084.24

Forget Romance

 — Single woman treats herself to a new toy for Valentine's Day. by sophia jane01/22/064.40

Forgetting Clayton Ch. 01

 — What's she to do with late-working husband? by dissolvedgirl06/05/044.10

Forty-nine Candles... Ch. 02

 — Reality comes calling... by Tara Cox09/02/144.08

Found My Boyfriend's Toys

 — Watching my boyfriend play with his ass. by sdiwantit11/02/184.51HOT


 — Online couple partakes in mutual masturbation. by FamiliarEnough08/31/08

Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 06

 — Good Vibrations! by LuckyBastard1308/21/064.40

Frank, Penny, and The Vibrator

 — Wife sucks husband as he uses a vibrator on her. by snerpyloo05/30/133.89


 — Two freshmen find out they're the only girls at a frat party. by sounderotica07/08/213.44


 — Meet her special friend Fred. by Erotica_Writings06/10/044.12

French THIS!

 — Teacher masturbates in diner with student. by LitEroCat12/11/074.28

Freshman Week Ch. 04.0: Dorm Life

 — Young coed finds a way to deal with her unrequited crush. by CommonSenseMedia06/26/204.56HOT

Freyja Inc. Ch. 02

 — Shea asks Trish for help. by Texas_law_man04/21/084.68HOT

Freyja Inc. Ch. 04

 — Shea's training begins. by Texas_law_man05/01/084.58HOT

Friday Afternoon Playtime

 — A girl whiles away the afternoon with porn and toys. by SundaeGirl7103/10/154.21

Friday Morning Shower

 — In his absence, she finds a way to remember. by simply_cyn09/27/054.35

Friday Night

 — Date Night. by clarissaj198205/26/164.19

Friend's Sister Surprises Dev

 — Selva's sister wants Dev. by kamaladevan06/28/043.76

Friendly Neighbor Assistance Call Ch. 02

 — Therese and the Neighbor work on Getting her off. by amandak92107/29/214.35

Friends with Benefits Ch. 03

 — Ben and Jenna - more of how they became roommates. by PurpleButterfly10/21/094.22

Friends with Benefits Ch. 04

 — Ben and Jenna - their lives as roommates. by PurpleButterfly10/29/094.10

From a Boeing 747

 — She started by reading over his shoulder. by TheEarl03/16/034.43

Frozen Pleasures

 — Kara enjoys some alone time with her new sex toy. by PrincessErin08/23/124.01

Frozen Treat

 — She has fun with a new toy. by cabin_fever10/23/074.19

Frustrated House Wife

 — Neglected wife takes matters into her own hands. by mlady_france05/17/054.12

Frustrated Husband

 — Lonely and frustrated but still have needs. by MY284702/25/092.69

Frustrated Husband Tries to Connect

 — What can he do to excite his wife? by Angel49708/27/213.96

Frustrated Wife Seeks Orgasms

 — A product tester needs money and an orgasm. by Thinking_Outloud02/23/164.08

Fuck Her - A Love Story? Ch. 02

 — Two couples become lovers. by joefixette03/12/084.21

Fuck Me Time

 — Play session turns into fuck session. by AmbersSexyLove11/25/124.03

Fuckin' Grapefruit

 — Marie and Randy and the Flora in their kitchen. by clarissaj198206/06/164.06

Fucking Ava Ch. 02

 — After being interrupted, Emily thinks about their encounter. by peach_07/06/114.22

Fucking Fairytales: Goldilocks

 — Breaking in to find the sex that's just right. by ViridianLibrarian11/19/184.58HOT

Fucking Little Fuckers

 — A little self pleasure with ben wa balls. by DiyanaGalanis05/22/184.39

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