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Birthday Party

 — Man meets the girl of his dreams at party. by Soebek07/08/024.25

Birthday Passion

 — Lovers have sex for the first time. by Bustychic_36D04/27/044.15

Birthday Plans

 — She will fulfill my fantasy for my birthday. by TheDoctah02/26/204.08

Birthday Present

 — Finding the perfect gift for you. by LolasPoem09/20/073.38

Birthday Present

 — Brody gets a sexy surprise when he gets home. by emma57906/10/104.40

Birthday Present

 — A special way to celebrate the birthdays. by mr_sexybeast10/09/123.62

Birthday Present

 — Girl wants to give her father the perfect present by Ashson02/20/134.48

Birthday Present

 — She gives me an incredible birthday present. by Stories4Her09/17/153.64

Birthday Present

 — Birthday gift from a sexy friend of mine. by Nympho_maker08/23/203.97

Birthday Present Ch. 01

 — It's Kelly's birthday and all she wants is a quiet night. by Rlyan07/06/184.26

Birthday Present Ch. 02

 — Kelly is the meat in a threeway birthday sandwich. by Rlyan07/07/184.30

Birthday Present to Remember

 — I treated him to the best birthday present I could give him. by carmen_has3609/23/103.82

Birthday Presents

 — Unexpected sexual gifts for a husband's birthday. by mcmurryae02/27/174.13

Birthday Sex

 — He comes to Indiana to celebrate her belated birthday. by laurambell09/06/093.25

Birthday Sex

 — Samantha ravages Tony with a suprise party for two. by dolenz03/07/144.50HOT

Birthday Sex

 — Kevin's birthday turns out to be one he will always remember. by kittymocha05/09/183.82

Birthday Sex

 — It's her birthday but he had to work. by Dre_k4701/17/192.88

Birthday Shave w/Backdoor Finish

 — He gets 2 special gifts from his wife on his birthday by bulldog22306/23/144.27

Birthday Skirt Chapter Ch. 01

 — She gets a new pink skirt for her birthday. by TheDenzel03/09/083.63

Birthday Slave

 — Once a year they each got to play their favorite game. by MaxwellHawthorne08/11/134.20

Birthday Slave Ch. 02

 — Once a year, he was her plaything. by MaxwellHawthorne11/22/134.11

Birthday Spankings

 — On her 18th birthday, Kasey makes a special request. by wildtime200006/20/174.59HOT

Birthday Stuffing

 — Wife gets a good pussy stuffing for birthday present. by solid_01/03/034.09

Birthday Suprise

 — He organises a suprise for her on her 22nd birthday. by ilikecake01/17/094.00

Birthday Surprise

 — Danielle gives hubby a present he won't forget. by the_lovebunny05/13/034.38

Birthday Surprise

 — A man's special birthday gift to his wife. by lovemonster08/12/064.50HOT

Birthday Surprise

 — An erotic birthday adventure. by miss-savannah05/11/044.13

Birthday Surprise

 — You need attention on a special day. by maxrandolph6912/26/09

Birthday Surprise

 — Lucky me I got a surprise for my birthday. by jacki7301/02/104.42

Birthday Surprise

 — She took a deep breath and sighed... by FelicitysaintClaire06/21/103.62

Birthday Surprise

 — She gets a massage and a surprise. by newbieinmo04/18/113.41

Birthday Surprise

 — He gives her a memorable birthday. by FantasyQueen01/23/124.27

Birthday Surprise

 — A mysterious birthday gift beyond his wildest imagination. by HighPlainsDrifter10/09/123.55

Birthday Surprise

 — Horny wife takes a birthday surprise to traveling husband. by Bluepen45105/24/134.59HOT

Birthday Surprise

 — Jessica gets a surprise for her birthday. by risefromtheashes10/03/154.18

Birthday Surprise

 — He gets a birthday present he'll never forget. by clampealer03/27/164.02

Birthday Surprise

 — A trip to a nude beach is his birthday present. by m_storyman_x10/28/164.62HOT

Birthday Surprise

 — A sexy surprise for his birthday. by Cassx02/13/174.14

Birthday Surprise

 — A man who hates surprises gets one he's only ever dreamed of. by GoodGirl_xx10/16/183.80

Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

 — An erotic birthday gift my boyfriend will never forget. by VixieJones12/16/114.07

Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

 — A thrilling end to an erotic evening. by VixieJones12/26/114.02

Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

 — Wife continues to make it up to Lee after he worked so hard. by Dirk123408/16/124.33

Birthday Surprise Ch. 03

 — An interesting dinner leads to more action at home. by Dirk123409/25/124.33

Birthday Surprise for Her

 — He gives her a birthday present unlike any other. by GreenDemonGurlie11/21/094.52HOT

Birthday Surprise for Him

 — She sets a birthday surprise for him he isn't soon to forget. by GreenDemonGurlie11/21/094.44

Birthday Surprise Limo

 — I was the birthday present. by gracesnowpaw05/16/144.49

Birthday Surprise Pt. 02

 — A man who hates surprises gets one he's only ever dreamed of. by GoodGirl_xx03/19/194.53HOT

Birthday Surprises

 — Ann awakens me for a birthday treat. by AlwaysStiffScott12/31/074.46

Birthday Surprises

 — ...and what a birthday, indeed. by 1AngelicDame04/30/104.21

Birthday Surprises Ch. 02

 — Round two is more enjoyable than the first. by AlwaysStiffScott01/01/084.67HOT

Birthday Surprises Ch. 03

 — A shower proves to be invigorating. by AlwaysStiffScott01/05/084.67HOT

Birthday Surprises Ch. 05

 — During the ride home, Ann becomes a tease. by AlwaysStiffScott01/12/084.61HOT

Birthday Surprises Ch. 06

 — A dinner out turns into a test of wills. by AlwaysStiffScott01/13/084.53HOT

Birthday Surprises Ch. 07

 — Scott experiences the porn star within Ann. by AlwaysStiffScott01/14/084.58HOT

Birthday to Remember

 — Tables are turned for John's Birthday. by jorgejmj12/13/044.67HOT

Birthday Treat

 — A birthday party with a bang. by Jimflint8005/23/034.38

Birthday Treat

 — You get a surprise party with a difference. by miss_daisy10/24/034.00

Birthday Treat

 — The birthday boy gets a treat! by misshe08/13/164.42

Birthday Treat

 — A day to remember with a memorable outcome. by upkeeper01/12/214.12

Birthday treat.

 — A birthday treat to remember. by Willingtoshare02/02/204.05

Birthday Tryst

 — Violet surprises her online lover for his birthday. by LunaLupus1507/04/104.50

Birthday Valentine

 — A doctor and his receptionist find love with a client. by Humpdee8402/26/154.46

Birthday Wish

 — Careful what you wish for on someone else's birthday. by Moonlight_3306/17/024.52HOT

Birthday Wish

 — A women gets the present she was waiting for. by urfantasy200212/21/204.13

Birthday Wish

 — A man reaps the benefits of his wife's birthday gift. by coalbunny12/06/194.48

Birthday Wishes

 — Wife gives husband gifts that can't be bought in the store. by MysticIrishEyes10/13/054.39

Birthday Wishes

 — She got more than she hoped for on her birthday. by fuckbunny2106/11/103.43

Birthday with Girlfriend

 — Celebrating my birthday with my beautiful girlfriend. by masturbatingindc12/07/114.17


 — How do you tell twins apart? Find a birthmark! by AlmostAugust01/29/134.44

Bisexual Black Men's Wives

 — Some Black women love their bisexual husbands. by Samuelx09/23/083.54

Bisexual Black Couple

 — Bisexual black woman loves bisexual black man. by Samuelx02/10/092.75

Bisexual Black Guys

 — Black man seduces men and women of all races. by Samuelx06/15/063.70

Bisexual Black Man's Lady

 — Black woman falls for bisexual black sportsman. by Samuelx05/31/091.62

Bisexual Black Manhood

 — Haitian gal hooks up with bisexual African American. by Samuelx11/21/182.71

Bisexual College Football Players

 — A journey into the lives of super masculine men. by Samuelx08/19/072.27

Bisexual College Men

 — Black BBW falls for bisexual college student. by Samuelx07/18/063.52

Bisexual Guys and Muslim Girls

 — Haitian guy seduces Somali Hijabi sweetheart in Ottawa. by Samuelx10/19/131.21

Bisexual Haitian Couples

 — Bisexual Haitian woman meets bisexual Haitian guy. by Samuelx05/25/102.00

Bisexual Holiday Discovery Ch. 02

 — Everybody enjoys exploring their new sexuallity. by noody200502/02/064.60HOT

Bisexual Man Surprises His Ex

 — Old lovers get together to see just how nasty husband is now. by 69plus107/14/154.46

Bisexual Man's Wife

 — Falling in love all over again. by Samuelx12/26/063.37

Bisexual Men's Wives Ch. 11

 — A bisexual Somali Muslim man's wife. by Samuelx07/04/191.38

Bisexual Men's Wives Ch. 12

 — A bisexual South Sudanese man's wife. by Samuelx07/05/191.75

Bisexual Men's Wives Ch. 15

 — Bisexual Haitian nerd meets Nigerian Muslim lady. by Samuelx07/13/191.30

Bisexual Muslim Men's Wives

 — Somali Muslim woman discovers husband's secret. by Samuelx09/28/143.07

Bisexual Prince of Ethiopia Ch. 02

 — Prince Malik loves Mona but misses Joseph. by Samuelx04/15/211.33

Bisexual Prostitute

 — A journey into the world of call girls. by Samuelx03/07/063.44

Bisexual Strangers Swapping

 — Met a Young couple in a park. Wind up in a same-sex swap. by Scott_Heywood01/21/214.10

Bisexual Trickster's Adventure

 — The adventures of a bisexual football player. by Samuelx08/26/082.40

Bit of a Risk Ch. 02

 — Never fall for a toy boy. by imsally05/26/094.61HOT


 — A parallel with Nature's fury. by WFEATHER07/18/044.55HOT

Bitch for a Day Pt. 01

 — Wife wins bet, Husband cleans up first creampie. by Here4u2get01/25/204.64HOT

Bitch for a Day Pt. 02

 — Wife pegs husband for first time. by Here4u2get05/15/204.68HOT

Bitch Heels

 — Used by my lover while she wears high heels. by whatnooneeverknew12/02/154.21

Bitch in Heat

 — Their desire is electric. by fannyanny06/09/054.04

Bitch On the Beach

 — Instagram Model fucks on beach. by naughtyroy07/12/202.66

Bitch Resting Face

 — Doing a favor for sister's married bitchy friend. by hotprof197302/09/194.47

Bitch Seat Rider: Rule Number Three

 — A Harley, a girl, and a motel. by visioneer06/02/134.50HOT

Bitches & Bastards Ch. 01

 — Friend with Benefits, Navel Fetish, Boddu, Navel, Saree. by Arjuncasanova06/05/213.29

Bitchy Boss

 — Male assistant to female boss gets grudge fucked. by captkirk5009/08/203.96

Bitchy Supervisor

 — Sometimes it helps to get to know your boss after hours. by JamesSD08/01/054.59HOT

Bite My Cock

 — He tells Jasmine to bite him...bite his hard cock. by Bluzworld05/09/104.08

Bits on the Side

 — A woman tries to cope with loving two men. by Catmoore01/16/104.15

Bitten Ch. 04

 — Good girls suck, but the bad ones bite. by AlexisShore05/23/113.11

Bitter Sweet

 — A late night visit to your house. by Sas It Up02/25/034.30


 — Something wrong that feels right can leave a bad taste. by the_lovebunny02/05/044.50HOT


 — From online to real life a couples first meeting. by Maxxboutier12/20/104.12

Bittersweet Memories Ch. 02

 — Miss Kiss tries to find a way for Cane to trust her. by apathykiss11/01/104.56HOT

Bittersweet Symphony

 — I must have blacked out for a period... by gascii3g07/24/103.71

Bizz Girl

 — Strippers help man get lucky with customer in strip joint. by Hornyman69WithU06/21/074.58HOT

BJ Blue Chronicles Ch. 4

 — A late night visitor. by BJ Blue11/02/024.05

BJ for Ben, Maria Remembers

 — Ben's huge cock, Maria gets me a job. by toydisher1011/29/203.92

BJ for the Player

 — Everyone needs a good blowjob, even a player. by Ravenmiller02/16/204.38

BJ Heaven

 — Unlimited blowjobs. by tsar711/13/193.90

BJ Video: Going Away Gift

 — Girlfriend makes sexy video before she leaves town. by Ravenmiller02/16/204.67HOT


 — They meet for the first time. by tn_greeneyez03/28/044.47

Black and White

 — He never bargained for this. by standingstones01/31/094.27

Black and White

 — Cameron Black and Miss White get together after practice. by Psahro09/23/144.16

Black and White Photos

 — Cameron and Miss White take pictures. by Psahro07/12/154.11

Black Book Diaries: 1

 — Brenda. by Trystero01/25/064.42

Black Book Diaries: 2

 — Brenda redux. by Trystero02/01/064.43

Black Book Diaries: 3

 — Jan learns to drink it down. by Trystero02/08/144.59HOT

Black Book Diaries: 4

 — The Hit Parade. by Trystero04/17/154.27

Black Boots

 — Couple enjoys living room romp after a night out. by curiousqt09/07/024.12

Black Bottom Ch. 01

 — Alan's sexual adventures continue in Africa. by NormaJane08/10/184.43

Black Bottom Ch. 02

 — Alan's adventure with Azuka continues. by NormaJane08/14/184.76HOT

Black Bottom Ch. 03

 — Norma Jane continues Alan's black bottom adventures. by NormaJane09/10/184.36

Black Cat

 — Halloween party, cat costume, & a couch. by Nogrod6309/19/034.51HOT

Black Couple Finds Love

 — Black couples aren't always angry; some do find love. by Samuelx08/01/083.00

Black Dominatrix for Black Thug

 — Black dominatrix goes after a local Black Thug. by Samuelx09/27/183.53

Black Female Doctors Ch. 02

 — Black female doctor fantasizes about Creole hunk. by Samuelx10/23/202.25

Black Femdom App

 — Black dominatrix pegging Black men in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/25/193.13

Black Femdom App Ch. 02

 — Black Muslim dominatrix trains mixed-race stud. by Samuelx06/12/191.57

Black Femdom for Biracial Hunks

 — Black Muslim dominatrix meets biracial hunk in T.O. by Samuelx09/15/17

Black Femdom For Black Masters

 — Mistress Ra introduces Master Noir to the other side. by Samuelx11/07/17

Black Femdom for Black Muslims

 — Black American dominatrix tames lonely Somali husband. by Samuelx09/26/182.00

Black Femdom: Addis University

 — Ethiopian Muslim dominatrix pegs a Jamaican Rasta. by Samuelx09/08/163.20

Black Femdom: Goddess Ayiti

 — Haitian dominatrix tames a macho Dominican guy. by Samuelx09/10/163.14

Black Girls in the Library

 — Black male university student distracted by booty. by Samuelx11/26/122.50

Black Goddess of Nova Scotia

 — Haitian man meets black Nova Scotian goddess. by Samuelx02/25/163.12

Black Journal Ch. 01

 — Peter's Sister. by Dhc00033307/05/143.85

Black Journal Ch. 02

 — Landlady. by Dhc00033307/14/143.72

Black Journal Ch. 03

 — Professor Carmichael. by Dhc00033307/15/144.02

Black Journal Ch. 04

 — Widow by Dhc00033307/16/144.06

Black Journal Ch. 05a

 — Landlord's Sister by Dhc00033307/29/143.70

Black Journal Ch. 06

 — vs. Big Rhonda by Dhc00033307/30/143.85

Black Journal Ch. 07

 — Park Milf by Dhc00033307/31/143.87

Black Journal Ch. 08

 — Dad's Friend by Dhc00033308/01/144.00

Black Journal Ch. 09

 — Shera. by Dhc00033308/13/144.00

Black Journal Ch. 11

 — Mom's Bestie by Dhc00033308/15/144.09

Black Journal Ch. 13

 — Pizza delivery. by Dhc00033309/17/144.12

Black Journal Ch. 14

 — The Law. by Dhc00033309/18/144.53HOT

Black Journal Ch. 15

 — Back Home. by Dhc00033312/09/144.21

Black Journal Ch. 16

 — Nanny. by Dhc00033312/10/144.48

Black Journal Ch. 17

 — Interviewer. by Dhc00033312/11/144.12

Black Journal Ch. 18

 — Biker. by Dhc00033301/04/154.15

Black Journal Ch. 20

 — Blind date. by Dhc00033301/06/154.05

Black Journal Ch. 24

 — Pick Up. by Dhc00033307/19/154.33

Black Journal Ch. 25

 — The Day: Morning. by Dhc00033307/20/154.17

Black Journal Ch. 26

 — The Day: Afternoon. by Dhc00033307/21/153.60

Black Journal Ch. 27

 — The Day: Night. by Dhc00033307/22/154.17

Black Journal Ch. 28

 — Gambling. by Dhc00033307/23/153.56

Black King For Black Queen

 — Haitian man and Somali woman connect in Corporate Canada. by Samuelx12/13/131.00

Black King For Black Queens

 — Black Muslim man dominates strong black businesswoman. by Samuelx12/11/133.38

Black Lace

 — Thw two of you connect during business trip. by Veronika06/12/054.38

Black Lace

 — I pick up a guy one Wednesday evening and he surprises me. by lickmydivinepussy01/06/164.23

Black Lace and Sweat Ch. 02

 — The fun continues at home as her husband sees the lingerie. by sdwpthwlkr04/14/154.71HOT

Black Lawyers of Canada

 — The life and times of attorney Omar Stephenson. by Samuelx01/24/21

Black Love Is Epic

 — Man finds the right woman during a murder trial. by Samuelx11/01/122.25

Black Love Never Dies

 — Black man and Black woman reunite after 30 years apart. by Samuelx05/12/122.75

Black Love Shines Eternally

 — Biracial man discovers Black women in Detroit. by Samuelx05/28/113.06

Black Love: Virgin Edition

 — Black college woman seduces Black male virgin. by Samuelx11/17/092.93

Black Man Having Fun

 — Sexy black woman meets fine Ebony stud. by Samuelx01/14/073.36

Black Man Power

 — Keep your pimp hand strong, or else! by Samuelx09/19/061.00

Black Man's Paradise: ATL

 — Bisexual man finds love with black woman in Atlanta. by Samuelx01/31/083.19

Black Master for Black Muslim Gal

 — Haitian man dominates a Ghanaian Muslim woman. by Samuelx10/14/182.50

Black Master for Ghanaian BBW

 — African American stud bangs sexy Ghanaian BBW. by Samuelx10/31/182.20

Black Masters into Black Femdom

 — Miss Mabel challenges macho man Trevor Johnson. by Samuelx10/13/183.00

Black Men Spank Black Chicks

 — Haitian man spanks Ethiopian booty in Nepean. by Samuelx12/07/121.80

Black Men Spank Black Females

 — Haitian man spanks big-booty Somali girl in Ottawa. by Samuelx12/07/122.33

Black Men Spank Black Gals

 — Black man shows mouthy Black gal a good time. by Samuelx04/18/192.53

Black Millionaire Chronicles

 — Somali reporter interviews rich African American man. by Samuelx04/21/18

Black Mistress Versus White Wife

 — A wealthy Black man must decide between them. by Samuelx10/24/112.71

Black Money ~ Dirty Sex Ch. 01

 — Cherry wagers her body on a game of pool. by Nemasis01/11/184.04

Black Muslim Cuckoldress 03

 — Somali Muslim woman has sex with Haitian hero. by Samuelx05/15/152.75

Black Muslim Gentleman Scholar

 — Black psychiatrist tames naughty black female student. by Samuelx11/15/162.64

Black on Black BDSM: Spanking

 — Black mistress strapons black Canadian in Boston. by Samuelx12/19/112.59

Black on Black Pegging : Love & War

 — Nigerian woman strapons Haitian man in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/27/122.22

Black on Black Pegging : Surprise!

 — Black man confesses strapon fetish to Black girlfriend. by Samuelx06/09/113.06

Black on Black Pegging : Toronto

 — Jamaican BBW strapons mixed guy in Toronto. by Samuelx03/28/133.11

Black on Black Pegging : Ummah

 — Somali dominatrix and black male slave in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/04/132.29

Black On Black Pegging Is Great

 — Black woman strapons her shy black husband. by Samuelx05/02/113.19

Black on Black Pegging is Okay

 — Black female escort strapons black student in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/29/122.43

Black On Black Pegging Rocks

 — Black man discovers strap-ons with Black BBW girlfriend. by Samuelx04/23/112.36

Black on Black Pegging Works

 — Short black chick strapons big black boyfriend. by Samuelx05/14/113.40

Black On Black Pegging: Amen!

 — Haitian dude meets black dominatrix in grocery store. by Samuelx09/07/133.14

Black On Black Pegging: Black Love

 — Bossy black woman strapons wannabe rapper. by Samuelx06/30/112.94

Black on Black Pegging: Immigrant

 — Haitian immigrant lady strapons black Canadian man. by Samuelx03/04/121.40

Black on Black Pegging: Lovers

 — Black goddess with strapon meets Black nerd. by Samuelx11/26/111.70

Black On Black Pegging: Mean Girl

 — Mean black woman strapons reluctant black man. by Samuelx02/04/121.88

Black on Black Pegging: Somaliland

 — Haitian dominatrix strapons arrogant Somali in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/30/122.25

Black People in Love

 — When a black man & woman love each other. by Samuelx11/09/063.33

Black Power Couples

 — The life and times of a Black Power Couple. by Samuelx04/07/092.39

Black Power is Forever

 — Black woman wrestler falls for black football stud. by Samuelx03/14/092.41

Black Pussy is Addictive

 — He finds Black sex to be the best. by Samuelx03/10/093.34

Black Royalty of the Zulu Empire

 — African prince and his queen enjoy marital bliss. by Samuelx12/19/112.19

Black Satin

 — A curious encounter while on business. by ayrelia12/28/024.44

Black Silk

 — A bar, a drunk beauty and the pleasures of black silk. by bigdav01/12/034.28

Black Silk

 — A husband and wife together. by DragonSub11/01/104.32

Black Silk Dress with Leopard Trim

 — She's a woman on the prowl. by Sappholovers03/18/044.37

Black Tie Affair

 — He spends a memorable lunch with his Lady. by Katherine English 208/25/024.57HOT

Black Tie Affair

 — Husband & wife work to put spark back in their sex life. by NALA CAYENNE09/08/074.12

Black Tie Event Pt. 01

 — Aaron gets invited to a black-tie event with a woman that he meets at work. by f1racer2208/20/14

Black Tie Event Pt. 02

 — Aaron's night at the black tie event continues. by f1racer2208/22/14HOT

Black Tie Only

 — Her lover gets possessive upon seeing her with another man. by VictorianGirl03/31/144.52HOT

Black Woman Loves Bisexual Man

 — Bisexual black couple meets on the football field. by Samuelx04/05/092.58

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 12

 — Black college students fall in love. by Samuelx09/14/092.25

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 19

 — Black Hockey Player falls for Black Sportswoman. by Samuelx09/21/091.89

Black Women Love Bisexual Men

 — Rebecca falls for openly bisexual widower Maher. by Samuelx05/23/213.38

Blackbeard's Downfall Ch. 05

 — Blackbeard claims Penelope as his, finally. by simply_cyn10/09/054.39

Blacked Before Midnight

 — A sexy petite wife gets her wish with a hunky stranger. by KatTiwari07/14/214.10

Blackmail With A Friendly Outcome

 — He needed to blackmail his friend's wife. by Darkmagnet12/28/024.35


 — Sexy teenager seduces her neighbor. by casper3312/08/024.51HOT

Blackmailed Bride Ch. 07

 — Brooke and Tanner's Honeymoon, the Good. by Thors_Fist01/10/194.35

Blackmailed By the Boss Ch. 01

 — Upcoming pop star Nikita gets blackmailed by her new boss. by missanonymous10111/06/143.70


 — Boss's wife blackmails employee. by kishan10/27/034.13


 — Young woman tries her hand at blackmail. by Ashson07/02/144.43


 — Woman has sex with an unknown man. by nikkitime08/20/084.06

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