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 — He's late home but earns her forgiveness. by Anna Tait06/26/024.12

Late Afternoon Rendezvous

 — You meet her at a hotel to enjoy chocolate cake. by exduncanette09/14/064.32

Late Again

 — Being stood up leads to a memorable encounter. by PuddyTatt2d10/23/013.88

Late at Night

 — After the DVD ends, it's time for the real fun. by Crafty_Linguist05/22/113.94

Late Christmas Eve

 — Paying a lover a late Christmas visit. by umbraseculdo03/31/124.00

Late Flight From Phoenix

 — A simple tale of seduction of two willing participants. by Bluepen45103/18/164.51HOT

Late for Brunch

 — Rachel gets held up from meeting her boyfriend by her lover. by PerilEyes12/16/134.23

Late for Church

 — All saints are guilty, until proven innocent. by ScriptoLobo02/07/194.25

Late For Class

 — Two friends find out they want more. by Matt10105/14/034.03

Late for Dinner

 — There's no way they're going to make it to dinner on time. by James02160204/08/074.43

Late For Dinner

 — I arrive late for dinner ... And you make me pay ... X by Loula8602/12/133.47

Late For School

 — Steve gives Sue more than the AA. by misspandp06/19/024.02

Late for Work

 — Being late for work leads to a dare. by pavehawk12/21/024.46

Late for Work

 — He's late for work, but things look up. by Sweetp2602/13/073.94

Late for Work

 — We get carried away on the way to work. by wriggleonmyface12/15/164.63HOT

Late Meeting

 — Michael and Tracy find alone time in a parking garage. by KittyLaine07/31/103.71

Late Night

 — It was a hard day at the office. by naughty_astra07/28/064.07

Late Night

 — He warms her up after a long night of work. by xbluespoonx02/27/134.33

Late Night at 1-800-HELP-SM1

 — Coworkers get hot & heavy in the conference room. by ElaborateHoax10/30/044.33

Late Night at PC

 — I approach you as you are engrossed in the computer. by xxjimboxx11/29/143.71

Late Night At The Beach

 — Sexy phone call leads to nighttime beach romp. by AnaLeePleasured02/11/074.26

Late Night at the Coffeehouse

 — Busty student gets busted. by shortncurvy08/01/044.54HOT

Late Night at the Laundromat

 — A quick goodbye from his mystery girl. by pril1304/04/074.25

Late Night at the Office

 — Man lusts after sexy blonde. by Musicman09/01/004.38

Late Night At The Office

 — She surprises you when you're working late. by snugglepuss09/16/034.55HOT

Late Night at the Office

 — Staying late has never felt so good. by blndEE06/27/044.36

Late Night At The Office...

 — Executive gets a little help from his young secretary. by SexyGlitterPixie10/31/014.38

Late Night Awaking

 — A steamy night of surprise. by JoeAllison09/21/103.64

Late Night Bedroom Lust

 — Man sneaks into woman's room late at night. by Midnight_Mystery04/23/024.21

Late Night Blues

 — When she can't sleep, his tongue does the trick. by justjohn101308/07/044.51HOT

Late Night Call

 — Stacey calls me about her new boyfriend. by netdog08/31/173.38

Late Night Caller

 — House wife has phone sex for the first time. by Little white lies07/29/043.79

Late Night Cleaning

 — Working late has its advantages. by standingstones01/30/084.33

Late Night Co-Workers

 — Late night work, tension released. by mrmark8311/09/183.70

Late Night Coffee

 — Late night shopping leads to something more by JP_n_Bunnie02/18/084.77HOT

Late Night Coffee Ch. 05

 — Conclusion: A married man meets two adventurous women. by Estcher11/25/194.78HOT

Late Night College Romp

 — Two friends take things to a passionate level. by catholicschoolgirl09/11/053.97

Late Night Delight

 — Late night of sex spices up. by Torg04/25/053.70

Late Night Distractions

 — He knows how to divert her attention. by _LaPetiteMort_04/11/104.60HOT

Late Night Double Feature

 — You take her for your own in the theater office. by Torachan11/10/054.25

Late Night Drinking...

 — A quick drink after work soon develops into more. by Rainbow06/23/033.90

Late Night Ecstasy

 — You sitting on the bed... by sexyblonde3610/04/114.27

Late Night Encounter

 — She imagines what she'd like to do to you. by BrnEyedBeauty03/14/024.33

Late Night Encounter

 — A late night encounter with a blonde. by ThorOdinson06/02/154.38

Late Night Escapades

 — She thought she was never going to get back to sleep. by Anythingbutmeremere05/28/144.10

Late Night Feature

 — Magazine rivals enjoy each others' skills. by CaliDude8607/20/044.48

Late Night Forgiveness

 — Couple make up after a fight at dinner. by joeyshade01/05/024.24

Late Night Hook Up

 — I hook up with a friend one night. by hornysouthafrican12/29/153.52

Late Night Laundromat

 — When you need a quarter, sometimes you have to sacrifice. by cupcakesandcum01/07/113.74

Late Night Lollie-pop

 — After a party, I struggle to resist a thick Latina. by Lavoir02/01/204.54HOT

Late Night Lovers

 — You go home in the rain and heat each other up. by LongdistLover02/15/133.22

Late Night Lovin'

 — A middle of the night surprise for Jean Michel from Karin. by KarinDiSeduzione09/13/093.90

Late Night Lunch

 — Sexting turns into more. by tishiefruitloop11/20/194.38

Late Night Lust

 — She is seduced at the workplace. by savvygirl66504/20/054.31

Late Night Massage

 — You treats her to a loving massage. by snugglepuss09/16/034.48

Late Night Music Lesson

 — A professor and student fulfill their lust. by Vixen21108/23/024.26

Late Night O-Chem

 — A student and his Asian TA, alone in lab... by NefariousBread10/21/164.72HOT

Late Night Office Fun

 — Boss and assistant going at it in the office. by Sex_fanatic32104/04/163.76

Late Night One Night

 — Insomnia leads to a new way to unwind in a public bathroom. by cheeryorchid10/10/044.45

Late Night Outing

 — He makes a date with a hot BBW. by MWM197807/13/124.12

Late Night Outing Ch. 02

 — The night continues. by MWM197807/28/122.57

Late Night Phone Call

 — A late night fantasy when she can't sleep. by eaglejet110/18/133.20

Late Night Phone Fun

 — A randy phone call sparks into a late night rendezvous. by curvycougar6901/10/143.94

Late Night Pleasure

 — You wake me up late at night for some fun. by icenz07/01/174.25

Late Night Pool Match

 — Michael and Alyssa give in to their desires. by TasiasTiger02/20/054.50HOT

Late Night Producing

 — Female Producers get to know each other in a quiet Newsroom. by weviewer05/31/103.97

Late Night Reading

 — It gets a little crazy in the library. by ZombieGirl8609/12/094.07

Late Night Rendezvous

 — Two adulterous lovers meet in a remote location. by jimmypopali05/26/084.14

Late Night Reunion

 — Heather and I reconnect after a breakup. by eagle12299910/07/094.00

Late Night Salsa

 — A couples evening at a Salsa club gets hot. by RubieRed01/26/094.18

Late Night Sex

 — Rachel wakes up hornier than ever and she needs to fuck. by MistressRedd05/23/194.09

Late Night Shenanigans

 — Man awakens partner for fun. by Jill_P05/17/184.54HOT

Late Night Shopping

 — A bored shop-assistant fills in some time. by Ashson01/04/134.17

Late Night Shopping Ch. 02

 — Cindy is introduced to her customer. by Ashson01/04/134.25

Late Night Shower

 — Unable to sleep, Branwyn tries to relax. by serenitychick11/28/093.50

Late Night Showering

 — sSmetimes a shower is meant for more than keeping clean. by juggith04/19/024.06

Late Night Snack

 — Something's heating up in the kitchen. by AL_Gator12/09/104.24

Late Night Study Session

 — Tired college student gets the break she needs. by XRated11/03/013.84

Late Night Surprise

 — Sexual frustration just before bed is relieved. by charged607/07/083.41

Late Night Swim

 — Couple gets hot & wet in a pool. by Alison02/21/023.72

Late Night Swim

 — An unexpected meeting leads to other things. by dakara04/08/134.17

Late Night Tutor

 — A classroom attraction leads to late night lesson. by BoDangerous08/30/024.05

Late Night Visit

 — Jackie has a little fun with her friend Andrew. by SealMan04/17/044.11

Late Night Visit

 — Chris becomes infatuated with best friend's sister. by BrokenGlass04/09/064.46

Late Night Visitor

 — Lonely wife is pleasured by late-night visitor. by Sassypoo08/03/043.96

Late Night Visitor

 — A sultry visitor makes a long shift much more interesting. by MrFlirt57007/11/113.74

Late Night Visitor

 — I left the door unlocked and waited. by dragonangel2511/20/133.91

Late Night Visitor

 — Friend coming to visit. by Kittehc06/03/152.75

Late Night Visitor

 — Cassandra hears someone enter her apartment late at night. by LargeGirl199206/02/164.21

Late Night Visitor

 — Lonely man gets the knock he needs. by SensualPhotographic07/13/174.29

Late Night Visitor

 — Was Christina's visitor real or imaginary? by JSipes01/17/194.44

Late Night Visitor Pt. 02

 —  Cassandra and Mikal have a steamy morning. by LargeGirl199206/04/164.10

Late Night Visitors

 — A late night tryst. by AbsintheRose08/08/174.64HOT

Late Night Wake Up Ch. 01

 — John wakes up to find a visitor in his bed. by Lauren_111/18/104.50HOT

Late Night with The Metro

 — An intimate romp late night. by umbraseculdo03/02/123.64

Late Night Work Out

 — An erotic wrestling match, winner take at all. by WerewolfatNight04/05/054.24

Late Night.

 — I can hear your breathing. by RawAppetite07/29/114.59HOT

Late Nights

 — Late neetings can have unexpected results. by emerald_eyed_firebrand09/15/133.83

Late One Night

 — An erotic encounter with a friend. by hornyguy209/30/083.50

Late Quickie

 — Just a quickie up against the wall. by lostnhvn03/11/024.34

Late Summer Car Wash

 — Friends get better acquainted. by Suavdbnair10/30/044.56HOT

Late to Dr. Romano's Class

 — College senior Audrey is late to Dr. Romano's final exam. by flyingbluejay12/20/194.67HOT

Late to The Party

 — Is there a familiar face in this masked crowd? by Bageth08/26/164.04

Late Train

 — Fantasies on the late night train. by Sass12/27/024.15

Late Train.

 — A train ride with a stranger fires her imagination. by contrary05/18/044.29

Late Valentine Ch. 01

 — A late Valentine can be the best. by Sara2000Z01/19/184.86HOTContest Winner

Late with the Rent

 — My 750 word story: I can't pay the rent on time. by KallMeTT02/13/204.52HOT

Late-Night Cravings

 — Mindy gets fucked at Sev. by ShannonNiggins07/08/112.25

Late-night Encounter

 — She makes a new lover disregard the fact that she's married. by BoobsNBrains09/29/024.57HOT

Late-night Encounter Ch. 2

 — It's her turn now. by BoobsNBrains11/02/024.71HOT

Late-night Encounter Ch. 3

 — The end of their lusty first meeting. by BoobsNBrains04/06/034.67HOT

Lately Though...

 — A woman describes the way she keeps her man hard and happy. by TheVelvetMountain02/16/143.82

Later That Evening

 — Love rekindled after Brian's day at the nudist beach. by grumpyg12/13/124.34

Later That Night: Her Submission

 — Janet accepts his invitation. by EroticThoughts4903/29/044.65HOT

Later Wednesday

 — The blind date continues... by kinbote12/24/134.40

Later, In My Apartment

 — Naked in bed, their affair grows stronger. by manifestman06/08/074.29

Lather & Lust

 — Love in a hair salon. by DarkAvenger4507/03/044.11

Lather & Lust Ch. 02 Pt. 01

 — lost love found. by DarkAvenger4511/10/044.33

Lather & Lust Ch. 02 Pt. 02

 — Lost love found, continued. by DarkAvenger4512/31/044.50

Lather & Lust Ch. 02 Pt. 03

 — Lost love found continued. by DarkAvenger4501/06/054.57

Lather Up

 — She has a little shower fun. by MinaM05/25/063.74

Lathering Up

 — Tomboy Co-eds share more than a quick rinse. by nobodyhome77712/06/064.11

Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 01

 — Frida yanks on the wrestling champ. by HerMatman09/13/193.43

Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 02

 — Frida keeps Wrestler warm on a cold night. by HerMatman09/15/194.33

Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 03

 — Blonde Wrestler talks dirty to his first Latina. by HerMatman09/18/194.20

Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 04

 — Wrestling stud feasts on Latina tits. by HerMatman09/20/193.86

Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 05

 — Wrestling champ & Latina body heat. by HerMatman09/23/193.00

Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 06

 — Top wrestler goes fast & furious in Hotel. by HerMatman09/27/19

Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 07

 — Heavy-weight wrestler slams her on a cold night. by HerMatman09/28/193.00

Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 08

 — Wrestler's monster shaft gives her hot pleasure. by HerMatman10/03/194.17

Latina Lover

 — Hot Latina with failing marriage is an amazing lover. by rwcforfun07/16/194.51HOT

Latina Targets Wrestling Stud

 — Maria was popular on College Campus. by HerMatman07/11/193.36

Latina's History Class

 — Latina makes history unforgettable to her students. by Latina04/05/014.32

Latte Leads to Sex

 — Timid neighbor gets to have sex with hot younger neighbor. by Pinkdolll01/10/174.32

Latte Love

 — A relationship begins at a coffee shop. by WFEATHER03/09/074.28

Latte Seduction

 — She seduces you in the cofee shop. by SacredJune07/13/044.31

Latte Seduction Ch. 02

 — She leads you into fun and games. by SacredJune07/15/044.54HOT

Latte To Finish A Perfect Dinner

 — What could happen on our first date. by Spawn09/15/014.17

Latte To Finish A Perfect Dinner

 — You have a very satisfying first date. by CTWPVS03/02/094.48

Laughter Like Sparkling Snow

 — Isn't that what Christmas is all about? by Lancelot Knight12/13/014.21


 — Trip to the washroom turns hot. by _camaro1111/07/013.17


 — Laundry will never be the same by Kryztel02/14/034.00

Laundry Day

 — Who knew laundry could be this interesting? by Therapie12/13/034.42

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