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"And to all a Good Night!"

 — When Santa's away, the elves will play. by EdgarPleaseCain11/26/123.32

"Best Wife Ever!" 12 Days of Sexmas

 — Wife plans 12 sexual adventures for herself & husband. by silkstockingslover11/30/114.69HOT

"Boom!" Archive Through Part 20

 — Chapters. by midorigreengrasses10/23/191.25

"Boom!" Archives Two

 — Archived chapters from "Boom!" by midorigreengrasses11/06/191.33

"Clueless Bob" Gets Clued In

 — Revenge is a dish best served cold. by Hooked195711/17/174.35

"For Better or Worse!"

 — Infidelity. by carvohi11/25/154.25

"Forever in My Heart" Pt. 01

 — A man, woman, a girl. by carvohi05/25/174.40

"Forever in My Heart" Pt. 02

 — Madeline, Chelsea, and Colton move on. by carvohi05/26/174.72HOT

"Forever in My Heart" Pt. 03

 — The story continues... by carvohi05/29/174.58HOT

"Forever in My Heart" Pt. 04

 — I'll love you forever... by carvohi06/01/174.35

"Here's to Fun."

 — Bill neglects his wife, so Jim fills in at the golf course. by DamnedDirtyLies03/28/13

"Hey Honey..."

 — A very sexy wife's deepening sexual adventures! by enjoy98701/28/134.24

"Honey, Can I?"

 — Oh shit was right. by magmaman09/10/153.82

"In Cold Blood" Pt. 01

 — This is the first of three parts. by carvohi11/01/164.12

"In Cold Blood" Pt. 02

 — Women; they're all crazy. by carvohi11/03/164.31

"In Cold Blood" Pt. 03

 — "The only easy day was yesterday." by carvohi11/05/164.29

"Myra's Little Book Shop"

 — Infidelity! and Infidelity? You decide. by carvohi08/31/164.11

"Ready? For Adventure?"

 — Dessa uses her Hall Pass and returns home for more. by SamsonX01/03/183.07

"Rewritten" Passionate Encounter

 — Story of a loving wife Bella Austin. by Midnightstories201506/18/153.60

"So How Come...?" Debs Asked

 — Just curious I guess. by magmaman07/23/133.66

"Teresa" after the Dinner Party

 — Wife takes four. by TxRowdy06/06/114.32

"The Stain"

 — Just a little misunderstanding. by carvohi06/10/164.16

"The Worm Doth Turn"

 — N.B. Forrest said it, "Want to win? Put A Scare in Em!" by carvohi03/19/154.42

"Tradimento" - Italian for Betrayal

 — Will a long term betrayal be avenged? by imhapless12/10/164.44

"We really did that, discuss!"

 — A new television, digital recorder, and a (fun) loving wife. by wonderful02/09/183.45

"What could be the harm in that?"

 — Oh, the choices we make. by ragnarok105/19/194.46

"With This Ring...."

 — My wife is a slut.... by aadirtyoldmaninphx111/20/173.60

"Your Married Crush"

 — Heather has an intervention for her obsessed client. by HawkerDeHavilland11/14/192.01NEW

$20 Million Ch. 01

 — A tale of the difference money makes. by all_or_nothing10/23/023.62

$20 Million Ch. 06

 — Rick has had enough. by all_or_nothing01/19/033.47

'As if' Gerald

 — Late-night truth or dare leads to wife staying out all night. by fbknight01/01/123.17

'Goode' Neighbors

 — George's wife gets much too 'close' with the neighbors. by BillandKate10/17/194.51HOT

'High' Jacking

 — Hot wife enjoys a big-dicked stranger on a red-eye flight. by LisaRains01/29/114.20

'Notes' of Thanks

 — A lonely wife gives love and more. by P4U01/03/073.52

'Sleeping' Husband

 — A husband, pretending to sleep, is used by his wife. by Ray198411/08/153.99

'Tales from the Orient'

 — Life of a beautiful young married English woman in Singapore. by RashomanSingapore02/10/183.60

'Tales from the Orient' Ch. 02

 — Further adventures of English wives in Singapore in 1969. by RashomanSingapore02/14/183.72

'Tales from the Orient' Ch. 04

 — I've just come home and Dee is explaining what happened... by RashomanSingapore04/18/183.66

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

 — Busty young wife serves naughty Santa fresh mother's milk. by TittyBlonde11/29/084.39

(She's A) Ho! Ho! Ho!

 — This holiday package gets unwrapped a little early. by Rusher12/15/013.91

(Take) a Walk on the Wild Side Ch. 01

 — They spice up their life by joining a swingers club. by Mag5808/30/084.34

...And Stay There!

 — Two friends and a girl who makes trouble. by BigK1004/10/114.48

...To Forgive Divine

 — A short story about a marriage in trouble. by Magicidan01/12/164.44

00065 Ryan and Margolis Ch. 01

 — An uncanny matchmaker. by Tarbut07/08/113.40

1+2 LOL Lounge Ch. 01

 — Dominant comic seduces cuckold couple. by RogueDom01/31/113.41

10 Days With T

 — Why I'm the luckiest son of a bitch in the world. by N2TsAss07/18/063.91

100% Pure Sex Ch. 01

 — A conservative couple is seduced on the French Riviera. by fliperotica09/04/144.62HOT

100% Pure Sex Ch. 02

 — Susan and Matt are drawn into further sexual exploration. by fliperotica11/27/144.61HOT

100% Pure Sex Ch. 03

 — A blast from the past - the adventures continue back at home. by fliperotica12/07/154.49

100% Pure Sex Ch. 04

 — Matt helps another couple while Susan tests her limits. by fliperotica05/29/164.38

1000 Miles of Sex

 — Wife takes team driving to a third level. by Silverback505001/15/093.99

1002 Ways To Serve A Whore Wife Ch. 01

 — She has her way with her hubby. by Anal Slave02/22/053.93

101 Jobs To Do

 — Bruce suspects wife's infidelity. by English Bob09/01/003.30

10:30 Slut Express

 — Jack joins Annie & Bill on a train journey. by English Bob12/14/004.12

10th Anniversary Ch. 01

 — A hot tub encounter changes anniversary plans. by monkeytail1010303/27/163.86

10th Anniversary Ch. 02

 — My wife continues with Tommy. by monkeytail1010303/30/164.08

10th Anniversary Ch. 03

 — I make my wife start to come clean. by monkeytail1010304/01/163.78

10th Anniversary Ch. 04

 — The anniversary revelations continue. by monkeytail1010303/09/173.27

120 Seconds

 — Digital camera adds to their sexual enjoyment. by NORSAGE01/24/043.90

13 Chestnut Street

 — Paul's uncle leaves him an odd bequest. by English Bob12/02/003.87

13 June Ch. 01

 — A wife gives her hubby a special birthday gift every year. by Krystal069008/09/144.12

13 June Ch. 02

 — A wife gives her hubby a special birthday gift every year. by Krystal069008/10/144.05

15th Anniversary Dinner Appetizer

 — Husband and wife can’t wait for the main course. by Chumley8103/16/153.60

18 Traits of a Potential Cuckoldress

 — 18 Guiding Lights for a Cuck needing a Mistress. by stevessv07/11/183.33


 — Couple and friend enjoy a special time. by lookingback09/08/073.92

1994: Expanding Our Game Ch. 01

 — Her first threesome. by gggsss196208/24/064.18

1994: Expanding Our Game Ch. 02

 — She sets up a threesome for me with her bitchy friend. by gggsss196208/26/064.32

1994: Our Sexy Honeymoon

 — On a trip to France, a bride gets her sexy revenge. by gggsss196212/17/063.85

1995: Fucking Around in Bosnia

 — Two couples separated by war hold different arrangements. by gggsss196211/02/064.26

1996 More Fucking Around in Bosnia

 — Special arrangements for war-separated couples MAY work. by gggsss196211/16/064.05

1997: My Cousin's Nasty Wedding

 — His slutty cousin finally gets married - but still... by gggsss196204/17/074.32

1st Affair

 — Erin was no longer a slut... or was she? by X-Factor01/15/024.40

1st Affair Ch. 2

 — She gives in to temptation while on phone with fiancé. by X-Factor01/19/024.41

1st Affair Ch. 3

 — Now she can't get enough. by X-Factor01/20/024.43

1st Affair Ch. 4

 — Fiancé leaves, & Jason's cock is in her minutes later. by X-Factor01/22/024.28

1st Affair: Untold Stories

 — Erin pops by lover's place for quickie. by X-Factor05/21/044.27

1st Affair: Untold Stories Ch. 02

 — Nine inches of cock convinces Erin. by X-Factor06/17/044.31

1st Affair: Untold Stories Ch. 03

 — Erin phones fiancé while with lover. by X-Factor07/17/044.33

1st Meeting with Mistress Pandora

 — A story about what happened to me this weekend... by FiguringItOut2307/05/182.32


 — Nita gets her wish. by Extreme Bohunk04/24/054.42

2 White Wives & 2 Black Men Ch. 01

 — Monica & Jacquie's weekend of interracial love & procreation. by TessaBear_xoxo02/26/193.58

20 Seconds of Insane Courage

 — A wife giving her husband the fantasy he has always wanted. by mommyerotica06/10/134.00

2000: My Wife's Surprise Party

 — She shares her sex pet. by gggsss196205/17/074.31

2001: The Party of My Wife’s Toy

 — Unfaithful wife gets naughtier - & pregnant! by gggsss196205/18/073.79

2018 November - The Complete Story

 — From the fantasy to his bedroom to our bedroom. by DiscoveringUtopia02/09/194.11

2018 November - The Prequel

 — Prequel and Postscript of our night as a sharing couple. by DiscoveringUtopia02/05/193.60

2019 January

 — Our lifestyle begins. by DiscoveringUtopia02/02/193.81

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 02

 — A modern wedding night in 2035. by Longjohnsilver3010/06/143.87

20th Anniversary Surprise

 — A married couple decide to spice things up via cuckolding. by Beanpole9901/09/114.25

21 Miles East of Quartzsite

 — Luck changes for a pair of damaged souls. by LunarSirius06/20/154.63HOT

21st Birthday Party

 — Watching girlfriend fuck older guy. by funguy69696909/20/153.94

23 and Who?

 — Will genealogy lead to divorce? by BillandKate04/24/194.25

23rd Floor

 — Almost too far. by magmaman09/02/154.09

23rd Floor Ch. 02

 — Being an unreasonable asshole. by magmaman10/13/154.03

23rd Floor Ch. 03

 — So, just who gets blamed? by magmaman10/15/153.87

23rd Floor Ch. 04

 — When in doubt, hit reset. by magmaman11/10/153.50

24 Hour Slut Wife Or 365 Day Slut

 — Wife and husband make a sexy bet. by coacheddie08/08/104.21

24 Hours

 — Her pendant and a wrapper. by Mainefiddleheads04/05/164.08

24 hours, 5 years, 10 months Ch. 01

 — 24 hrs-Dumb Decisions and Smart Phones. by wieliczka05/02/154.36

24 On 48 Off

 — True story of a fireman helping a couple in need. by curiousfireman08/01/103.30

24: One Crazy Day!! Ch. 02

 — Fired & blacklisted by two BIG BUTT Bosses=Angry BBW Wife. by mondotoken04/19/143.97

24: One Crazy Day!! Ch. 03

 — Gerald bangs a Cougar with a HUGE ASS!!! by mondotoken05/14/144.35

24: One Crazy Day!! Ch. 04

 — Gerald has a threesome with his wife and her HUGE TIT Cousin. by mondotoken12/29/144.24

2cd Choice

 — He knew when her lover came for her, she would leave him. by JimBob4403/12/134.62HOT

2nd Best Decision Becomes 1st Best

 — A unique resolution to a cheating situation. by imhapless08/02/154.23

2nd Holiday Fling

 — Another chance to play away. by kathyuk9904/08/07

3 Coins in the Fountain

 — While on vacation in Italy I made a wish. by StangStar0605/25/164.72HOT

3 Diamond Lane: Collared and Bound

 — Giselle imagines her husband in a menage-a-trois with Angel. by RoccocoJones05/23/184.19

3 Married Ladies and a Convertible

 — Some things aren't negotiable, or are they? by Bazzza04/03/054.21

3 Men & A Little Slut

 — Mary takes on the gang while hubby watches. by English Bob12/15/004.09

3+1 Wives Ch. 01

 — The erotic life of Zaynab and Jamila. by Tarbut11/21/093.68

3+1 Wives Ch. 02

 — Zayan finds a new wife and Jamila a new partner. by Tarbut11/24/093.88

3+1 Wives Ch. 03

 — Another woman comes in - Rashida. by Tarbut11/28/093.88

3+1 Wives Ch. 04

 — The fourth bride - Sharifa. by Tarbut11/30/093.90

3+1 Wives Ch. 05

 — Jamila, Khalida and Rashida get pregnant. by Tarbut12/06/093.75

3+1 Wives Ch. 06

 — Jamila comes back to Cairo with Sharifa - new version. by Tarbut12/31/093.75

3+1 Wives Ch. 07

 — Jamila gives birth to twins - nursed by four moms. by Tarbut02/05/103.84

3/14/94: Her Maiden Blowjob

 — Wife gives husband oral pleasure for the first time. by Tricia52FF09/06/013.76

30 Silver Coins

 — Rich man and his money gives pretty wife serious temptations. by Winterfrog03/14/074.12

32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 02

 — Husband gives wife's 32-year-old friend her second lesson. by zeke8110/24/094.28

32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 03

 — Wife's friend comes over for 3rd lesson from husband by zeke8107/28/104.33

33 Years of Sex with Sandi

 — Remembering special marital sex scenes over 33 years. by 33WastedYears06/04/153.60

35 Minutes

 — Man regrets interrupting erotica writing wife. NOT by JBordeaux10/18/163.91

39 and Liberated Pt. 01

 — Betrayed wife is rescued by younger man. by AmyME197309/25/164.68HOT

4.75 Seconds

 — How long does it take to kill a marriage. by Slirpuff07/09/094.27

40 Years of Earth Days

 — Loving wife has had enough, after 40 years of Earth Days. by andtheend03/30/103.71

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 04

 — Our first visit to a swing club. by PassionForPleasure02/26/184.33

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 05

 — My Wife and My ex-lover. by PassionForPleasure03/03/184.31

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 06

 — Atlantic City, Our 1st full swap. by PassionForPleasure03/10/184.34

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 07

 — Our 2nd visit to the swing club. by PassionForPleasure03/19/184.43

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 08

 — Jeans first visit to a strip club. by PassionForPleasure08/08/184.20

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 09

 — Natalie and Jean attempt to punish me. by PassionForPleasure08/20/184.00

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 10

 — Jeans 1st DP & gangbang. by PassionForPleasure08/28/184.14

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 12

 — Jeans first date with Rick. by PassionForPleasure02/23/193.83

40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 13

 — Finally get to fuck my mother-in-law. by PassionForPleasure06/17/194.20

40th Birthday Stripper

 — Husband pays a stripper to fuck his wife for her 40th. by paulsprings01/28/164.22

42 and Counting

 — Will 43 come along? by Undecided2Bsure09/26/173.25

45 & Golden

 — Yes when your in love, you love being his passionate slut. by Lady_El_Lehcim06/25/123.70

45 Year-Old Slut

 — Bernice takes on husband and his best friend. by English Bob12/13/004.22

48 Hours

 — Everyday weekend in Americana with its Rosa 'American Beauty'. by Mainefiddleheads11/12/164.18

49 Days

 — Wife has special surprise for husband after 49 day chastity. by Sodapop197005/13/163.90

4K Diamond

 — Husband fantasizes wife fucking his boss. by rodryder4407/31/183.41

4th of July

 — Kat manages to escape the party for some fun with friend. by katinheat8102/04/15

4th of July Fireworks Ch. 02

 — Young wife's celebration continues. by CleoRa04/26/184.04

4th of July Fireworks Ch. 03

 — The fireworks continue. by CleoRa04/30/183.55

4th of July Hot Wife

 — Fireworks go off for his hot wife. by New England Writer12/20/034.05

500 Annies Ch. 01

 — A technical manual for understanding women. by qhml108/09/124.60HOT

500 Annies Ch. 02

 — Moving forward, beginning the manual. by qhml108/14/124.60HOT

500 Annies Ch. 03

 — The manual gets written, he moves on. by qhml108/20/124.69HOT

500 Annies Ch. 04

 — So, class, what have we learned? by qhml108/23/124.73HOT

500 Annies Epilogue

 — Joe's life, two years later. by qhml108/24/124.75HOT

52 Pick-Up

 — A wife makes a mess of her marriage. by juanwildone02/22/064.29

58 Going On 16

 — Jim finds a way to handle Carol's rejection. by Slirpuff06/20/094.30


 — It's simple math. by StangStar0611/17/124.66HOT

7 Hours Of Adultery

 — Topical hottie fulfills husband’s hotwife fantasy. by TropicalHottiesHubby12/30/124.63HOT

70s Confession

 — A young married white woman reflects on her black experience. by Manjaro_Eve05/26/173.88

747 From Hong Kong

 — Couple joins Mile-High Club, with honors! by English Bob10/07/003.75

9 and a Half Inches of Heaven

 — A Russian wife fulfils her big cock fantasy. by whiteman36907/10/143.85

98 Degrees

 — Sharing my girl with a stranger. by rasputindrinker09/30/193.05

A "Jewel" of a Wife

 — She cheated, I got custody of the kids. by imhapless08/27/134.47

A "Jewel" of a Wife Ch. 02

 — Austen gets answers about Arlene's cheating. by imhapless09/10/134.32

A & J Adventure

 — Married couple enjoys a spa. by jaimemac06/24/014.10

A 'Joy-Full' Homecoming

 — Minister finds wife worshipping hung neighbor. by MidnightWriter08/29/044.12

A 'Little Honey'

 — Wife & mother instruct small-endowed husband. by indentcouple01/09/024.00

A 'Swinging' Door Opens

 — How husband enticed his wife into swinging. by oldfogey01/13/024.27

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 61

 — Lynn & Larry's detour. by Wm_Sexspear12/24/024.60HOT

A Bad Day

 — I should have slept in. by mordbrand12/06/154.39

A Bad Day Fishing...

 — His wife's fishing luck changes. by moralheat10/23/054.11

A Bad Husband Gets Caught

 — Wife catches husband with her sister. by swingtime9101/08/053.99

A Bad Influence

 — Wife's friend turns her into a slut. by MrRobbur08/25/08

A Bad Influence Ch. 02

 — A wife's version of her lust and fall from grace. by MrRobbur09/08/08

A Bad Little Slut Gets Better

 — Nurse aids wife's healing. by English Bob01/08/014.18

A Bad Mood

 — She woke out of sorts and the day got worse. by Ashson02/08/183.93

A Bad Part Of The City

 — Samantha & David break down in the ghetto. by English Bob03/18/013.98

A Bad Wife Plays

 — Sandra gets a new job. by English Bob04/09/024.13

A Bad, Bad Wife

 — Couple shops for more than clothes. by English Bob10/22/004.05

A Badly Behaved Wife

 — Diane entertains James, Paul, & husband Chris. by English Bob01/19/014.24

A Bar Fantasy

 — Wife picks up a third at the bar. by ChucknWNC03/08/014.24

A Bar Room Slut & A Stripper

 — Janet shows her exhibitionist side by English Bob12/11/004.23Contest Winner

A Barbeque Gang Bang

 — Jane and Terry contemplate swinging. by English Bob10/10/004.20

A Bargain Ch. 07

 — Finding true love after betrayal by LeoDavis06/19/054.49

A Bazaar Experience

 — Couple shops in North African bazaar. by English Bob12/12/004.10

A Beach Bar Voyeur

 — Argument between husband & wife leads to beach gang-bang. by English Bob06/14/014.01

A Beach Story

 — Beach boys seduce his wife. by SallyJam08/25/013.68

A Beautiful and Magical Day

 — Wife takes first lover. by PeoriaDan01/01/114.02

A Beautiful Friendship

 — Newlyweds enjoy first morning as man and wife. by Chicklet12/03/024.08

A Beautiful Sexy Wife

 — And a lot of what he never. by qualitywheat10/24/172.92

A Beautiful View

 — Could we go back? by BigGuy3309/15/163.75

A Beautiful View Redux

 — A follow-up to BigGuy33's story. by sbrooks103x10/07/164.03

A Beautiful Wife

 — Maya conceded watching her have sex was a legitimate fantasy. by Ooshnafloot10/19/144.47

A Beautiful, Spoilt Slut

 — Lady Tara takes the gardener. by English Bob01/06/014.28

A Bedroom Fantasy Comes True

 — Husband watches and shares wife with his best friend. by Shy_n_bi08/24/194.30

A Bedside Drawer

 — Toys are alive when no-one is watching, including sex toys. by Wombat_105/17/193.46

A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 02

 — Kumar wants his wife Jodhaa back! by dan5704/04/113.65

A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 03

 — Film shooting time for Kumar and Jodhaa. by dan5704/05/114.04

A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 04

 — A memorable party for Kumar and Jodhaa. by dan5709/12/113.40

A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 05

 — Mark and Jodhaa return home. by dan5709/20/113.38

A Believable & True Story?

 — Is Matt telling the truth about Maxine? by English Bob01/20/013.61

A Bet On The Game

 — Mandy & Sue regret not getting together sooner. by English Bob07/26/014.34

A Bet That Went Bad Ch. 01

 — Jim finds he both won and lost the bet with Luke. by Slirpuff08/03/094.42

A Bet That Went Bad Ch. 02

 — Jim get's his revenge and solves all his problems. by Slirpuff08/04/093.99

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