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Borderline Ch. 01

 — Chris comes to Paul with a problem. by velvetpie07/19/053.47

Borderline Ch. 02

 — Chris gives Paul a blowjob. by velvetpie07/19/054.26

Borderline Ch. 03

 — Paul and Chris share a shower. by velvetpie07/20/054.49

Borderline Ch. 04

 — Chris asks Paul a question. by velvetpie07/22/054.46

Borderline Ch. 05

 — Chris explores Paul. by velvetpie07/22/054.38

Borderline Ch. 06

 — The lovemaking begins. by velvetpie07/23/054.33

Borderline Ch. 07

 — Chris fesses up. by velvetpie07/24/054.51HOT

Bored in the Afternoon

 — Solo masturbation with my new toys. by Lottiexo02/08/184.43

Bottom on Top

 — For Michael. by KingsWoman01/28/143.97

Bounce in Daddy's Lap

 — All characters are over 18. by TheGreyKnight06/18/154.17

Bound and Pound

 — Easy and fun in handcuffs. by TheGreyKnight08/06/154.28

Bound For a Good Time (Audio)

 — A day off for the good girl turns to naughty indulgence. by TighterPlease12/22/163.77

Bound in the Attic (Audio)

 — A dutiful housewife explores her dirty girl side. by TighterPlease09/02/164.16

Bound Wife Cums

 — Wife cums as he describes tying her up & licking her pussy. by larson6710/06/093.49

Bound, Blindfolded and Used Ch. 01

 — Listen as He takes charge and plays with your body. by mastersvoice07/04/194.31

Bound, Blindfolded and Used Ch. 02

 — Sink deeper into submission under your Master's control. by mastersvoice07/05/194.64HOT

Brandi's Wet Sub

 — Brandi's sub gushes all over her mistresses dildo. (F/F) by BrandiBlue21204/26/164.20

Brave Little Girls Cum the Hardest

 — All characters are over 18. by TheGreyKnight06/05/154.36


 — Daddy's going to make sure you get time to yourself. by notwhorosethinks10/31/194.30

Break Up Make Up

 — How can you ever make it up to me? With your tongue? Oh yes! by Xyta_Midnyte08/10/174.43

Breakfast in Bed

 — You know just how to wake your girl up right. by K_2308/03/174.00

Breaking 69

 — There is no other. by BoyfromEngland03/04/154.59HOT


 — Recording of a sex therapy session. by Tara_Neale12/12/123.88

Breakup Fuck

 — Having a rough no strings attached post break up fuck. by RaidynReborn08/08/193.76

Breast Worship

 — In honor of your chest. by TheGreyKnight08/06/154.08


 — Adventures in breath play with your Master. by mastersvoice10/03/194.04

Brilliant Disguise

 — Lia's true feelings blow her disguise. by velvetpie04/18/053.48

British Invasion

 — Double penetration as English cucumber finds its hole. by ditto7902/27/13

Brotherly Love

 — After years waiting, she'll give brother what he wants. by asian_princess12/21/044.09

Brotherly Love Ch. 02

 — First her pussy, now sister's ass. by asian_princess03/08/054.36

Brown Eyes and Elevators

 — It's 3am, and she wasn't expecting to meet you in the lobby... by RedMoon8610/20/09

BTST Gets a Warm Reception Pt. 01

 — Written by Charlie the Wanking Wanker. Voiced by Kingswoman. by KingsWoman12/30/134.06

BTST Gets a Warm Reception Pt. 02

 — Written by Charlie the Wanking Wanker. Voiced by Kingswoman. by KingsWoman12/30/134.69HOT

BTST Gets a Warm Reception Pt. 03

 — Written by Charlie the Wanking Wanker. Voiced by Kingswoman. by KingsWoman12/30/134.75HOT

Bumper to Bumper

 — A dorky BBW Doms her male best friend for the first time... by tarkustrooper09/02/164.08

Bus Ride

 — For Michael: she takes a revealing ride. by KingsWoman07/15/144.23

Business Trip Surprise

 — We meet when you're in town on business. by SophiesBoss04/05/184.58HOT


 — Babygirl plays while Daddy is away and pays the price. by Babygirlmindy06/14/184.39

Buster Makes Another Friend

 — Buster has fun with his mistress and meets her friend. by hornyhandyman08/02/114.32

Buster's First Outing

 — Buster has fun when his mistress walks him on a leash. by hornyhandyman07/19/114.44

Busting Into 2020!!!

 — A busty MILF helps you start the year off right. by LushinLace01/10/204.69HOTNEW

Busting Out - Back To School

 — A busty college student gets help from an 'old' friend. by LushinLace11/07/194.63HOT

Butt-Slut Pt. 01: One for Every Guy

 — Dreaming of rimming and jerking a roomful of sexy guys. by tarkustrooper06/05/154.11

Butt-Slut Pt. 02: It's YOUR Turn

 — It's all fair play, right? by tarkustrooper06/05/154.09


 — A romantic morning in the butterfly conservatory. by SomeAussieGuy10/27/094.54HOT

Buy One, Get Me Free

 — A store promotion you can really take advantage of. by LushinLace02/21/194.44

By Any Other Name

 — Luck, love and coffee - an audio drama. by theravenfox02/04/184.79HOT

By the Window, Wolf and Prey

 — Your silhouette. You’re vulnerable. Your Mine. by InMyHands03/22/184.41


 — An audio story of anal play. by TheGreyKnight10/28/154.12

C'mere to Me and Fuck Me!

 — Your Fiery Irish Girlfriend Takes the Lead. by Eves_Garden11/14/194.57HOT

Cafe Feels

 — Masturbating each other in an open Cafe. by InMyHands05/10/184.47

Cage Dance

 — A stylish dance. by Joseki Ko01/03/053.60

Call Me Daddy Tonight

 — Tark is stuck with her longing to be called Daddy. by tarkustrooper11/13/154.36

Call Me When You're Near

 — Meet me in the parking lot. I want to give you a little show. by anonymissygwa08/11/164.57HOT

Call Me...

 — Teasing you into making the next move. by British Filth09/10/134.50HOT

Calming the Tempest

 — Distractions during a thunderstorm. by Tempest_Wolfsong06/13/193.14

Camping Fantasy

 — Australian man's idea of a great camping trip. by SomeAussieGuy04/14/094.48

Camping Get-Together

 — Now it's just us two - Friends to Lovers. by Panthera_Amur01/10/204.12NEW

Can I Trust You?

 — Prove to me I can trust you with my secrets. by princebreed09/12/193.92

Can I Validate Your Parking?

 — Kitten gets her parking ticket validated by her Dom. by HisSweetKitten10/06/164.36

Can I, Daddy?

 — It's very hard to say "no" to hot coed daughter. by litjosie02/17/094.25

Can We Film Us?

 — I want to see your cock fucking my pussy. by theangeloftemptation11/29/194.49

Can You Resist?

 — Can you resist her seduction? by Mina2412/27/064.41

Can't Help Recalling...

 — An old lover remembers the passion he'd once shared with you. by FantasyForrester03/13/123.90

Can't Sleep

 — Find out what happens when I can't sleep... by Louboutins01/07/134.40

Can't Wait

 — When I can't wait and start fucking myself. by Prcious109/14/17

Candy Cane

 — A sweet & sexy Christmas story. by Mirage12/12/124.44

Car - My Soul

 — Let's go to the car. by Rebyal3503/22/183.60

Car Journey Home (Irish Accent)

 — You've teased me all I have to have you. by AttractiveGeek04/13/174.54HOT

Car Ride

 — You and her share such a naughty car ride. by RedMoon8601/12/10

Car Ride

 — Keep your eyes on the road while my mouth is on you. by aWindOfSuchViolence04/04/194.10


 — You want to make a move, to seize me lying beside you... by NaokoSmith04/02/134.42

Carry On Dating

 — or ... A Tale of Two Stocking Shockers. by KingsWoman03/02/174.29

Casual Thursday

 — He sits with his partner who strokes him to climax. by Dr_Impervious12/09/094.21

Catching Up

 — I meet and old friend and we catch up really fast. by SomeAussieGuy08/04/094.29


 — Disciplining and toying with you for your transgressions. by Tempest_Wolfsong04/18/193.09

Caught Fapping

 — He encourages you to join him. by dylan_t02/03/164.49

Caught in the Act

 — Caught out by Daddy, Xyta must now force herself to come. by Xyta_Midnyte03/01/183.79

Caught Jerking

 — Things get hot when she catches him jacking off. (M/F audio) by VoyceDaddy02/12/083.87

Caught On Camera

 — A sexy encounter is captured on camera. by LushinLace09/21/174.30

Caution - Sex Machine in Use

 — A nice long fuck session with my sex machine. by funluvinaj05/31/184.37

Changing Your Mind

 — You've sworn off women, until I help you change your mind. by LushinLace07/10/184.62HOT

Chase You...Caught You

 — Dom chases his girl! She secretly wants him too. by InMyHands06/29/174.31


 — A quickie with you - while your is wife just outside... by Babygirlmindy08/16/184.53HOT


 — Stealthy Degradation. by TheGreyKnight08/06/154.04

Checkout Delight

 — A first time sexy affair. by quietlyconfidentgent10/08/153.71

Cheerleader Humiliatrix

 — Audio clip of a college cheerleader humiliating a guy. by newwriter1707/27/103.99


 — We have plenty of it. by notwhorosethinks08/15/194.62HOT

Cherry-Ripe Toes

 — Something for me (and the BFFs - my women fans). by KingsWoman01/09/144.19

Chest Stroking Cock Wanking Girl

 — I love how you stroke my chest and wank me off, don't stop x by BoyfromEngland09/22/154.63HOT


 — Online lovers meet for the first time in Chi-town. by sweet_p102411/03/093.19

Chin Up

 — Look at me, little kitten. by notwhorosethinks08/08/194.46

Chocolate Wishes

 — Tark gets a serious craving for BBC. by tarkustrooper10/12/174.25


 — Rebekka's Master takes another woman. by RebekkaBrown08/06/144.33

Christmas Party

 — I take you to my office Christmas party. by SomeAussieGuy09/09/104.34

Claire After Dinner

 — Claire wants anal after dinner...and gives you something extra. by claire201402/26/164.27

Claire as a French Maid

 — Coed Claire dresses up as a french maid for her Daddy. by claire201003/16/104.45

Claire Fucks Her Panties For You

 — Listen to Claire as she fucks her black lace panties. by claire201405/28/144.30

Claire Gives You a Massage

 — Claire helps you to relax with a hot massage. by claire201409/17/144.50HOT

Claire Goes Shopping for Panties Ch. 01

 — Coed Claire and her daddy go shopping together. by claire201001/12/104.42

Claire Goes Shopping for Panties Ch. 02

 — Coed Claire and her daddy are still shopping. by claire201001/19/104.58HOT

Claire Goes to Confession

 — Claire goes to church and tells a priest about her panties. by claire201403/29/164.51HOT

Claire Has a Drink

 — Claire is home after a party and is thinking about her Daddy. by claire201004/09/104.46

Claire Has Dessert with Her Daddy

 — Claire and her Daddy play with strawberries and cream by claire201002/09/104.51HOT

Claire is Red Riding Hood for Daddy

 — Coed Claire tells her daddy about her dream. by claire201001/05/104.51HOT

Claire Loves You

 — Claire tells her Daddy how much she loves him. by claire201410/08/144.31

Claire Misses Her Daddy

 — Claire wants her Daddy with her so badly! by claire201004/12/114.41

Claire Phone Sex

 — Coed Claire has phone sex with her Daddy. by claire201002/23/104.05

Claire says Happy 2016 xxx

 — Claire says happy new year and wants you to cumm. by claire201401/19/164.70HOT

Claire Says Hi & Masturbates For You

 — Listen in as she touches her soft parts. by claire201001/12/104.34

Claire Strips For Her Neighbour

 — Claire's neighbour watches her as she strips. by claire201406/19/144.37

Claire Talks About Her Cunt

 — Claire talks dirty...and her daddy cums inside her! by claire201406/24/144.27

Claire Wants Anal Sex with You

 — Claire wants you to slide your cock into her asshole. by claire201404/16/154.37

Claire Wants You To Kiss Her Cunt

 — Claire talks dirty again...and she wants you to kiss her cunt! by claire201408/06/144.53HOT

Claire's Daddy Fucks Her in the Ass

 — Claire's Daddy comes to visit and fucks her in the ass. by claire201010/20/104.11

Claire's New Panties

 — 18-year-old daughter wears the panties daddy bought her. by claire201001/05/104.30

Claire's Pussy

 — She shows her appreciation by showing her pussy. by claire201001/26/104.48

Claire, Daddy and David

 — Claire visits her Daddy and his neighbour. by claire201004/20/104.21

claire2010 is back

 — claire2010 is now claire2014 and wants to play, by claire201404/23/144.51HOT

Claire: Cum Over Her Panties

 — Claire wants you to enjoy her sweet undies. by claire201005/11/104.29

Clamps, Crop and Stallion

 — Rebekka masturbates using toys of pleasure and pain. by RebekkaBrown08/10/104.44

Class Dismissed...

 — He keeps you back after class. by Dr_Impervious06/08/104.16

Class Returns

 — A hard & arduous lesson for an eagre student. by Dr_Impervious06/22/104.33

Clean up on Aisle 5

 — Femdom sexual harassment blackmail fantasy. by Tempest_Wolfsong10/03/193.47

Clearing His Head - Swim Coach V5

 — A distracted swimmer needs help from coach to clear his head. by LushinLace06/15/174.60HOT

Climax Together

 — Listen in to this couple mixing their juices together. by neno1302/02/103.10

Clones Pt. 01: First Order

 — Milf orders some male clones. by Rebyal3503/22/183.91

Clones Pt. 02: Special Order

 — MILF orders a special new clone. by Rebyal3504/27/184.25

Close Your Eyes

 — Guided masturbation. Just for you. by InMyHands11/08/183.96

Closet Quickie

 — We sneak off for a quickie while at your parents’ house. by RoyalBrain12/12/194.40

Club Nite - DEV© for Men

 — Impossible Lovers for Men: Hook Up with Jezebel. by smotp08/24/174.46


 — After practice. More training. by InMyHands05/23/194.36

Coat Check

 — Sneaking away at the party to fuck. by InMyHands05/02/194.49

Cock Hungry Whore

 — Naughty girl craving cock by theangeloftemptation10/20/174.02

Cock Ring

 — Me masturbating for the first time with a cock ring on. by jedimindtrik06/19/143.75

Cock Therapy

 — My very first 'cock therapy' session. by LushinLace04/05/184.40

Cock Worship III - A Lazy Sunday Suck

 — Let me wake you up my favourite way...sucking on your cock. by Eves_Garden11/05/144.41

Cock Worship III - JOI d'Eve

 — A sensual, delicious suck... by Eves_Garden09/25/144.48

Cock Worship: Eve's Spa

 — Welcome to the spa....cock worship in a warm, relaxing pool. by Eves_Garden07/24/154.56HOT

Cock Worship: Sugar For My Neighbor

 — Want some sugar, sugar? by Eves_Garden12/21/154.45


 — For women: Be Hypnotized by Cock. by Sandman_Nightmares01/22/154.07

Cocks Out!

 — Come play a game with Angel! by theangeloftemptation08/03/173.82

Cocoa Flavored Kisses

 — A loving pep talk and hug you so richly deserve. by BoyfromEngland12/03/144.64HOT

Coin Toss No. 01

 — Pleasure and pain awaits her at the toss of the coin. by RebekkaBrown08/11/094.16

Coin Toss No. 02

 — She tosses again: is it agony, or ecstasy? by RebekkaBrown08/12/094.08

Coin Toss No. 03

 — Pleasure and pain await her at the toss of a coin. by RebekkaBrown08/25/094.57HOT

Coin Toss No. 04

 — Her Master grants her permission to toss the coin. by RebekkaBrown09/01/094.21

Coin Toss No. 05

 — Permission has been granted to toss the coin. by RebekkaBrown09/08/094.39

Coin Toss No. 06

 — Her Master is away. She tosses the coin. Pleasure? Pain? by RebekkaBrown10/13/094.06

Coin Toss No. 07

 — An early morning coin toss. Will it be pleasure or pain? by RebekkaBrown12/09/094.57HOT

Coin Toss No. 08

 — Oh, the pain she gives herself... by RebekkaBrown12/29/094.40

Coin Toss No. 09

 — Her Master grants her permission to toss the coin. by RebekkaBrown02/23/104.30

Coin Toss No. 10

 — Rebekka is permitted to toss the coin. by RebekkaBrown08/10/104.62HOT

Coin Toss No. 11

 — A pleasure or pain coin toss? by RebekkaBrown09/21/104.42

Coin Toss No. 12

 — Rebekka is permitted to toss the coin. by RebekkaBrown03/14/114.00

Coin Toss No. 13

 — Rebekka is permitted to toss the coin. by RebekkaBrown07/04/124.38

Coin Toss No. 14

 — Rebekka tosses the coin and her Master participates. by RebekkaBrown12/17/134.63HOT

Cold Glass

 — Warm skin, a cold sliding glass door... by aslygrin12/30/134.06

Cold Snap

 — Wanting you to stay warm. by TheGreyKnight10/28/154.52HOT

Colors: a RambleFap

 — A ramblefap audio. by stranger_with_a_mic05/23/194.73HOT

Come Back Home

 — She needs you to come back home. by litjosie07/07/094.51HOT

Come Closer

 — The Epitome of a Cuddlefuck. by AuralHoney04/27/173.94

Come Dance for Me

 — He wants you to dance for him. by cameramike11/02/103.73

Come For Me

 — He brings you to a very satisfying orgasm. by Edana05/11/102.83

Come Here, Woman

 — Come and lay between his legs. by cameramike09/11/084.16

Come Home

 — We get a night all to ourselves when you return from work. by Norilangdon04/23/144.23

Come On Don't Stop

 — She wants to be fucked. by neno1310/09/123.33

Come Outside for Daddy

 — Come outside and let Daddy fuck your throat. by princebreed08/17/174.23

Come to Bed

 — Having an amazing orgasm with you in bed. by DKmermaid02/09/123.89

Come to Me

 — Stand before him and close your eyes. by cameramike06/25/073.96

Comfort Sex

 — A bad breakup leads to this... by Mirage07/05/184.56HOT

Comic Shop Head

 — This tomboy wants her nerdy best friend all to herself! by theravenfox05/25/154.59HOT


 — I’m coming...want to come too? by DirtyVoiceGirl08/01/194.08

Coming for You

 — You make me come by sitting on my big dick. by TobyW09/03/133.49

Coming Home

 — You welcome your big brother home from college. by Mirage03/30/174.17

Coming Home...

 — I come home to you and help you finish what you started... by sloeburn02/25/154.31

Commanding Officer

 — How high up the command chain are you willing to fuck? by Panthera_Amur10/10/194.65HOT


 — An interactive story of dominance and submission. by Pir8Rbrts02/26/144.18

Condemnation & Redemption Pt. 02

 — A Romance story with musical introduction. by PostScriptor12/03/194.73HOT

Condemnation & Redemption Pt. 03

 — A Romance story with musical introduction. by PostScriptor12/04/194.76HOT

Condemnation & Redemption Pt. 04

 — A Romance story with musical introduction. by PostScriptor12/05/194.82HOT


 — He has to confess... He's been thinking about you. by British Filth10/06/164.63HOT

Confession or Things I Never Say

 — All the things I have wanted to say... but never will. by Tempest_Wolfsong05/16/193.56

Confession: The Edgewater Hotel

 — Wife confesses first sexual encounter during separation. by KJLarson06/13/194.16

Confession: The Pictures

 — Wife explains compromising photos her husband receives. by KJLarson06/13/193.88

Confessions: First Blowjob

 — Young woman gives her first blowjob. by Selena_Kitt01/16/084.53HOT

Confessions: Joy of Sex

 — Two teens find the "Joy of Sex" and a vibrator. by Selena_Kitt01/16/084.53HOT

Confessions: Roommate

 — Two college co-eds experiment together. by Selena_Kitt01/16/084.47

Confessions: Separated

 — Separated from their spouses, they re-discover attraction. by Selena_Kitt01/16/084.46

Confessions: Student Teacher

 — A student teacher learns a valuable lesson. by Selena_Kitt01/29/084.56HOT

Confessions: The Neighbors

 — Young woman learns about sex from listening to the neighbors. by Selena_Kitt01/16/084.40

Confessions: Union Station

 — Cyber lovers meet in Chicago & have a tryst at Union Station. by Selena_Kitt01/16/084.50HOT

Confessions: Watching Him Masturbate

 — She has a fetish about watching him touch himself. by Selena_Kitt12/16/084.46


 — Slowly, delicately.... Maybe rough and deliberate. by yblack507/27/174.61HOT

Conservative Couple's First Time

 — A conservative couple succumb to temptation. by kykitty12/27/193.71


 — I get to decide what to do to you tonight. I get control... by Masters_in_your_mind05/04/174.30

Control Me

 — Listen as Midori is controlled via remote sex toy. by MidoriDal07/19/183.77

Controlled by the Shadows

 — Being corrupted by mind control. by Tempest_Wolfsong11/14/193.36

Cooking Class

 — Cooking class leads to a sexy hook-up between two strangers. by Mirage09/17/144.51HOT

Cooking in the Kitchen

 — Discovering the fun we can have with food. by SomeAussieGuy04/21/094.41

Cop Stop

 — Alone, late at night, the red and white lights flicker... by TheGreyKnight04/03/153.90


 — A sexy frolic in the fields. by My Erotic Tail04/12/044.18

Corona Pt. 01

 — Rebekka tells her Master a story. by RebekkaBrown09/14/114.19

Corona Pt. 02

 — Rebekka tells her Master a story. by RebekkaBrown09/14/114.43

Costume Party

 — Sexy fun at a Halloween party. by Mirage10/23/124.13

Couch Cuddles

 — Things get a little hot and heavy on movie night. by Endless_Roads07/25/194.45

Cougar Tales: Junior Associate

 — An executive and her junior associate share a hotel suite. by Graces_Grove05/18/174.53HOT

Cougar Tales: New Neighbor

 — A new neighbor moves in next door and things get steamy fast. by Graces_Grove05/04/174.67HOT

Cougar Tales: The Pool Boy

 — Seducing the pool boy on a hot summer day. by Graces_Grove06/08/174.57HOT

Cougar Training 101

 — Why do younger men like mature women? by wife2hotblk10/20/093.44

Couldn't Wait

 — She tried to wait for you, but had to cum. by Rikki_1307/06/103.74


 — Pussably targets her gspot with a dildo and a countdown. by pussablywet11/05/144.47

Cowboy Car Repair

 — The stars, a broke down car and a hero on a horse. by TheGreyKnight04/03/154.33

Coworker or Office Slut

 — Come back to my office. by InMyHands02/02/194.40

Cozy Morning Sex

 — I love morning sex. by InMyHands04/18/194.40

Crack of Dawn

 — Rise and slow grind. by yblack501/03/193.88

Craving for You

 — A sexy experience for just me and you. by AdonisTheGod11/03/164.30

Craving More

 — I need something bigger than your tiny cock. by LushinLace12/14/184.41

Craving You

 — I can't stop thinking about you... by Mirage07/27/174.53HOT

Cream Pie Cherubkins

 — A cream pie to savour after our love making. by BoyfromEngland07/16/154.64HOT

Crime and Punishment

 — Musings on submission and my love of rough sex. by Bellatrixie01/17/124.30

Crimson Sunsets Inspired Orgasmic Denial

 — Hypnorotica Inspired by Crimson Sunset - orgasm denial. by devlinwylde12/20/183.25


 — I had to tell you - make out with me? by Panthera_Amur11/21/194.43

Cucked By My Tits

 — You'll never be satisfied with your girlfriend's tiny tits. by LushinLace12/07/174.39

Cucked By My Tits 02

 — You really think your flat-chested girlfriend needs a bra?! by LushinLace03/01/184.33

Cucked By My Tits 03

 — Once again I humiliate your new girlfriend with my big tits. by LushinLace08/29/194.40

Cuddle Catcher

 — 10 heart-filled cuddles for you to catch. by BoyfromEngland05/25/154.18

Cuddle Fuck

 — He's got a cuddle fuck session to make you forget about a bad day. by RaidynReborn07/25/194.06

Cuddling in the Dark

 — He helps a friend over a tough breakup. by SomeAussieGuy03/09/104.38


 — You're bound to like where this one goes... by Mirage05/28/144.53HOT

Cuffed (Payback)

 — You broke the rules... by Mirage07/15/144.46

Cum Edge With Me

 — Get Naked and Come Play with Me. by funluvinaj04/26/164.24

Cum Fetish

 — I've got a confession to make... by British Filth08/07/134.50HOT

Cum For Me

 — She is watching Bob get himself off for her. by Xtacyincin10/13/094.25

Cum For Me

 — It turns her on to watch you cum. Will you oblige her? by Rikki_1311/24/094.15

Cum For Me

 — I pretend I'm there with you, fucking you until you cum. by jaymasters4512/07/174.13

Cum for ME!

 — Daddy Dom demands and commands you to cum. by InMyHands07/07/173.83

Cum For Your Boss

 — We can no longer control our desire . . . by jaymasters4505/11/174.34

Cum in Me

 — My love edges her orgasm until I come inside of her. by sexploration796503/21/123.81

Cum in My Ass

 — She doesn't let you fuck here in the ass. by theangeloftemptation05/09/194.36

Cum On My Tongue

 — Waking you up in the middle of the night to give you head by theangeloftemptation11/22/184.37

Cum Rag - Day 01

 — Rebekka masturbates with her Master's cum rag. by RebekkaBrown08/16/184.35

Cum Rag - Day 02

 — Rebekka masturbates with her Master's cum rag. by RebekkaBrown09/13/184.69HOT

Cum Rag - Day 03

 — Rebekka masturbates with her Master's cum rag. by RebekkaBrown02/02/194.40

Cum with Me

 — Play along with me? by NerdyTalk08/24/174.60HOT

Cum with Me

 — Two orgasms for you, don't let me cum alone by theangeloftemptation01/11/184.47

Cum with Your Clingy Girlfriend

 — I want you all to myself. by theangeloftemptation11/29/184.30

Cumin' for Ya!

 — Looking at your picture while jacking off. by pantyshot10/06/094.28

Cumm over Claire

 — Claire is back and says hi...and makes you cumm over her! by claire201402/04/154.55HOT

Cumming Early in the Morning

 — A nice orgasm for you. by Desire_Girl10/02/153.69

Cumming for Daddy

 — Babygirl playing with pussy for her sexy daddy. by LeilaLockwood02/01/184.47

Cumming for my Master

 — She pleasures herself for His (and your!) ears. by hisnaughtygirl02/23/104.00

Cumming for My Precious Lover

 — Not a sliver of daylight exists between you & her. by TansyGentianFlowers08/04/092.80

Cumming for You

 — She loves playing with herself - and with you. by mollyisme205/23/054.48

Cumming for You

 — I stroke myself off thinking of you. by TheGreyKnight06/29/154.02

Cumming For You Twice

 — I fuck you against the wall, then fuck you again right after. by jaymasters4506/08/174.35

Cumming Home

 — A Master comes home to play with his slave. by will_spike10/23/083.40

Cumming in Last - Swim Coach 11

 — Coach explains to her husband why he cums after her team. by LushinLace01/25/184.62HOT

Cumming in Your Mouth

 — By request. An audio of me cumming. by InMyHands08/03/174.39

Cumming Inside You

 — You ride me and refuse to stop until I cum inside you. by jaymasters4509/28/174.36

Cumming Out of His Shell

 — A MILF helps her neighbor’s shy son cum out of his shell. by LushinLace08/24/174.53HOT

Cumming Out of His Shell 02

 — The MILF next door breaks her promise to a younger man. by LushinLace11/23/174.62HOT

Cumming over her Cunt

 — He fingers his lover. by Living_Voice10/08/142.67

Cumming Over, and Over, and Over!

 — Listen in as hot couple reaches ecstasy again & again. by larson6706/01/103.70

Cumming Together on New Year's Eve

 — A couple cum together on New Years despite being miles apart. by LushinLace12/28/174.65HOT

Cumming Up Inside You

 — Hard, fast, and wet. Listen to me stroke for you. by jaymasters4506/13/194.24

Cumuppance for Catherine by Laph

 — Younger male babysitter takes advantage of MILF teasing him. by audiodiva02/01/124.55HOT

Cunnilingus Year

 — Nineteen ninety four was my year of cunnilingus. by MungoParkIII12/28/072.70

Cunning Linguist

 — I LOVE going down on you. by mastersvoice05/02/194.60HOT


 — Another bus ride! Written by Charlie the Wanking the Wanker by KingsWoman11/05/144.15

Cunt Against Cunt

 — Hot nights call for hot girl-on-girl fantasies. by tarkustrooper05/07/154.01

Cupid Unchained

 — A typical or not so typical love story. by vonstalhine01/20/164.44

Cupid's Third Arrow

 — There are better Valentine's gifts than flowers & chocolates. by theravenfox02/04/154.57HOT

Cute Twink Strokes Himself

 — Suddenly got a hard-on and had to take care of it.. by CuteTwink05/25/152.91

Daddy and OB/GYN Enjoy His Baby Girl

 — Daddy takes his pregnant baby girl to the doctor. by Naughtydaddy4603/01/184.15

Daddy Can Be Gentle...For a Bit

 — "Daddy" tries to be be gentle with his "little girl". by Naughtydaddy4603/01/184.31

Daddy Gets Help

 — Mommy decides to help. by Naughtydaddy4604/05/183.82

Daddy Hard at Work

 — Daddy gets so hard at work. by Naughtydaddy4604/12/184.01

Daddy Knocks You Up

 — Daddy gets his baby girl pregnant. by Naughtydaddy4602/22/183.92

Daddy Loves You (Irish Accent)

 — A sexy message for Daddy's special girl. by quietlyconfidentgent05/30/194.48

Daddy Makes It Better

 — Please make me forget that mean boy, Daddy! by Tempest_Wolfsong11/07/193.46

Daddy Misses You

 — A love letter to the one he misses. by TheMrBurns01/03/194.00

Daddy Misses You Day 02

 — Another recording for His absent princess. by TheMrBurns03/09/193.87

Daddy Needs You Bad

 — "Daddy" Tark is craving you in the worst way, baby boy. by tarkustrooper12/22/154.40

Daddy Owns His Baby Girl

 — Daddy can't stop. by Naughtydaddy4603/09/183.88

Daddy Punishes Daughter

 — Daddy finds out you weren’t wearing panties. by Naughtydaddy4604/12/183.86

Daddy Required Obedience

 — Daddy decides to "guide" his baby girl ;) by Paradoxxxical08/15/194.00

Daddy Role Play 01: Legs Wide Open

 — Daddy dom role playing with his special good girl princess. by BoyfromEngland04/23/144.31

Daddy Role Play 02: Under The Sheets

 — Daddy dom role play fantasy with his special good girl princess. by BoyfromEngland04/24/144.24

Daddy Role Play 03: Loving Strokes

 — Daddy dom role play fantasy with his special good girl princess by BoyfromEngland04/25/144.41

Daddy Role Play 04: Watching... You

 — Daddy dom roleplay fantasy with his special good girl princess. by BoyfromEngland04/26/144.41

Daddy Role Play 05: Handprints

 — Daddy dom roleplay fantasy with his special good girl princess. by BoyfromEngland04/27/144.42

Daddy Talks to Baby

 — Daddy loses control. by Naughtydaddy4603/29/184.02

Daddy Wakes Up His Baby Girl

 — Good morning, princess. by Naughtydaddy4604/05/184.11

Daddy Wants U in Work Irish Accent

 — Have some fun in work with Daddy. by quietlyconfidentgent08/22/193.83

Daddy Wants You So Much

 — A voice message for my special baby. (Irish Accent) by quietlyconfidentgent05/09/194.60HOT

Daddy's Bad Girl

 — He doles out punishment to a naughty little girl. by TheMrBurns10/04/184.13

Daddy's Beard...

 — Don't be shy, come stroke it my sweet buttercup. by BoyfromEngland04/16/154.62HOT

Daddy's Bedroom

 — Sensual roleplaying : 'Daddy' misses his coed daughter. by BoyfromEngland10/11/074.56HOT

Daddy's Big Cock

 — Daddy's "little girl" sucks his cock well. by Waynesgirl05/10/183.74

Daddy's Daytime Darling

 — Let's begin the day with a kiss and a cuddle my Darling x by BoyfromEngland09/02/164.43

Daddy's Forgotten Little Girl

 — My story of desertion. by wife2hotblk10/13/092.81

Daddy's Full Load of Kitten Cream

 — It's been bubbling up and brewing in Daddy's balls all day x by BoyfromEngland08/18/164.57HOT

Daddy's Gift Pt. 01

 — Daddy brought me a present. I'm so eager to try it out. by Prcious105/24/183.86

Daddy's Girl

 — She's 18, and wants to celebrate - with Daddy. by jensiejo09/14/103.84

Daddy's girl

 — A babygirl's message to her Daddy. by purringbaby03/04/154.18

Daddy's Good Girl Pt. 01: Happy Ending

 — Good girls deserve to be spoiled. by TheMrBurns11/08/183.77

Daddy's Good Girl Pt. 02: Bathtime

 — Bath time for Daddy's good girl. by TheMrBurns11/09/183.68

Daddy's Good Girl Pt. 03: Surprise

 — A surprise for a good girl. by TheMrBurns11/15/184.32

Daddy's Home

 — Daddy comes home but can't find his babygirl. by BillHicock08/16/184.63HOT

Daddy's Home

 — Daddy has missed his baby girl. by Daddynolimits07/18/193.85

Daddy's Home!

 — Daddy Dom lets babygirl take care of him after a long day. by hotsluttymess33309/12/193.63

Daddy's I Love You Diary: Day 01

 — Daddy sends daily messages of love to his Sweet Honeykins xx by BoyfromEngland11/02/164.33

Daddy's I Love You Diary: Day 02

 — Daddy sends daily messages of love to his Sweet Honeykins xx by BoyfromEngland11/03/164.64HOT

Daddy's I Love You Diary: Day 03 Pt 01

 — Daddy sends daily messages of love to his Sweet Honeykins xx by BoyfromEngland11/04/164.38

Daddy's I Love You Diary: Day 03 Pt 02

 — Daddy sends daily messages of love to his Sweet Honeykins xx by BoyfromEngland11/05/164.50HOT

Daddy's I Love You Diary: Day 04

 — Daddy sends daily messages of love to his Sweet Honeykins xx by BoyfromEngland11/06/164.53HOT

Daddy's Little Brat: Roll the Dice

 — Daddy needs to punish a naughty little girl. by TheMrBurns12/07/184.32

Daddy's Little Cum Dumpster

 — Daddy loves to tie his princess down and degrade her. by AmeliaCharles07/26/183.49

Daddy's Little Girl

 — Aren't you so precious? (All characters are over 18) by TheGreyKnight10/28/154.04

Daddy's Little Slut

 — A dominant audio for all my submissives out there! by Surfer_Rod01/28/144.40

Daddy's Little Stripper Slut

 — Daddy wants you to get sexy on her pole tonight. by tarkustrooper08/30/184.24

Daddy's Princess

 — Daddy will do anything to make his princess happy. by AmeliaCharles07/26/182.91

Daddy, I'm Sick

 — I'm sick, Daddy. Pleeeeeeeease take care of me. by Xyta_Midnyte03/15/184.06

Daddy, Let Me Cum On Your Hard Cock

 — Needy Asian Girl humping the pillow so hard for "Daddy". by HornyAsianGirlx9310/25/183.83

Daddy, Mommy, and You, Ch. 01

 — Watching Daddy do his thing to Mommy. by mastersvoice05/09/194.37

Daily Temptations

 — She convinced me to record it. by SoakingTemptations07/21/164.60HOT

Damn, My Ass Looks Good!

 — Treating myself to a play session in front of my mirror. by tarkustrooper06/29/154.15

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 07

 — The rescue. by Joseki Ko03/22/043.97

Dancing with You

 — This dance is ladies only. by theravenfox06/09/094.56HOT


 — A sub is terribly drawn to her Dom. by Daphne8208/22/194.73HOT

Dare I Fuck You?

 — Imagine yourself Helen of Troy, a woman so beautiful by MungoParkIII12/28/073.50

Dare to Let Go

 — Lose yourself, lose your mind, and let go. by tarkustrooper12/23/153.75

Dark Places: Predator and Prey

 — Guided journey into Primal space, with "Little Red" story. by Tempest_Wolfsong12/19/193.13

Dark Room Fantasy

 — He meets his phonefriend for the first time, in a dark room. by SecretDreamer11/05/133.27

Dark Shadows

 — You're taken unexpectedly and used for his pleasure. by mastersvoice08/08/194.53HOT

Date Night

 — We finally get a night alone. by Surfer_Rod08/30/114.50HOT

Date Night Pt. 01

 — Date night movie gets scandalous wearing short skirt & heels. by Louboutins01/23/134.57HOT

Date Night Pt. 02

 — Date night ends with a hot ride to the nearest place to stop. by Louboutins01/23/134.58HOT

DDlg: A Little Lesson

 — Little Bunny learns to take your cock in her ass hole. by BunnyTail06/29/174.12


 — You want to play do you? Get on your knees, pet. by Xyta_Midnyte07/13/174.38

Deal with a Succubus

 — Lick my pussy, you little worm! Give your soul to my master! by Xyta_Midnyte05/09/194.29

Dear Anonymous

 — A response to haters ends in a self-empowering orgasm. by Tempest_Wolfsong06/13/193.31

Dear Diary

 — She confesses her seduction of a friend. by sweet_p102409/29/093.69

Dear Diary Continued

 — She tells of their sexy picnic. by sweet_p102410/06/094.17

Dear Husband

 — Letter to husband awaiting her decision. by veiled07/27/043.80

Deep Release

 — Slight hypnotic guide to healing after a long week. by Nasty_Man02/04/153.55

Deeper Submission to Your Master

 — Submissive girls to fantasize about her Master. by Sandman_Nightmares02/25/153.90

DeliciousD Masturbating at Work

 — I am extremely wet and masturbating at work. by DeliciousD4505/31/184.57HOT


 — Blowjob and Degradation. by TheGreyKnight12/21/153.98

Depression Cure

 — Stroking and cumming FINALLY off pharmaceuticals. by quietzone03/02/173.41


 — Please, I just want to get off. by notwhorosethinks03/30/194.46

DEV - A Christmas Fable

 — Directed Erotic Visualisation Experience for Women. by smotp12/29/104.04

DEV for Gay Men - The Bear

 — A DEV sensual hypnotic experience for gay men. by smotp09/15/094.00

DEV For Men: An Orgasm Experience

 — For Men Only: an audio designed to produce an orgasm. by smotp02/12/083.96

DEV for Men: Lap Dance

 — A sensual hypnosis hot sex and orgasm experience. by smotp02/02/104.22

DEV for Women: MSP - Orgasm Command

 — This is for those who like to do what they are told! by smotp09/15/083.98

DEV for Women: My Special Place

 — An audio orgasm experience with light BDSM. by smotp04/16/084.22

DEV Multiple Orgasm Experience

 — For Women: Audio intended to induce multi orgasms. by smotp01/16/083.55

DEV: MSP - Lust in the Machine

 — An MP3 sensual hypnosis BDSM experience - machine sex! by smotp08/11/094.38

DEV© - St Andrew's Cross℗

 — Directed Erotic Visualisation© for Women. by smotp07/21/174.34

Devil Made Me Do It

 — A supernaturally orgasmic fantasy. by mollyisme206/14/054.52HOT

DEVMod© Going Down on You

 — Directed Erotic Visualisation© DEVMod© Oral Sex for Women. by smotp07/07/174.20

Diary of Her Dreams

 — Daddy reads your open diary of arousal. by Sandman_Nightmares12/01/163.88

Dicking Down Isla

 — How good it is to be fucked by you! by Isla_BrownSugar05/13/164.55HOT

Dicky Gives Head

 — How I like to pleasure a woman. by DickyUK02/09/124.65HOT

Dicky Visits The Library

 — A fantasy about my favourite librarian. by DickyUK02/05/134.62HOT

Did You Miss Me?

 — New sound, new life, new sexy smoothness. ;-) by Xyta_Midnyte11/08/184.43

Didn't Hear You Come In

 — As she's getting off submitting stories, you sneek up on her. by Xtacyincin11/17/093.86

Dildo and Stallion

 — Rebekka plays with her toys. by RebekkaBrown01/23/133.89

Dildo Orgasm

 — My wife cumming quietly but incredibly hard. by Gorgeous_George09/05/122.88

Dine Slow

 — A slow and methodical conquest of her love palace. by yblack503/09/174.52HOT

Dinner Comes with Dessert

 — I like it creamy. by KingsWoman09/15/154.53HOT

Dinner Date (Audio)

 — She goes out to meet an old friend. by AaronTraugott04/27/104.24

Dinner for Daddy

 — Sub serves herself for dinner for her daddy. by InMyHands07/21/174.40

Dinner for Two

 — Enjoying a meal out with a wonderful lady. by CuddlyTiger10/27/114.40

Dinner Round Back

 — Dinner buffet style. by yblack505/04/174.27

Directed Erotic Visualisation

 — For Women: an audio to bring about an orgasm experience. by smotp12/03/074.00

Directed Erotic Visualisation© OTK

 — OTK Spanking Audio Experience for Women. by smotp06/15/173.54

Director Pt. 01

 — Couple in need of money. by kykitty01/03/204.12

Dirty Distraction

 — Naughty fun in a desk chair. by OhSheBops03/29/184.54HOT

Dirty Little Girl

 — Make space in that shower, baby. I'm joining you. by Xyta_Midnyte06/27/194.29

Dirty Talk and a Hitachi

 — Tark has fun fantasizing while riding her Magic Wand. by tarkustrooper02/04/154.25

Disappointed Daddy

 — If you break the rules, you will pay the price. by InMyHands10/25/184.57HOT

Disciplinary Procedure

 — Punished on the job . . . by Xyta_Midnyte11/14/194.74HOT


 — Listen to Shelly get punished the way she likes it. by princebreed01/18/163.97

Distract Me

 — The written version of a story I wrote to be recorded. by Bellatrixie12/21/114.23

Distracted by Professor

 — The obligatory teacher/student scene. by Tempest_Wolfsong11/07/193.38

Distracting Me

 — You are my immediate distraction. by InMyHands04/19/184.53HOT

Distracting You

 — How can I distract you? by InMyHands02/22/184.54HOT

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