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How the Grinch Fucked Christmas

 — A retelling of a familiar tale. by David Phillips12/14/014.46

How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 01

 — How do you stop your spouse from snoring? by kgtony11/28/063.66

How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 02

 — First attempt at anal penetration. by kgtony12/27/063.89

How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 03

 — Strippers and anal fun. by kgtony01/01/073.91

How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 04

 — Jessica (Assfucked Stripper Number 2). by kgtony01/15/074.19

How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 05

 — Ass fucking fun in Mexico. by kgtony02/05/074.23

How to Have Anal Sex

 — Roommates explore anal sex with a Doctor’s cock. by HeyAll09/03/174.62HOT

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 19

 — Maria - Wednesday, the 20th. by Jim McKay08/09/043.95

How To Treat a Sexy BBW

 — White BBW begs black gentleman for anal sex. by Samuelx02/21/092.77

HS Sweetheart Ch. 04

 — Mary Jane opens up her back door. by painter098702/18/044.68HOT

Hugs Pt. 03

 — And the hugging gets much more intense. by Joeehartley11/21/184.53HOT

Humiliation of Hot Wife

 — A husband discovers what his wife gets up to when he's away. by MrPenetrator05/03/164.00

Hurricane Relief

 — Using our bodies for a good cause. by celesteandjim09/26/173.17

Husband and Wife

 — A troll and his wife engage in sex only Trolls can enjoy. by TrollLover02/05/163.82

Husband Finally Fucks Some Ass

 — Coworker suprises her husband with Sue's ass. by MySecretDesire07/14/134.42

Husband Fucks Her Ass

 — Husband walks in on wife playing with her ass. by tedsgirl12/05/194.38

Husband's Horny Ass

 — An adventurous wife gives her husband a new experience. by dancassidy12/09/074.50HOT

Husband's Mistake Ch. 02

 — Saeeda also wanted to try it. by bena4u12/23/154.27

Husband's Mistake Ch. 04

 — Saeeda now don't mind anal. by bena4u12/27/154.03


 — Guy obsessed with anal sex finally gets his chance. by StickmanLt06/16/024.25

I Am a Slut

 — Tori takes a full-on fucking, and reports back. by Blue_shoes198003/12/094.13

I am His Release

 — A dom calls his sub for a night of overdue release. by sashabb12/23/174.44

I Bet You'll Like It

 — His roommate is sweet, cute and she's into butt stuff... by ZenZerker11/18/144.73HOT

I Call on Gabrielle

 — They love to fuck, especially in her ass. by Boxlicker10104/10/044.44

I Call on Lynn

 — Tie her to the bed & fuck her ass. by Boxlicker10105/07/034.06

I Came Screaming Last Night

 — Husband fucks wife in every hole. by brklyn_romp02/22/134.22

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

 — It all started with a trip to Europe... by Chrono10/05/013.92

I Dare You

 — A fire rekindled in Chicagoland. by TheOceanWantsMe12/09/124.64HOT

I Didn't Even Know His Name Ch. 04

 — LoreLai finally "takes" his name. by LoreLai05/14/074.58HOT

I Don't Know Why I Like It, Butt...

 — Wife is embarrassed to ask for anal sex. by Jaythedog09/05/094.24

I Dropped the Lube!

 — Was it really accident that my ass was up in the air? by RedHairedandFriendly02/13/124.44

I Fisted Him, Now You Fist Me

 — She fists a man, then is fisted. by libidinal11/06/024.50HOT

I Fuck Big Girls In The Ass

 — White BBW is interviewed by Black Stud. by Samuelx02/01/083.31

I Fuck Black Man in the Ass

 — Woman with strap-on dildo goes on a quest. by Samuelx07/06/063.18

I Fuck Fat Black Women Anally

 — Hunk goes hunting for fat black women to butt-fuck. by Samuelx07/06/063.27

I Fuck Girl Wrestlers in the Ass

 — The adventures of a charming sociopath in college. by Samuelx09/12/072.70

I Fuck Girl Wrestlers in the Ass Ch. 02

 — Charming sociopath seduces female athletes. by Samuelx09/18/072.63

I Fucked My Dad's Co-Worker!

 — A young intern gets fucked by her father's co-worker. by blahdeeblahdee10/12/173.96

I Fucked My Ex-Wife Up Her Ass...

 — He sodomizes her on their wedding night. by Julian Kay07/28/013.54

I Go Hiking with Doreen

 — Anal sex after hiking. by Boxlicker10106/16/034.25

I Hate You

 — A story of sexual frustration and orgasmic results. by Storyteller_lickingu09/06/094.37

I Have a Crush on You

 — Workmates discover their feelings for each other. by KRYSDAN01/12/053.78

I Just Needed You

 — He comes home to waiting wife. by questionableone05/02/064.33

I Kind of Love It

 — A girl tries anal for the first time. by Tough_But_Femme03/18/203.93

I Kind of Missed You

 — She planned a surprise for her lover. by PiercedBlossom03/11/144.46

I Knew a Girl

 — He take her arse for the first time. by ArtistWriterSvengali11/13/033.63

I Know You Want Me

 — Workplace flirtation turns to reality. by littleblondeslut03/10/154.21

I let My Wife be in Charge

 — I take instead of give. by patdown03/27/114.02

I Like Big Butts

 — Why he likes anal sex. by Paul4402/03/074.37

I Like to Tie Your Hands

 — Do you like it when I do it like this? I know you do... by BonViv08/25/123.77

I Love Anal Sex

 — Young man looks for anal every chance he gets. by jasliz05/19/174.60HOT

I Love Being His Bitch

 — He pushes my boundaries. by His_bitch10/20/094.20

I Love the Way He Takes My Ass

 — He's teaching me to enjoy anal pleasure. by Waylons_girl08/02/174.15

I Love You, Drea!

 — A husband and wife try something different. by Henry de BB10/06/014.16

I Loved Her Butt...

 — College girl takes it up the ass. by xherdan05/03/164.15

I Make You My Own

 — I fuck you hard in a hotel (F for M) by Flowers_Unfolded04/15/204.24

I Married the Wrong Woman

 — Just married, and going downhill fast. Then I met Noel... by dutchman1304/26/174.47

I Met s Lady Buying Cigarettes

 — A guy runs out of cigarettes and meets a hottie. by Mysteria2703/01/173.84

I Must Keep Quiet

 — I like to pretend to be innocent. by jacey_campbell06/26/194.20

I Need the Money

 — Husband collects for debt owed to wife. by TongueInLips6903/22/103.58

I Needed the Money

 — A wife goes to an ex for help and has to pay. by Sean Renaud12/18/093.96

I Never Thought I'd See You Again

 — Graduating girl leaves a note for teacher she had a crush on. by VeryDirtyMind07/07/164.14

I Never Thought Susannah Fancied Me

 — A surprise for him. by raindance12/05/023.78

I Should Have Been Sleeping...

 — She gets an offer she can't refuse. by LolaScott09/07/034.20

I Still Dream About That Ass

 — Unexpected anal after-hours at the office. by pinkysurprise10/13/164.42

I Think Of You

 — A night of thinking of her lover. by SweetFuckBunny07/08/024.15

I Thought I was Up For It Pt. 02

 — A woman thought it would be only one round. She was wrong. by TheLittleEgg11/24/184.62HOT

I Violate Devon's Ass

 — Towering Devon is pussy juice in my hands. by MsGenevieve08/27/144.17

I Want to Use You

 — Girlfriend has a selfish request. by drscar05/24/094.40

I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 05

 — Shelly's play at seduction continues out by the pool. by Yesarub04/30/194.61HOT

I Was Fucked By Jimmy Bright

 — And herein, she reveals all. by endthedream07/22/072.00

I'll Spank Your Ass, U Kiss Mine

 — Some spanking some ass play. by brewster92604/23/153.47

I'll Try Anything Twice

 — Wife's first anal. by jasliz01/25/114.40

I'm a Beast Ch. 02

 — He only swallows every couple of years. by ForeverFaithful10/21/084.17

I'm An Ass Licker

 — I got caught with my assistant, now I pay the price. by JRob05/16/123.80

I'm In Way over My Head

 — Jessica's violin audition is much more than she expected. by Daphne12309/12/17HOT

I'm Not Finished With You Yet

 — Fun in the hotel. by SweetcheeksSt11/09/044.12

I'm Sorry

 — Pegging. by thunder197511/28/173.49

I've Been Bad

 — Never bugger your lodger's girlfriend. by Terry Self08/06/023.70

Ice Cream Pussy

 — Ben has a bad time at a pool party, until he meets her. by TheHound07/15/132.37

Icelander Magnus Anally Fucks Becky

 — Becky, a virgin, wants to stay a virgin until she marries. by SusanJillParker02/10/173.86

Icky Little Vicky

 — First date ends up with fat girl on her knees. by JimBob4403/08/194.52HOT

Ideal Day 01

 — Buzzing butt equals happy hubby. by Dragonologist10/10/113.97

If I Had One Night

 — A fun Fantasy. by docmatzke10/16/153.85

If I were Any Closer

 — A song by Rod Stewart sets off a night of Passion. by roygbef04/22/164.09

If it is Good for the Goose

 — He turns the tables to show trust. by TxRad01/01/134.65HOT

If on an Island a Traveler Pt. 04

 — They finally do the deed. by POVscribe05/08/194.70HOT

If You can Dream It, It will Happen

 — A woman's fantasy of sex in a dressing room. by SirAsher10/07/163.49

Iffy Lube

 — He'll never look at lube jobs the same. by Decayed Angel11/17/064.07

il Diabla

 — Pete succumbs to il Diabla's seductive dance on Halloween night. by The_Technician10/02/124.33

Image of Perfection Ch. 02

 — Arial has decided that lovely Bella will be his plaything. by timelessembrace02/06/093.94

Imogen's Anus

 — Her beautiful pink anus gets worked with some beads by Paradiggler09/01/144.20

Imogen's Anus Ch. 02

 — Imogen's relief from several days of constipation. by Paradiggler01/05/154.21

Imogen's Double

 — She'd fantasised about having two cocks at once. by Otazel11/26/124.55HOT

In Control

 — Man gets his mistress under control. by Tongueman27601/07/023.94

In Deep

 — She wants him to have something that no other man has had. by AedanSayla11/11/184.17

In Dreamland

 — Surreal perfection, she finds pleasure in her husband. by Cinner09/03/123.99

In Italia

 — An international affair with a stranger. by raiderh01/27/124.61HOT

In Loco Parentis

 — Eagen rules her guardians! by justincbenedict08/24/192.88

In Love and Lust

 — An unexpected romance, and lustful consequences. by TheseSinsAreMine05/20/204.62HOT

In Love With My Best Friend Ch. 02.5

 — Holly gives Danny the "or something" that she promised him! by Darnuses08/18/134.55HOT

In Love With My Best Friend Ch. 03

 — Danny and Holly christen their new home! by Darnuses12/05/134.66HOT

In Love With My Best Friend Ch. 03.5

 — Holly agrees to help her friend Ashley get a little action! by Darnuses12/15/144.59HOT

In the Cool Night Breeze

 — Married couple rekindle the spark by exploring new territory. by ElizaB07/09/074.31

In the Dark Garage

 — I encounter an unexpected presence in the garage. by laughs03/24/154.33

In The Depths of the Library

 — Kayla's explicit experience of anal with Tom in the library. by harveybirdman08/12/154.66HOT

In The End

 — Can anal sex cure women's bitchiness? by Samuelx12/17/073.49

In the Heat of Summer Sun

 — Taking advantage of an empty beach. by magicalmouse01/24/054.37

In The Kitchen

 — Couple tries anal sex for the first time. by emotionalthing05/08/064.07

In the Kitchen

 — Man going down on a woman, anal. by DeanDexter09/28/134.08

In The Name of Art Pt. 02

 — Penny brings Harry home for dessert. by TheTravellingMan12/30/144.64HOT

In the Shower

 — A summer's afternoon ends up in the shower. by overboard_nz05/15/184.33

In The Spa

 — Corrina and friends get wild in the water. by Jo_porn12/15/014.31

In The Subway

 — They meet underground and he gets her back door. by TheFrenchGuy02/01/044.08

In Through the Out Door

 — "Suck it," she demanded in a hoarse whisper. by crimson17509/02/104.48

In-Depth Anal Research

 — My BFF and me get our anus stretched. by Leezy07/21/184.45

Incompatible Parts

 — He's gay; she's straight. How do they make it work? by lord_jefe06/09/134.46

Initiation of Visiting Niece

 — First Time Anal; Gay Uncles Share Nude Lifestyle and Cum. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter01/15/174.37


 — So young and naive, but a life-long kink exposed. by DuffysGirl1902/13/194.15

Innocence has its Needs

 — The other side of my sweet girlfriend. by Tveksam06/11/164.32

Innocent Foot Rub Ch. 02

 — Frustrated Amanda yearns for Steve to explore her ass. by renorwood11/11/134.35


 — Too sensitive to be touched - and desperate. by AlinaX03/06/184.03


 — Amanda's kinky afternoon. by damonX04/20/174.55HOT

Instructions Followed

 — An anal journey starts with a text. by LRRH7703/27/123.87


 — Liz gives up her ass. by Lionheart7211/20/093.94

Interlude from Work

 — Two friends/coworkers pass time during a thunderstorm. by CentralJerseyGirl09/04/154.14

International Anal Sex Day

 — Take the day off and celebrate anal sex! by Samuelx09/05/082.85

International Relations Ch. 06

 — A nightime wakeup call. by Ninjafish04/08/124.12

Intersection (An Anime Girl Story)

 — Phone sex leads to a plugged bottom experience! by Cherish_Desire02/07/143.68

Intimate Fantasy

 — After sharing their most intimate fantasy, they live it out. by MrMikelobe195207/18/054.35

Into Temptation

 — After taking her from behind, I cannot resist. by tadgh6404/23/123.99

Into The Sea

 — A troubled woman has a random sexual encounter with a man. by IrisAnnHunter04/22/164.48

Into The Unknown

 — Couple goes one step further in their love making. by Ivor Biggun04/10/024.16


 — Audrey gets taken upstairs, through the backdoor. by CeliaisAliena05/11/104.31

Introduction to Anal

 — Belinda celebrates her 21st birthday in her own way. by maggie200206/02/054.45

Intruder? Not Quite…

 — She get a surprise when he shows up early. by PiercedBlossom01/09/144.30


 — I bind and take my pleasure from the woman I love. by ralpheo05/31/143.77

Is My Butt Too Big?

 — How a man should handle that question. by Bill Smith07/19/064.08

Isabel Takes Another Flight

 — Isabel is the captain of Rocket's new adventure. by LanaMelbrow04/14/204.00

Island Fever Ch. 07

 — Ren enters through the back door. by ReggaeMan11/26/174.46

Island Vacation Day 02

 — Andy gets his time with Marie, alone... by darthcynica08/06/144.59HOT

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 04

 — Coach gives her a pleasure she won't forget. by SXY_Hot_Mamma11/30/05

It Begins Pt. 02: Playing with Fire

 — Dancing leads to another meeting...and more. by PorthosthePoet07/08/164.65HOT

It Doesn't Count

 — Anal doesn't count when you're cheating right? by PrincessErin12/16/093.93

It Happened at the White House

 — What was going on in that room? by charles_dickings10/24/154.15

It Happened in Rural India Ch. 02

 — This time Ramdev takes her anal. by man_india05/06/084.37

It Happened Last Night

 — He found a surprise waiting after his shower. by coryree05/01/124.33

It Has Led to Dancing

 — College roommates of circumstance learn from each other. by LexxRuthless07/19/184.77HOT

It Hurts

 — A woman's fantasy doesn't go the way she planned. by wanderinjoekidd05/16/123.46

It is Evening

 — All alone and engaged in anal play. by Lloyd200411/18/053.79

It Started in the Conference Room

 — A sexy coworker introduces Meredith to anal play. by forshitsandgiggles04/14/184.41

It Started in the Forest

 — A night of star gazing turns into something more. by NaughtyV09/06/02

It Was Meant To Be Ch. 04

 — Girls give Andy a special gift. by Nemasis Enforcer05/15/044.43

It's All Good

 — Drive home after dinner leads to night of feasting. by littleluscious11/13/044.36

It's Been So Long

 — She only said she MIGHT be gentle. by smithjon191903/11/094.53HOT

It's Freaking Hot!

 — A Pegging Tale, Or Being Pegged in the Tail! by DocSavage65610/09/134.45

It's Hard To Resist Temptation

 — When you crave something new, it's hard to resist. by redheadwriter03/29/074.36

It's My Turn

 — She turns the tables on her boyfriend. by kellycummings01/20/044.45

It's Never Too Early

 — A quick little fuck story. by NaughtyLass09/19/154.22

It's Never Too Early Ch. 01

 — Liz gets more than she bargains for. by kakabratha06/14/133.70

It's Not an Affair If It's Anal Ch. 01

 — His sister-in-law asks him if he's done anal. by Hidden_Curiosity02/06/154.09

It's Not an Affair If It's Anal Ch. 02

 — He can't get his sister-in-law out of his mind. by Hidden_Curiosity02/10/154.09

It's Not an Affair If It's Anal Ch. 03-04

 — His fantasy becomes reality; reality is better than fantasy. by Hidden_Curiosity03/10/154.48

It's What's Inside That Matters

 — Sex with an experienced mature guy. by nvioxos09/24/114.00

It’s All in the Ass

 — A restless woman trapped in her marriage finds a way out. by Rosalba01/01/163.69

Izzy in the Washroom with a Friend

 — Izzy's friend gives her a surprise in the washroom. by Blackbeards1411/08/193.02

Jack and Julia Ch. 02

 — This time she rides the Beef Bus up the Hershey Highway. by fenrys05/27/074.42

Jack Meets Wendy

 — Divorced Jack meets Wendy at the meat counter. by Dinsmore08/03/054.62HOT

Jack O' Lanterns

 — Halloween costume helps fat girl find love. by JimBob4410/14/184.67HOT

Jackie's Ass Boys

 — Wife arranges extreme anal orgy for bi husband. by libidinal07/08/064.47

Jackie's First Anal

 — He helps roommate discover joys of anal sex. by damonX07/24/024.49

Jackie's Mom

 — My ex-girlfriend's mother has needs too. by LexxRuthless08/08/184.72HOT

Jailhouse Faggot

 — Life is Hell for a weak young Caucasian behind bars! by nancyvasquez09/27/173.62

Jaime-Lynne's Anal Reaming

 — Jaime-Lynne gets fucked in the ass. by Abeja05/12/114.26

Jake Rockwell's Sex Journey #01: Lola

 — Jake embarks on a sexual saga. He finds the "perfect ass." by JakeRockwell02/17/174.11

Jalal's Punishment

 — A friend's mother-in-law has to be punished, and I oblige. by goodyearman10/03/174.06

Jalal's Punishment (Alternative)

 — A friend's mother-in-law is to be punished, I help out. by goodyearman10/10/174.25

James and Fiona's Stolen Week in Amsterdam Ch. 04

 — Two forfeits. by Ficfi10/20/154.53HOT

James and Rachel Ch. 04

 — The story gets wetter... by MunKiy10/31/114.42

Jamie the Black Sheep Ch. 03

 — Jamie evades capture once, but caught in the end. by Trysten07/21/114.52HOT

Jamie the Black Sheep Ch. 04

 — Sex, drugs, and house music. by Trysten07/27/114.69HOT

Jamie's Ass

 — Jamie's "Daddy" finally gets her ass. by tangeerine09/30/083.67


 — It happened because of anal. by MistressMerry10/09/074.46

Jane Strays Far From Home

 — She is taken by a stranger, and wants more. by TattyTaleTeller01/27/074.36

Jane's First Appointment

 — Jane explores her fetishes with a close friend. by SwitchFlicker09/26/194.52HOT

Janet's Gotta Regatta

 — Janet is on a sex cruise where everyone takes it in the ass! by tmanners2502/14/153.99

Janet's Gotta Regatta Ch. 02

 — Janet's cruise continues with non-stop sex. by tmanners2508/16/154.12

Janis Takes a Break

 — Nicki finds pleasure in Janis' ex-boyfriend. by lckscknfck704/15/084.40

Janitorial Service

 — Imagine that for janitorial service! by Decayed Angel12/08/064.03

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