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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Cops & Hookers

 — Two women discover they are alike but on different sides. by happyday08/18/074.22

Cordial Relations

 — An unexpected new light on someone from her past. by Ann Douglas12/21/174.75HOT

Coriander Dream - Fairytale Porn

 — An unexpected curse was cast onto the princess... by TristyPixie11/16/184.24

Corporate Affairs Pt. 01

 — Ash fucks her boss' daughter, Kylie. by kinkyash07/31/164.41

Corporate Exec

 — A top exec finds a better future for herself. by Estcher09/13/194.75HOT

Corporate Games Ch. 01

 — Edith has an affair with husband's female boss. by Lesly Sloan05/17/054.01

Corporate Games Ch. 02

 — Edith enjoys sex with Liz and two new friends. by Lesly Sloan01/03/064.15

Corporate Games Ch. 03

 — Ashley joins them for a threesome. by Lesly Sloan10/30/063.98

Corporate Mergers Pt. 06

 — Linda gets with Jessica a year later. by barkirk05/03/164.34

Correcting a Mistake

 — A past mistake will be remedied. by PAhorny09/27/103.95

Corrupting the Pastor's Wife

 — Our Sunday morning sex makes me late for church. by PreviaWynne09/13/123.71


 — A good girl is seduced by the town's bad girl. by Bridget6909/03/194.54HOT

Corruption of Innocence

 — Jess teaches Susie a new way to have fun. by ImperfectBiAngel04/19/034.28

Corset Fitting at the Renn Fest

 — Licking up Milady. by shelly28f01/05/054.55HOT

Cory's Obsession

 — Her husband cheated. She thought about the girl. by Pelios11/26/044.61HOT

Cosplay and Corruption Ch. 01

 — A mystery woman, a comic convention, and a restroom. by DraceDomino06/24/144.42

Costly Confusion

 — A solemn misunderstanding threatens the O'Hanlons' marriage. by Smokey12508/01/144.65HOT

Cottage Getaway

 — Having a bit of fun during a long-weekend vacation. by Magda_Sea07/10/113.74

Cottage in the Woods

 — Lesbian love in the forest. by SoulPatch08/29/034.01

Cotton Candy

 — The beginning. by Deceptivedomain07/19/174.79HOT

Cotton Candy Pt. 02

 — Olivia is falling, but will she take the step? by Deceptivedomain08/17/174.84HOT

Cotton Candy Pt. 03

 — Will their love survives, when things starts to reveal? by Deceptivedomain09/11/174.81HOT

Cotton Candy Pt. 04

 — Truths can always be Deceptive though. by Deceptivedomain09/16/174.72HOT

Cotton Candy Pt. 05

 — Final Chapter: Why cotton candy? by Deceptivedomain09/20/174.79HOT

Couch Dance

 — Bisexual woman rediscovers long lost friend. by SiousxieQue10/12/004.22

Couch Time Fun

 — I get off while cuddling with my best friend on the couch. by hblocalgrl11/04/114.24

Cougar vs. Swede: It Was No Match

 — Au pair taken advantage of. by joelight03/08/103.59

Could It Be true?

 — Roommates discover their lust. by NaughtyBiFem06/07/034.09

Could This Be Wrong

 — Two old friends end up closer to each other. by azazel03/29/012.95

Could You Be Mine?

 — Straight woman falls for a lesbian: Lauren and RJ's story. by careythomas04/06/184.88HOT

Could You Be Mine? Pt. 02

 — Part two of Lauren and RJ's story. by careythomas09/02/184.90HOT

Could You Help Me Unzip?

 — Two friends help each other in the dressing room. by amanda3001/17/064.24

Countess Larissa Leverrier

 — Dodie and I meet the Countess. by Brandy Chase09/22/024.18

Counting To Eleven

 — Linda offers her new friend no-strings rough fun. by Bramblethorn03/03/144.51HOT

Country & Western Love

 — Finding a new lover after breaking off an engagement. by happyday10/19/064.46

Country Club Initiation

 — Welcome to a new, special club. by chunk_heels_rock05/08/013.97

Country Hospitality

 — Stranded Phillipina has a lustful stay with a sweet country girl. by Cute Breasts07/17/014.25

Country Roads

 — An older woman teaches a virgin girl how it's done... by Giselle_Renarde03/28/194.48

Country Store Ch. 06

 — College girl seeks comfort from roommate. by teachgirl198011/03/074.46

Country Store Ch. 11

 — Retribution - Tracy. by teachgirl198009/14/124.60HOT

Country Store Ch. 13

 — Retribution - Samantha. by teachgirl198009/22/124.60HOT

Country Store Ch. 18

 — Young coed fights through darkness for love. by teachgirl198012/12/124.51HOT

Couples Therapy Pt. 02: Queen

 — My mistress takes me on a girls trip. by Cognantreverie12/12/194.59HOT

Courtney Texts a Stranger Ch. 01

 — Courtney makes a new acquaintance via text messaging. by writergeek01/18/184.74HOT

Courtney Texts a Stranger Ch. 02

 — Courtney makes a life-changing decision. by writergeek01/28/184.68HOT

Courtney Texts a Stranger Ch. 03

 — Courtney and Lauren deepen their relationship. by writergeek03/10/184.71HOT

Courtney Texts a Stranger Ch. 04

 — Courtney gets a surprise visit. by writergeek01/13/194.68HOT

Courtney: Mrs. Blane Seduced

 — Innocent southern belle caves in. by Wild Bill06/12/024.39


 — An interrupted match resumes. by vqfarrold10/28/104.26

Courtship Ch. 1

 — Sonia meets a sexy couple on a sailboat in St. Martin. by Sonia_de_Beaumanoir04/23/014.42

Cousin Comes to Stay and Play

 — Sarah's first sexual encounter is with cousin Lucy. by michaeliam04/21/084.22

Cousins: Lakeside Lust

 — Tessa and Polly find unexpected Summer heat. by Lia Monde04/19/064.34

Cowboy Girls

 — The convent couldn't tame her passion. by Alex the Cat01/12/054.80HOT

Cowgirl and Belle in Vegas

 — A rangy cowgirl sees the BBW gal of her dreams on the Strip. by JorisKHuysmans08/20/074.20


 — Jessica works with temptation, and she can't stand it. by SkylerLuv06/19/184.70HOT

Coworkers Ch. 01

 — Coworkers flirting leads to more. by crisssin01/06/054.11

Coworkers Ch. 02

 — Erika invites Annie back to her apartment. by crisssin01/14/054.14

Coworkers Ch. 04

 — Erika surprises Annie with a night of special gifts. by crisssin08/30/064.37

CoyoteGirl Gets Caught

 — She's caught by a reader. by CoyoteGirl6906/27/074.41

Crab Claw

 — Continuation of Chopsticks Urethral Penetration. by LesbianMuses02/25/144.05

Cracked Concrete

 — Just a short little tale. by Bookwormmom04/04/204.49

Craigslist Girl

 — Roxi met a girl online for drinks. by Sexiebatman11/11/143.19

Craigslist Sex

 — My first lesbian experience was through craigslist. by EroticVixen1911/28/124.12


 — She just had to pose naked, there was no other way. by SweetJosie109/28/064.33


 — My roommate helps me quench my thirst. by between_love_and_lust01/11/154.65HOT

Craving Ch. 02

 — Straight roommate turns the tables. by between_love_and_lust02/01/154.81HOT

Craving Ch. 03

 — Unhappy wife craves something... more. by between_love_and_lust03/17/154.78HOT

Craving Ch. 04

 — Everyone has a secret. Everyone has a weakness. by between_love_and_lust02/13/164.80HOT

Craving Lust

 — Two couples & two separate lives; one hidden desire of lust. by FemmeRusson11/05/104.24

Craving Mexican

 — Boyfriend's mother introduces her to lesbian sex. by al_Ussa07/29/104.23

Craving You

 — Young woman fills her craving of a woman twice her age. by athletewriter708/21/09

Craving You Ch. 01

 — A lesbian couple and their sex life. by SEvans1309/27/144.11

Crazy In Love

 — Sometimes all it takes to fall in love. by broken299201/27/154.38

Cream Ch. 11: Final

 — During a lesbian sex demo of Cream, Manny finally gets his. by MawrGorshin10/20/154.17

Creaming for Carmela

 — She finds lesbian love with her babysitter. by tayla701/22/054.53HOT


 — Artist finds that she really loves her work. by Kingpin511/09/043.90

Creative Writing Story

 — Sue helps her roommate Ann write a class assignment. by KaereniSister08/16/173.88

Creatures of the Night

 — Instead of a movie date a couple try a Halloween maze. by 12shadesofred10/23/144.62HOT

Creeping Jenny

 — A divorcee welcomes her neighbor. by janellef03/19/164.29

Creme de Marisol

 — Marisol has secret formula Jan finds 'titillating'. by Dewy Pointe04/16/024.21

Crème de Marisol Ch. 2

 — Jan's breasts are changing. by Dewy Pointe05/14/024.47

Crew Teammates

 — Members of a collegiate women's crew team unite. by Samuel66703/26/094.39

Crickets Ch. 01

 — Bi-curious wife Jessica is seduced by Kristina. by craigool11/30/184.53HOT

Crimi, For My Friends

 — When does "curiosity" end, and "orientation" begin? by Joe45602/16/173.66

Crimson and Clover Ch. 01

 — Butch meets girl. by LesbianChickLit02/02/144.63HOT

Cristen Pt. 02

 — Cristen continues. by Nina2703/19/204.25

Cristina & Sophie - Intimately

 — The seduction of the cleaning lady - a fantasy fulfilled. by AVixenLiterally03/09/124.14

Crooked Streets

 — Woman discovers herself & her preferences. by holycrow02/06/044.40

Crooked Streets Ch. 02

 — Ann's discovery continues with neighbors' help. by holycrow02/08/044.45

Crooked Streets Ch. 03

 — Ann continues on her path of discovery. by holycrow02/08/044.66HOT

Cross Border Relations

 — Older Canadian woman pleases American girl. by MsLech03/04/024.45

Cross Border Relations Ch. 2

 — Things heat up for Jane & Katie. by MsLech04/16/024.46

Cross Dressing

 — Female friends go on a gender-bending adventure. by pamper110/25/053.90

Cross-Dressing, Gay & Lesbian Sex 02

 — Emma confesses her sexy secret of wanting to be with a woman. by SusanJillParker06/09/144.09

Cross-Dressing, Gay & Lesbian Sex 03

 — Emma's secret lesbian fantasy inspires Daniel to tell. by SusanJillParker06/14/144.38

Cross-Dressing, Gay & Lesbian Sex 06

 — Emma & Daniel invite Veronica & Martin over for sexy fun. by SusanJillParker06/30/14HOT


 — Busy businesswoman enjoys oral in a plane bathroom. by Degausser10/07/164.68HOT

Crossfire Ch. 02

 — Working late has its benefits when your PA wants you bad. by Degausser10/13/164.70HOT

Crossfire Ch. 03

 — Boss lets PA ride her face at company retreat. by Degausser10/18/164.61HOT

Crossfire Ch. 04

 — PA loves to use boss's face to celebrate her birthday. by Degausser06/13/174.76HOT

Crossfire Ch. 05

 — PA gives boss ultimatum following sex filled morning. by Degausser12/13/174.75HOT

Crossfire Ch. 06

 — Post-cheating Lauren has to deal with the aftermath. by Degausser05/09/184.61HOT

Crossing a Line

 — Friends become more. by LiveCat04/18/174.84HOT

Crossing Over

 — Horny girlfriends submit to their hidden desires. by SingerBabe03/06/024.30

Crossing Over Pt. 01

 — My crossing over began with the death of my sister... by Shaima3202/15/174.75HOT

Crossing Over Pt. 02

 — Louise is falling for Sigrid but she is still holding back. by Shaima3202/16/174.80HOT

Crossing Over Pt. 03

 — Unbridled passion ignites as fate steps in. by Shaima3202/22/174.73HOT

Crossing Over Pt. 04

 — Louise has taken the first step, will she keep going? by Shaima3202/24/174.85HOT

Crossing the Divide

 — Naomi comes out big-time. by LimeyLady08/27/194.80HOT

Crossing the Line

 — Friends relax after hard week at work. by Wolvertooth12/04/003.23

Crossing the Line

 — Anne seduces her boss. by Lesly Sloan02/01/053.88

Crossing the Rubicon

 — Exploring her hidden desires. by Ann Douglas02/24/184.78HOT

Crotchless Christmas Panties

 — Tasty wet panties equal fun. by chimicawriting09/20/154.25

Crotchless Undies

 — Her girlfriend turns her into a bimbo. by AlinaX12/14/184.47

Crouching Passion, Hidden Pussy

 — Martial artists share tough fighting & hot loving. by womanofsteel07/30/044.54HOT

Crown of Fire

 — In untamed Texas, white woman and Indian woman act on lust. by JimBob4401/05/194.77HOT

Cruise Ship

 — The Lesbian Confederacy's cruise ship. by skinnysailor07/17/184.02

Cruise Ship Cruise

 — Lonely woman finds friends on couples cruise. by patricia5103/26/034.47

Cruise Ship Cruise: Back Aboard

 — She voyages again and meets a new love. by patricia5101/06/044.66HOT

Cruise to The Stars

 — Former lovers win tickets aboard a cruise ship. by Lez_writer07/13/094.41

Cruising the Cruise

 — Bereaved Mel enjoys some sexy encounters on a sea cruise. by Pussrider02/02/204.58HOT


 — Introduction leads to instant desire and surrender. by JHammock10/15/104.27

Crystal Connection Ch. 01

 — Stolen crystal has a surprise in store for female cop. by HunterAsh12/04/134.46

Cuddle Up

 — Sensuous awakening of a lesbian lover. by Aimie246906/05/154.55HOT

Cuddling with My Best Friend

 — Bachelorette party at the lake house. by 22andhavenoclue07/27/174.65HOT

Cuddling with My Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Alex and Gracie continue to deepen their relationship. by 22andhavenoclue08/04/174.57HOT

Cuddling with My Best Friend Ch. 03

 — Alex welcomes Gracie home at Christmas time. by 22andhavenoclue08/15/174.69HOT

Cuff Her

 — When cuff's are used properly. by KAnneMeinel07/25/114.10


 — She woke up.. cuffed to the bed. by savismith02/04/124.24

Cultural Differences Explored

 — A woman of a different country seduces her interviewer. by CamillaHumby10/18/124.16

Culture Night

 — Art show gets steamy. by Lia Monde07/17/12HOT

Cum on Demand

 — You makes sure she gets what she wants. by cornixregina08/16/123.19

Cum Slut Cathy No. 01

 — Her lesbian gang bang, five on one. by Sassy Susan12/19/064.26

Cumming Hard

 — Two hot and horny women... by SunnyJohansen12/13/164.06

Cumming Home

 — Grace is home for the first time in 7 years. by NightHuntress11/14/093.67

Cumming to Terms

 — Coming out for some clean fun. by gaymancloz04/13/073.51


 — Nothing but juicy first time lesbian oral sex. by Wet Miranda01/09/064.38


 — "Why do you like cunnilingus?" by Aimie246905/04/174.57HOT

Cunt Addiction: A Black Euphoria

 — Lonely wife uses Craigslist to rekindle her lust for cunt. by silkstockingslover07/21/174.67HOT

Cuntry Club

 — While Jack plays gold, his wife and he girls play "tennis". by MungoParkIII12/27/073.54


 — Sometimes, you just want her to snap. by ms_girl2308/07/054.38

Cupid's Arrow

 — A Valentine's Day Story. by Ann Douglas12/01/174.76HOT

Cupid's Crash

 — Emily ends up in a misunderstanding with the popular girl. by Mars_Inamorata08/04/174.76HOT

Curiosity Ch. 01

 — Bisexual in denial meets a girl who could change her life. by freelancer72206/11/124.01

Curiosity Ch. 02

 — Will Jamie and Bethany get past their denial? by freelancer72206/12/124.50HOT

Curiosity Ch. 03

 — Years have gone by ,but have their feelings gone too? by freelancer72206/28/124.72HOT

Curiosity Licks The Cat

 — She has a first time lesbian encounter. by angelrocks04/05/054.28

Curiosity Satisfied

 — Woman explores her curiosity with a stripper. by might.b.curious03/06/034.32

Curiosity Sizzles in the Kitchen

 — Two co-workers finally act on their curiosity. by athletewriter702/07/09


 — A straight girl's first time with a woman. by TooShy05/23/134.53HOT

Curious Jade Ch. 01

 — Jade meets her new roommate. by JackPorter2307/05/074.44

Curious Jade Ch. 05

 — Jade and Lynn head out for their weekend trip all alone. by JackPorter2309/22/174.77HOT

Curious Jade Ch. 07

 — Lynn shaves Jade and then the girls have special s'mores. by JackPorter2310/11/174.59HOT

Curious Lust

 — Two friends experiment with their bi-sexual urges. by candyflossbaby03/26/134.19

Curious Women Experiment

 — Two bi-curious women meet. by lioness1306/28/023.90

Curiousity Cured

 — Bi-Curious woman's first experience with another woman. by Newbie8509/13/094.17

Curiousity Got the Cat

 — Rummaging through her roommates things is bad for Roberta. by the_black_male01/09/094.27

Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 01

 — The 4th story in The Idol of Lesbos saga. by AnotherHotWife05/14/134.49

Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 03

 — The twins and mom take the idol on a road trip. by AnotherHotWife06/02/134.65HOT

Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 04

 — Preparations for the bachelorette party and wedding continue. by AnotherHotWife06/10/134.47

Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 05

 — The story concludes with a lesbian orgy to amaze. by AnotherHotWife06/28/134.61HOT

Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 01

 — Idol of Lesbos Part II. by AnotherHotWife02/07/134.59HOT

Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 02

 — Jill brings her neighbor into Sapphic slavery. by AnotherHotWife02/22/134.54HOT

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 03

 — Tilly exacts revenge on her brother. by AnotherHotWife04/13/134.61HOT

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 04

 — Tilly chooses the twins to be sacrificed, but will it work? by AnotherHotWife04/20/134.50HOT

Curtain Twitcher

 — A bored mum is fascinated by the girl next door's sex life. by sauceofallevil03/23/134.52HOT

Curtain Twitcher Ch. 02

 — What happens when the watcher and the watched meet? by sauceofallevil05/17/134.73HOT

Curtain Twitcher Ch. 03

 — Kirsty can't keep away from Lara... by sauceofallevil11/11/144.73HOT

Curves Ch. 01

 — Day in the sun for Rachel & Ashley. by birachelg09/24/044.43

Curves Ch. 02

 — They enjoy their private cove. by birachelg09/30/044.39

Curves Ch. 03

 — Watching. by birachelg02/01/054.05

Customer Service Manager

 — Quality female control ~~ Naked bodily inspections. by HeyAll07/13/194.56HOT

Cut & Dried

 — Danielle's life is turned upside down through a haircut. by matriarch12/20/044.65HOT

Cut My Hair

 — A damsel in distress finds her champion. by WaxPhilosophic03/12/184.70HOT

Cut to the Chase

 — No fluff - all fuck. by SaraEXavier02/27/074.20

Cute Girls 4 Girls

 — Can new technology lead to a hot, first-time encounter? by Stephanie_Rose08/10/084.53HOT

Cutty Ch. 08

 — Lunch. by Bokkey03/21/194.21

Cutty Ch. 09

 — Afternoon. by Bokkey03/22/194.54HOT

Cutty Ch. 10

 — Saturday part II. by Bokkey03/26/194.58HOT

Cyber Elf

 — A club night out becomes a rescue, and then so much more. by Vaekaera01/27/134.43

Cyber Meeting

 — Two college roommates find lovers on the net. by AcidSaint06/23/013.53

Cyber Mittens

 — Sam and Nina return, and share a public humiliation fantasy! by FeatherWatt03/13/144.75HOT

Cyber Slut Lovers Ch. 01

 — They meet for their second session. by Javagirl10/15/034.09

Cyclone Sally

 — Middle aged woman gets caught in a storm. by xelliebabex09/22/144.41

Cyndi's Secret Ch. 01

 — Reluctant lesbian encounter urged on by mystery guest. by pervyLexxi10/02/043.67

Cynthia's Affair Ch. 03

 — Female to female fantasies by SteveLee114603/24/144.11

Cynthia's New Experience

 — A friend shows her a new experience. by michelle200301/18/043.88

Cynthia's Submission

 — Cynthia learns her role in life. by AmyHart10/28/063.96

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 22

 — Cynthia and Miss Bell get drinks. by GettingItDone02/24/164.51HOT

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 23

 — Two teachers get together. by GettingItDone03/09/164.51HOT

Czech Mate

 — Writer falls for Eastern European hottie. by smj54ap02/15/084.79HOT


 — Star volleyball player and cheerleader share a moment. by CamLion02/22/094.09

D I Ch. 02

 — Volleyball player looks for love with basketball player. by CamLion03/20/094.21

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