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 — The first in a series of our journaled experiences. by MCTX12/11/083.95


 — First time swapping. by AmateurPop10/04/184.35

Sharing - Our First Threesome

 — We help the neighbor and she helps us. by caintuck02/14/133.90

Sharing a Bed

 — Real estate convention leads to opening of marriage. by balboa_rain12/28/103.58

Sharing a Blowjob

 — Hubby arrives late to their first sex party. by easysex05/12/114.15

Sharing A Friend

 — He shares a mate's wife. by 06/20/024.18

Sharing a Room

 — Loving couples unexpectedly share a hotel room. by pjhale12111/12/124.43

Sharing a Room Ch. 03

 — The couples show off for each other. by pjhale12111/20/124.44

Sharing Alexis

 — Wife enjoys familiar faces & brand-new cocks. by DrMick07/11/074.35

Sharing Amy

 — Husband shares hot wife with good friend. by TheStinger06/09/154.63HOT

Sharing Anna

 — Husband watches wife experience her first threesome. by dan0904/02/094.28

Sharing Asian Wife Ch. 01

 — Story of the first time my wife went on a date. by VAISFORLOVERS07/26/154.16

Sharing Ch. 01

 — So they decide to share - Sven's open relationship. by Sven the Elder01/27/034.13

Sharing Ch. 02

 — Lisa view of sharing her husband. by Violit11/04/114.25

Sharing Chrissy

 — A beautiful wife gets a permanent hall pass. by SimonLeBonMot06/07/174.00

Sharing Clare Ch. 01

 — Night of discovery leads to a wife sharing experience. by JappyOnHeat02/20/164.62HOT

Sharing David's Wife

 — His wife's fantasy is about to come true. by ladyphoenix04/30/034.39

Sharing Dawn Ch. 01

 — A couple go dancing looking for stranger to have sex with. by rodryder4402/10/194.09

Sharing Diane

 — Husband gives his wife to a friend and gains a slut. by MarlinPerkins09/16/024.27

Sharing Fantasies

 — Married couple share sexual fantasies. by luvs_hot_wives03/04/094.06

Sharing for the First Time

 — My wife takes care of a friend in need. by KevinandNina12/27/134.14

Sharing Friends

 — Two married couples spend a night together. by djgoodhit12/25/014.15

Sharing Gwen

 — Gwen's hubby arranges sex with another man. by Gwenshubby12/07/194.29

Sharing Her Past

 — My wife shares a past encounter sending me over the edge. by erotichusbandfantasies06/03/173.89

Sharing Her Warmth at 10,000 Feet

 — Hotwife shares more than a blanket on a flight to Vegas. by MrCassidy7309/14/143.77

Sharing His Endowment

 — A bishop and his wife have ritualistic Mormon temple sex. by Slc1000007/15/164.05

Sharing His Wife

 — His wife wanted two cocks, glad they found me. by HarryJobs05/01/093.98

Sharing Hubby Ch. 1

 — Hooters waitress has big plans for hubby's birthday. by Veronica Sweet05/02/024.37

Sharing Hubby Ch. 2

 — Husband gets an amazing birthday present. by Veronica Sweet05/03/024.47

Sharing Indian Wife Ch. 01

 — Shy Indian Wife shared by Cuckold Husband. by cooolcaat09/07/133.66

Sharing Is Caring

 — Becoming a cuckold. by classynsensual03/04/144.03

Sharing Is Caring

 — A story in three scenes. by griart07/19/144.20

Sharing is Caring - Couple Journey

 — The sweet desires of a sensual wife and her husband. by casalcomlindaesposa01/06/184.39

Sharing is Caring: A Literotica Special Event

 — Enjoy these sharing-themed tales from your favorite authors! by Literotica12/03/18

Sharing Janet

 — He and Fred ravish his wife. by Lacadie10/16/004.10

Sharing John Ch. 01

 — Couple share intense fantasy that leads to more. by RedRooster200401/20/064.28

Sharing Julie

 — Straight A student, loving girlfriend, frat boy's play toy. by FinleyReed12/20/134.11

Sharing Karen Again

 — Karen's female boss wants her bad. by hotstuffinNH12/28/014.33

Sharing Karen Again and Again

 — Setting up my wife to be used by teenagers. by hotstuffinNH10/01/024.40

Sharing Karen While She Sleeps

 — He shares Karen with the boy next door. by hotstuffinNH08/24/024.32

Sharing Kate

 — A wife gives a husband a birthday treat. by jack422110/15/104.19

Sharing Katie Pt. 01

 — Beginnings of a hotwife marriage. by takemyhotwife10/13/164.33

Sharing Katie Pt. 02

 — Part two of a hotwife journey. by takemyhotwife10/14/164.47

Sharing Kim

 — He wants to share his wife with his best friend. by E.Z.Riter08/10/024.35

Sharing Lily with Will

 — Enjoying her first time so much, she wants seconds. by damooseg06/06/164.22

Sharing Love Can Be Tough

 — A tiff can be tough sometimes. by erosdon01/19/142.87

Sharing Megan

 — My wife plays along with my fantasy. by Granolaboy7111/24/134.49

Sharing My Asian Wife Ch. 01

 — How I got my asian wife to let me watch her fuck another guy by MARRIEDN0TDEAD06/28/134.38

Sharing My Asian Wife Ch. 02

 — The second time my Asian wife was shared. by MARRIEDN0TDEAD06/29/134.40

Sharing My Friend's Wife

 — Marie has sex with another man while her husband watches. by OG4U09/23/174.50HOT

Sharing My Girlfriend and Wife

 — Guy shares girlfriend, gets married, continues to share. by NerdySex01/22/183.99

Sharing My Love Ch. 1

 — Husband sets wife up on a date. by me395703/15/014.37

Sharing My Love Ch. 2

 — Horny wife can't stop herself. by me395703/16/014.32

Sharing My Lovely Wife Pt. 01

 — The story of the love of my life, Nikki. by Bigjoerimmer01/01/203.85

Sharing My Lovely Wife Pt. 02

 — Continuing adventures with my lovely wife. by Bigjoerimmer01/04/203.63

Sharing My Lovely Wife Pt. 03

 — Continued adventures with Nikki. by Bigjoerimmer01/08/203.46

Sharing My Lovely Wife Pt. 04

 — The final chapter of my life with Nikki. by Bigjoerimmer01/11/203.12

Sharing My Name - and My Wife

 — He shared my name - and fucked my wicked wife by Jeremy104/07/103.71

Sharing My Shy but Blindfolded Wife

 — UK husband has plans for shy lady. by Dave53805/03/054.39

Sharing My Shy Wife

 — Wife seduced by friend. by bizarre_m01/03/193.15

Sharing My Slut

 — He decides to share his slut with one of her ex's. by Domma02/24/034.19

Sharing My Slut Ch. 02

 — Sharing continues as she proves her love. by Domma02/28/034.17

Sharing My Wife

 — Wife opens the door for three college guys. by chatter1234511/03/063.99

Sharing My Wife

 — His second wife loves to be shared. by ElbisChudo02/13/084.35

Sharing My Wife

 — A married couple live out their fantasy of MMF. by MickNeighbor08/02/094.36

Sharing my Wife

 — An overview of my relationshipm with my slut wife. by Mr_Boston02/10/103.90

Sharing My Wife

 — I shared my wife with an egostisical guy who pounds her. by milfwife08/24/144.20

Sharing My Wife

 — Loving wife fucks my co-worker! by Liketoshareher09/22/144.00

Sharing My Wife

 — Friend Jeremy & wife Carol are now sex partners. by Zebedeeboingboing10/14/153.95

Sharing My Wife

 — A couple experience their first sharing with two mature men. by SamSpeck02/13/184.03

Sharing My Wife

 — Fun first during a vacation. by crookedspinster12/04/164.01

Sharing My Wife - The First Time

 — Wife agrees to fuck a photographer at our home. by Consenting_Husband06/04/154.09

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 01

 — A gangbang for my hot wife... and me... by Syzoth07/11/174.57HOT

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 02

 — Mandy is ready for 1-on-1 fun, starting with her boss... by Syzoth07/12/174.48

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 04

 — Rendezvous the gym with the big cock Amanda's been craving. by Syzoth07/23/174.41

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 06

 — Running up a sweat with yet another lover... by Syzoth08/15/174.46

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 08

 — Amanda's healing begins with help from our hot neighbors... by Syzoth10/14/174.52HOT

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 12

 — Swapping sexy wives during a romantic weekend getaway... by Syzoth09/20/184.47

Sharing My Wife Ch. 01

 — The only guy she'd consider was his old friend. by Kenny999004/21/094.10

Sharing My Wife Ch. 01

 — The first time it happened. by Dilligaf54811/16/174.27

Sharing My Wife Ch. 02

 — He watched, fascinated. by Kenny999004/22/094.22

Sharing My Wife Ch. 02

 — Carol & Jeremy change the rules. by Zebedeeboingboing11/25/153.26

Sharing My Wife Ch. 02

 — A planned meeting ends up a threesome. by Dilligaf54801/27/184.26

Sharing My Wife for the First Time

 — The first time another man fucked my wife, while I watched. by DooMyWife203/01/094.47

Sharing My Wife for the First Time

 — My fantasy of sharing my sexy wife with other men. by LuvShowinHerOff04/20/104.38

Sharing My Wife Jen

 — Jen enjoys a complete stranger at a wedding reception. by milfwife11/18/154.22

Sharing My Wife Joy With Some Friends

 — He had her dress in short shorts. by leglvr4407/12/074.06

Sharing My Wife Liz

 — A husband shares his wife for the first time. by midwestmomlvr08/24/074.42

Sharing My Wife Liz Ch. 02

 — Husband listens to story of his wife's recent encounter. by midwestmomlvr04/15/084.37

Sharing my Wife: A Camping Trip

 — Did she or didn't she? Fun square dancing & camping. by robertl10/21/163.79

Sharing my Wife: A Fun Dance

 — We run into a friend at a square dance. by robertl12/09/164.30

Sharing My Wife: Date with Ginger

 — I finally go on my date with high school crush. by robertl11/09/164.16

Sharing my Wife: Ginger & Eric

 — Sharing an evening with Ginger and Eric. by robertl11/23/164.24

Sharing my Wife: Her Trip to Vegas

 — Shaun takes Michelle to Las Vegas. by robertl11/03/163.88

Sharing my Wife: My Date Continues

 — The continuation of my date with my high school crush. by robertl11/12/164.26

Sharing my Wife: Night with Shaun

 — Another night with Shaun. by robertl11/20/163.94

Sharing my Wife: Our Next Adventure

 — We both return home and discuss our future. by robertl11/17/163.90

Sharing my Wife: Some Surprises

 — My wife drops a couple bombshells on me. by robertl11/01/163.83

Sharing my Wife: The Stripper

 — Michelle begins her new part time job. by robertl10/26/164.18

Sharing my Wife: The Stripper Pt. 02

 — Another night at the club and after. by robertl10/29/164.34

Sharing Myself After the Party

 — Having a threesome with my husband and a friend. by equs6410/24/094.11

Sharing Our Fantasies Ch. 01

 — He wanted to see her with another woman. by Robert33101/11/164.00

Sharing Pt. 01

 — I arrange to share my wife with a stranger. by BrokenUnicorn09/23/183.84

Sharing Pt. 02

 — The seduction proceeds with my wife giving him a blowjob. by BrokenUnicorn09/24/183.76

Sharing Pt. 03

 — The seduction of my wife is complete as we take him to bed. by BrokenUnicorn09/25/184.05

Sharing Roni Ch. 01

 — An accidental exposure leads to erotic adventure. by WallyTacker01/02/184.43

Sharing Roni Ch. 02

 — Young Wife enjoys being seen by others. by WallyTacker01/11/184.54HOT

Sharing Roni Ch. 03

 — Wife strips for Husband and two friends. by WallyTacker01/27/184.52HOT

Sharing Roni Ch. 04

 — Loving Wife fulfills her Husband's fantasy. by WallyTacker03/13/184.63HOT

Sharing Roni Ch. 05

 — Wife takes husband's fantasy to the next level. by WallyTacker02/16/194.41

Sharing Roni Ch. 06

 — Husband overcomes concerns of sharing his wife with friends. by WallyTacker08/13/194.22

Sharing Sara, My Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 02

 — Sara touches her group of voyeurs. by CalDreamer11/16/074.43

Sharing Sara, My Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 03

 — Sara fucks her group of voyeurs. by CalDreamer11/17/074.37

Sharing Sarah

 — A young lady who likes to please men. by fungun66601/16/203.61

Sharing Shelly Pt. 01

 — Husband agrees to share his wife. by CandyToes6910/14/144.22

Sharing Sheridan Ch. 01

 — Husband shares wife at swing club. by Girl Friend11/28/073.47

Sharing Sherry with Friends Pt. 01

 — Sherry and Mike look to try swapping with friends. by The Big Bopper08/03/174.44

Sharing Sherry with Friends Pt. 02

 — The big swap night arrives, will it be four in one bed? by The Big Bopper08/09/174.51HOT

Sharing Sherry with Friends Pt. 03

 — Mike & Sherry could come to enjoy this swapping caper. by The Big Bopper08/17/174.39

Sharing Sherry with Strangers

 — Mike and Sherry raise the stakes in their open marriage. by The Big Bopper09/04/174.35

Sharing Sisters

 — Couple helps her rsister regain her confidence. by sharedhousewife11/21/074.17

Sharing Sonya

 — Sharing my Indian wife Sonya with coworkers. by DCcouple02/14/093.81

Sharing Submissive Slut Wife

 — Quest to find Dom to help me train my sub wife. by texasreb136905/07/084.00

Sharing Susan

 — Married couple invite a friend to join them. by steverl06/30/184.48

Sharing Susan Ch. 01

 — Couple is reawakened when they meet a stranger on the road. by 35_mwm_fantasy01/12/134.46

Sharing Susan Ch. 02

 — James finds the courage to invite Ray to share. by 35_mwm_fantasy07/22/134.26

Sharing Susan Ch. 03

 — Ray phones Susan and James listens. by 35_mwm_fantasy07/23/134.35

Sharing Suzanne with Her Husband

 — The true story of a personal ad and a VERY horny hotwife. by StryTellr02/17/134.34

Sharing Suzanne with Her Husband Ch. 02

 — Solo Date: Suzanne's husband lets me take her out. by StryTellr02/25/134.38

Sharing the Bride

 — A new bride has an erotic tryst with her new brother-in-law. by threeman4508/09/124.15

Sharing the Experience Ch. 1

 — Man concocts elaborate plan for his wife. by Longshanks01/29/014.27

Sharing the Jacuzzi Ch. 01

 — Exhibitionist wife gets locked out. by docBlue03/03/054.37

Sharing the Jacuzzi Ch. 02

 — The neighbor gets a MUCH closer look. by docBlue04/03/054.41

Sharing the Jacuzzi Ch. 03

 — Cindy gives the neighbor something to remember. by docBlue04/29/054.39

Sharing the Punjabi Wife

 — American man shares his lovely Indian bride. by tesao01/30/023.75

Sharing the Same Husband

 — Current and former wives add to vacation fun. by sirhugs05/20/054.39

Sharing the Sauna

 — He shares wife with a friend on a ski trip. by docBlue02/06/054.41

Sharing The Wife

 — Couple brings others into their bed by Kenny999004/20/023.97

Sharing The Wife...

 — He shares drunken wife with an Englishman. by eric_31003/13/014.06

Sharing Time

 — A new black lover for James Mistress. by MistyMorgan10/06/033.98

Sharing Tina

 — He shares his wife for the first time. by Clansmansco07/19/054.20

Sharing Tina Ch. 02

 — Tina's birthday. by Clansmansco08/08/054.03

Sharing Toys

 — Wife sends house guest into my bed. by txjohn48911/17/124.29

Sharing Wife on Second Night

 — Second night with husband and his best friend [MFM] [Wifeshare] by GBM196602/09/194.11

Sharing Wifey with Her Ex-colleague

 — Wife shared with her Ex-colleague on a surprise night. by Dudez_00712/24/192.87

Sharing with a Friend

 — Another story of sharing my wife with other men. by LuvShowinHerOff10/23/124.29

Sharing Z

 — Z becomes a shared wife for the first time by Z and Larson03/04/034.44

Sharon and Tim

 — What he doesn't know won't hurt him. by sharojoe11/24/053.00

Sharon's Affair

 — A wife's first affair and her husband watches. by Mordrig12/19/074.28

Sharon's Climb to the Top

 — Olivia's revenge from Sharon's point of view. by OliviaFantasy06/25/143.77

Sharon's Last Prom

 — Teacher loses her way at Prom. by AliHomeygrass05/06/153.71

Sharon's New Workout

 — Happily married wife gives in to temptation. by Reshbod04/22/033.82

Sharon's Reclamation

 — Later, at home... by pearlescentoon02/04/163.30

Sharon's Surprise Fantasy Gangbang

 — Wife & hubby plan gangbang. by David Wolfgang10/17/004.16

Sharyn is Going to be a Big Star

 — Wife gets involved in production. by MrNonSequitur07/23/173.56

Sharyn is Going to be a Big Star Ch. 02

 — The Director invites my wife to a party full of Studs. by MrNonSequitur08/02/173.59


 — Husband struggles with the aftermath of a cheating wife. by Azpiri04/07/114.14


 — He doesn't react the way she expects. by ohio06/28/123.73

Shattered Ch. 02

 — Steve uncovers more of his wife's infidelity. by Azpiri04/12/114.17

Shattered Ch. 03

 — Steve confronts his wife and finds resolution. by Azpiri04/19/114.37

Shattered Crystal

 — Husband reacts to wife’s adultery. by StormX04/11/104.17

Shattered Paradise

 — Husband and wife duped on vacation. by lecturer42705/05/133.48

Shattering Crystal

 — Wife becomes Crystal to explore sexy fantasies. by KingBandor06/03/194.21

Shattering Crystal Pt. 02

 — Angie comes home and tries to save her marriage. by KingBandor06/09/194.40

Shattering Crystal Pt. 03

 — Angie's lies catch up and hubby has enough. by KingBandor06/21/193.67

Shave Switch

 — Mark and Jerry switch places on a blindfolded Lily. by baxternz10/11/144.31

Shaving Private Ryan

 — He winw back his wife and saves her from being razed. by belab03/06/033.18

Shay and Sheena

 — Wife and her Girlfriend enjoy a night together. by Jeremy Davis06/12/063.93


 — More of my usual. by Just Plain Bob05/26/194.09


 — He uses her like a whore, and watches others do the same. by William DuPayne03/30/04

She Believes Me Now

 — Stranger demonstrates his lust for my wife. by unclecrusty08/01/103.79

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 01

 — She bounced from the gutter and fell lower. by vastiesmith10/19/054.09

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 02

 — It was just a blowjob. by vastiesmith10/22/054.21

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 03

 — She moaned as she held her lover. by vastiesmith10/25/053.74

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 04

 — Her affair continues. by vastiesmith10/29/054.12

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 05

 — With Bud away, she enjoys more sex. by vastiesmith10/30/054.20

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 06

 — The end of Ann's story and a new life for Bud. by vastiesmith11/02/053.95

She Brings A Stranger Home

 — Hot wife teases restrained husband. by PhilFantasy07/09/023.08

She Came By For Her Things

 — She couldn't resist a rerun. by magichands12/19/014.17

She Came By For Her Things Ch. 2

 — Revenge was the wrong word. by magichands12/24/014.07

She Came By For Her Things Ch. 3

 — She was a different woman now. by magichands12/31/013.65

She Came Home Early

 — His wife makes a video while he watches. by elia_cdl02/25/063.59

She Came In Thru A Bathroom Window

 — A marriage on the rocks and a niece in trouble. by Harddaysknight03/23/094.46

She Cheated with Her Ex Ch. 01

 — A conversation with my friend about his wife. by luedon01/16/203.00

She Cheated with Her Ex Ch. 02

 — A conversation with my friend's wife. by luedon01/18/202.97

She Cheated, Now What?

 — Her cheating lit the fire of his revenge. by charleybear07/12/064.23

She Cleans The Rooms

 — Motel owner watches wife submit to customers. by elia_cdl09/14/064.15

She Comforts Me

 — A promiscuous girl comforts her boyfriend. by oaky09/05/123.58

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